1. Thanks for the chapter! Will wait until a few chapters (or the whole volume) are (is) translated to read.

    I’m for: it’s better if you add who’s talking. Most of the time it’s easy to know who’s talking but sometimes it gets harder, especially so since with the translation you don’t know if the character used Boku, Watashi, Ore or all the others.

    • (: I added who’s saying what in for clarity ~ thanks for letting me know (:

    • I’ve just found your translation
      Good luck

      Anyway in this moment the american companies are licensing many light novels inspired in web novels ex recently; Deatch March, Smartphone, etc

      Maybe it isn’t the best moment to take a llong novel

  2. I read some of the web novel and it confused me in its wording and well just about everything I could see that it was good but badly written but the light novel has been more fine tuned.

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