1. What a sweet ending 😊 I can so totally picture that hug 🤗

    Thanks for the chapter

  2. Elsa should really come to her senses, Luca probably actually love her? what am I even saying… Just get married already…. I hope more fluff is coming soon. Thanks translators, this made my day.

    • Im pretty sure even from the first chapter Luca actually loved her. That said, his stated reason was also true; it was just a “2 birds with 1 stone” scenario.

      He could propose to Elsa to date by using his circumstances, and he would also be bothered less by other women by virtue of the fact that he was dating.

  3. Thanks for the new chapter! They’re such a cute couple. It’s too bad Elsa is too focused on research to notice the signs. XD

  4. The consensus is that these two just need some private time.Lots of it. I agree. Luca is such a doting partner. And Elsa does need to wear her glasses…over her heart so she can see his love.

  5. As soon as they left the hall, Luca pressed his head against Elsa’s shoulders from behind and said. He was completely exhausted so she gently patted his head.

    Sweet moves you have there Luca, not bad and even hugged Elsa. What a man. Well played. I’m amazed that I clapped my hand and screamed “kyaa kyaaa”

  6. I’m becoming suspicious of Luca’s ‘gynophobia’. Might it possibly be an act to ward of all other girls and save himself for the one he’s been in love with all along?

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