1. I think this every chapter, but what the hell, why not:

  2. Elsa hasn’t even accepted herself as a woman.How can she accept that her man Luca is attracted to her. Everyone can see it but her.Maybe someone will get close to him and she will realize what is being taken away from her .Just sayin’.

  3. If there was the slightest appearance of a god or a mad scientist…I’m pretty sure that those two would get a body switch or a gender switch

    • If Luca had a gender switch I wonder how he’d feel, having gynophobia and all XD

      • I doubt that it’s actually gynophobia he’s facing (if it is then probably minor or he managed to control it somewhat) but more of extreme timidness towards females, I mean he can interact fine… well not that fine with the FMC’s family and he’s not running away screaming for that matter.

        And hey its kinda hard fearing what you are

        • But he can’t really deal with strangers, though I guess it’s understandable since being surrounded by them just adds to the fear lol. He doesn’t run away screaming because he’s a noble and they have strict etiquettes is what I’m guessing, heck I wouldn’t know if he really has gynophobia or not, I just find it interesting to ponder on Luca being turned into something he supposedly fears XD
          Like someone with arachnophobia turning into a spider interesting- would they freak out to the point of vomiting, maybe lose their marbles a bit …but do spiders vomit?

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