Regarding the Duke with Gynophobia and the Eccentric Lady Scholar – Chapter 21

21st Lecture


Elsa, who was last to leave, was stopped by Professor Trihory, who had waited for her. Elsa bent over a little and said, “Thank you for your hard work”.

“Yes, good job today. I’m sorry the topic suddenly changed into a touchy one.”

“It’s alright.”

Elsa slowly replied. Professor Trihory walked along side Elsa.

“This is the first time a woman has ever participated in the Philosopher’s Conference.”

“…… I thought so.’

“Moreover, she is still a young lady in her twenties.”


Elsa couldn’t agree with that. Professor Trihory smiled wryly at such a woman.

“A woman in her twenties was invited to the Philosopher’s Conference. It’s an unprecedented thing. There are probably people out there who don’t care much about such old fashion ideals. The people who come to this kind of place are the ones who think that men are generally more superior than woman.”

“…… Do you also think like that, Professor Trihory?”

Elsa said something nasty. It was a rude thing to say to an older man. Professor Trihory raised his eyebrow and laughed.

“I was also like that in the past, but there are excellent woman like you. Your intellect is real. Your strength as well.”

They walked until they reached the folk and stopped. Elsa faced Professor Trihory, who was about the asme height as her, and looked into his eyes.

“I’m sorry for not stepping in sooner when Croce-dono and the others were saying reckless things to you.”

“It’s okay…… Professor, you were acting as the Chairman so you had to remain as neutral as possible.”

She thought that it was impossible for him to take her side then. Professor Trihory tapped Elsa’s shoulders.

“No, it should have been stopped but I thought that if you relented from that much then it would be impossible for you to carry on with the conference.”


Those who had absolute confidence in their intellect are stubborn and they don’t relent. They often think that their way of thinking is the correct way.

“It’s not like people haven’t stepped down from the Philosopher’s Conference before. The one who would decide whether you would come tomorrow or step down, is you. What did you think of today’s conference? What will you do?”

“…… Professor.”

Professor Trihory tapped Elsa’s shoulders once again, He turned his body around and said:

“Well then, I’ll take my leave first. If possible, I would also like to see you at the conference room tomorrow.”

Elsa bowed at Professor Trihory’s back and exhaled. After that she adjusted her bag and headed home.

“Ah ~, you’re here. Elsa.”

Elsa turned over when she heard a familiar optimistic voice and her eyes met with a pair of ice blue eyes.

“I heard that the conference was over…… Elsa?”

Elsa stared at Luca, who was tilting his head, and widened her eyes before trying to escape as fast as she could. Luca chased after Elsa while calling out her name but Elsa didn’t run for the entrance…… She circled around and hid in the garden thicket. She had held her legs with her back to the wall.

She was about to cry the moment she saw Luca’s face, so she ran for it. She bent her head down and exhaled. She was surprised at herself.

“So you were here. You suddenly started running……”

A big hand was placed on top of her head and ruffled her hair. She didn’t have to raise her face to know who it was. It was Luca.

“…… You, aren’t you supposed to be working?”

Elsa asked in a thin voice. Her voice was shaking. Luca sat down next to her without touching her.

“I’m the Assistant Minister…… Did you know that?”

“I know……”

He probably knew that the conference had ended because the Prime Minister had returned to the office. She couldn’t imagine him working but Luca probably knew that she was invited since the beginning. He was probably busy from the after effects of the earthquake so she decided not to retort for now.

“How was the conference?”


Elsa remained silent with her face down, but Luca wasn’t discouraged and said:

“The Philosopher’s Conference was intense, wasn’t it? I also attended the conference five years ago as a secretary. Everyone there had absolute confidence in their knowledge. Opinions clash and they want to talk about new ideas but they hate change. Elsa is the first female participant and you’re not even 30 yet. You were probably insulted, weren’t you?”

“…… Why are you only sharp when it comes to things like that?”

Elsa raised her face and combed her messy hair with her hand. She looked at Luca and he smiled back at her. For some reason, Elsa made a sour look on her face.

“…… Luca, did you recommend me?”

“No. His Majesty is the one who decides the members of the Philosopher’s Conference. I’m not involved in that process.”

“…… I see.”

Luca wouldn’t lie about something like that so she could trust him. At least Elsa was elected by King Jean Carlo.

“Honestly, I didn’t want you to participate in the conference because I knew you would be insulted.”

Elsa tilted her head and looked up at Luca’s face. He was sitting next to her with his legs crossed.

“…… However, I was angry that I couldn’t object the Prime Minister when he said, 『Does Professor Elsa relent from just that much? 』.”

“…… No, you don’t have to do that.”

It was an honour to be selected for the Philosopher’s Conference. She was thankful that Luca was worried about her but Elsa wasn’t planning to relent from just that much.

Luca stretched out his hand and touched Elsa’s cheek. Elsa closed her eyes and tears fell from them.

“…… Hu.”

She made a weird voice because she was hugged from the front. He hugged her tightly.

“Will you marry me, Elsa?”

He whispered something familiar into her ears. Elsa replied the same way as she always did.

“Didn’t I tell you to think of a more decent proposal?”

She felt like his proposal hadn’t changed at all, however it did feel more loving than before. Elsa rejected him in a tearful voice and Luca hugged her even tighter.

“……. I thought about it, what you said to me at the evening party that night.”


“I don’t really get it.”

“…… Ah, yeah. I didn’t think you would, Luca……”

Elsa couldn’t understand it herself. So she didn’t expect Luca to understand.

She didn’t expect him to think about it so she was shocked. Luca thinking about it might be a positive thing.

“But, I like Elsa as she is today.”

“…… Yup. Tha—.”

“Clumsy and blunt but also gentle. I like Elsa, who persists in her beliefs.”


Luca interrupted what Elsa was about to say.

Luca delivered the final blow when she thought that he was possibly trying to woo her.

“I love you so much Elsa, so……”

Will you marry me, Luca had probably said but Elsa was brawling her eyes out and so his words did not reach her.

What is it with this man? Where’s his gynophobia? Elsa had many things she wanted to rebuke him on but all she could do was cling to him and cry. Her emotions exceeded her reasoning.

She was shocked that she received criticism for being a woman. It was something that was already decided upon since birth, an uncontrollable thing. It wasn’t like being young or being clever, that wasn’t something that could be changed with time nor was it her personality.

Alesia had said, I wonder if Luca understands Elsa. He probably did. It wasn’t even about him, but he got angry at the Prime Minister on behalf of Elsa. That was how much he believed in Elsa.

Luca had said that Elsa was kind, but he, himself was very kind. Thinking back, he never got angry at her no matter her attitude. He always stuck by her.

Even when they graduated from university and took different paths, he always came to see her. Elsa now understood that she was always waiting for his unannounced visits.

Luca didn’t make fun of Elsa for being a woman. He didn’t look down on her for being too young or for being a middle-aged woman. Elsa was aware that she wasn’t normal and it was hard for people to deny that.

The reason Elsa was able to become a researcher was because Luca, the person closest to her, understood her. Otherwise, Elsa would have probably abandoned this path. She couldn’t imagine her life without Luca in it.

…… Did she like Luca that much?

She felt as if all the answers came to her at the same time.

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