Regarding the Duke with Gynophobia and the Eccentric Lady Scholar – Chapter 25

1st Supplementary Lesson

The wedding ceremony will be held in spring. That was what was decided beforehand, and Elsa knew that. Nevertheless, Elsa was busy because of the graduation exams and thesis.

Advancement exams took place in June but the graduates had their exams earlier. Therefore, Elsa continued commuting to and from the university and royal capital.

“…… At least let me use a carriage.”

Elsa said, but her proposal was rejected. Well, it was normally impossible but Elsa wanted to try and ask anyway.

She could read the student’s report’s and plan lectures while riding the carriage. Humans could achieve anything.

Elsa and Luca said that it wasn’t necessary to have a ceremony in the beginning but their parents were eager and the list of invitees increased. Well, both sides were Duke Families, so even just the list of relatives was pretty large.

“…… Professor Elsa, have you lost weight?”

The tailor woman came to adjust the wedding dress two days before the wedding said, as she fastened a button at the back. She certainly her clothes were looser around her abdomen.

“Well, you’d lose weight if you’re this busy……”

Elsa was aware that she was a little burnt-out. Elsa was Elsa even if weddings were a grand occasion that usually only happened once in a lifetime.

The tailor woman who heard Elsa’s response, widened her eyes.

“That’s no good! The bride’s skin can’t be bad! I recommended that you do a facial today and tomorrow and also, please sleep properly.”

She wasn’t staying up late like she usually did so she didn’t know why everyone was telling her to sleep. Incidentally, Elsa had never pulled an all-nighter before. She didn’t have enough strength to do so. Although, she did occasionally only slept for 2 hours.

“Yes Elsa. Get a facial; that ought to bewitch Duke Inglacia!”

“On the contrary, I feel that he would be charmed by it.”

No matter how she thought about it, he would probably be charmed. She based this on Luca’s gynophobia and the fact that she was 29 years of age. Yes. Elsa was 29 years old at the end of the year. In this country, the school year began in autumn; so those born from autumn until summer of the following year were put in the same grade. Elsa was born in autumn and Luca in the spring of the following year. It was almost her birthday.

Well, whatever. Let’s leave bewitching or whatever aside. She was going to entrust the『Facial』to someone else; if Elsa was left in charge of it then something unbelievable would occur.

“Anyway, why are you here, Alesia?”

“I thought about attending your wedding ceremony, Elsa.”

An immediate reply. There was still time left before the social season started but Elsa’s younger sister, Alesia had rushed back to the capital as soon as she could to attend her older sister’s wedding. Of course, her family also came along. Everyone in her family except for her oldest son, who was at boarding school, would be attending Elsa’s wedding ceremony.

“Mhm, well. Thanks for that but that’s not what I’m talking about. What I meant was why are you here right now.”

This was the Lombardini household. Alesia had visited with her son and daughter. Well, it was her family home and she could come to visit but why was she in the room where Elsa was getting her wedding dress adjusted?

“Because mother and Lorena are in the middle of making the wedding bouquet, so I came to see you while I’m waiting.”

“…… Ah, I see.”

How much didn’t they trust Elsa? No, they did trust Elsa but they didn’t trust her with anything to do with fashion. Alesia’s role was to make sure that Elsa wasn’t left alone with the dress and risk the chance of her ruining it.

Recently making your own wedding bouquets have become a trend, but Elsa couldn’t make something like that. She wasn’t clumsy or anything like that, she just didn’t have any artistic sense. Therefore, her mother and mother-in-law was making it for her. Well, they seem to be having fun so it’s fine.

If they said it depending on Elsa’s prestige then the only thing she didn’t have was sense. If she could draw detailed blueprints then she could also thread embroidery; she could even play the piano or violin. But sadly, she really had no sense.

“Elsa, that’s so nice ~. I’m so jealous that you’re so tall and thin.”

“But I’m more jealous of you Alesia……”

Elsa said as adjustment needles were being pinned into her dress here and there. Elsa was said to be chivalrous, but she still yearned for a feminine body like Alesia’s. She was already nearly in her 30s and she felt that it was too late to do something about it now.

“But if you were like me then there’s a chance that you would wear a dress that’s already been worn by someone else. There’s a lower chance of the dresses being worn by someone else if someone as tall as Elsa was wearing it.”

Elsa was certainly taller than most the woman in this country and the dresses tailored to her would not suit someone with a small stature like Alesia. It was a dress that Elsa could wear.

“See, this wedding dress has such a distinct design. I can’t wear something like that.”

Alesia said and Elsa looked at the dress that she was wearing. She didn’t like white dresses much but most clothes in recent fashion have been white. It was a wedding dress so of course it would be white and the train (TN: part that drags onto the ground) was long. Alesia had said that the design was distinct but Elsa thought that the design was just perfect for her.

Elsa couldn’t leave everything to other people so her wedding dress was from the so called Mermaid Line. It was better for her to pick something from the Empire Line but she was told that this one would suit her.

Her front was covered up to her neck while her back was opened wide. Well, she hoped that it wouldn’t be visible when she wore her veil.

“By the way, whose preference is that?”


“That’s what I thought.”

Alesia shrugged in understanding. Luca had said this one was good when her mother, Palmyra had shown the tailor rough sketches of the different designs. If white wasn’t a colour trend right now then her dress would have probably been in red.

“How do I say this? The Duke really knows what suits you, Elsa.”

“I would have been fine with a more subtle design.”

The moment that Elsa had said that the Tailor woman said, “I’m finished” and Elsa quickly took off the dress.

“Now we just have to check the embroidery and please be assured, we’ll also check that the veil, gloves and shoes match.”

“…… Thank you.”

Was the only thing that Elsa could reply with.

Alesia flew to Elsa and hugged her as she stretched from being freed of the dress.”

“Elsa, I haven’t said this yet but congratulations.”

Elsa was confused by Alesia’s sudden words but soon smiled. Elsa and Alesia who were born in the same year were very close sisters. Alesia must also have been worried about Elsa that’s why Elsa responded warmly with, “Thank you”.

“So, how was it?”

Palmyra said as she showed them the bouquet. There were white flowers hanging from the sides and Elsa could also see light blue and purples flowers as well. The overall bouquet was made with light hues. What can she say?

“It looks pretty.”

“I know right?”

Palmyra said boasted. The bouquet had been made for Elsa so all she could do was reply with, “Thank you”. Lorena who had made the bouquet with Palmyra held onto Elsa’s hand as she received the bouquet.

“Elsa-san. I’ll leave Luca to you.”

“…… I’ll do my best.”

Elsa called Luca a piece of junk but she knew that she lived in an ivory tower as well so she couldn’t make a definite promise.


The date of the wedding was in spring. The weather was warm and it was like heaven itself was blessing this marriage held at an old church in the Royal Capital.

“Wow. There’s so many people here.”

Elsa said as she peeked into the chapel before the ceremony. Since when were these many people invited? There was clearly more than 100 people at the wedding.

“Well, everyone’s giving you their blessings so don’t complain.”

She turned around when she heard a voice come from behind and she saw Luca in a grey tuxedo peeking into the chapel like she was. The two were the same as ever.

“Luca, you’re handsome as always.”

“…… I didn’t think you’d say something like that Elsa.”

Why was he being shy?

“That also suits you, Elsa…… But you have a lot of makeup on, don’t you?”

“They told me I looked pale……”

Even so, Elsa was still wearing a lot of makeup, but it looked very natural on her. Makeup artists were amazing.

She slept well and ate well, on top of that the maids took care of her skin for her so her condition was better than usually but she apparently still looked pale.

“I’m taking it off as soon as the ceremony’s over.”

“Well yeah, I also prefer the usual Elsa.”

Even though you are beautiful right now, Luca said. Elsa was troubled because he always said such spontaneous things.

Elsa looked up at Luca. She already knew this but Luca was still taller than her even if she was wearing high heels.

“Well then Luca, I don’t have my spectacles today so I can’t see very well. I’ll be in your care.”

“Got it.”

Luca smiled and consented. He put a finger to Elsa’s chin and lifted her face up. Luca bend down to kiss her but she covered his mouth with her hand.

“They told me that it’ll ruin my makeup so I can’t.”

“It doesn’t make a difference, does it? We’re going to kiss afterwards anyways.”

Certainly. The two continued their usual bickering until right before the ceremony started but they followed the priest’s words during the ceremony.

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