Regarding the Duke with Gynophobia and the Eccentric Lady Scholar – Chapter 28

Supplementary Lesson 3-2

Luca was a piece of junk but Elsa was also a useless person. Clarissa and Katya were happy when the wind shifted. They scrubbed Elsa, who was submerged in her bath, everywhere and were tired. Come to think of it, this also happened at the time of the wedding.

Elsa turned her neck elaborately and walked towards the bedroom as her feet slapped across the floor. Luca was wearing his pyjamas while reading a book with a serious expression on his face in the bedroom. If you looked closely, you could see that it was a technical book. It would have made the perfect picture at a glance but it was a shame that he was sitting on the bed.

“…… What are you reading?”

Elsa wore the spectacles she was holding in her hand as she approached Luca. He looked relieved as he lifted his face up from his book.

“Ah, Elsa. Good timing, I want you to tell me something.”

“It depends on the content.”

Elsa was a historian and she was more knowledgeable in that field than Luca was but Luca probably had more knowledge than her when it came to other fields……

It was a foreign language book. He was struggling with a dictionary in his other hand but he couldn’t seem to figure it out.

“…… It looks like a collection of trial cases. What is this? Luca, are you doing trials?”

Elsa peeked at the technical book and asked, Luca nodded and replied, “Yeah”.

“The Prime Minister said it to read it because it would be useful. I intended to read through it thoroughly but……”

“There’s a lot of specialised words, right? I probably can’t read it either.”

Elsa said while gazing at the book as if clinging to Luca. Elsa could probably understand the language in this book better than Luca but he understood the technical terms better.

The two tried to decipher the meaning together but gave up after two pages.

“Luca, I’ll teach you so study the language.”

“I feel that it’ll be faster if Elsa learns law. “

Why leave it to someone else? Well, Elsa also said something similar but they both knew that the other was smart so it came out naturally.

Elsa flicked through the dictionary and put her head on Luca’s shoulders.

“Even with this dictionary. It’s better if you looked for a specialised one. There should be some in the palace library right?”

“…… Yeah.”

Elsa lifted her body up and looked at Luca because she received a somewhat absentminded reply.

“What’s wrong?”

“…… Just now, once more.”


Elsa frowned not understanding what he wanted to say. He had said it so seriously.

“Do what you just did once again.”


What is this man saying with a serious look on his face? Elsa stared at the face of the man who was her husband and once again laid her head on his shoulders.


Then Luca grabbed Elsa’s shoulders and pulled her closer towards him. The dictionary on Elsa’s knee slipped onto the bedsheets.

Her spectacles were slipping off so she raised her hand to adjust them but before she could, Luca took his free hand and removed her spectacles. Elsa said, “Hey” and reached out to grab her spectacles but Luca put them on top the side table.

“It’s rare for you to cling to me like this so I thought I’d enjoy it.”

“What’s with……?”

Despite saying that, Elsa rubbed her cheeks against him and closed her eyes. It felt quite good to be by someone’s side like this. Luca also put his face on top of Elsa’s head.

Silence filled the room but it was pleasant kind of silence. She felt extremely drowsy and could fall asleep at any moment since she felt a sense of security being supported by Luca.



When her name was called, she opened her eyes and looked up. Luca put his hands on the back of her head and kissed her. Elsa could only blink at first but changed the kissing angle and continued to kiss him many times. A sweet voice was flowing out of her. Elsa, herself, was surprised by this.


Elsa became teary eyed and she felt a tongue licking her skin. But she didn’t dislike it.

Elsa lost all strength and fell down while breathing roughly. The fluffy bed caught her body. It’s no good. It wasn’t a situation that a 29 year old inexperienced woman like her could deal it.

“Are you okay?

Luca stroked Elsa’s cheeks. Elsa glared at Luca who was spoiling people with a serious look on his face. It was no good after all. This wasn’t like Elsa at all.

Elsa got up, grabbed Luca’s pyjama collar and pulled him towards her, then she bit his neck.


Luca held back his scream at her sudden act of violence. The dictionary fell to the floor with a thump.

“Good morning.”

Elsa opened her eyes as she heard Katya’s energetic voice. She looked up and saw Katya laughing by the bed side.

“…… Good morning.”

She said in a small voice and Katya said, “Well, it’s nearly noon”. That’s what I thought, Elsa sighed. She sat up on the bed and confirmed that her night gown was opened. However, since Katya was the only one who saw it she decided that it was fine.

“Woah. How sexy!”

Why did Katya say that so happily? She adjusted her fallen sleeve and tucked in the hem of her night gown. Elsa asked, “Where’s Luca?”

“He went to the palace because he was summoned.”

“Ah. I see…… You should have woken us up together.”

“The Master said that you were sleeping so well so we should let you sleep in.”

Katya smiled. Elsa made an ambiguous expression. She understood that he was being considerate but she felt a bit bad for not seeing him off.

“…… My mother told me not to listen to such things though.”

“Then don’t listen.”

“Okay ~.”

Katya said in a disappointing voice. She was somehow a loveable child but she wondered how it looked to the servants? Elsa, who fully awoken while talking to Katya, got off the bed and wore the gown that Katya offered to her and said:

“Anyway, I’m hungry.”

“Okay. Ah, but can I ask you something after all?”

Katya kept on talking before Elsa could open her mouth.

“Was the Master gentle?”

Elsa made a serious look like the one Luca had and relentlessly poked Katya’s forehead. Katya held her forehead, “It hu~rts”.

“Honestly. That’s why Clarissa gets angry at you.”

“Ah. I’m often told that ~.”

Katya said while smiling. Elsa felt bad about it because Katya herself was aware of this fact but the person herself was frivolous so all Elsa could do was sigh.

“I’m going to change.”

“Okay. I will go bring your breakfast here.”

Katya said and left the room. Elsa picked up the dress that Katya had put out for her.

If she was an ordinary aristocrat lady then the servants would be helping her change but unfortunately Elsa wasn’t normal. Elsa, who had lived in the university dormitory for a long time, mostly did everything herself. She felt uncomfortable when people helped her do things. She combed her hair and tied it up. Then she took of her gown and slipped into the dress. Her preference didn’t show in her clothes as long as she stayed in this mansion. Since she never knew what to wear anyways, she was glad that someone picked out her outfits for her. But she got changed by herself.

“Excuse me.”

The one who returned was not Katya but her mother, Clarissa. Clarissa squinted when she saw that Elsa had finished changing.

“Is your body alright?”

“It’s fine. I feel a little off because I’m hungry.”

“…… You seem fine.”

Clarissa smiled wryly and said to Elsa. She placed the tray with Elsa’s light snack onto the round table and put a thick shawl over Elsa. Elsa sat down and started eating.

“Madam. You’ve been invited to a ball tonight.”

“I’ll leave it to you.”

Elsa gave in easily. It was surely better for Clarissa to take care of the arrangements than Elsa. Anyway, why was she being called 『Madam』?

“Understood. What will you do until then?”

Elsa had already decided.

“Language studying.”

Elsa also regretted the fact that she couldn’t read Luca’s technical book last night.

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