Regarding the Duke with Gynophobia and the Eccentric Lady Scholar – Chapter 34

8th Supplementary Lesson

TN: Back to the present.
The first social season after marriage. Elsa, who was shutting herself in like always, was visited by her sisters and her sister in law. Her husband, Luca had gone to work.

“You’re all here. What is it?”

That was the first thing Elsa had said when she met them. Elsa had gone out to the entrance of the house because she had heard there were visitors. After that, she curtsied and said, “Thank you for coming”, just like a duchess.

“Wow, how amazing. You’ve become just like a duchess. Thank you for having us”

Alesia laughed and said. Elsa and Alesia were similar in this way.

“Well, I can do this much…… It’s been a long time, Teresa and Fiona-sama.”

“Yes. It has.”

“I met you many times at the evening parties, though.”

The two sisters laughed quietly. Fiona was fine but Teresa had such a sharp tongue that it was almost fake.

“Elsa, how’s your life as a duchess? Are you troubled over anything?”

“Don’t hesitate to consult with me if you’re troubled.”

The two sisters said worriedly, Elsa was doubtful if she could trust them. She didn’t know Fiona’s personality very well. She was Luca’s sister and Elsa’s sister in law but she was a daughter of the Inglacia household. She wasn’t an ordinary person. By the way, Fiona was the older one between her and Teresa.

“Well, there haven’t been any problems so far.”

Elsa felt that this was because her husband, Luca, was strangely tolerant towards her. She was different from a normal aristocrat’s wife.

“But, you know there’s manners and things like that.”

“Well, Clarissa drove those things into me.”

Elsa met Clarissa’s eyes just as she had brought the tea in. Elsa had good memory so she could do most things if she was taught. Her body being able to keep up with the movements was a different problem.

“…… Anyway, you didn’t have to force yourself to come here Alesia. You’re pregnant, aren’t you?”

“I couldn’t not come, I had to see your majestic side as a duchess, Elsa.”


Alesia was the same as always. She had guts saying that in front of four people. Nevertheless, Luca and Elsa always got along.

Elsa, who had married into the Duke family, also thought the same. That there was a high possibility that the traditions of the Inglacia household would end at Luca. And…… Well, anyway.

If four women gather together it will always lead to a heated conversation. Elsa mostly listened but she answered properly when she was asked something.

“It’s been on my mind for a long time but have you always been dating Luca, Elsa?”

Fiona asked abruptly. The three sisters of the Lombardini household went blank.

“No…… We started dating last spring.”

It had only been a year since Luca had barged into her study and yelled, “Marry me!” Even so, she felt nostalgic.

This time, Fiona was the one who blanked out.

“But, you’ve always got along with each other, right?”

“…… Well, yes.”

At any rate, they’ve always been together, from primary to university, so it would be odder for them to not have been close.

“You went out together and you even visited your homes together, didn’t you?”

“…… When are you talking about?”

Elsa didn’t know when Fiona was talking about because Luca and Elsa had known each other for too long. They had been going out a lot this past year because they were pretend sweethearts.…… Now she didn’t even know which part of it was 『pretend』and which parts weren’t.

“Huh? A while ago before I got married……”

When we were still in high school? Fiona certainly married Duke Verdi at that time. It was more than 10 years ago.

“We did go out together but we weren’t dating……”

Elsa had a fiancé when she had first started high school. She didn’t understand it very well at that point in time though.

“I don’t understand the definition of 『going out』.”

“Hey, Elsa you’re that. As expected of a university professor.”

“Associate professor.”

Alesia corrected, surprised. If Elsa tried a little harder then she might become a professor but she was only an associate professor right now.

“Whatever’s fine. If you both like each other then you 『go out』, don’t you?”

Alesia’s definition was simple. It was like her to say that and it was easy to understand.

“You’re too logical Alesia, but defining things without form is just like Elsa.”

Teresa laughed and said. Elsa replied, “I just can’t understand it, that’s all”. Fiona, who had asked the question in the first place, said in bewilderment.

“But, you love him right now, don’t you?”

“Well, yes I do. I feel like I’ve always loved him but I don’t understand it very well.”

“Then that’s fine. I’m sorry for asking something weird.”

“Oh, no it’s fine. I’m sorry I can’t answer more clearly.”

Elsa and Fiona both apologised. It was bad for Fiona to try and poke her nose into other people’s relationship but Elsa, who was too obstinate, was also at fault. When she said that, she didn’t understand the boundaries between like and love.

“Elsa, in your case you might be mixing love and friendship.”

Fiona said wryly. According to her, Luca definitely loved Elsa. Alesia also told her that she was loved.

Fiona had said that she might have mixed friendship and loved and didn’t know which one she felt for Luca. Elsa inadvertently agreed but why was she doing such a serious psychological analysis on Elsa?

“Also, you don’t understand your feelings well yourself, Elsa. So you wouldn’t know the difference between them.”

Alesia nodded, “I see”. Elsa thought that it was quite a mysterious feeling since love can also exist in political marriages like Alesia’s.

“Speaking of which, Elsa, this isn’t about you『wanting to give your gratitude』.”

“Ah, yes.”

Teresa said and Elsa slurred her worlds while nodding. At that time, Teresa……

“Did you spoil him?”

“What’s this interesting story?”

Fiona smiled and asked, responding to Teresa’s words. Women always loved these kinds of stories no matter how old they got.

“Well…… Instead of doing the pampering, I was pampered instead.”

“Oh no, are you bragging?”

“Elsa, you’re not embarrassed at all……”

Fiona said happily and Alesia retorted. Alesia, it’s none of your business.

“W-well, Elsa wants to pamper the Duke, so she must love him after all.’

Teresa said hastily. Elsa agreed, “Hmmm”, as if they were talking about someone other than her.

“Elsa, you’re acting like it’s someone else’s business.”

“I don’t understand it, even if you say that.”

Even if they objectively say, “That must be so”, the person herself wasn’t aware so she reacted like this. Teresa and Fiona smiled wryly.

“Well, I guess that’s just like Elsa.”

“Those two might be fine even if they continue like this.”

They forcefully concluded.

“Oh right. Lionelo said that if you really want to investigate the historical ruins then you’re welcome to anytime.”

Teresa said and smiled on her way to the door. Elsa moved her face close, “There was that one time when you had your matrimonial quarrel and ran back home”. If it was Elsa then she would probably go to the university but it didn’t seem like her and Luca would ever quarrel.

“Please give Duke Aquafresca my thanks.

Elsa read the mood and said. She could do that much. Then, she told Alesia not to push herself. Alesia grabbed Elsa’s hand and said:

“I’m fine. I’m a veteran mother, you know.”

Alesia said reliably. Finally, Fiona smiled.

“It’s a bit late to say this but thank you for liking my good for nothing brother.”

“…… You’re welcome.”

She was blunt, as expected of Luca’s sister.

After a while Elsa’s sisters went home, the master of the house came home. Of course, it was Luca.

“Welcome home.”

“Oh, I’m home.”

Luca smiled as Elsa trotted over to greet him.

“It’s so nice to have Elsa welcome me home……”

His face was cool but it was just like Luca to say strange things.

“What are you saying?”

Elsa said in amazement, but then she laughed. Was it because she had a talk with Alesia? Elsa felt that she really loved Luca at this time.

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