Shut-in Magician: 002

Chapter 002: Stone Egg

Shiu didn’t use the ability he had received from the Goddess in a useful way ―― he didn’t even know that he had the ability until he was 11 years old ――.

The Goddess had appeared in his dream and told him about his ability the night before he decided to go to the Royal Capital.

Shiu had some doubt that he was a reincarnated person, but he became certain of this when the Goddess told him about his reincarnation and his 「Cheat Ability」.

At that time, Shiu confirmed that his MP was 「that of an average person’s」.

Because Shiu had wished for a healthy body.


MP varied between individuals. A human’s MP was decided from their birth and never changed. If the body couldn’t adapt to having a large amount of MP then their body would become unstable at a young age which would weaken their vitality.

Therefore, the Goddess made Shiu’s MP average and put his MP elsewhere. She had put it in an MP storage. The MP storage held an inexhaustible supply of MP.

The Goddess expressed that this was a gift and also a kind of unique magic.

In addition, Shiu had at least one level in all basic magic, as well as appraisal and production which he had inherited. He also had spatial magic, which he’d received as a gift. It was a rare gift of incredibly high level magic. Shiu’s one was at level 5.

Shiu only used basic magic to create fire or water, these were things that Shiu thought were「useful」. The basic magic attributes were: Fire ・Water・Wood・Metal・Earth・Wind・Light and Unattributed. Each person inherited different attributes, in Shiu’s case, he had them all.

He got appraisal magic because he was born in a wealthy merchant house in his previous life and as such he was able to see a lot of unique antique items. The Goddess said that it was engraved in his soul. It was level 1 at first, but it rose naturally.

Production magic was also from his previous life. He was good with his hands and it had something to do with his old work. It had gone up to level 3 because he helped out in the workshop and blacksmith.

The Goddess had heard his wish, 「I don’t want to lose anything」and thought that it would be great if he had a big container. She granted him with spatial magic so that he could use spatial storage. The only thing Shiu thought of when he was told that he could 「put as much things in his pocket as he wanted」was how convenient.

In addition, record storage could be derived from spatial magic and that was also said to be unique magic. Shiu, who had thirsted for knowledge, learnt record storage from an old tattered box at the town’s temple. The reason why record storage was created was because the book was very worn-out and he thought, I don’t want to lose this! Thanks to that, all the books he read were naturally recorded. The information showed up in his mind whenever he recalled it, it was extremely useful.

He got other gifts from the Goddess: growth potential and invulnerability.

As the name suggested, growth potential allowed him to level up faster than other people. Invulnerability simply meant that he couldn’t die from things like injuries or illness. It was a present from the Goddess because he wished to 「remain healthy」.

It was terrifying that he didn’t know this. He lived his life in a carefree manner until he was 11.


Even so, his life was an unexpected rollercoaster until he was 11.

He was born in the middle of a mountain. The crying baby next to the couple, who had died after they had been attacked by monsters, was Shiu.

Vasta, a woodcutter and former adventurer just happened to pass by, stopped to help them. He confirmed that Shiu was the only one survivor. He raised Shiu until he was 9 years old. Vasta had fallen ill afterwards and was cared for at the temple, Shiu also helped out. Vasta passed away a year later and the priests graciously buried him.

He worked as an assistant in town while helping the priests out at the temple. However, there was a change at the shrine and it was no longer operational. The priest advised him to go to the Royal Capital because it was better than staying here where there were few work opportunities. Shiu was fine with living in the mountains as a woodcutter. However, the priests warned him, “It’s not good to confine yourself to the mountains when you’re still a child.” So he made the big decision to move to the Royal Capital.



The Goddess, then, appeared in his dream the day before he was set to leave.

“I gave you a cheat, so go all out!”

He was frozen in surprise but he strangely thought, was that not a dream? Even though he was in a dream. It had been 11 years since he’d last met her.

“…… Goddess, long time no see.”

“Be polite, you!”


Shiu scratched his head and lowered it in bewilderment.

“There’s no setting like: go kill the Demon King, save the world as a hero, or the Goddess is actually evil, so live your life more freely!”


“You lived your life in solitude, so live more freely this time around!”

It didn’t matter if the person didn’t want it, she was being pushy. Shiu remained silent and nodded.

“Anyway, you have a wonderful force called magic storage in a world where there is a wonderful thing called magic. You could live a super luxurious life depending on how you used it! Live your life with the cheat! Don’t you want a harem? Get rid of your virginity!”

It wasn’t something a girl should say. Shiu glanced at the Goddess, who looked like a little girl.

“…… I’m sorry, I said too much.”

“No, I was too easy-going.”

It was certainly a problem if he couldn’t control his magic. Even though he could use magic. It would be pointless if he couldn’t use it at a critical time.

“Well, anyways, as I’ve said before, those are the magic you can use. Depending on how you think, you could be a righteous ally or a hero. Well, you could also be like a demon and use your magic for evil. It’s a wonderful magic that allows you to do anything. There are a lot of interesting places here unlike Earth! Other people would enjoy life by using their cheat. Shuutarou-san, or rather Shiu-kun, it seems that your attributes as an old man followed you to this life. Try your best to be more youthful!”

Oh, she raised her fist in the air vigorously and Shiu also raised his fist to match her.

Incidentally, this Goddess was also in charge of the other reincarnated people. She had fun shuffling people into different worlds.


Thus, Shiu left the country side and headed to the Royal Capital.

He learnt magic along the way ―― I might as well enjoy things I couldn’t before ――, he stopped at different places along the way.





The tranquil, pastoral landscape was like the countryside in Germany or Switzerland in his previous life. The landscape that Shuutarou saw on TV was right before his eyes.

Shiu lived in a town called Agatha, at the base of the Jota mountain range, on the edge of Steigbahn Kingdom. The place was so rustic that he thought it would be downgraded soon.

Steigbahn Kingdom was large. It was a large agricultural kingdom situated at the heart of the Royer Continent and it had a long history. The scenery and climate were like Europe and even the people looked European.

The first time he had gained awareness was when he was held by Vasta as a baby. He was surprised to see the face of a big European man in front of him.

He didn’t understand reincarnation very well and his previous life’s memories assaulted him like a torrent. He had thought that his mind was weird for a while.

It was probably very strange since he was a baby but he had the mind of an old man who had died a peaceful death. Vasta probably that that he was a strange baby, since he never cried but he still raised him dearly.

His thoughts finally settled down when he was 5 years old and the way he thought changed to someone closer of his age. He would act like an old man sometimes but he thought that was because of his foster father.

Anyhow, Shiu enjoyed the European scenery as he walked towards the next town. He was currently hugging something to his stomach.

“I wonder if you’ll be born soon ~.”

He sang a lullaby to the cute egg that he was carrying near his stomach.

To be precise, it was called a stone egg and there was a rare beast residing inside. Shiu had just picked it up the other day and he was looking forward to it hatching.


Stone eggs were eggs that would drop at any time, they were 「eggs that contained beasts」. It was named so because it was as hard as a stone.

Beasts were normally birthed by a pair. Those that become leaders or unique individuals are born from stone eggs. Unique beasts were called rare beasts and they were popular. They normally got picked up by people.

However, amongst them were beasts called 「sacred beasts」and it was prohibited to own one.


Sacred beasts were basically royalty. It was decided that a trusted knight would protect the beast. Even if someone picked up a stone egg and it turned out to be a sacred beast then the kingdom would confiscate it.

Shiu’s appraisal level was now 3 and one thing he did know was that this egg was not a sacred beast, so he took it for himself.

Both the kingdom and temple managed the sacred beast. They were revered as god’s messengers because of their divine white eyes. The priests who cared for the geezer even said, “I wouldn’t mind dying if I get to see a sacred beast,” they admired the beasts that much. It was frivolous of the priests to say that, but many gods were worshipped in the Royer Continent, so people were very easy-going. A sect called Savonesia worshipped sibling gods from each nation. Sacred beasts are said to serve those gods, so it was only natural that priests yearned for them.

Shiu was glad that the egg he had didn’t hold a sacred beast that could be confiscated.


By the way, things that are dropped in this world belong to the people who pick them up. Things that have been dropped by thieves that have been subjugated, belong to the person that subjugated them. It was quite a wild world.

Shiu asked these questions many times the first time the geezer taught him this. Can I take it? Really?

The former adventurer geezer told Shiu about his past humorously. Most of his stories ended with “I took it,” so when he was small he was surprised by the culture shock.

Now that he had turned 11 years old, he naturally picked up the stone egg and made it his own. He was used to living like an unexpected person.

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