Regarding the Duke with Gynophobia and the Eccentric Lady Scholar – Chapter 38

12th Supplementary Lesson

“I’m anxious!”

This maybe the first time that Elsa spoke to Luca with such anxiety. She did sound anxious when she first knew she was pregnant but that was because both Luca and Elsa thought that there was a slim chance for them to become parents. The emphasis was different now.

“Even you get worried, huh?”

“The only thing I’m filled with is anxiety.”

Luca stroke Elsa’s hair while she was lying next to him. She couldn’t sleep on her stomach because of the bulge. Luca rolled over onto his stomach but he changed his position so that he was closer to Elsa. She pointed at Luca’s face when he got closer.

“I’m happy I got married to you, Luca.”

She said and Luca was flabbergasted. He blinked a few times before speaking.

“Mm? Are you serious?”

“Do I look like I’m joking?”

“Elsa, you’re the type to joke while looking serious.”

“I won’t deny that, but I’m better than you, Luca.”

Luca was the type to act stupid with a serious expression. The person, himself, was diligent and truthful so he might not be acting stupid at all. He only looked stupid because he was an airhead.

“I’m happy.”

She said once again and Luca happily hugged her head. He did this because he couldn’t hug her body tightly but she couldn’t breathe very well because of the angle he was hugging her from, so it wasn’t the best idea.

“Is that so? I’m glad……”

“But it’s different from becoming a mother.”

Elsa continued and Luca loosened his grip and looked at her face. Elsa looked up at the ceiling and continued.

“I’ll say this plainly. I felt that when I got married with you it just felt like we were living together. I’m at the university most of the year and the only difference was the “home” I was returning to in summer.”

“Oh…… I can understand that a little.”

Another reason was probably because not that much time has passed since they had gotten married. Elsa was already on good terms with the servants at the Inglacia household so she didn’t feel uncomfortable often.

However, a strong feeling of discomfort had appeared. It was the child.

“Even now, I can’t believe that your child is growing inside of my stomach. I only realise it when I look at my tummy and think, “Ah, they’re really in there.”

Elsa chose her words carefully before she spoke. It was hard to put how she was feeling right now into words.

“…… I’m the same. Are you saying I can’t understand how you feel? Although, I am happy when my father tells me, “A child of you and Elsa would be beautiful and smart.”

“…… Haha. It would be good if they resemble you.”

It wasn’t like Elsa was unattractive, it was just that Luca was more attractive than she was.

“Lorena-san said that my father also said this. He wasn’t conscious of the child until it was born.”

Elsa turned her gaze towards Luca and said. He replied while nodding, “I see”. He played with Elsa’s hair and said, “I can probably understand his feelings.”

“In contrast, mothers are growing the babies in their stomach.”

“That’s right! That’s why we recognise it differently.”

The conversation progressed somehow so Elsa got excited and tried to get up, but Luca’s arm stopped her from moving. Elsa went back to her original position.

“…… I’m not sure if I can be a proper mother. I became a parent before I was even prepared and I have to protect that child, right? I don’t know what to do. And my husband doesn’t understand how I feel.”

“…… I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s fine. Argh. I feel completely fine after getting that off my chest.”

Elsa said and laughed. She grabbed Luca’s hands. She now understood the feelings of woman gathering together to complain.

Luca and Elsa had no choice but to become parents. Elsa’s ups and downs this time were due to her anxiety.

“I’m sorry and thank you~”

“You’re welcome. I have something to ask you.”

“What is it?”

She skillfully tilted her head while lying down, then she smiled and said, “You don’t have to be that attentive, just stay by my side.”

It was a spoiled and selfish request but it was rare for Elsa to say something like this. Luca agreed and hugged Elsa. Yes, it’s warm. Looks like I can sleep well.


Elsa went in labour near Luca’s birthday in spring. It was earlier than her expected date, but it was inevitable since the contractions had started. She went into labour at midnight so she violently shook Luca, who was sleeping next to her, it was like he was receiving his deployment notice.

“It…… Hurts……! This isn’t a joke……!”

Elsa teared up at the repeated pains. She wasn’t old enough to call this a late childbirth, but the doctor did say that she would have a difficult delivery because this was her first birth at 30 and she was thin. However, she didn’t think that it would take nearly a day to give birth!

She thought about having a C-section if it took any longer. However, while she was comparing natural birth and C-section, the child was born when she was about to go into surgery. It was self-interest. Elsa was scared of getting a C-section.

By the way, the contractions lasted the whole day so Elsa gave birth without sleeping. It took a whole day so Luca went to work but he got sent home because he couldn’t concentrate. He was too shaken up. It was inevitable since it was a difficult birth.

She was glad that she’d finally gave birth at midnight. Everyone at the residence was awake.

“Was the baby born? Is he okay……?”

“You did it.”

Elsa smiled wryly and Luca answered. She was too tired, her whole body hurt and she had no energy left but she was wide-awake. Elsa poked the cheeks of the baby sleeping next to her after his first bath.

“It’s a boy. I’m sorry for worrying you.”

She honestly thought she would die many times. She was serious. She survived thanks to the doctor, midwife and maids.

“I was really worried but thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

Luca stroked Elsa’s cheeks as she laid in bed and exhaled. The baby was grasping Elsa’s finger. They had to give thanks to this little life for being born. Elsa and Luca were both going to become parents to this little boy.

Elsa’s eyes blurred and she was aware that her face was getting wet. How strange. She was so anxious during the pregnancy but after she gave birth, she felt more “pleasant”.

“Elsa? What’s wrong?”

“No…… Nothing, I’m just glad.”

Luca dried Elsa’s tears with a handkerchief. The tears kept flowing down even though he was wiping them away so there wasn’t much meaning to it. Her vision cleared for a moment.

“Ah, that’s right……”

Luca said while smiling.

“I finally feel like a parent now that I’ve seen the baby.”

“…… I think, me too.”

The two faced each other and laughed. Tears dripped down from Elsa’s eyes again. Luca sat down on the bed and faced Elsa.

“Thanks for giving birth to our child.”

“You’re welcome.”

Elsa nodded and Luca kissed her cheeks. The two looked at towards their baby.

“Thanks for being born.”

Luca kissed the baby. Elsa smiled. The baby seemed to have awoken and Elsa began crying again.

“Wh-what’s wrong?!”

“Pick him up and give him to me.”

Elsa laughed and said. She could have done it herself but it was troublesome to get up and her stomach hurt because she was laughing. So she laughed as she watched Luca pick up the crying baby.

Good luck, new father.

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