The Beauty’s Secret: 05

05: Crown Prince and the Duke’s Daughter

Intruders had interrupted Julius’s and Emilinne’s dance. The man and woman danced like they were challenging the two leading dancers.

Nonetheless, it wasn’t like those two were doing anything bad. The surrounding people had stopped dancing, they acted as if Julius and Emilinne were the leading dancers here, but that wasn’t true.

They couldn’t blame anyone for dancing on the same dance floor as them…… However, that didn’t change the fact that they couldn’t read the mood.



The two had noticed that people had came to the dance floor, but they didn’t stop dancing.

The two, who had proceeded to the middle of the dance floor, was a young man with red hair and a young lady with blond hair.

Furthermore, it was the young man who had wanted to dance and the young lady was just pulled along. She looked reluctant.

“Julius Rosenberg. I won’t lose to that guy. We’re going to dance in the middle too, Lady Dearnet.”

The red haired young man was Dudrick Avra Aullène.

He was the Crown Prince of Aullène Kingdom, and the next in line to be king.

He was chivalrous and held a high social position so he was also popular with the young ladies in the kingdom. However, he could only be second place at most. He was by no means the best.

Because Julius, who held the top position as the most popular person, existed. As long as Julius was around, Dudrick could never be number one.

Because of how things were, Dudrick was competitive against the [beautiful crossdresser] Julius, and would often bump heads with him.

Dudrick had a straightforward personality, although he was easily riled, so even if he had bumped heads with Julius many times, it was never anything foul, so they had a good relationship as rivals.

“I don’t mind if Your Highness competes with Julius-sama, but I don’t want you to involve me in it.”

“What are you saying?”

“Nothing, Your Highness. Anyway, it hurts if you pull me that hard.”

“So-sorry…… Lady Dearnet.”

His dance partner, the young lady with gorgeous long blonde hair was Dearnet Ramagret.

She was the daughter of Duke Ramagret, who had amassed a leading position amongst the nobles of Aullène Kingdom. She was also Dudrick’s fiancée. Sooner or later, she would become queen when Dudrick ascends the throne.

Furthermore, she was also one of the ladies who adored Julius.

That was also one of the reasons why Dudrick competed with Julius. In short, he couldn’t stomach the fact that his sweetheart was interested in someone else. Much less, a woman who was who acting like a man ── or so he thought ──, there was that and even more.

Dearnet adored Julius, but it wasn’t serious love, they were feelings that one would have towards their idol. Dudrick, however, couldn’t help but feel uneasy as a man.

Dudrick and Dearnet, who had walked to the middle, turned to face each other when they reached Julius and Emilinne.

Dudrick held his arm down and bowed and Dearnet pinched the hem of her dress and lightly curtsied.

Then, the two held each other’s hands and glided across the dance floor.

Julius and Emilinne were waltzing while Dudrick and Dearnet were charmed by a more passionate and powerful dance.

Dudrick, who was royalty and Dearnet, who was the daughter of a Duke, received the same education as Julius and Emilinne and their dance moves were by no means inferior.

Dearnet, who seemed unsatisfied a while ago, seemed to have a change of heart and she was now smiling gorgeously.

Each set of dance had their own charm. The audience was also enthusiastically watching the dream pair that were dancing together.

However, if someone were to ask, [who is the most attractive of the four], then the answer would no doubt be, [Julius].

Emilinne, Dudrick and Dearnet were certainly all attractive people, but Julius’s chivalrous and gorgeous figure stood out the most.

Dudrick might have known this as well and he put more passion into his dance. Dearnet also matched his moves perfectly.

Julius looked at them charmingly as their moves grew sharper while he danced more spectacularly. Nevertheless, he never neglected escorting Emilinne.

The two pairs competed with each other but they were in perfect harmony. They looked just like a piece of art.

Those who were present tonight were trembling in delight at the unexpected eye candy.

The audience gave them a round of applause when the song finished and the four had stopped dancing.


“It’s been a long time, Your Highness. Lady Dearnet.”

“It’s been a long time, Your Highness. Dearnet-sama.”

The four, who had finished dancing, moved to the wall while being sent by applause and started talking.

The four had began dancing without exchanging any words so they decided to talk to each other for the first time here.

“Hah, it’s been a while, Julius Rosenberg. It’s not like I wanted to meet you or anything. Ah, Lady Emilinne is a different story, though.”

“It’s been a while, Julius-sama, Emilinne-sama. And Your Highness? You mustn’t lie. You’ve been talking about Julius-sama so much recently.”

“What?! I told you to keep that a secret, Lady Dearnet!”

Dudrick became red and flustered during the greetings when Dearnet, who was standing on his side, exposed him.

It was Dearnet’s trivial revenge against Dudrick, who had dragged her into a meaningless dance battle.

“Do-don’t misunderstand! Julius Rosenberg! It wasn’t like I was having fun or anything. I was devising ways to beat you!”

“Hah, is it about that again? I’ve told you before that I’m not such a man.”

Dudrick, who had listened to Julius’s humble remark, was troubled and whispered in a small voice.

“It’s problematic because you’re not a man, isn’t that so……?”

Dudrick, who was worried about losing to Julius, whom he thought was a female, heard Julius’s words in a strangely twisted way.

“Huh? Did you say something?”

“No, nothing!”

Julius, who had heard his mutter, asked if he’d said something but Dudrick covered it up by looking slightly angry.

Even Dudrick didn’t have any intentions of investigating about Julius’s lies about his gender. He wanted to avoid touching that topic.

Because he couldn’t stomach losing to the [crossdressing Julius], so he didn’t want Julius to return to being a woman until he had won. In reality, it was impossible for Julius to [return] to being a woman, but Dudrick had no way of knowing that.

“His Highness never changes.”

“Honestly. I would like him to settle things soon if possible.”

Emilinne and Dearnet watched in amazement as Julius and Dudrick spoke to each other.

When these four gathered, Julius would lightly handle Dudrick, who would quarrel with him and Emilinne and Dearnet would watch.

Even when Maxián and Lillyshia are there, the only thing that changed was that there were four people watching Dudrick and Julius.

“It’s because His Highness is competitive against Julius-sama.”

“I know that it’s unavoidable that he’s conscious of Julius-sama, but I want him to stop acting so unreasonable.”

“You also have it rough, don’t you Dearnet-sama.”

“Do you understand Emilinne-sama?”

Dudrick always picked a quarrel with Julius, but he always dragged Dearnet with him every time.

The dance this time was a good example of him taking it upon himself to challenge Julius.

It was inevitable since Dudrick wanted to show his triumph over Julius to Dearnet, but she was a bit fed up with it.

“It’s unfortunate that I wasn’t able to beat you in this dance, but next time……”

“Not at all, Your Highness’s dance moves were also magnificent.”

“Errr, sarcasm?! Anyway, I will definitely win against you someday! Prepare yourself!”

“I will keep that in mind.”

In contrast to the fierce Dudrick, Julius was wearing a relaxed smile.

Julius didn’t feel like he had to be the best, so of course he was feeling relaxed, but Dudrick got more riled up when he saw that Julius was relaxed.

The night ball continued and eventually finished.

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