Shut-in Magician: 004

Chapter 004: To be Born

After he finished clearing the stone boars he had killed, he burnt the blood and parts he didn’t need. It was the adventurer’s rule to keep away other monsters.

Then he had lunch. He made an instant kitchen, took an iron plate from his spatial storage and fried the stone boar.

It would be troublesome if someone saw him do this so he didn’t use it in front of people.

Only Vasta noticed that Shiu had a special power and he cautioned him many times as a former adventurer, “The magic you have is special. Don’t show off unless you’re protecting yourself. You’ll be used by people if you do and you’ll have painful experiences. In the worst case, you’ll be killed. Listen carefully. Don’t say anything about the pocket until you become strong enough to take on anyone.”

Even though he knew that the pocket was his spatial storage, ―― even if he knew that there were a lot of different kinds of magic out there ――, Shiu decided to stick to his foster father’s order and decided that he wouldn’t be conceited.


Shiu submitted the herba to the Adventurer’s Guild, received the stamp for his quests and collected his money.

It was possible to deposit money at the guild but the amount one got from harvesting herbs wasn’t significant so they didn’t ask him if he wanted them to hold onto the money for him.

He left the guild and returned to Forest Lane Inn.

“Oh, welcome back. You’re a bit late, aren’t you?”

The proprietress was worried about him. He was grateful for that.

“I was collecting extra herbs. I thought that I could use them myself.” He replied and the propriestress was surprised.

“You can make medicine?”

“I can make simple salves and antifebriles. My foster father taught me how to.”

“He’s a good parent. You can live because he prepared you well since you were young.”


“Well now, go rest in your room. Dinner’s soon!”

She hit his bulging stomach and returned to the dining room while laughing wholeheartedly. The proprietor/propriestress of inns accommodating adventurers mostly resembled them. They were very energetic.

Shiu was often told the he wasn’t like a child and he found that energy dazzling. He thought that he should be livelier, even if just by a bit.




It happened after dinner when he returned to his room from his bath.

He heard a sound coming from his stomach.

“Ah, the Stone Egg!”

A month had passed since he’d picked up the egg. The earliest a stone egg would hatch was 2 weeks and the latest two months, so it was still within that time frame.

Shiu quickly removed the egg from his stomach. He removed the cloth that he had carefully wrapped around it and placed it onto the bed. The egg started moving left to right at the same time the sounds started. He watched in suspense and a while later, the shell started cracking.

He heard a small crunching sound and a wet head of hair appeared from the inside. It’s the legs! He thought and then he saw another leg.

The shell was as hard as a stone but had broken easily.

A small, small cat appeared from inside of the shell.

“A beast mount?”

He was able to appraise it after it was born.

It was a cat mount called 『Feles』.

It was a creature that flew around with humans on its back, so this could be said as a very lucky find.

“Mee, miuu, miuu!” He kept his eyes closed as he cried desperately.

Shiu panicked, held him in his hands and hugged him close to his chest. He was big enough to fit on one hand. He was a kitten.

“There, there.”

Shiu slowly wiped the kitten’s body dry with his finger and looked at his back. There was a bump there. It was said to be traces of wings and it was something that all beast mounts had. Of course, if there were flying dragons then they would also have wings and there were also sacred beasts with wings. However it often retrogressed in beasts that looked like cats or dogs.

“Mm, you’re like a cat type, so milk should be fine, right? Wait a moment.”

Shiu dried its body and wrapped him in a clean piece of cloth. He left the room and went to the first floor.

The propriestress looked like she’d just finished cleaning up and he called out to her apologetically. “Excuse me.”

“Oh, what’s wrong?”

She was confused when Shiu approached her with something in his hand.

“That kitten was born around here wasn’t it?”

“Yes. This child was born from a stone egg that I’d picked up. I think he’s a beast mount. He’s a cat type and I can give him anything for its first milk, can’t I?”

“Oh yeah, I heard that goat’s milk is good for cat types. But I don’t have any now, so you’ll have to wait until tomorrow morning.”

“Ah, then it’s fine.”

“It’s fine? You’ll be in trouble. If he gets hungry then he’ll cry the whole night. That will disturb your neighbours.”

She frowned a little and Shiu hastily added, “I have goat’s milk.”

“…… You have it?”

“Mm, I brought it this morning. I store it in a magic tool so it’s fine.”

He smoothed it over with an excuse and he couldn’t tell if she understood or not from her reply. Shiu continued, “I can also soundproof the room. I can use soundproof magic.”

“…… You didn’t have to panic like that, I wouldn’t kick you out. Well, it’s fine if you don’t disturb their restful sleep. After all, he’s beast mount.”

Beast mounts are treasured and very popular, they never encounter any bad situations. He also heard that the owners received favourable treatment as long as they weren’t criminals. He was relieved at her gentle response as always and bided her goodnight before returning to his room.



The kitten was complaining that he was hungry in a small, small voice, so Shiu took a bottle containing goat’s milk from his spatial storage and gave it to the kitten.

“I’m glad I got a lot from the previous town. Here, drink it.”

He poured the milk into a small dish and left it for the kitten to drink, but the new-born kitten ―― to be accurate it wasn’t a cat ―― couldn’t possibly drink it.

He took a clean cotton cloth and folded it thinly. He dipped the tip into the dish and put it to the kitten’s mouth.

“Mm, Kuu, Chuu.”

The kitten finally drank. He had tried his best to open his eyes but couldn’t, even so he was moving his mouth to drink the milk. It was so cute that Shiu smiled unintentionally.

The kitten sipped the milk till he was content. When his stomach was full he turned his face away and yawned. His stomach was bulging.

“Myuu ~.”

I’m sleeping now. It felt like that was what the kitten was saying.


Shiu petted the kitten and placed it onto the bed. I hope you grow up soon. Then you’ll be my partner. Shiu thought about how fun it would be and smiled gently.


Keeping pets was a dream from Shiu’s previous life. He had always wanted a beast ever since he heard about them from his foster father, Vasta. Especially rare beasts who were different from normal beasts and would become strong individuals. If so, then he could take them along even if he was doing adventurer work.

Moreover, he didn’t have to worry about travelling with beast mounts. If it was a tortoise, then he would have to worry about how to move it. Either way, he was glad because he liked animals.

“What should I name you?”

Would Tama (ball) be fine? Would it be strange to call him Pochi?

The name he came up with while worrying about it all night was, “Your name is『Feles』.”

Which meant cat.

He told the propriestress Feles’s name in the morning and she gave him a strange look but he was satisfied.

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