Shut-in Magician: 005

Chapter 005: Levelling Basic Magic

Feles was full of energy and dirty every day.

It would have been nice if only the beast got dirty, but he split milk on the bed sheets, on Shiu’s clothes and on the bed. Therefore, Shiu was constantly using 《PURIFICATION》and it levelled up in the blink of an eye.

《PURIFICATION》could be used with only basic water attribute magic. However, it could only clean to the extent of someone taking a bath or washing their face. Light attribute needed to be mixed in if one wanted to remove things like dirt. Interestingly, it was possible to cast 《DRY》by combining fire and wind attributes.

Shiu combined them both and called it 《WASH AND DRY》. It was the same for his body and clothes. Taking it up a notch, he casted 《WASH AND DEODORANT》when dealing with beast skin. He had only put power into deodorising it a little, the magic usage didn’t change.

It was difficult to combine magic, so he did it where people couldn’t see him.

“Feles ~, you’re happy, aren’t you?”

He tried casting the spell, which quickly ended, in a different way. He became interested in the spherical shape that held the dancing sheet.

“Nya, Mya!”

Feles jumped and desperately tried to catch the sheet with his forefeet. Of course, he couldn’t jump at all and it looked like he was trying to fly.

“Nya, nya, myu!”

He lost his balance in the end and fell onto the floor.

“See, it’s dangerous.”

The sheets became clean and fell onto the bed as Shiu carried Feles in his arms and hugged him to his chest. He put Feles down on top of the bed.

“Mya ~.”

Feles lied down comfortably. Cats liked warm things and the cat type beast mounts might also like warm things too.

Shiu petted Feles and waited for him to fall asleep before he left the room.



Feles was still too small to take anywhere so Shiu had been spending most of his time at the inn since Feles had been born.

He thought it would be suspicious if he didn’t go out occasionally so he greeted the inn’s proprietress and rushed off to go shopping.

He had a lot of goat milk and ingredients in his spatial storage, because he was already at the shop, he decided to purchase in bulk. This was something he couldn’t do in the countryside. They bantered in the countryside and there was only one shop. Corell City had main streets in the east, west, north and south. Those streets were lined with shops. The side streets also had some shops and it was fun to browse them.

He was worried about Feles so he couldn’t stay out for long, he quickly finished all his shopping. That was Shiu’s daily routine in these past few days.


Feles woke up when he returned to the room and was crying.

“Alright, alright.”

He held Feles in his arms and petted him soothingly, and Feles’s mood improved.

Feles was pure white and he had brown patches on his arms and feet. His tail was deep brown and he looked like a tricoloured cat. He appeared to be male and in Japan he would have been rare, but he wasn’t in this world. It was a secret that he worried over calling him 「Mikemen [1]Japanese people call multi-coloured cats this… 」.

“You’re so fluffy, Feles.”

He petted the sleepy Feles and he noticed that Feles’s hair was getting longer. Shiu had never owned a pet before so he was worried about whether he needed a comb for long hair typed pets.

“I know you need one for horses.”

Shiu took care of the horses the priests rode when he was in the care of the temple.

Beast mounts were usually horses, so he brought a brush thinking he would need it.

“Do they sell combs for cats? I can make one but it’s better to have a specialised one from the beginning, right?”

Feles was still a baby so he couldn’t respond, but Shiu always talked to him. Shiu thought that it was strange to talk sweetly to a pet, but he was now one of those people.



Shiu had confined himself in the inn for a while, but Feles was finally steady and able to keep his eyes open so Shiu went to the Adventurer’s Guild.

Adventurers were ranked and rank 10 was the lowest. Shiu was a trainee but he had actual results so he could take quests up to rank 9.

The guild card managed that.

Shiu was worried that his skill would be found out when he first made the guild card. After all, Vasta had said, “It’s dangerous if you don’t hide your special abilities,” and the Goddess also said that his skill was a cheat so he didn’t want to stand out.

However, he didn’t have to worry at all.

A trainee was a child. There was an unwritten rule stating that it was pointless to check up on a child’s skills because they weren’t fixed and were unstable.

He had made his guild card easily and only the results of the quests he’d taken were recorded on the card. This was possible because it was a simple system.

He would have to remake the card once he hit 15, so he thought about learning concealment magic. When a guild card was made, the person who it was made for would have to check their 《STATUS》using a crystal that had appraisal. There was a confidentiality clause because skills were personal information. Shiu, however, was trying his best to hide his skills.

Therefore, he looked for a quest that would level him up.


The first one was assisting the blacksmith.

He had helped the blacksmith in the countryside so he had experience. It was easy to carry goods because he could use wind magic, so he was useful from the first day.

In addition, he was able to freely manipulate the temperature because he could use fire magic, so he was able to do real work and not those meant for assistants. He knew the theory from his previous life knowledge, so there were things that were easy for him to remember. Once he remembered how to do things, he could level up thanks to the gift, growth potential. Hence, he gained the smithing skill in three days.

The second quest was alchemy work.

The apprentice suddenly quit and Shiu took his place, but he wasn’t only taught assistant work but alchemy as well.

Most artisans would teach you if you worked earnestly. The artisans adored watching him do apprentice work and taught him how to make things like rings and bracelets.

He knew how to sew and the artisans were surprised when he could make the items by relying only on his intuition. Shiu felt that was also because of his growth psotential and felt apologetic.

He had taken Feles with him on both jobs and when the people learnt that it was a child of a beast mount, they accepted Feles without making any fuss.

However, it was dangerous so they warned Shiu not to let him out of his sight.


He was able to level up his production magic in 10 days by doing various things.

His production magic was 1 and had risen to 3 when he lived in the countryside.

The quests he took at the guild this time were production-oriented so it had risen to 4 in the blink of an eye.

He had come this far so he planned to level up dark attribute magic, one of the basic magics needed for concealment magic.

Dark magic was a little difficult to learn, so he couldn’t learn it from taking quests.



That was why, Shiu snuck out in the middle of the night.

Feles had been anxious so he had put him to sleep. As a precaution he had casted《DEFENCE》to the room with spatial magic.

He casted (《SENSE MOVEMENT》) (《TRANSFER》) and he instantly moved to the middle of the forest. 「SPATIAL TRANSFER」was something he had learnt on his journey and was perhaps his second most useful magic.

It was a little scary to suddenly transfer somewhere, so he transferred a part of his sight, hearing and intuition to do a clean sweep before transferring his body. He had casted them spontaneously, they came in a set.

Incidentally, the most useful spatial magic was spatial storage. Although spatial magic defence was also indispensable, Shiu thought that the 「POCKET」that you can put anything in was magic that someone would dream about.

He used dark attribute magic to make the dark forest visible. He had done it instinctively so he didn’t need to chant, but he did anyways to level up.

He casted (《NIGHTVISION》), which was naturally stronger than《NIGHT EYES》. He could see clearly even in pitch black darkness with 《NIGHTVISION》.


The basics of such magic was also briefly taught to him by his foster father. However, he learnt more about it at the shrine, where his father’s last days were spent. The books were old and tattered but they had things to complete a child’s learning. The priests also taught him some things. He recalled those things while on his journey and practiced them.

Magic was about imagination. Shiu combined various attributes and repeatedly experimented. It was fun. So he could cast dark magic without fear.

If the level went up then he could see his astral body ―― Shiu wilfully cognizance it as a ghost ――. This was a dreamlike world that he would read about in his previous life and never tried to practiced. Shiu had never seen an astral body before and he thought he would finally be able to see one today.


However, dark magic surprisingly levelled up surprisingly easily if one made poisons and antidotes. His production magic’s herb production were showing their results and Shiu continued to level up his dark magic without looking at the ghosts.

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1 Japanese people call multi-coloured cats this…