Shut-in Magician: 007

Chapter 007: Stagecoach

The prioprietress was tearful when Shiu informed her that he would be leaving. It seemed that she thought of him fondly because he’d stayed there for nearly two months.

“Please be careful. You’re small and strangely polite. I’m worried about whether you can be an adventurer like this…… Well you’re more level-headed than the adult adventurers over there, so I think you’ll be fine. Ah, but I’m still worried after all.”

Shiu smiled wryly and informed her, “Corell is close to the Royal Capital. Minia territory is also over there, so don’t worry. I’ll be fine.”

“You’re saying the Royal Capital is close. You. It’s still very far away from here.”

“It’s closer than the town I was at, Agatha.”

“…… I’ve never heard of that town before.”

“It’s at the base of the Jota mountain range. It’s in the same territory as Corell, you know?”

The prioprietress frowned and opened her eyes wide.

“At the base of the Jota mountain range! Did you come from that place?”

“Y-yes. I did.”

“Ah, yeah, I see.”

She understood and nodded while emitting a strange growl and Shiu tilted his head in confusion. The prioprietress panicked and spoke, “If you grew up in a deep mountain recesses then the adventurers over there would be put to shame. Why, I worried for no reason.”

“For no reason……”

“No, well, it’s just a figure of speech. I see, is that so? So that’s it.”

The sad aura had disappeared and she hit her big stomach while entering the kitchen. Shiu didn’t know what had happened but the conversation had ended, so he returned to his room.


Shiu threw half of the bread he’d brought into his spatial storage. He put the honey stick bread and the black bread that he’d wanted to try into his rucksack, he also put the medicine that he’d made from medicinal herbs into there as well to keep an eye on the shelf life and a change of clothes.

The wide blade knife that he’d needed to pass through the deep mountain was no longer needed at the city because there were no deep forests, so he’d put that in his spatial storage as well. He’d put a knife in the waist-band that he’d made in its place. There was nothing that rivalled his self-made things when he thought about the usability. His personal belongings were made by him so his production magic was now level 4.

“Now then, all that’s left is to get fresh vegetables.”

He had some in his spatial storage but he wanted to try the vegetables at Corell as well since he was here.

He was leaving tomorrow so he made a note in his brain to go buy some at the morning markets before he left.

“I’ve already registered Feles and got his collar.”

Shiu could find Feles even if he got lost but it was hard to prove that he owned Feles if he’d gotten stolen without the registration. The guild card doubled as an ID so in Shiu’s case, he registered Feles at the Adventurer’s Guild. Then ――.

【Nothing left behind】. He said the catch-phrase from his previous life’s workplace and finished packing.




When he left Corell City, Shiu tried to use the stagecoach for the first time. The main road was wide so merchant carriages and the likes ran through here every day. Sometimes individual merchants and travellers would catch a carriage and use it. The fare became cheaper as the number of people riding it increased and he was curious about the voices inviting people from in front of the gate.

A friendly person told him about the stagecoach and invited him on so he took the opportunity to ride with several people.

The destination was Sollerea City in Minia territory. It was along the main road and west of Corell. People could travel to Minia territory’s Capital or the Royal Capital from Sollerea City, so there was a lot of traffic there.

Shiu got into the carriage and everyone introduced themselves. Shiu looked like a young merchant at first.

“I’m Ronaldo. I’m carrying a load to the capital. Pleased to meet you.”

“I’m Thomas, a doctor.”

“I’m a teacher, Kakatatsu. I’m going home to the capital.”

“I’m an imperial guard, returning from investigation. Oh, I’m Eustace. Nice to meet you.”

He was the one who had told Shiu about the stagecoach and had invited him on board. Next was the old man.

“I’m a retired old man who’s going to his grandchild’s wedding. I have a store in Sollerea City. It’s called Bariado Tool Store, please drop by if you have time.”

After the old man introduced himself, everyone stared at Shiu, who was last.

“I’m Shiu. I left the countryside to work in the Royal Capital. This is Feles. I won’t be a bother, pleased to meet you.”

Shiu bowed his head and everyone nodded happily in agreement. The child of a rare beast was rare and enviable, so everyone adored it. Everyone’s eyes were fixed on Feles.


“Don’t forget about me! I’m the coachman, Luis. It’s a 3 day trip to Sollerea and a 4 day trip to the capital. Nice to meet you.”

Everyone listened to the coachman’s introduction and started their peaceful stagecoach journey.


Minia territory was close to the Royal Capital, so the main street was wide and there were a lot of merchants travelling through. Still, the carriages just barely passed each other. Also, although the forest and valley weren’t thick, they continued on for ages. The carriages that were moving in the same direction moved in groups.

Merchants also had guards, so the stagecoach moved behind those carriages. Merchants must have been used to it because they didn’t complain at all.

“Carriages are so fun, aren’t they?” Shiu said to himself and the people around him started laughing.

“Haha, did you walk all the way here from the countryside?” The teacher, Kakatatsu spoke to him and Shiu nodded, “Yes.”

Shiu patted Feles, who was on his knee. The other passengers looked at the heartwarming scene. Feles was crying like a spoiled kitten but they didn’t think it was noisy at all. Everyone was lowering their eyes to look at his charming figure.

“I heard that rare beasts had high intelligence but he’s just like a kitten.”

Rolando stared at Feles amusingly.

“Do you know a lot about rare beasts?”

“I take care of living beings, I am also an expert merchant. I heard about it at a gathering.”

The other passengers listened as Kakatatsu and Rolando talked. Their eyes were focused on Feles. Feles was full of energy and purred as he jumped up and down on Shiu’s lap.

“They’re easy to train, but the people who find them and raise them always lose them.”

Shiu tilted his head, huh.

“Are they traded?”

“Yes. They’re sold and brought a lot.”

“I see.”

Shiu had thought that he had been lucky when he’d picked up the egg but he became sad when he thought that the egg was a traded item. Shiu’s feelings showed up on his face and the old man, Bariado spoke to him, “Money’s also important even if you’re raised in the countryside. You can work once you become an adult so you can earn money. Your upbringing must have been difficult.”

The doctor, Thomas, who had barely said a word, spoke calmly, “If you’re raised in poverty then the only thing on your mind would be how to get money quickly.”

The imperial guard, Eustace nodded. “The people from the countryside can’t change their jobs because they got their hands on rare beasts.”

“Anyway, there’s an expert merchant here. So please contact me if you want to increase your rare beasts!”

“So this is business, hahaha.”

Eustace laughed amusingly at Rolando’s joke.

Shiu realised that there were things that he was bias about and also many things he didn’t know.


The journey proceeded smoothly. They decided to camp in the plaza on their last night.

They couldn’t all sleep inside of the stagecoach so they used sleeping bags and tents.

The other merchants were also using the same plaza, so it was brightly lit and safe.

Shiu erected a smallish tent a little further away. It would be troublesome if Feles was annoying so he always refused everyone’s invitations. Instead, he gave them his some honey stick bread for dinner and they were all happy. The coachman, Luis, asked him for the name of the shop so he would probably go visit when he returned. Shiu believed that these interactions were unique to travelling via the stagecoach.

They rested right after eating, so Shiu went into his tent. He put Feles to sleep and used 《SPATIAL WALL》like always. No one could get into the tent anymore so he used 《SPATIAL TRANSFER》.

Recently, in order to level up, he would go to the forest every night and practice repeatedly. He’d taken it easy in the beginning but they were near the Royal Capital now so he thought he should do his best. He didn’t know when his status would be found out so he wanted to hide it as much as possible. So he practiced concealment magic every day.


He practiced like he always did and something was caught in his 《EVERY DIRECTION SEARCH》.


He transferred his hearing and vision first and knew that someone was being attacked.


There were a lot of wolf-shaped monsters, Lupus, surrounding a broken carriage at the place he’d transferred to.

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