Shut-in Magician: 008

Chapter 008: Rescuing the Elderly

This place was far from the main road, the Lupus had probably chased the carriage all the way here and Shiu was worried. He couldn’t see anyone around so he used magic without care.


First, he gathered several Lupus together:


He put them all into the same spatial wall.

Shiu didn’t inherit any attack magic so he combined his basic magic to attack. In order to defeat the gathered monsters all at once, he combined his magic this time as well and made a hole up and down the wall.

(《FUEL EXTRACTION》)(《Ignite》)(《Gust》)

He used earth magic to extract things that looked like it could be used as fuel, then fire magic to ignite it and lastly, wind magic to oxygenate the area. The fuel was made from good oil so it burnt in no time. Fire vigorously gathered up.

The Lupus was trapped in a narrow place and couldn’t do anything. They were all defeated one after the other.

He used his enhanced 《DETECTION》to check life signs and picked up the monster cores.

He approached the carriage and called out. “Are you okay?”

“Ah, yes, I’m okay.”

It was an elderly voice. The next voice he heard was also elderly and was mixed with worry and fear.

“S-sir, the Lupus are still out there.”

“It’s fine, it’s alright, don’t worry.”

A soothing voice spoke over the fearful voice. The door eventually opened and an elderly man stepped out.

“Thank you for saving us.”

“Ah, umm, well, they ran away.”

The elderly man was surprised when he was told this and laughed.

“…… Thank you. We’re saved thanks to that.”

The other person inside of the carriage informed them that they were saved in a loud voice.

“Oh, thank god! We’re saved!”

Shiu heard an elderly man’s voice crying thankfully from within the carriage.


According to the two, they were chased by monsters and got separated from the main road while trying to get away.

They wanted to take a detour but went down the wrong way. Night had already come by the time they had noticed and the Lupus had appeared. It was also bad that they were on an unfamiliar road.

“The guard we had hired ran away and the coachman also escaped into the forest.”

“I’m so sorry, Sir.”

The carriage was properly fitted with a furnace that burnt 「Monster Repelling Essence」but it was a pack of Lupus, so they couldn’t be completely warded off.

Shiu pondered and said, “It doesn’t seem like the carriage is broken that badly.”

He had searched the surroundings with 《EVERY DIRECTION SEARCH》which detected things in all directions, like a radar. He had overlapped another magic on top of it in order to do a more detailed search, 《OVERVIEW》. Just like its name, it was used to see into the air. He could observe it without Night Vision.

“It’s better if you don’t take the way you came from.” Shiu concluded.

The two probably thought, “The rest of the pack was probably there,” but Shiu had noticed something else.

It was too dangerous to let the two elderly people to travel through the forest at night using a side road.

Shiu, however, had come here through transfer. He couldn’t get the carriage to the place where everyone was resting. The others would also ask him what he was doing in such a faraway place. He decided to trick them after he pondered for a bit.

“Mm, I can repair the carriage. Please rest inside while I do so. There’s a resting place on the main road near here, I’m also resting there so I’ll show you the way.”

The coachman nodded obediently and thanked him many times. They were in a dangerous place so they probably didn’t feel like doubting him.

However, the elderly man Stan thought for a little while and it looked like he’d seen through Shiu. But he smiled in the end and did what Shiu had told them to do.

He confirmed that they’d got into the carriage while being restless. Hastily surrounding the carriage in spatial wall, he planned to move it whole.


Shiu also went with the carriage. He had transferred them a little distance away from the resting place. It was impossible, but the carriage could probably reach the main road and most importantly, it resembled the place where they’d been attacked by Lupus. Of course, he searched for this place by using 《OVERVIEW》.

Furthermore, he estimated the repair time and disguised the surrounding area to resemble where they were at before.

He would be troubled if they came out of the carriage so he rushed. About ten minutes later, Shiu said, “I managed to make temporary repairs.”

The coachman still hadn’t regained his strength so Shiu drove the carriage in his place.


Shiu was glad that he’d intentionally placed his tent away from the resting spot. He was relieved when he returned to the resting spot.

Come to think of it, he would be troubled about how to respond if he brought a carriage that had been attacked by monsters back with him, so Shiu prepared these responses, “Mm, I couldn’t sleep and went into the forest to search for medicinal herbs, when I heard a voice.”

And, “I had some medicinal bombs for warding off monsters, so I threw them and they ran away.”

And so on, he decided to say that it was by chance or that he’d been lucky. The surrounding merchants got caught up in the conversation and caused an uproar, but Shiu somehow managed to calm them down.

The people who rode on the same stagecoach as him cautioned him, “You were being very careless,” and the merchant’s guards were also angry. If he’d made one mistake, the monsters would have come here.

However, they stopped scolding him very soon, because old man Stan was the owner of a really famous tool shop in the Royal Capital. There were many people amongst the merchants who knew him.

“Did you help old man Stan? That’s good. Hey, isn’t that enough now?” Someone said. Old man Stan and the coachman also stuck up for Shiu and it was already late at night. Everything was wrapped up faster because of the departure time tomorrow morning.


They could travel to Sollerea City at dawn so the carriage that was attacked also joined the group. The carriage travelled behind the merchants and in front of the stagecoach.

Old man Stan rode on the stagecoach. The coachman insisted that he couldn’t possible ride the whole way on a temporarily repaired carriage.

“Even so, it wasn’t your day, was it old man?” Eustace said pitifully. Rolando looked at his senior merchant in admiration.

“No, I thought I was rather lucky.”

Thomas asked curiously, “Huh? Why do you think so?”

Stan replied, “Shiu-kun saved us by chance, so nothing happened.”

Everyone agreed and turned to look at Shiu, he was troubled but all he could do was avoid their gaze.

After that, the old man who ran Bariado Tool Shop talked lively with another merchant who was in the same business as him. Thomas and Kakatatsu talked about herbs with Shiu and various other conversations were going on around them.

Shiu was troubled a lot because of what had happened last night, but for some reason old man Stan had helped him out.

Shiu thought it wasn’t a coincidence and old man Stan asked, “I heard that you’ll be staying in Sollerea City.

“Yes, I’ll work for a while and save up money to go to the Royal Capital.”

“Is that so? I see.”

Stan nodded and smiled.

“How would you like to stay in the same inn as me and head to the Royal Capital together?”


“That’s fine, isn’t it? Do it!” Ronaldo agreed before Shiu could get a word in. Eustace then continued, “Do it, children shouldn’t travel alone.”

“But that…”

Shiu didn’t understand what he meant. The teacher, Kakatatsu, explained, “You saved him when the monsters were attacking him, so he wants to thank you for that.”

He looked at old man Stan for confirmation. Stan hastily nodded.

“That’s right. It’s common practice. Of course, I intended to thank you for saving me. I also wanted to have you as a guard, so travelling expenses will also be taken care of. I will also pay you for your services.”

“…… What? Really?”

There were many things that Shiu didn’t understand and he tilted his head in confusion. Old man Stan continued, “Even though I said I want you to guard me, there’s not a heap of monsters from here on out. It’s just that your 『Medicinal Herb Bomb』would give me peace of mind. You can walk in the night forest alone and took the carriage back onto the main road, so aren’t you perfect as a guard for the main road?”

Stan winked. Stan hadn’t seen the medicinal herb bomb but he was matching his story with Shiu’s. Shiu wondered why he did so and Stan started talking to the other passengers.

“You would receive gratitude even if you helped a normal traveler. You also saved my merchandise, so this merchant is obliged to give you a reward.”

“Even if it was a coincidence, you drove the monsters away by using the medicinal herb bomb. That means you’d be a splendid guard. Besides, the road from Sollerea City to the Royal Capital is safe. The carriages will be travelling in bigger groups, having a boy come along shouldn’t be a problem.”

“That’s right. Shiu-kun, you’re also familiar with medicinal herbs so you’ll be a great help to the old man.”

“Besides, it’s definitely dangerous for a child to travel alone. Humans are more dangerous than monsters.” The teacher’s last words were heavy and Shiu nodded.

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