Shut-in Magician: 009

Chapter 009: Spatial Magic

They arrived at Sollerea City in the evening. The streets looked like the European countryside similar to Corell City. Despite its rugged atmosphere, the pavements were well maintained and clean.

He parted with the people from the stagecoach with a smile on his face. He had decided to take old man Stan up on his offer and followed him.

The coachman was only hired to take Stan up to this point, so they transferred the cargo onto a different carriage and parted ways with him.

Old man Stan took Shiu with him and they went to the Adventurer’s Guild first.

He had to report that his guard had ran away. They received a penalty and would be punished. The guild could only lower their head apologetically to the client. However, a member of the same guild ―― even though he was a trainee ―― had helped out instead of the guard and was given the credit. Shiu was highly praised. They also talked about exchanging his trainee card ahead of time into a real guild card. Shiu, of course, refused. He still couldn’t use concealment magic very well. He prayed that they would stop asking him to change his guild card.


When he entered the inn, he noticed that it was a lot wider and cleaner than any of the places that he’d stayed at before so he looked around.

He felt that the inns where merchants stayed at were a lot different from the inns that beginner adventurers stayed at.

Dinner was nearly ready after he put his luggage down and breathed. He was invited to old man Stan’s room after dinner and thought it was definitely be a business meeting but ――.

“Shiu-kun, you can use spatial magic?” He asked the question as if he’d already concluded this fact. Furthermore, Shiu looked shaken and was at a loss for words. By not saying anything he had confirmed Stan’s suspicions.

Old man Stan smiled.


When Shiu asked him how he knew, he found out that Stan had the appraisal skill. Moreover, his was at a high level of 4. Stan’s family had been running Bariado Tool Shop for generations and he was an amazing person.

“I thought it was rude, but the situation was strange so I casted appraisal on you.”

“…… Huh?”

He was stunned and old man Stan began his explanation. “You need to put more effect into hiding it. You’ll only be used by malicious people if they find out. Even if you weren’t found out by malicious people, it would be dreadful if the kingdom found out. Well it’s fine if you want to be of service to your kingdom.”

“Ah, I don’t.”

None at all, he shook his head. Old man Stan nodded his head many times while saying, “Of course, you wouldn’t. Not wanting to serve your kingdom doesn’t make you seem greedy.”

“I don’t want to serve the kingdom because I want to live freely.”

“Then you must put more effort into hiding this fact. I wonder what you were thinking when you saved me.”

“Well, I was worried at that time. I also thought about doing a little more.”

“Well, I also couldn’t have imagined what had happened today would happen, so it can’t be helped. More importantly, someone like me, with a high level appraisal skill might use it on you. Or the guild’s crystal ball will appraise you.”

“Ah, yes. That’s it.”

Shiu explained that he was in the middle of learning concealment magic.

“Then you should also raise the level of your appraisal skill. Shiu-kun, if your appraisal skill was at level 5 then I wouldn’t be able to appraise you.”

“Is that so?”

“Appraising people is the hardest thing to do. So if there’s something you don’t want people to see, then it’s possible to hide it.”

I see, Shiu nodded.

“…… Come to think of it, there’s many things I don’t know. I have to study properly at the Royal Capital.”

“Will you be attending school?”

“No, that costs money. I thought about going to the library because it seems like anyone can enter.”

“Yes, they can. Haha. Children who study by themselves are great. So then, Shiu-kun, I have another separate resident so you should live there.”


“Well, if it was about our compatibility then you can leave. But, even if it’s an inn for beginner adventures, the fees are high in the Royal Capital. It would be hard for you to study and earn living expenses at the same time. You should visit my house once to see if you want to live there.”

Thus it was decided that Shiu would go under Stan’s care.


While talking to old man Stan, Shiu thought that he had a calm personality and he thought that he could build a good relationship with Stan rather than a bad one.

Shiu’s habit of isolating himself had followed him from his previous life, so he always built a wall around himself. He wouldn’t deeply involve himself with others. But no one had tried to push as hard as old man Stan and they never intruded on his personal space. Stan was very good at interacting with people. He was also a merchant, so Shiu thought he was very attentive.


The journey was pleasant.

There were a lot of things that Shiu didn’t know but old man Stan said, “We’re not in a hurry,” so they could slowly take their time travelling while having fun.

In the meantime, Stan taught Shiu many things: about the Steigbahn Kingdom, how to behave while travelling as a merchant, how to be a guard, and many other things.

His foster parent, Vasta taught him about adventurers and how to live in the mountain. The other things he had learnt from the worn-out books at the temple. So the things the old man taught him were new and interesting.


Stan also taught him spatial magic that Shiu wasn’t familiar with.

Stan knew a lot of things about Shiu’s status because of his appraisal skill, so Shiu consulted with him on many things and asked him how to make a magic bag. It was also called the item box and was extremely popular.

There were only a number of people who could use spatial magic, and they were further divided by those who used 「Spatial Movement」 and those who used「Spatial Sense」. Therefore, despite having the ability to make magic bags, they couldn’t. So who could make it? Those with production magic. However, if the level wasn’t high then they wouldn’t produce a good item, so it rarely appeared in markets. Therefore, the item was constantly circulated and hasn’t been improved.

Shiu thought it would become good study material for him since he had production magic, and made it just like he was told to. He found that it was easy to make.

Old man Stan also taught Shiu without any ulterior motives. He was surprised that Shiu had been able to make it so easily.


To create a magic bag, one first needed to cast spatial magic inside of an existing bag. Magic could be written down as an equation, and it was important to understand the skill’s formula in order to enchant it. However, that principle required a medium to write down the formula.

The things that became the medium were called monster cores or mana stones.

Monsters had monster cores inside of them. Adventurers defeated monsters for their cores because they could be sold as base materials. Of course, it was also to avoid damaging the monsters.

Mana stones were mainly collected from mines. If it was small then it would drop into the river or roadsides, so if one wanted to find them they could. But the good quality ones needed to be mined.

These monster cores and mana stones were packed with magic. The only difference was that one came from a living being and one was a mineral.

The magic formula was written down and embedded into the magic tool. However, you couldn’t write high grade formulas if your magic level wasn’t high and also it wouldn’t be enchanted if you didn’t understand the magic you were trying to imbue.

He didn’t want to put heavy things like monster cores or mana stones into his bag, so he knitted a special monster thread together and sewed it onto his bag as a tag. This special monster thread came from the breath of catapirosas or bombyx. They were called monsters but they were treated as useful insects.

He did this many times during their journey. He was now able to omit the magic formula and conceal it. He made the items while thinking that he wanted to conceal with spatial magic and it happened.

Incidentally, while he was working, Shiu casted his magic without chanting. Old man Stan told him that was rare so he would also like to study about this at the Royal Capital.

For the time being, the finished bag was a prototype and old man Stan would be using it to see if there were going to be any problems with it.


As a result, they found out that there weren’t any problems with the bag. They tried various things and didn’t find any flaws. They consulted with each other and decided that they would sell it secretly.

According to old man Stan, this item was needed by everyone and it wouldn’t be a problem even if they had to circulate it in large quantities. The magic bag was going to be sold at Bariado Tool Shop and the producer would be unknown.

In regards to the shares, old man Stan said that he didn’t need anything for the material fees and Shiu argued with him over this many times. Old man Stan was a better person than Shiu thought he was. It couldn’t be helped so they decided that they would approach the topic again after it had sold and the conversation ended.

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