I Quit Being a Noble and Will Become a Commoner: 09

09: My First...

“Are you okay?” A young man called out to me probably because my stupefied figure stood out a lot.

I, who was startled back into consciousness, stared at the young man’s black hair and sky-blue eyes and remembered that he was at the reception area for the section that only nobles could use.

He saw the introduction letter that my father wrote but he probably didn’t know who I was. For better or for worse, I probably didn’t leave much of an impression with my out-of-fashion dress.

… There weren’t many people with sky-blue eyes. Furthermore, I confirmed a while ago that there was only one person with black hair around his age.

I hastily smiled in returned and bowed. Even though this was the carriage stop for noble daughters, standing here alone was nothing but careless.

“Eidos du Noir-sama. Thank you for your concern. I am sorry for showing you such an impolite side of me. As you can see, there is nothing wrong. Also a carriage will be coming here directly, so I am fine.”

Even though I have the knowledge, I have never done more than greet nobles outside of my family. It’s been a long time since I’ve talked with someone for this long. I wonder if it was strange. I have to get away from this person before Ara comes…

I hid the lower half of my face with the book that I’d borrowed for my father and pretended to be shy. He probably won’t get involved any more than this.

“You know my name so we must have met before, haven’t we? Are you a daughter of the Thousand House?”

Even though I didn’t want to talk to him anymore… I was the only one in the Thousand House with blonde hair… Even though he works at the library, didn’t he read the noble almanac properly?

I hid my dubious look and plastered a smile on my face and replied, “Earl Noir is the only young man with black hair and sky-blue eyes in the noble almanac. I am Ayesha-maria from the Thousand House. I really am fine, so please don’t mind me.”

… I’m glad he’s from an Earl House. If this was a higher ranking noble then I would certainly be puzzled over how to forcibly end the conversation. Earl Noir seemed like a quiet and good person.

I looked down and gave off a troubled aura. He probably won’t continue to talk anymore, right?

“Lady Ayesha-maria. I will excuse myself then. Talk to me again if you’re at the library.”

I slowly looked up and saw that Earl Noir was already in a carriage 2 metres away.

I relaxed my shoulders in relief and Earl Noir looked back. He smiled and waved at me.

Did I do something to attract his attention…? This was the first time my name had been called a male. I smiled wryly.

The carriage from the Thousand House came and I rode it back to the estate as if nothing had happened.



I got back to the estate just as my father and Furore-sama were leaving the house in formal wear.

They’re in formal wear so were they going to a ball…?

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Furore-sama in formal wear. She was beautiful and you couldn’t tell her age at all. Furore-sama was usually cold, but when she was with my father she would cling to him. I could understand somehow that she loved him dearly.

I stuck to the wall as usual, and lowered my gaze to the ground emotionlessly. I bowed.

“… Aysha-maria, you were able to borrow the book without any problems.”

“Yes.” I replied to him while keeping my head down.

Even though I couldn’t see it, Furore-sama’s cold gaze was piercing my whole body.

“You, you went outside while wearing that? You’re not using the Thousand House name while looking like that, are you?”

I couldn’t tell her the truth. What would happen afterwards…? I could only remain silent.

I had that much common sense.

“Oh! We don’t have any time left. She only handed the introduction letter that I gave her. So she probably didn’t know who she gave it to.” My father said while putting his hands around Furore-sama’s hips and left.

Who I gave it to…? Really? Hair and eyes, we can narrow down the age too. My father didn’t read the noble almanac a lot did he? He had the chance to meet the nobles face to face so he knew who they were without reading the almanac.

The two were dressed up quite magnificently so the ball was probably very big.

My brother and sisters were probably also invited.

Then I should go receive food from the kitchen for dinner.

A lot of my alone time was taken. So it was just right.

I thought thoroughly about what I found in the library.

I headed to the office to deliver the book.

The night was long today.

The next day, a dress that wasn’t out of fashion was delivered to my door, even though there were no decorations.

It was my first time seeing a new product. She was probably telling me to wear this when I went out.

I wonder if I still had opportunities to go outside… I still had to live like I was told to.

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