Shut-in Magician: 012

Chapter 012: Granddaughter

They arrived at the Royal Capital, Loire in the afternoon.

Everyone was hungry but they decided to go to Bariado Tool Store first to drop off their luggage. A person would normally be hired to handle the cargo but Shiu had loaded and unloaded it in the previous city, so it was decided that he would do the same here. It didn’t sit well with him that he had no guard work to do. He quickly put the cargo into the warehouse. The coachman grumbled because he couldn’t even help out and went home with a wry smile.

Old man Stan said that he would sort the items out and since the carriage was left near the back of the warehouse, Shiu went around the front to gaze at Bariado Tool Store. It was a two-storey stone building and there was a also two-storey warehouse at the back. The storefront and warehouse were connected by a short corridor.

Bariado Tool Store was located at the corner of a street and the first floor was fitted with glass so that people could see the inside. In order to prevent thief, a lattice was installed around the store. It felt compact but fit nicely within the commoner’s block.

The window frames and doors were amber and gave off an antique feel to them. Both the lattice and stone buildings were to Shiu’s liking. The whole store felt somewhat nostalgic and was charming. He didn’t get tired of looking at it.

It was located in the central district, closer to the commoner’s block of the capital and the Adventurer’s Guild was just a short distance away. It was quite a good location.

Old man Stan opened the front door as Shiu was gazing at the store, “It’s gotten late, but shall we go get lunch?”

Stan had cleared out all the ingredients in the shop in order to stock up for his journey, so there was nothing left. They walked together to a nearby restaurant.


They walked for several minutes and reached a small restaurant. Old man Stan explained that the small Wurst restaurant was a place he frequented. Shiu discovered that the inside was bigger when they opened the door. A voice called out from near the kitchen at the back. “Old man Stan! You’re home? Wasn’t that fast?”

A man that looked like the owner was resting probably because it was passed lunch time. A woman, around the same age as him, was cleaning a table with a cloth next to him. She was also smiling.

“Ah, old man Stan. Welcome home.”

“Hmm, I managed to come home in one piece.”

“That’s good. Emina was so worried. Sorry, you’re here to eat right?”

“I am. I’m hungry. Please prepare something for this child and I.”

“Okay, it’s coming! Is there anything you can’t eat, kiddo? Is anything fine?”

“Oh, yes. Anything’s fine.”

Shiu quickly bowed and the owner was surprised. Then he laughed and went into the kitchen. Shiu and Stan sat down on a table next to the kitchen. The woman came to their table.

“Hello, my name is Shiu. It’s nice to meet you.” He greeted and the woman laughed happily, Oh my!

“Hello, I’m Ariella. And that big man is my husband, Garcia.”

The owner was certainly built and big. The couple looked around their 30s.

“Hey, old man Stan. What’s with this child?”

“Well, I asked him to work as my guard. In addition, he’s a good kid so I thought of letting him live in the separate residence.”

“…… Eeeeeh?”

Ariella was surprised, Shiu was troubled. It was a certainly ridiculous for him to suddenly live at the separate residence, but he was overthinking.

“You made such a small child work as a guard? Old man Stan, no, I shouldn’t be surprised at this, should I?”

He shouldn’t have doubted her. Shiu thought that old man Stan was used to it to some degree because he was laughing.

At that moment, Feles, who had been sleeping quietly on his chest, woke up. He revealed his face and squirmed to look around. Ariella also seemed to have noticed this. She stopped questioning Stan and looked at Shiu and Feles.

“…… Oh my, it’s a kitten.”

“I’m sorry. This is a child of a beast mount, but it wasn’t good to bring him here with me to the restaurant after all, was it?”

“He’s still a kitten and its fine as long as you don’t put him onto the tables. Is that really a child of a beast mount? Oh, wow!” She yelled loudly and approached Shiu. Feles was surprised by this, cried out and crawled back into Shiu’s clothes. “Ah, uh huh. No way! He hid!”

Her body was shaking and it looked like she was writhing. Shiu strangely thought, women will always be girls no matter what age they are.


Ariella was curious about Feles, but he had calmed down from being patted and petted, falling asleep. It was unfortunate but maybe she would get the chance to pet him another time.

The food was ready to be served and Garcia had brought it out from the kitchen. Ariella hastily brought the rest of the plates to the table.

On the table was a dish made from the sausages on the restaurant sign board, as well as black bread, salad and pumpkin soup.

Old man Stan told Garcia and Ariella about how he met Shiu and about him living at the separate residence while eating the food deliciously. The two of them didn’t express their concern over this, so Shiu was relieved.


Shiu and Stan drank tea after finishing their meal and two young ladies came into the restaurant.

“My! It’s you Aqela and Emina!”


A young lady ran into old man Stan’s arms. Stan, who had caught her in his arms, was still very healthy.

“The neighbours told me that you’d already returned! Why didn’t you come to me first!?”

“I was hungry, wasn’t I?”


It was really like young ladies to sulk. Shiu smiled happily and quietly watched the two and was noticed by the third person. She turned her eyes towards Shiu,

“Ah, excuse me. You know my grandpa?”

“Oh yes, Emina. This is Shiu-kun.”

Shiu decided to properly introduce himself, “Nice to meet you. I’m Shiu Aquila. I’m a trainee adventurer, who will soon turn 12.”

She widened her eyes in surprise, then hastily straightened herself. But she confidently replied, “I, I’m Emina. Emina Berius. I’m 17. Mmm, I have a husband named Dmitr!”

Then she beckoned at the young lady who had came in the restaurant with her, “She’s Aqela. The restaurant owner’s child.”

“Hello.” Aqela looked a little surprised when Shiu greeted her. Then, she looked at Emina and Stan before turning back to Shiu and greeted him, “He-hello.”

She quickly ran and hid behind her parents for some reason after saying that.

Shiu was anxious, wondering if he had done something wrong and Emina told him why Aqela acted like that.

“Ah, I was surprised! It’s the first time I’ve seen such a polite child!”

“Emina. You’re being rude……” Old man Stan said, stunned, but he wasn’t speaking ill of her. He had a smile on his face and he was looking at his granddaughter lovingly.

He naturally thought, how nice. Shiu’s relatives had all died early, both in this world and in his previous life. He thought that it would be nice to get married in this life but that was up to destiny. Children were a dreamy existence. He wondered if he would have his own grandchildren.

He suddenly felt his chest warm.

That’s right. There is that child.

He didn’t have to be jealous of anything. He had Feles. And from here on out, he might meet someone somewhere. The Goddess was cheering him on. He believed that there was someone out there who would become his family.

Shiu petted the warm existence on his chest while listening to the two’s friendly conversation.


Emina gave a detailed self-introduction when she calmed down. She said that she had just gotten married and that she would enjoy her newly wedded life for several years. She had left home and was currently looking after Bariado Tool Store, learning about the shop as its successor.

Stan left to stock up on a large quantity of items and she was worried as a granddaughter and new store keeper. She was really grateful when she learned the Shiu had helped Stan, quickly agreeing to let him stay at the separate residence and counting on him to help out with cleaning.

Night fell and her husband, Dmitr also showed up. There was a [welcome home and welcome party]y at the residence behind Bariado Tool Store.

Dmitr was a tool craftsman and worked in a shop associated with Bariado Tool Store, where he met Emina. She would be the one who success the shop and he said that craftsman works suited him more. He was a quiet person but Shiu understood that he did his best when it came to making tools.

Emina was the complete opposite of the quiet Dmitr, talking nonstop. He knew a little about the Bariado House history as well as what she liked in just one night.

How could he say it…… It was a stormy night. Old man Stan told Emina to go to bed and dragged her to her bedroom……

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