Shut-in Magician: 013

Chapter 013: The Adventurer’s Guild in the Royal Capital and The Library

The next day, old man Stan rested so Shiu immediately started cleaning up the separate residence.

It appears that a freeloader lived here before and it was also used for long-term guests. He didn’t have much luggage and he finished cleaning in a day by using magic.

Emina came over in the evening and said, “I’ll help you out tomorrow!” But he refused because he had already finished cleaning. He explained that he had used magic to clean because she was depressed. However it backfired because she could only use simple magic so she got more depressed.

The day after, Shiu and Emina tided up the merchandise and organised the storehouse for the store. This was her chance to train as the heiress, Stan only instructed her. Shiu mainly carried heavy luggage because he didn’t want to take Emina’s job.



The store had calmed down several days later and Shiu decided to go to the Advenuter’s Guild. He brought the completion report for old man Stan’s guard request.

Incidentally, he also received wages for helping at the store but he hastily declined.

Shiu had taken money from thieves that had tried to rob him during his journey and he also sold monster materials for money. He could live for a while without having to work. After he had explained that, they agreed with him.

By the way, the Adventurer’s Guild existed throughout Royer continent, but it was each kingdom’s guild was independent from the other. Nonetheless, they did cooperate with each other, for example the guild cards were exactly the same. The guild could also act as a bank but that was managed by each of the kingdoms. Shiu had spatial storage so he didn’t deposit his money with the guild, but for rootless adventurers it was a really helpful system.

Loire’s Adventure’s Guild was divided into two sections; the upper east district where the wealthy merchants lived and the central district. Commoners and adventurers used the guild at the central district.

The other districts were: the upper west district, central west district, upper south district and central south district. These were used by the adventurers who lived in the Royal Capital and the commoners who wanted to make requests.

Shiu went to the headquarters in the central district. It was a 15 minute walk from Bariado Tool Store so it was very convenient.


This was also the guild headquarters so it was a four storey building made out of polished stone. The other buildings around it looked inferior to it and the guild building looked quite dignified. From the outside, it had a serious public office feeling, it was busy with different kinds of people going in and out of the building from the front door. The inside of the building was quite different from the outside, it was made out of wood and felt warm.

He looked around and saw that each of the counters were clearly marked with big, easy to understand letters. There were also many tables in the middle of the guild, with stacks with neat piles of documents.

There were also people who looked like guild staff wearing [Information Staff] arm bands who would call out to people who were loitering around.

Shiu also looked like a first time visitor and they rushed towards him.

“Ah, how young. Are you here to make a request?”

Shiu looked younger than she had thought when she came face-to-face with him and the staff was confused. Shiu concluded that she thought that he was too young to make requests.

Shiu bowed lightly.

“Nice to meet you. I have brought the completion report for the guard request. Do I take it to the 3rd counter over there?”

He indicated. The woman opened her eyes wide and guided him all the way to the 3rd counter.

She was still worried about something even when they reached the counter and didn’t leave his side. Shiu looked troubled as he looked from the counter woman to the information woman and she realised that she was over stepping her boundaries and left.


The woman at the counter seemed like a veteran and the first thing she did she apologise, “I apologise, she’s a newbie so she’s very enthusiastic.”

She smiled wryly saying that the information woman should learn more about what it meant to be in charge and about duty of confidentiality. Shiu replied, “It must be hard,” and the veteran woman laughed.

She quickly changed her attitude and confirmed the documents that Shiu had submitted.

“You’ve certainly completed it. Would you like your payment in cash or deposit?”

“Cash please. Can you make it half gold coins and the rest in silver?”

“Certainly. I will go arrange your payment, so please wait over there.”

She offered him a seat nearby. The guild was like a bank and there were seats all over the place.

The reward for the guard quest this time was 14 gold coins. Shiu had thought the amount was a since a lot (since he didn’t actually do any guard work), but it seemed that this amount was the norm when asking for adventurer as guard.

If he assumed that commoners get three silver coins per day, then the lowest pay for a guard was 10 silver coins. If he thought like that then he could understand why youths yearned to be adventurers. If that was the case, you can earn as much as a novice knight or maybe even a little more. However, in order to be a guard, one needed to be at least rank 7, although there are exceptions. Reaching that rank took a long time. You also had to think about your breaks. Adventurers also had to take care of their own expenses so one couldn’t become an adventurer unless one can manage everything themselves.

Even now, there was a poster in front of Shiu that said [『The basics of how to become an adventurer』is in session in special room 3].


Shiu received his reward and was curious about what requests were available at headquarters, so he went to take a look.

The guild structures must have been decided beforehand because the requests were posted on a wall to the right of the entrance. It was easy to understand, the request contents were posted by rank so it was convenient.

Furthermore, headquarters were different from local guilds because it was divided into divisions, so the quests were easy to see. However, there were still a lot of quests.

There was also a poster on the edge of the bulletin board. There were courses every day, there were also short courses although there was a fee attached. Many of the courses were aimed at apprentices.

Shiu was looking at the posters while thinking, this is really interesting, and someone called out to him, “If you want to take a course, then this one’s good.”

The man who said this looked a little over 20 and a woman of the same age had appeared at his side.

“This one’s better. You’re short so it’s better for you to know self-defense.”

“What’re you saying? He should learn sword skills if he’s a man.”

“You’re an idiot, aren’t you? No matter how you look at him, he isn’t built! What would you do if he harmed himself from overdoing it in training? That’s why he should learn self-defense.”

“Self-defense is something females do.”

The two started quarrelling so Shiu left quietly. Then, a forty year old man, who was looking at the request board, called out to him. “It’s just a mishap, kiddo. They’re earning money from the short courses because they got injured and can’t work.”

“Ah, is that so?”

“You don’t look like you’re at the age to become an adventurer yet. Much less pay for the membership free.”

Then he said, “You should hurry back to your parents”, and shooed him away from the bulletin board.

Shiu helplessly left the guild and decided that he would take a request next time.



He went to the Royal Library next. It was inside of the place called the merchant town or inner wall street. It was a relief that he could get into it without any problems.

However, there were a lot of patrol units around because a lot of wealthy merchants and rich people lived here.

Shiu looked like a young boy who came from the countryside, but no one called out to him probably because he looked clean and polite. He was also anxious because the patrol unit would always call out to men who looked like adventurers. Appearances were important after all.


He looked at the stores and houses on the streets and finally reached the Royal Library.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that this was his main reason for coming to the Royal Capital. He was nervous as he entered the building.

The inside felt cool and had a library-like atmosphere. It was quiet and clean and gave off a particular smell.

There was a reception desk right next to the entrance and the usage fee was paid there. The fee was one silver coin. Books were valuable so it couldn’t be helped. Paper was still expensive in this world. The paper used at the guild was low quality. It was like straw paper and Shiu thought it felt nostalgic. High quality paper was used for books.

Magic was enchanted onto books in recent years to prevent deterioration. However, it wasn’t enchanted to all books, so books were still valuable.

That was why the library didn’t lend out books. One needed to write the information they wanted onto their own paper and bring it home. The librarian explained that a fee was charged if books were damaged and if the damage is too great then a book repurchase fee would be charged.

Fortunately, Shiu had a useful magic called record storage. It can scan books as they were. He was looking forward to reading the books and looked around the shelves.

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