Drop!! ~A Tale of the Fragrance Princess~ Volume 01 Prologue

Translator: Blushy
Editor: SenjiQ



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Drop!! ~A Tale of the Fragrance Princess~ Volume 01; Prologue

Prologue: The Beginning of Everything

My head feels heavy; it hurts. I don’t understand why.

The world is pure white.

Where am I looking?

I feel bad; the nausea is terrible.

Cordelia felt as if the space around her was warping and slowly closed her eyes.

The feeling that crept over her wouldn’t disappear just because she closed her eyes.

It was at the beginning of winter when an epidemic appeared in the world.

In a flash, the epidemic spread to the Crista Kingdom, the place referred to as the kingdom of fertility, without exception.

Many people would refer to this period as the『Dark Winter』for many years to come.

Many people collapsed and suffered and, in a world covered in darkness, in a noble house of the Crista Kingdom, the symptoms of the illness also appeared in the youngest daughter of the Pameradia House; Cordelia.

Shock ran through the Pameradia House.

“We can’t afford to lose the daughter who we raised with care to be the future queen here,” they said.

It wasn’t like there wasn’t a treatment for the epidemic, but no matter how abundant their assets were, or what doctor they obtained through connections, or what state-of-the-art knowledge and medicine they had, Cordelia did not recover. The doctor quietly muttered, “She isn’t just afflicted with the epidemic; there might be some other illness that’s complicating this.”

For Cordelia, who showed little reaction to the nurses by her side and around the time when people around her began to think, 『It might already be too late』; sudden changes started to occur inside of Cordelia’s body.

The epidemic had already disappeared from her body. However, with similar symptoms, but different…… Something no one could guess, let alone a doctor, was happening inside of her.

A mysterious sight appeared inside her, who was now free of the epidemic.

The first thing she saw was a girl.

She had loose-wavy platinum blonde hair and red pupils with pink irises; the signature of the Pameradia House’s magic power. She had a lovely aura about her that would make people look twice.

But the impression of that figure suddenly changed.

The girl’s eyes were icy and scornful words spewed from her mouth.


『Know your place.』


That appearance; that voice.

Cordelia realised.

She is Cordeliaand shes the future me.

I knew about her when I was in Japan.

She was the rival of the protagonist in an Otome game. [1]Love simulation Game


The moment she understood that, things that she had never seen before flowed into her mind…… However, a lot of the scenery was familiar to her.

Mountains of buildings, the station, the school, cars.

Cordelia’s brain screamed from too much information, but even within her dazed consciousness, Cordelia firmly understood her standing.


――― I was reborn into an extremely horrible villainess noble girl.


That was the last thing she’d realised before a whirlpool of information once again swallowed her.

Translator: Blushy
Editor: SenjiQ

Each chapter of this LN (except for the prologue) is super duper long QwQ. But I didn’t want to break it up because the WN chapters of this are also that long…

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1 Love simulation Game