I Quit Being a Noble and Will Become a Commoner: 46

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I Quit Being a Noble and Will Become a Commoner: 46

46: Breakfast and Audience

I was only wearing a slender dress and it might have looked like I’d only eaten enough to feed a bird. But, I am me, so I had a proper breakfast.

Because I was so nervous last night, I remembered eating something delicious, but I couldn’t remember what I’d eaten.

Therefore, I enjoyed my breakfast slowly.

Because, I don’t know when I’ll be able to eat a noble meal again.

It was just me and Roberto-sama in the dining room again.

The croissant made me happy when the crispy aroma of butter flowed out from within, making me want seconds.

There was a colourful and vibrant salad mixed with high-quality chicken breasts served with olives. The balance between the saltiness and the olive oil was perfect.

The exquisite poached eggs with its golden yolk stimulated my appetite.

The mellow European pear served for dessert completed breakfast.

The servant assigned to me topped my tea with good timing.

“… A meal at the Edenbach House is delicious after all.”

I held my cheeks with both hands.

I enjoyed delicious food in a refined atmosphere. I felt that this was the epitome of noble dining when I got accustomed to eating as a commoner.

Commoner meals were also delicious, but it was noisy and one couldn’t enjoy their meal gracefully.

Roberto-sama looked at me in curiosity.

(Is it weird for me to say that delicious food is delicious?)



Both my body and mind were satisfied and I didn’t hesitate to follow Roberto-sama into the carriage that was leading us to the Royal Palace.

I used this road last time I went to the Noble Registry section, didn’t I?

The magnolias were already close to full bloom and the temperature had gotten warmer. The flowers will probably continue to bloom one after the other.

Yes, the month had changed. It was already the Fragrant month.

The black wig and long, green dress made me feel like I wasn’t Ayesha-marie.

The person here right now wasn’t a low-ranking noble daughter who cowered to others, but an independent young lady.

The make-up that the maids had applied on me changed me into a different person, even though it was applied on lightly and looked like I wasn’t wearing make-up at all.

The eyeliner was drawn passed my eyes and gave it an almond look and the mascara made my eyes appear bigger. My eyebrows were drawn thinly and it made me appear older. I had a light pink lipstick on which gave off a gentle look. My hands were covered with a delicate lace glove…. These rough hands could only be concealed by gloves.

The current me won’t lose to Roberto-sama’s gaze.

But the black uniform that Roberto-sama had on that was adorned with gold was dazzling.

My heart thumped because it was only the 2 of us in the carriage.

“Roberto-sama, mm…… Thank you for taking care of me. I think it would take me some time to gather money for the dress, but I will pay you back in full, so……”

“I’m also at fault for suddenly calling you here, so you don’t have to worry about the expenses. It is not my House that bears the expenses for the preparations.”

Oh, he interrupted me while I was in the middle of speaking. But it looks like he knows that he did something bad.




The carriage ran lightly on the road.

Roberto-sama was well-known at the Royal Palace, so I could enter easily without having been inspected or questioned.

We followed the imperial guards who were wearing black trousers and white jackets into the interior of the palace which was a completely different place from when I was here for the ball. On the way, Lancel-sama also joined us wearing the imperial guard uniform adorned with gold. We walked quickly through the corridor.

Unfortunately, the two didn’t worry about me who was a woman and didn’t walk slowly. Was it because it’s me?

Well, I haven’t worn heels in a long time, but I was used to walking so I could easily follow after them.

There were less people walking around the further we walked and I noticed the soldiers, maids and chamberlains.

Roberto-sama would occasionally show a letter sealed with wax to the imperial guards. The guards would glance at me during those times and I felt like they were confirming who I was.

I thought that it would be impossible for me to return to the entrance by myself after we walked for a long time, then we stopped in front of a door that had more refined cravings than the others.

There were four bulky soldiers standing in front of the door and we weren’t allowed to pass.

They moved to the side of the door and knocked when Roberto-sama said something while showing them the letter. Then, the door opened from the inside.

The door closed once again when we went inside. There were guards inside the room.

“This is a simple audience. Behave in an appropriate manner.”

Roberto-sama whispered to me…… I know that even if you don’t tell me. I can tell. I nodded.

It was a white room with a fluffy red carpet. There were steps at the front and a luxurious golden chair. Flowers were arranged in the large vase beside the chair.

The guards stared at me as if saying, “Don’t think you’ll go scot-free if you do something!”

The door at the back of the chair opened and the 3rd Imperial Prince, His Highness Ludens appeared. Two guards followed after him.

He had a short white mantle on and a uniform adorned with gold. He’s sparkling.

His Highness Ludens sat down on the chair and crossed his legs before staring down at me.

(Woah, I might not want to look directly at his face. I feel like I’m looking at someone I’m not supposed to look at.)

I lowered my gaze to look at the carpet and curtsied.

Roberto-sama and Lancel-sama, who were next to me, did the same.

His Highness Ludens nodded with a hrm.

“Thank you for your hard work, Roberto, Lancel. Are you Lady Ayesha-marie? You’re really different from how you were at the ball.”

I took of the black wig and bowed again.

“I have changed my appearance a little for personal reasons. Please pardon me for this. I am Ayesha-marie Org du Thousand. I have come according to your letter.”

My golden-brown hair was braided under the wing and was pinned from left to right. It couldn’t be helped that my hairdo looked weird.

(What is the best honorific for this?)

I didn’t want to commit lese-majeste, so all I could do was link all the words I knew. I could only trust in Ms. Dolcie’s teachings.

I was sweating on the inside as I answered.



This was exactly what noble tactics were. But it’s my first time!

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam