Shut-in Magician: 052

Chapter 052: Basic Curriculum for First Years

The pre-opening ended without a hitch and they had incurred some losses, but those losses went towards necessary expenses so Doran approved of them.

Then, the large amount of customers that came during the opening was a happy miscalculation.

The three stocked up for the evening and caught their breath.

“Then, it looks like it’ll be fine if I just hire one person for the kitchen, right?”

“Yeah. Shiu-kun said that didn’t he? Make them into your disciple and let them go independent one day.”

“Yeah. They’ll be more motivated to work that way. They’ll work diligently.”

“Really? But if we do that, then I’ll have to think of a new menu and not just work aimlessly.”

The recipe might be stolen in the future.

There are people who can reproduce the meals just by tasting them, and if they hired a disciple then the recipe would spread further. Therefore, they needed to keep coming up with new recipes for the eatery to continue.

It was important for well-established places to not change the taste of their food, but trial and error was needed to reach that point.

“Good luck!”

“Yes. Honestly, Shiu you helped us with anything and everything. I really appreciate it.”

“I’m the one who should be saying that. It’s thanks to Doran that I knew about rice, after all. I hope the deliciousness of rice spreads further.”

Then, a customer came early. The eatery’s open sign hadn’t even been put up yet, and they couldn’t just serve him food just because he was hungry. Doran also agreed.

“Shiu-kun, you should go home now. Children can’t stay here from now on.”

“That’s right. You also helped prepare this much. Now it’s our turn to do our best. Thanks.”

Riella said and Shiu decided to go home.

When he went out from the side door, Feles was angry because he was tired of waiting.

“Sorry,” he said and petted Feles’ head. Then, Feles glanced at Shiu and magnificently swung his tail.

‘I want to forgive you, but I missed you while waiting!,’ Feles seemed to be pouting.

‘Argh, enough!’ he seemed to think and licked Shiu’s hand.

“Let’s go home.”


He stuck close to Shiu as they walked to Bariado Tool Shop while crying out, “Migya migya.”




Emina and the others were waiting for him at Bariado Tool Shop and they celebrated his entrance into the academy.

“Congrats! I saw you this morning as well, but the academy’s uniform looks good, doesn’t it?”

They told him not to change his uniform because they wanted to see it, so he was still in his uniform at the dinner table.

Any white shirt was ok under the Royal Loire Academy uniform and the bottoms consisted of trousers or skirt made from the regulated cloth. The lattice pattern could be seen clearly if one looked closely at the blackish cloth. It was made from a fairly solid and high-quality cloth, and cost quite a lot of money when he looked for some for Feles.

The trousers (and skirts) were tailored to fit them, and students were prohibited from making their own. The reason why the cloth was sold was because some people liked to have jackets or small ribbons made from it.  

And, it was necessary to make a magic school-like robe.

Students also needed to choose the design from the tailor, but if the student made the robes black or a darkish colour, then there didn’t seem to be any problems with that. The design was up to the student.

Even though it was up to the students, most used the model design since it was a robe.

“Shiu’s robe is dark grey, isn’t it? I thought the robes had to be black or white.”

“It can be any colour. Most of the robes at the entrance ceremony were black, but I also saw some dark blue and dark brown ones.”

“Is that so?”

Was it decided that black robes would be worn by magicians because white robes are seen on priests? Shiu didn’t want to look gloomy in dark colours so he obtained some dark grey cloth.

He secretly sowed a tag onto it and gave it various functions such as defence.

“Anyway, you can only wear a white shirt underneath? Isn’t it cold?”

“Seems like we can. I didn’t know this but it seems that the students can also wear cardigans and vests, not just jackets.”

He saw senior students wearing whatever they liked here and there.

However, they always wore their trousers and robes.

Which reminded him, a lot of people also carried staffs with them.

Alice and Reigdole both had small staffs on them, and people like Shiu were in the minority.

When he saw people with staffs and robes, he was reminded of a movie he saw a long time ago. [1]I hope you all know what this is!!!

It was broadcasted on TV, and it was so interesting that he couldn’t not watch it, even though it was aimed at children.

However, ghosts didn’t appear at the Royal Loire Magic Academy, nor did owls fly around the school.

Reality might just be like this.

“Say, did you make any friends?” Emina leaned forward and said while looking excited.

“Emina. He’s only just entered the academy, you know,” Old man Stan rebuked.

Shiu laughed and replied, “I might have.”

Old man Stan and them also knew about Reigdole. Since they would eat dinner together every few days to catch up on things.  

After they finished dinner, Shiu talked about the boys and girls he’d met at school.

In exchange, Emina told him about the day’s ‘strange customers’ series’.

Dmitr had warned her against it, but it was fun to hear about the customers whom Emina thought were strange.

It seemed that she wanted to be a writer after she’d retired and entrusted the shop to her child, and this was her first step towards that.

Emina’s dream had changed from being an adventurer to being a writer.




The next day, the students were adjusting the subjects that they were taking.

The subjects that they’d chosen beforehand would be confirmed and approved by their homeroom teacher or by another teacher.

At the end of discussions, it was decided that Shiu would be exempt from several subjects if he took the exams for them, so his timetable had to be rescheduled.

“I’m jealous. You’re mostly exempted from taking most of the primary subjects.”

“It’s not decided yet. I have to take the exams.”

“But, it’s basically been decided, right? Matt-sensei said so. Oh boy.”

The primary subjects were mainly; literature, linguistics, mathematics, biology, study of production, P.E and basic magic. They were all too basic for Shiu and wasn’t enough.

Other compulsory subjects included; offense, magic theory, defence, healing, tactics, study of medicinal herbs, culture, study of demon and monsters, magic practice and each attribute had their own classes. Each subject was separated into beginners and intermediate classes, and the minimum curriculum that the students had to take before graduation was intermediate, but if students wanted higher education, then it seemed that it was better for students to take subjects that they would need for their specialised fields.

It seemed to be quite difficult since students only took classes in first and second year. Shiu could understand why Reigdole was grieving.

“Reig, I think you can be exempt from maths and P.E if you took the exam.”

“I wonder about that.”

“I feel like you can skip all the basic subjects soon enough. You seem fine with just compulsory subjects.”

“That’ll be nice,” Reig prostrated onto his desk while making an anxious face.

There were a lot of exams in this week, so there were no classes. Shiu didn’t see any of the senior students around.

The people who he did see were probably those who were doing a graduate program or specialising in a field.

The next day, the exams began on Wood day.

Students who wanted to skip subjects or get rid of useless ones were here, so Shiu saw some of his seniors.

Shiu took all the primary subject exams. Reigdole, on the other hand, only took the subjects that he was confident in.

He heard that Alice was taking all the primary subject exams too. There were a lot of people here so they were in separate classrooms, but he saw her in the corridor by chance.

He also saw his classmates in different classrooms.

Reigdole had been worried, but he, too, was exempt from the primary subjects.

“It’s thanks to Shiu! Amazing! I can’t believe someone like me got exempt from those classes!”

“Yayyy!” The others cheered. Shiu was also happy.

He had accompanied Reigdole while he studied from morning to night during the new year holiday period, so he was happy that he’d shown results.

“Just how amazing am I to be exempted from literature, math and P.E? I should have just taken the exam for all the primary subjects.”

“You can take the exams once class starts, so why don’t you just check the classes out?”


It wouldn’t do for Reigdole to get too carried away, so someone had to pull his reigns.

Shiu smiled wryly and Alice and their other classmates arrived.

“That’s good, Reigdole-san.”

“Eh, ah, yes. Well, mm, I’ll do my best.”

Shiu laughed inside because the interactions between a mischievous boy and a cute girl was interesting.

“Shiu-kun, you’re also exempt from your subjects, aren’t you?”

“Yeah. You too Alice?”

They were both exempt from the primary subjects.

As for the people who followed after Alice; Martina was the only one who was exempt from everything, Cora and Christoph were also exempt from some.

There were also quite a lot of students in their class who were exempt from all primary subjects.

The result was predictable since their class was full of top students (people with higher MP amounts were prioritised).

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Editor: HSM


1 I hope you all know what this is!!!