Drop!! ~A Tale of the Fragrance Princess~ Volume 01; Epilogue

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Drop!! ~A Tale of the Fragrance Princess~ Volume 01; Epilogue

Epilogue: Monologue of the Prince’s First Love

I met Dilly as 『Gille』and began exchanging letters with her…… I tried desperately to hold back my happy feelings when I received my first present from her.

It is currently my break time between studying. Although it is my break time, it isn’t good for me to be dazed.

However, I couldn’t hide the smile that wouldn’t leave my face. As a result, Vernoux said something unpleasant, “That’s quite a gross look you have on your face.”

Of course, even I’m aware that my face is melting, but it’s mortifying to be called gross because of it.

“It’s a present from her first time visiting her fief, you know? So, of course, I’d be happy, why wouldn’t I be?”

“She gave it to you because you gave her a rose first. Isn’t she just being sensible?”

“I’m happy that she chose a paper knife for me. She probably chose it because we’re exchanging letters. It’s beautiful and has practical use. Of course, it’s fine to leave it somewhere as decoration as well.”

“Well, the knife isn’t sharp, so it probably doesn’t mean that she wants to cut off your relationship. Aren’t you glad?”

“Vernoux, you jealous?”

“Nope, I’m shocked. I got something else from her. Anyway, why do I have to be jealous?”

I stared suspiciously at him as he said that, but I didn’t say any more than that. I’ll be troubled if he actually likes her, and I’d rather feel relieved. I stared at the paper knife in my hands.

『Thank you for everything Gille-sama』

Those words made me happy. The letter, which had been delivered with the knife, had said that she was using the same paper knife.

However, there was a voice that was interrupting my happiness coming from the side.

“Gille, have you forgotten the most important thing?”


“Dilly likes knights and people who don’t lie. What can you do when you’re hiding your own social status, and to top that off, you’ll never be able to become a knight, because you’re the prince?”

The truth hit home. Pain ran through my head as if a real sword was stabbed in it.

As Vernoux said, I’m the first heir to the throne of Crista Kingdom, Sylvester. It’s impossible for me to become a knight and it’s not easy for me to reveal my social status.

“What can I do……? That’s why I’m troubled!”

I wanted to talk to her after my mother took me to visit the Pameradia House for the first time to see their greenhouse.

She was using magic and was enveloped in a mysterious hue. She had a warm aura, and I couldn’t help but want to call out to her.

However, my wish didn’t come true.

“Don’t disturb her,” Mother said, and wouldn’t let me talk to her. I kept glancing at her while waiting for my chance, and I ended up watching her one-sidedly. However, the opportunity never came, and I wasn’t able to hear her voice that day.

(I wonder what she’s like.)

I thought as I recalled the gentle magic power she was cladded in and her earnest expression. I really want to talk to her at least once.

At that time, I heard that Vernoux became friends with her through his father. I couldn’t help but think that he was sly, well, I actually said it to him as well.

But, Vernoux was just amused by it.

Still, he would talk about her sometimes.

But, in the end, those are just things that happened between him and her. I wanted to talk to her more whenever I heard him talk about her.

An invitation was sent to the Pameradia House inviting her to the castle. A tea party, gathering the children who will play an essential role in this kingdom, was held at fixed intervals at the castle. I also made up reasons for why I’d invited her.

But, she never came.

Vernoux invited her to the castle many times, but she would always come up with reasons for why she couldn’t come.

I wanted to sulk.

To be honest, I finally recognise the difference now, since the other young ladies would come to the castle even if I don’t invite them here. It was thanks to her that I noticed that I was doing something extremely shameful.

I reflected on that and decided to take a different approach…… I wasn’t able to endure it anymore, after all, and finally invited her straight through the Pameradia House.

But, he refused and said that his daughter was an introvert.

I thought that was a little strange.

I heard that she wasn’t timid from Vernoux. It didn’t seem like she was an introvert, and I heard that she was brimming with curiosity. So why wouldn’t she come to the castle? Why wouldn’t she come to see me……? When I thought that, Vernoux made a suggestion.

“Why don’t you go and see her? And while you’re at it, you can visit the town as well.”

It was an invitation to go incognito.

It certainly seemed possible to sneak out with Vernoux’s transformation magic, which he was gifted with since birth. I hesitated, but finally gave in and sneaked out into town for the first time.

And, the girl named Cordelia, who we happened to meet in town, was far from timid; she was a courageous, calm and brilliant girl.

Until then, I had just wanted to talk to her.

But now, I think it’s love at first sight.

Things happened, and I made her angry; Vernoux also got mad at me and when I got back to the castle; mother was angry at me. But, I was happy. Thanks to that incident, Vernoux stopped being formal with me. No, the real reason why he’d stopped was because its troublesome to separate language used between the town and castle, so Ill just call you Gille when we’re alone. But he probably wants to invite me to go into town incognito again, since hed made that suggestion. Its nice to have a friend who would get angry at me.

Yes, I was thrilled that he invited me out with him…… But, at the same time, I still regret it a little that I didn’t introduce myself back then.

I wonder how great it would have been if I’d just introduced myself as Sylvester then. I probably wouldn’t be worrying this much right now if I’d done that, but there’s no way I could have introduced myself back there.

I only have one appearance whenever Vernoux uses his transformation magic on me. Vernoux, himself, had several aliases, but he could only cast one form for others. Therefore, I couldn’t say tell someone who I’d just met about my alias, because I don’t know what I would use it for in the future.

Therefore, he said I was, 『Gille』.

However…… It was something painful now that we’ve reached this point.

“I could finally exchange letters with her now, but to act like Gille now is…… It is harsh to be thought of as a lie, and it doesn’t change the fact that I’m lying to her, even if she does believe me. And stops replying because of that, then we won’t be able to interact with each other anymore.”

“Well, it’s not like you’ll be praised as a prince for telling the truth. Also, even if you say you two interact, it’s only through letters. And, I’ve been forced to be a carrier pigeon for your letters every time.”

“In the first place……. It’s hard to tell her that my name is Sylvester when I find out why she won’t meet me.”

“She’s clearly avoiding you.”

Vernoux didn’t keep a lid on his words, like always, but that was indeed true.

I was forced to understand this from the way she continued to refuse my invitations.

But, please don’t say it out loud. I’ll receive more damage if I’m told it.

I don’t know why, but she’s avoiding me.

There’s no way that she wasn’t coming to the castle because she is timid. She acted that confidently after all. Why wouldn’t she meet me? I don’t remember doing anything bad to her. Or rather, it was impossible to meet with her in the first place.

“You don’t have to be that impatient. You’ll be able to meet her at evening parties in less than 10 years.”

“You don’t understand how I feel because you see her regularly. For example, what should I do if she has a fiancé in 10 years?”

Just thinking about it made me depressed. I probably won’t be able to talk to her with ease. I couldn’t even hear Vernoux when he said, “You’re already head over heels for her, aren’t you?”

“Ah! …… I don’t think that would happen. I heard the Earl dotes on his daughter.”

Of course, those words didn’t reach me either. How do I get close to her? That was the only thing on my mind.

“Come to think of it, I’ve asked Dilly what she thought about His Highness before.”

“What did she say……?”

“She’s not interested. She also said that the King’s reign is magnificent.”

I’m sure of it.

Vernoux is testing my will.

But, she didn’t say she hated me, so I think I’m still safe.

…… But, it’s complicated.

If I had to say it, then we’ve started on the wrong foot, so what do I have to do to get back onto the starting line? Should I aim to be as strong as a knight without actually becoming one? Or should I obtain both knowledge and strength like Earl Pameradia, who is also known as the legendary knight? Or should I become splendid at ruling like father, so that she’d turn to look at me?



“Vernoux, accompany for a bit.”

I don’t think I can just sit still.

I thought as I looked at Vernoux. He shrugged and said, “Yeah, okay. I understand.” He already had the wooden sword in his hand. It was a little vexing that he could read my mind.

Therefore, I won’t lose in this match. I’ll do what I can do now.

Yes, I swore on my little pride.

Translator: Blushy
Editor: SenjiQ