I Quit Being a Noble and Will Become a Commoner: 51

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I Quit Being a Noble and Will Become a Commoner: 51

51: Information Gathering Meeting

“Next, this goes to number 2.”

“Ah, yes.”

I carried the food and drinks to the table as instructed by Master one after another.

Besides me, there were three other waitresses, including Ada-san. Everyone except for Ada-san were already married.

Master cooked the food alone and two other people assisted him on the side. They were all uncles. They were also working as security guards, so they all had solid builds. Even so, I accidentally saw their cute appearance as they gently peeled the vegetables. I wonder if this is called ‘Moe’.

So many customers came that we were barely able to manage with just this much people.

(This restaurant’s really thriving.)

I was really glad that the customers looked at me with warm eyes even though I was inexperienced.

Perhaps, I feel like this because I’m wearing this kind of dress while doing work I’m not used to.

The customers said, “You’re only working here for today, right?” a few times, so it got really annoying.

The soldiers were extremely happy when I took the meals to their table, but they must have noticed my lineage and said something to Captain Weller because they distanced themselves a little afterwards.



“Take this and eat.”

When the restaurant died down, Master called out to me and my work finished.

I was having dinner as a customer of the inn.

Today’s dinner was meat dumplings with tomato sauce and green peas and egg soup. The colours are beautiful and the ingredients are fresh too.

The meat inside of the meat dumplings was rough and chewy. It had been boiled but the taste of the meat was still there. The oregano smell wasn’t strong either.

The green peas weren’t overcooked and the perfect crispy taste was amazing.

Bobles-san and Master, where did they study to become chefs? These weren’t the skills of a commoner.

I had my meal at the corner seat on the counter just like last time.

I didn’t notice this while working, but I’m starving. I’m surprised my stomach didn’t grumble.

Ah, it’s delicious. It’s spreading through my body. I worked really hard today.

“I’ll be sitting next to you. Master, the daily special please. Ada, I’ll have the usual.”

Captain Weller was the one who sat down next to me with a thud. Ada-san put a big mug filled with ale in front of him.

He gulped the drink.

(He’s drinking it like it’s really delicious.)

I also want to drink while gulping like that one day. But the only alcohol I’ve tried is cider.

After that, we both ate in silent and Captain Weller finished his dinner at the same time as me.

The customers in the store have already decreased considerably.

Ada-san was also on her break, so she pulled up a chair to sit close to us and an aura that said I should start talking floated about.



“Ah, I received some sweets. I’ll go get them now so please wait.”

I returned to my room to get the box with the macarons inside.

Ada-san made me some tea when I came back. She said it was service from Master.

There were three cream puffs, a vanilla macaron, a chocolate macaron, a raspberry macaron and a blueberry macaron inside of the box. They gave me a lot, didn’t they?

“I got this as a gift, please eat them if you want.”

“Kyai, they look really expensive. Well then, I won’t hesitate. Woah, it’s super delicious. I rarely eat macarons, so I’m really happy.”

“I don’t really like sweets. Master, a refill of ale please.”

“… You’re mumbling. Are you drunk, Captain?”

“I kept public order in the city all day today. Let me relax at this place.”

They were both ready to listen to my story and were both waiting.

I also knew that Master was listening from behind the counter.

Hmph, it can’t be helped. I’ll let them know what they can about today.



“… I was living in Coolden. I met Master’s older brother, Bobles, through his introduction letter and started working at dining hall in the guards’ station. I also became close with his wife, Emery, and his children.”

“Oh, so you were at Coolden? It was extremely hard to find out where you went because Master and Ada-san both said they didn’t know where you were going…”

Captain Weller quickly drank his ale.

“Why did you need to know where I went?”

I have to ask this for now.

“Mhmm? Because of Roberto-sama. You guys are acquaintances, aren’t you? The morning after, he found out that you weren’t at Hen Inn anymore and came to the station to ask where you’d gone.”

“That’s right. He was so insistent. He had a bad temper, and well, the look in his eyes was bad too. It looked like you didn’t want anyone to know where you were going, so Master and I told him that we didn’t know.”

Master nodded in agreement.

“Those guys are stubborn, you know. Being so proud while demanding to know something. Even if I know where you went I wouldn’t tell those bastards. I was so nervous because I thought I would be guilty of profane. It was unavoidable, so I gathered information from here and there and then found the carriage you’d boarded and investigated how far you went. I lowered my head many times and those bastards took the information.”

“Hah. Thanks for your hard work. I was able to enjoy a fresh new life while Captain Weller was facing those hardships.”

“So then why’d you come back to the Royal Capital so early?”

Captain Weller, Ada-san and Master’s gaze pierced through me.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath before speaking.

“Roberto-sama brought me back because I had some business to take care of.”

Everyone looked at me as if they were looking at a pitiful person. Ada-san sighed.

I want to sigh too, you know.

I picked up a vanilla macaron and nibbled on it. It’s sweet. A gentle sweetness.

“Is that person a stalker……? Say, Ayesha, are you Roberto-sama’s lover?”

―― *GULP*

(I swallowed the macaron without chewing on it…)

―― *BANG!*

I banged my hands onto the counter.

“It’s not like that!!!”

I raised my voice so much that it was unbefitting of a woman. I was surprised at myself.

I calmed myself down, straightened out my breathing and glared at Captain Weller. I received water from Master and downed it.

(Ack, no way. Why is someone who isn’t my lover called my lover again? Nothing good comes out of getting involved with those people. I’ll binge eat.)

I firmly reached out for the cream puffs.

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam