I Quit Being a Noble and Will Become a Commoner: 52

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam


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I Quit Being a Noble and Will Become a Commoner: 52

52: To Coolden Again

Being Roberto-sama’s lover was outrageous.

Where did this concept even come from?

Even so, Captain Weller, Ada-san and Master were all staring at me as if they were waiting for my reply.

(Everyone, what are you expecting!?)

“It hasn’t even been a month since I started talking to Roberto-sama. Far from being his lover, I’ve never even held hands with him.”

“Ayesha, you’ve just became an adult and are still 16, right? Is Roberto-sama 21? You’re both at the perfect age. Well, isn’t Roberto-sama obsessed with romance? He’s an upper-rank noble, so he would marry someone of the same status. If so, then why don’t you become his lover, Ayesha? Marriage between nobles is like a contract…… Oww!”


I got a little irritated and stepped on Captain Weller’s feet. I trampled on them.

I was more short-tempered than I thought I was. I’m sorry, Ms. Dolcie. It seems like I can’t behave like a lady anymore…


“Well, hey. You know, this drunkard is talking too much. If you’re 16, you still long to get married, right? He’s saying that a lady like that would want to be Roberto-san’s lover. Honestly, you’re disliked because you’re so insensitive.”

I nodded next to her.

An arranged marriage was common between nobles. Even more so for upper-ranked nobles. I’m sure Roberto-sama knows this. If he wanted to have a lover who wasn’t of equal status to him…… Then, he would go with a commoner.

But, since I have no support as I am now, wouldn’t it be possible to say that I wouldn’t have a noble-like marriage? It was possible for me to have a lover if I’m a temporary commoner. But, my partner wouldn’t be a noble like Roberto-sama.

Honestly Captain Weller…… How do you even see me?


“But, have you already finished with your errands, Ayesha-chan?”

I could only smile wryly. I want you to take a guess…

“… Well, it was dreadful.”

“I see.”


Then, the session finished somehow.

I don’t know if I should be happy that they didn’t dig too deeply…… I had mixed feelings.


The next day, I took a carriage again and returned to Coolden.

I thought about visiting my mother’s grave at the Royal Capital, but then decided to do so once I became a commoner. It was still too early.

The ride was free because it was a pick-up carriage, but the return carriage would cost money. I also paid the inn fees at Hen Inn. It was honestly annoying. I would probably need to take a carriage when I go back to the Royal Capital. I didn’t want to spend more of the limited money that I had on things I didn’t need.

If I’m going to work at the Royal Capital, then I also have to prepare a dress. It gave me a headache thinking about the amount of money I would need to spend in order to prepare for it.

Unlike with the Edenbach carriage, I had no willpower to embroider on a swaying carriage.

Even if I had to show the store my embroidery, I would have to refuse them if they wanted to hire me.

I should give Bobles-san and his wife an embroidered handkerchief for giving me a taste of the commoner lifestyle…… I thought as I stared blankly at the scenery outside of the swaying wagon.




I got off the carriage in the centre of Coolden. The fresh green buds had increased and the small flowers on trees and petals were dancing in the wind.

My neck was a little cold because my hair was in a ponytail, but it was finally spring. I can feel it here more than I could in the Royal Capital.

I tried to catch the pink petals as they fell from the sky, but they fluttered out of my hand.

It was like a small amount of happiness was escaping, just like my current situation. I smiled wryly.

The carriage which went to the outskirts, where the guards’ building was located, didn’t operate in the afternoon. It only ran in the morning and at night.

I still had time. I won’t ride on the wagon I rode on before. I don’t want to deal with how shaky it is. I learnt this.

I held the black bag in one hand and carried a shoulder bag on my back as I walked.

I had nothing that I urgently needed to do. This was a good chance for me to take a closer look at the town and enjoy the nice weather. I walked down the main street where I could and decided to ride the carriage as it passed.

(This is such a nice town. I wanted to live here a little longer.)

I thought as I walked, then I heard a voice.

“… Ayesha-san … Ayesha-san.”

I turned my neck and saw a rustic wagon running beside me.

Now that I look at him, I feel like I’ve seen him somewhere before… Ah, the noble-ish person from the guards’ secretary office.

The carriage stopped and I also stopped.

“Hello, Ayesha-san. I didn’t think I would meet you here. Did you just come back from the Royal Capital? Why don’t you ride on the wagon if you’re going back to the guards’ building?”

“Hello, Secretary-san. Well then, please give me a ride.”

“Sure. My name’s Marche du Reinfield. Nice to meet you.”

“I think you already know mine, but I’m Ayesha Org. It’s very nice to meet you.”

So he was a noble after all. I don’t want to get involved with nobles anymore.

But, he’s friendly and social, so he didn’t feel like a noble. A smile made its way to my mouth.

I was lucky to have met a wagon, get a ride and return to the guards’ building.

Then, when I returned to the guards’ dining hall I was greeted by Bobles-san, “Are you alright?” People surrounded me, so I quickly took refuge at Bobles-san’s house.

No matter what, I’ll enjoy my time with the Healing Emery and the cute children!

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam