Shut-in Magician: 059

Chapter 059: Reunion

He harvested herbs until the evening.

Feles had gotten bored of playing in the snow, so he transported them back to Lake Cordis. He made a simple gazebo with earth magic and had dinner.

After the meal, Feles looked really tired from playing, so he cleaned him up and put him into the tent.

Shiu read a book while enjoying the night view.

It was silent at the lake and the moon reflected off it.

It was a wonderful scene.

He felt like he’d seen it before in his previous life, but then again he also believed that he’d never seen it before.

However, the difference was that he could feel this world with his whole body now.

He wasn’t seeing this from a book, TV or the internet, he could feel this solid existence throughout his body.

He was seeing it with his own eyes, smelling the smells and listening to the sounds.

The severe cold on his skin, the pulsing of the earth at his feet.

The voices of creatures somewhere from far away. Breath. The cold winter air. The spirit’s gaze.

The natural swirling atmosphere, was that something like the smell of mana?

He felt as if his senses had sharpened.

It was as though his senses were heightened.

“I’m alive……”

The feelings of being alive in this world took over Shiu again.

“It’s not a dream. I’m living here.”

It’s amazing, he thought.

And he would continue to live here from now on.

He could continue to see this scene.

He could experience having heightened senses again.

“…… Thank you, Goddess, for encouraging me to be an adventurer and for reincarnating me.”

He had a hunch that she was laughing somewhere, so he also laughed.

That Goddess, who loves to act innocent, is probably playing around with other people who have reincarnated right now too.

She was a strange goddess, who knew a lot about the subcultures of Earth.

If possible, I would like to meet with the other people who have reincarnated.

And, I hope that they’re enjoying this world like I am.





Early morning the next day, he did special training to get used to the wintry mountain and harvested wild plants and herbs that only grew in the wintry mountain.

He returned to Lake Cordis before noon.

It was a little early, but he began preparations for lunch and then was startled.

When he turned around, there was someone on the opposite side of the lake.

He cast every direction search the same way he breathed. However, he’d strengthened the distance of the search because he wasn’t familiar with Royer Mountain.

And yet, his search picked up nothing.

No, he knew one thing. There was a small creature. He thought that it was a beast child.

Shiu stared at the opposite side of the lake and they also seemed to be staring back at him.

Feles noticed how he was acting and looked at the opposite side of the lake.

After a while, he began to walk towards the lakeshore, No, his pace was faster than a walk. However, he wasn’t running either.

They probably had a large build and was trained.

Before long, he learnt who it was.

They were surprised and stared at the two who approached them where their voice can reach and Feles slightly tilted his head. He looked like he was smelling something and was thinking.

Shiu had certainly met them before.

Of course, he cast 《PERSON APPRAISAL》.

However, he heard the sound of something being blocked and all information except for their name was blocked.

“Oh my.”

“Didn’t you learn that that’s not courteous?” The man with the large build said.


“You only glimpsed at it before, so I let it go. And I also thought you were a naïve kid.”

However, he now lived at the Royal Capital and the man probably concluded this from how he dressed.

Shiu became embarrassed and quickly looked down.

“I am sorry for doing something so rude.”

He lifted his head and the dragon-kin man looked surprised. His expression hadn’t changed but the colour of his eyes had.

But, Shiu realised that he wasn’t angry.

“I indiscriminately used it to raise my appraisal level, so saying, it was done unconsciously, is an excuse. I’m really sorry.”

“…… Well, it’s fine. You probably had your reasons. You didn’t do anything bad. However, it’s forbidden to use appraisal magic on anyone other than humans. You can’t use it at all on dragon-kin or high elves.”

The man explained since Shiu looked unsure and slightly anxious, “I wonder if humans will get it if I say that it’s like being seen naked? We judge others not by their appearance, but their mind and abilities. It is not something others should know without the approval of the person in question. If you win in a fight then that would be a different story.”

“Is that because, mm, you’re a warrior?”

“…… I see. So you saw that? No, it doesn’t matter if they’re warriors, there are things you’d find out about your opponent’s ability if you win,” He said and he lowered the high elf child in his arms.

She was a very beautiful child even though she was so young.

“Hmm ~.”

She pointed at Feles and laughed happily.

It seemed like she remembered him.

Feles no longer seemed anxious or vigilant, probably because he remembered the baby or because he noticed that he was liked, and approached the baby.

“Ah, mmm.”

“If you’re alright with it, could he keep her company? That child rarely becomes attached.”

“If you’re alright with it, that is.”

Shiu was puzzled but accepted because he liked children.

However, the dragon-kin probably noticed his stiff attitude and he softened his gaze before saying, “You can act like you usually do. I don’t mind. I was just teaching you our customs.”

It was lunchtime and Shiu prepared an extra two meals while the child was playing on top of Feles.

The dragon-kin man said he didn’t intend to stay for long, but he gave up because the high elf child was having fun.

He also introduced himself to Shiu, “I’m Galgrecia. A dragon-kin warrior. That kid is Aurea [1]I’m guessing the kid’s a girl from the name, but if she’s not… well then….. I usually call her Aul. You can also call her that.”

“…… I am, Shiu. Shiu Aquila. Mm, a magician? Probably,” he answered uneasily because he still wasn’t confident in his profession and Galgrecia narrowed his eyes which were like gold.

“Aquila, an eagle?”

“It has nothing to do with high elves, but that’s probably what it means.”

“I see.”

“By the way, do high elves have dietary requirements? For example, they only eat vegetables or something like that.”

“No. Ah, but Aul does lean that way.”

“Wow that must be tough.”

“…… If it’s difficult, then we don’t need lunch.”

“Ah, that’s not what I meant. I also plan vegetarian meals because I’m health conscious. I just thought it was tough on you, because you eat meat,” Shiu said as he took vegetables from his spatial storage.

The colour of Galgrecia’s eyes changed again. His expression didn’t change but his eyes reflected his feelings. Shiu couldn’t help but think that was interesting.

“You call it vegetarian? I see.”

“It might be a coined term. Don’t believe me though, because people say I’m eccentric.”

“Ah, you seem like it,” Galgrecia agreed.

But for some reason, he seemed happy and curious.

“Anyway, can I call you Gal?”

“…… Why?”

“It’s hard to say Galgrecia.”

“…… I don’t mind. I certainly don’t like it when people know my name.”

That wasn’t what I mean, but whatever.

He was meeting Shiu halfway.

Conversations with people like this won’t continue if the other person doesn’t continue to talk, he thought and continued talking about different things.

He called the children who were playing and passed everyone their respective meals.

“This is fruit and vegetable juice. Be careful so you don’t spill it, okay?”

He had made it on the spot because he thought juice would be better than a salad for a baby. He didn’t take out ready to make juice because he didn’t want to alarm Galgrecia.

Shiu’d took the vegetables out in front of Galgrecia and made the food.

After that, Galgrecia looked relieved, so he took out some tofu and boiled beans and vegetables.

The soup was made with kelp broth to give it a miso taste and was full of vegetables.

He tried to take out bread and rice as staple foods for Aurea, and she seemed to like the rice. She used a spoon and stuffed her cheeks with the soft food.

Aurea couldn’t have cheese. She seemed like a strict vegetarian.

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1 I’m guessing the kid’s a girl from the name, but if she’s not… well then….