I Quit Being a Noble and Will Become a Commoner: 62

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam


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I Quit Being a Noble and Will Become a Commoner: 62

62: Girl Friend


Although I wasn’t good at depending on people, I couldn’t help but run up to Ada when I saw her glossy black hair.

It was still day time, so I thought that I wouldn’t be able to meet Ada-san, the star of the night, but I was reunited with her. My mood improved immensely.

I’ll introduce Dick-san to Master and Ada-san just in case.

After serving the guests who came here for lunch, Ada-san took off her apron and sat in the chair next to me, “What’s wrong?” She was indeed a really reliable older sister.

I had waited while having lunch with Dick-san until Ada-san became available. I bit into the firm green beans and the pork stew was only accompanied with hard rice… But why are the meals Master makes so delicious?

We chased Dick-san away to another seat by saying, “We’re going to have a girl talk,” and then we began to talk.

First, I gave her a status report.

I didn’t speak about it in detail, but I did tell her that I was doing office work under a certain high-ranking noble. I talked about my delicate position between my noble employers and the other maids, and about the delicious yet unsatisfactory meals. I, who knew what it was like to talk to someone in Coolden, couldn’t stop telling Ada-san things.

I talked about everything all at once and drank the cup of water that was next to me.

(… Ah, it’s so nice to have someone listen to me talk like this. I slightly remember that mother and I never ran out of things to talk about.)

I was daydreaming about the past. When I came back to reality, Ada-san was looking at me with strong eyes. My heart raced even though we’re both woman.

“So, Ayesha-chan you weren’t living at the Royal Capital because you were in Coolden, but Roberto-sama dragged you back here because he had some business with you and now you work for a certain noble. Is this correct?”

“Umm, yes.”

“And you had complaints about your current lifestyle, so you spilled it to me, right?”

“Yes. I can’t quit right away. I can’t even complain to the people around me, I can’t even vent… I’m sorry you have to listen to my selfishness…”

I looked at my hands and they weren’t as rough as before and the clothes I wore were also higher quality than what commoners wore.

I know that my complaints sound selfish to someone who works hard every day until they set and the day passes in the blink of an eye. Having food, a place to live and work is a blessing for commoners, like the one I wanted to become, and I know that it’s a luxury to want more.

But, I wanted someone to listen to me complain.

My words gradually became quieter and I naturally turn my gaze downwards.

“You’re not being selfish. Come on, look up.”

Ada-san’s face was in front of mine again. She looked innocent, just like a mischievous child.

“Ayesha-chan chose to whine to me even though you have your reasons and you seem like you have a lot of secrets. This makes me happy. I’m the one who meddled because I was worried. This means you trust me, right? Somehow, oh yes, it feels good because it’s like I’m your sister.”

“Sister? It would be better if you were my friend rather than my sister.”

“You think so? Then, we’re f-r-i-e-n-d-s, right?”

Ada-san spread her arms widely and hugged me with her charming body. I can feel the gazes of the jealous men in here. Well, I am monopolising her time.

My face was red… This is the first time that such an attractive lady has shown this much affection towards me. I’ve made my first friend. As for Emery-san, she feels more like a mother.

(I’m happy too. It’s a bit embarrassing though… I’m frozen on the spot.)

“Hey, how long are you guys going to keep doing this?”

Dick-san had a weird look on his face. He had approached us even though he had been far away.

I turned my head around and saw that I was being glared at by sharp eyes of raptors. Why are you threatening me? It’s too intense. Yes, I couldn’t say this out loud even though I thought it.

“Hmph, it’s fine, isn’t it? They’re probably jealous. Let’s show them.”

“You know, you’re the type to make more enemies, aren’t you?”

“The cute and obedient Ayesha-chan is friends with someone like me, you know. And I wouldn’t approach my enemies.”

Ada-san, who was forcibly pulled away from me, pouted and didn’t even try to hide her dissatisfaction towards Dick-san.

“I’m going to the station for a bit. I’ll be leaving my luggage here. Ayesha, don’t leave yet. Don’t go home alone. Wait for me to come back. Do you understand? Hey, Master. Keep an eye on these two.”

He made sure that Master was nodding in agreement before patting my head and leaving the Hen Inn.

Why does Dick-san treat me like such a child? Doesn’t he think it’s rude to treat me like this even though I’m already an adult?

“Even though I’m already an adult. Do I look like a child?”

I looked sideways as I muttered and I saw Ada-san and Master nodding.

““…… (You don’t look like a child, but you probably look naïve)……””

I’m a little shocked. I think I received some damage.


I’ll cry!

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam