Shut-in Magician: 065

Chapter 065: Bullying the Students

Shiu had heard that it was ‘forbidden to bring beast mounts’ to the strategy department, so he entrusted Feles to the beast barn since he was close to being an adult.

If Feles had been here then he would probably cry and pick a quarrel with Cherubil.

He was still a child, but he felt strongly about protecting Shiu and wouldn’t know what a terrible blunder that would make.

He was being trained, but it was difficult because he was made to endure a lot of mistakes that weren’t wrong per se.

Feles was clever enough to understand this, but Shiu thought it was better for him to spend time with the other beast mounts right now.

Cherubil singled him out while he was thinking about Feles.

“Pipsqueak from the monster team, what are you laughing about!?” It seemed like he wouldn’t call Shiu’s name.

“Annoying, you’re now a goblin. How nice.” Cherubil declared and another person from the ‘monster’ team, Leon, stared at him in disgust.

“…… You’re an ogre? No, Canis Aureus is good enough for you, huh.”

An ogre or a jackal, was it?

How can I say this, he seemed like the type of person who wasn’t satisfied unless they looked down on someone.

He felt tremendous anger coming from Leon and worried, even so, I hope nothing happens.

Leon was like a wounded beast found in the forest and was shooting death glares at Cherubil.

Shiu sighed and ran while thinking, I probably won’t get any points in this class anyways, and so should I act appropriately?

The lower-ranked noble team was changed to the human team and the twins had a communication tool so they could readily cooperate with each other, but the team had a lot of girls and they were placid.

The merchant team was changed to the adventurer team that was filled with boys and they were quick on their feet, but not all of them cooperated with each other.

The commoner team was changed to the monster team but they didn’t cooperate with each other at all, so they’ll probably lose.

“Viktor Rosler! You can use wind magic, can’t you? You should also be able to use a sword so step up your game!” Cherubil passionately instructed, but his focus was mainly on the lower-ranked noble team.

In addition, he called the student’s names when he was speaking about their forte.

This school really leaks out personal information, Shiu thought as he loitered around, bored. He snuck up on students, who seemed to be daydreaming, and tapped them on the back.

“I’ve beaten you,” he informed them in a small voice and suggested that they step back.

He had a bad feeling for some reason, so he decided to make the team members fall instead of just running around endlessly.

He destroyed the merchant team while Cherubil was causing an uproar and proceeded on removing the females of the noble team.

Then that happened when Cherubil noticed the incident, “Hey, what are you guys doing? Who told you that it was alright for you to rest? How dare you act as you please…”

“We lost, so we went here……”

“What did you say?!”

“Because in the previous lesson you told us that we would lose if we get beaten.”

Cherubil’s face went red and he yelled when the student replied respectfully, “You lost?! To whom?! What did they―――.”

“Hey, shut up,” it was a quiet and low voice.

It wasn’t just Cherubil who turned towards the voice, all the students did as well.

The bad feeling Shiu had originated from the cold glare that was directed at Cherubil.

“…… What did you say? You fucking trash! Do you think it’s alright to talk to me like that?”

“You’re also on the enemy team, aren’t you? We’ll attack you all at once!”

“So arrogant even though you’re just a fucking Canis Aureus.” Cherubil yelled with an expression that looked like the circulation had been cut from his brain. Leon was laughing and sneering at him as he continued to stir Cherubil up.

Ah, he’s done it, Shiu was troubled.

“If I’m a Canis Aureus, then you’re a Pavo.”

Pavo referred to peafowls; it was unclear whether peafowls were monsters or beasts in this world. The meat was said to be unappetizing and there was no profit in subjugating them. Also, they didn’t have any monster core. However, they did have poison at the tips of their feathers, thus was used mostly for arrow heads.

Adventurers bantering while using the words, “You’re a Pavo,” was the same as saying, “You’re a fool,” so commoners have also heard this before.

As Shiu had expected, the nobles didn’t know what that meant and were standing with their mouths agape.

But, Cherubil seemed as though he already knew the meaning, probably because he’d heard it somewhere being a knight.

“Y-ou, you damn good-for-nothing!” It was a real wonder where he’d got that remark from, but Cherubil was showing great disdain towards Leon.

“I’m going to attack, defend yourself!”

“Try it! I’ll return it right back at you.” Even the teacher was eager, he wasn’t calm at all.

He had to do something, so he asked the remaining students to step away.

Strategy class was taught in something that looked like an outdoor colosseum rather than the schoolyard.

It was a distance away from the school barn and was dug a few meters away from the courtyard.

It was plain, so it couldn’t be called an arena, but the surrounding area was covered in an earth wall, so there wouldn’t be any damage if something were to happen.

On the contrary, one might say that it was hard to see if something did happen.

Some students, from the merchant team, approached them even though their abilities were low and some noble boys remained as well.

The high-ranking noble children were sitting on the chair while watching the exchange between Cherubil and Leon.

Leon was the first to attack.

It was the first time he’d shown this attack.

“《Heaven drop light to the ground, LIGHTNING》!” He appeared to have attack magic and chanted a phrase. The students were all surprised even though his attack looked as if he was going easy on someone or it looked as if the attack was too weak.

However, Cherubil was a teacher, so he knew what Leon was capable of; he quickly evaded and laughed scornfully, “Fufun.”

“That wasn’t a big deal and that’s all you amount to. I’ll teach you cheeky trash what a real magic attack is like! Learn your lesson! 《Spirits of the dancing flame, become my arms and shoot flames! GRADE 2!》”

Even his aria is fierce, Shiu thought and flames literally ran from Cherubil’s arms. He shot it straight at Leon.

Leon looked like he was going to defend with water magic. However, his water magic level was only 2. The flame attack that had been released might have been at level 2, but it couldn’t be stopped with a level 2 water magic. It seemed to hit Leon’s body with great force. However, Leon had crouched down so it only grazed him.

Unfortunately for Leon, it wasn’t really hard to aim at him.

If he had been hit by chance, then it wouldn’t end with just ‘light burns’.

“Hmph! I can do that much with just a level 2 spell. If I were to get serious, then trash like you would turn into dust! 《Spirits of the dancing flame, become my arms and shoot flames! GRADE 2》!”

This is bad, and he instinctively casted 《STRENGTHENED SEARCH》.” And at the same time.


He developed a few magic spells.

He didn’t have much time to think, so it might have been too much.

He quickly looked around, but the students didn’t seem to know what he was doing and Cherubil and Leon were the only ones who were dumbfounded.

What Shiu did was forcefully remove the oxygen from the area while averting the trajectory of Cherubil’s flame attack, which was at level 3. He would be troubled if someone saw, so he had disrupted their recognition abilities with a spatial area.

However, the flame attack had only poof out of existence in the middle, and it was possible that people saw it as a dud, so 《FALSE SPACE》might not have been necessary.

“Wh-what just happened?”

“…… It disappeared?”

A saviour finally appeared while the two were stunned.

You’re late, seriously!

Shiu sighed in relief as he looked at the Colosseum-like entrance.

The Academy principal had ran here and was panting.

The principal, who he’d only seen at the entrance ceremony, had a large amount of sweat dripping down the top of his head where there was no hair; his shoulders were shaking with how heavy he was breathing. His secretary, who had stopped running even though he hadn’t reached the entrance yet, was having a hard time catching his breath; he was panting as he continued to walk.

“What’re you doing, you guys, ha, hah……”

“Principal Graber, please wait, exactly, what on, earth, is going on?”

The principal took deep breaths are he looked around the colosseum. The secretary was also gasping for breath.

It seemed like no one was going to answer the principal’s question and the two in question were still glaring at each other, so Shiu approached him and handed him a letter. The paper was of medium quality. He thought that it wouldn’t do to use low quality paper at a time like this.

The principal quickly read through the letter and let out a big sigh.

“…… I see. Perhaps, you were the one who used communication magic?”

“It was a low-level spell, so I was wondering what I should do if it didn’t get through.”

“…… Oh, I see. So it’s you, is it?”

The principal looked as if he had a headache and was rubbing it with his hands; he closed his eyes and then spoke quietly to Cherubil, who was standing in the middle, “Cherubil Bachem, you’re suspended. Quickly go to the principal’s office.”

His secretary, who was standing next to him, stared at him as if his eyes would pop out.

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