I Quit Being a Noble and Will Become a Commoner: 64

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam


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I Quit Being a Noble and Will Become a Commoner: 64

64: Reporter Dick-san

He might have been considerate, but Dick-san is an adult man after all; and he is in the guards, so he had a better physique than normal people…… That’s right. This person walks really fast.

He appeared to be walking slowly, but he was still much faster than me. Thus, I was trotting and occasionally running to keep up with him.

He walked slowly when we headed to the Hen Inn because he was viewing the streets, but we were only returning to the Royal Palace right now. His pace was naturally faster.

The sun was turning a deep orange as it turned to night.

“Dick-san, I can return by myself from here, so you don’t have to send me all the way there.”

“I also have to report to the Royal Palace that I’ve arrived at the Royal Capital, so don’t worry about it.”

(Oh, what!? Dick-san also has business at the Royal Palace.)

I felt bad that Dick-san was walking me back to the Royal Palace, but I was relieved when I heard this.

A man rushed from behind and bumped into me when I stopped for a moment from being relieved.

I grunted and stumbled because I’d been caught off guard.


“Uh-oh, you ok?”

Dick-san immediately grabbed my arm as I was stumbling. His body wasn’t trembling at all even though he was holding my body with his other hand.

Hah, I didn’t fall down thanks to him.

…His hands were big and they were really thick and firm. This was called sword calluses and it wasn’t possible to get this without wielding the sword a lot. He didn’t seem to be putting any force into his hold, but his grip was firm and it hurt.

I was surprised at being supported by a man and I was also surprised how trained a part of his body was.

I realised that this person trained every day in order to acquire power that he could boast about.

(I never realised this when he taught me self-defence.)

 There were countless numbers of fine burn marks and cuts on Bobles-san’s and Master’s arms and hands. They even had broken nails too. I could tell that their right hand, which they used to flip the frying pan, was extremely muscular.

It was like that.

Dick-san is also someone who hones his skills. As a result, he was able to climb to a top position in the guards.

I’m sorry for thinking you’re crafty.

He put so much effort into acquiring this, so he must still be doing the same.

“Why’re you blanking out for? Even so, that was an unattractive scream. You should have shrieked.”

Argh, I pouted.

Dick-san, please study up on how to treat a lady. I clicked my tongue in my brain.

I finally started to admire you and was about to praise you.

I chased after Dick-san, who was walking briskly away.




“Now, Ayesha. How’s work?”

“It’s all right. They’re still making sure that I’m getting used to work, so I don’t have much work to do.” While facing the front, Dick-san asked that question like it was nothing.

I also replied calmly.

As we walked, I could see the large Royal Palace at the top of the town.

“I’ve been nominated as the reporter to do the regular report from the guards. And even the 3rd Empire Prince asked me to come visit. What did you do?”

“I just told you I haven’t done anything proper for work. I didn’t do anything.”

Dick-san put his hand to his chin and whispered, “Then, what’s going to happen from now…? He suddenly contacted me even though I’ve never contacted him, so I thought it had to do with you, Ayesha.”

His voice got so quiet towards the end that I could barely hear it.

I don’t know anything.

Me becoming a commoner has been postponed (Or so I believe!). For now, I was working under the Imperial Prince and saving up money. This is my current situation.

I’m living in this unfamiliar Royal Palace and living everyday as I am instructed to.

I believe that becoming a commoner is a positive thing. I need to obtain skills that would be useful to me.

In the meantime, we arrived at the Royal Palace.

We entered without any problems after the inspection at the gates.

Dick-san dealt with the guards at the magnificent checkpoint. As expected from him.

“Thank you for walking me here.”

I bowed politely at Dick-sam.

“See you later,” he waved his right hand and disappeared into the left-wing of the Royal Palace. He’s probably going there because it’s related to the guards. Well, I probably won’t see him again.

I headed towards the government residence located to the east of the middle palace.

There was barely any sun shining on my body and the wind would occasionally blow, making me cold.

I became friends with Ada-san.

Dick-san… Taught me self-defense, so I guess I could call him my master (?). Let’s just only call him that in my mind, I feel like his pride would swell if I actually call him that.

Now, it’ll be nice if I knew more people in the Royal Palace. It’ll be great if they could become my friends. But that seems hard. I can only proceed patiently.

The day after my holiday, when I met Dick-san again, my job was to make clean copies of documents and deliver things. Documents and memos came to the Royal Capital’s Public Order Consolation Room from all directions and I was to summarise them. I concluded that I was able to do office work to a certain extent.

These documents and memos probably went through His Highness Ludens first, so that he could judge whether or not I could see them.

I was extremely grateful that everyone was skilful at writing and I could understand what was being written even if it was scribbles.

Even so, I understood that I didn’t have enough ability to find the relations between documents and summarise.

The reason for this was it took a lot of time for me to grasp the content of the document from just a few lines and I had to search up terms and place names I didn’t know.

(Ah, I have to go to the library and study up on place names and terms related to public order. I need a comprehensive knowledge of these things to summarise the documents.)

The geography that I learnt from Ms. Dolcie only consisted of the major cities of Fernand Empire, special products and neighbouring kingdoms.

It’s hard to see what’s under your nose… As for the Royal Capital, I only know the area around the Thousand House and the central district.

I’ve never worried about public order before.

I transcribed the place names and terms that I didn’t know onto a piece of paper in between my work.

His Highness Ludens ordered me, “A guest is here, go brew some tea,” while I was so focused on work that I didn’t even notice the sounds nor those around me. It seemed like a guest had visited sometime while I was concentrating. Is it alright for someone like me to brew the tea?

I questioned as I quickly left the desk I was assigned and took the tea set from the maid in the room.

I looked at the sofa and the black hair of the guest entered my eyes.


I’m bothered by this, but I have to get the tea to the guest first.

I brewed tea elegantly like I always do. Yup, it’s a nice colour.

I poured tea for His Highness Ludens first and then the guest.

“Please enjoy your tea.”

I didn’t say more than I needed to and lined up the tea in front of His Highness Ludens.

I was Lady Ann right now. There was no need for anyone to know about my origins.

As I bowed and quickly stepped back, I felt a strong gaze on me. Don’t look confused.

“Ouah?! Aah.”

Pointing at someone was rude no matter if you were a noble or commoner.

I frowned and looked at him; there sat Dick-san with his mouth wide open. My appearance was enough to surprise Dick-san.

His Highness Ludens was sitting next to him while trying to suppress his laughter.

We met again just like Dick-san had said.

Translator: Blushy
Editor: Sam