Shut-in Magician: 069

Chapter 069: Business Opportunity; Life with Friends

Shiu continued to talk with Vaniru for awhile after eating; it was too grand for one individual to start up a factory, so he was going to apply for a patent through the Merchant Guild and Vaniru would build the factory.

Of course, he would get shares in it.

Shiu was surprised that Vaniru bought shares in it straight away, even though it might be a big flop.

It was no skin off Shiu’s back, but the sales route wasn’t ordinary and it took a large amount of money to build a factory.

A wealthy merchant’s ‘eye for business opportunities’ scared Shiu.

However, Reigdole looked at him as if he was an extremely stupid child and patted his shoulders when he said, “But what should I do if it fails and you guys are left on the streets?”

“Merchants don’t make a move if there’s any possibility of failure. Also, I’m saving money properly, you know. Father will be the only one left on the streets. We’ll flee with our ancestral money,” Reigdole boasted.

Shiu was flabbergasted and could only listen to what he was saying.





Most of the classes at the magic academy was related to magic, but they also taught primary subjects.

It wasn’t as hard as Royal Loire University, but the curriculum was the same as Royal’s First Senior High School.

The level was also high because it was a senior high school, and students who don’t attend secondary school and get admitted into senior high school because they were ‘magic geniuses’ struggled with primary course work.

They didn’t get expelled because they had a lot of magic potential, so only their supplementary classes increased by a lot.

Amongst them, Reigdole was working hard even though his marks were low and he wasn’t taking supplementary classes.

“Ooh, Reig-kun. Are you studying again? You’re so diligent.” Shiu and Reigdole sat in their regular seat which overlooked the garden at the cafeteria, and Antony approached. He spoke quietly, but Reigdole looked annoyed.

“I’m not diligent. I have to study because I’m not!” Reigdole was in the middle of trying his best to solve the drill that Shiu had given him, so he had spoken very fast.

There were primary courses that the students can be exempted from and some courses required you to attend because it was still too early to take the exemption exams for them, students frantically reviewed for those classes.

“Ah, sorry. I won’t bother you.” Antony smiled wryly and sat next to Shiu.

Most people gathered here; like Alice and her companions and Alestro and his.

Antony also came here often.

“I’m not good at some primary subjects either.”

“You, Tony?”

“Yeah. I learnt literature and math at the First Secondary School, so those are fine.”

Antony was 13 years old; a year older than Shiu and the others. He went to secondary school, but he passed the exam for the magic academy, so he transferred here.

“I’m bad at production and P.E.”

Students in normal schools usually said that they were training their bodies in P.E even though they lazed around, but students at the magic academy gets strictly coached by their teachers.

At any rate, magicians were rear guards and they were bad with physical attacks. There were a lot of people who didn’t have any strength because they relied on their magic. People who choose the occupation, Magic Knight, may be different, but they didn’t train their bodies because they had so much MP.

Therefore, the magic academy trained its students very hard during P.E.

“I’m so jealous of Shiu.”

“I was raised in the mountains ~.”

He had strength.

“I can understand production somehow if it has to do with minerals.”

“Ah, the Gracia House handles materials like that, doesn’t it?”

“Yeah. But I don’t know much about their work since I don’t really listen to them. Since I wanted to live freely, you know. But now I’m regretting it.”

“…… I don’t think that’s it? Children are like that after all.”

“Is that something a 12 year old says? It hurts my ears to hear you say that, Shiu,” Reigdole finished his work and joined in on the conversation.

“But, it’s not just Shiu. Whenever I look at everyone in Class 1, I always think everyone’s so amazing.”

“Ah, because it’s full of geniuses?”

“Rather, I wonder how much was drilled into them since they were little solely because they’re nobles.”

“Ah, yeah. That’s true.”

They both sighed and looked up at the café room on the second floor that was exclusively for nobles.

Anyone should have been able to use that room, but it had already been transformed into a stylish place for high-ranking nobles. They brought in furniture in the form of donations, and commoners couldn’t approach it.

Alice knew people there, so she was invited up there often. She wanted Shiu and the others to come with her, but in the end she just took Martina.

“People like Algeo, who are good at anything and respected a lot, are on a monstrous level.”

“I respect that you can call him without suffixes.”

They both spoke in hushed tones so it seemed like it was a forgivable argument. Something unthinkable would happen if the nobles heard what they were saying.

“Nobles just don’t learn primary subjects do they? They also learn etiquette, self-defence and sword skills, right?”

“And if they’re talented in magic then a tutor is hired for them.”

“That’s impossible for me. Ah, but Shiu, you’re were my tutor, weren’t you?”

Weren’t you? Shiu smiled wryly because it seemed like Reigdole pressing his wishes on him.

“I also tutored you recently.”

“Ah, I thanked you properly for that, you know? Well, Rod did.”

“He paid through the Guild. The Adrid House is really reliable with things like this. Should I say that they’re too formal?”

“What’s that mean?”

“I was just thinking it was fine for me to do it since we’re friends,” He said and two people got angry at the same time.

“No, that’s not enough!”

“That’s not good!”

They were saying that transactions had to be properly dealt with; exactly something a merchant’s child would say.

It wasn’t good to leave things unsettled.

“That’s been drilled into me since I was young ~.”

“Me too. Don’t create debt and things like that. I didn’t understand the meaning when I was younger and I felt like I was a detestable person.”

“Ah, I get you. I felt like that too.”

The two merchant children were talking about things that they experienced and Alestro and the others approached.

It appeared that the tea party on the second floor had finished.

Alestro grinned as if he had something to say to Shiu, “This is a bribe,” he said as he gave Shiu sweets from a famous restaurant from the Royal Capital.

However, Alestro only gave it to Shiu so he was troubled. He looked at Reigdole and Antony and smiled wryly. This was probably something like, ‘not being able to read the mood’.

At the same time, the easy-going Reigdole boasted, “The recipes Shiu comes up with are better than that restaurant you know?”

“Which reminds me, I heard that your café is very popular. Is it true that they use Shiu’s recipes?” Alestro turned to face Reigdole and asked.

Reigdole nodded proudly.

“We do. We were able to make the cafe because of Shiu’s recipes.”

“Huh? Really? I heard that your family was planning to open a café.”

“If they weren’t able to get the recipes from the bid then they were going to make something else on that plot of land. That’s why Stella feels like a café specialising in Shiu’s recipes.” He faced Alestro when he said the second part.

Recently, if Reigdole becomes good friends with the students then he would talk with them normally, even if they were nobles. This was allowed in the school, but he wasn’t used to it at first.

Shiu thought that it was weird that people had to use formal language when speaking to nobles just because they were nobles.

Especially from noble children, even if they think they benefit indirectly from this, they don’t.

Shiu used formal language to show feelings of respect to the other party or to elderly people and when he first met someone as a courtesy.

But, because he wanted to avoid troublesome things, he tried to speak politely whenever he was facing a noble.

“It’s called Stella? That’s a nice name. The maid said it was really popular so she goes there a lot. I asked her to bring me back something, but she refused saying that it was food for commoners.”

“Well, it was opened in the central district and the customer base is middle-class commoners after all.”

Commoners had this concept of, ‘wanting to go eat there even if it was beyond their power’.

There were a lot of woman who saved their money to go there to eat.

A maid at a Marquis House probably had a high salary so she could go there often.

“I also want to try it. Hey.”

“Don’t tell me you’re going to ask me to take you there?” For some reason, Reigdole replied for Shiu. Alestro had surely given the bribe to Shiu.

“No way. Nope. That’s not what I’m asking,” he smiled while Viktor, who usually followed him around like a servant gently pushes Reigdole to the side, and Alestro stood in front of Shiu.

“Can I visit your house?”

“What?” Reigdole replied and Shiu was flabbergasted.

“I want to try staying over at a friend’s house, even if it’s just once.”

“…… Stay at Viktor’s house.”

Alestro ignored Reigdole, who had retorted, and continued while smiling, “I want to stay at a friend’s house who isn’t interested in my family. You’re the only one who I could think of. And, Shiu’s house seems interesting, doesn’t it?”

Alestro inclined his head and grasped Shiu’s hands.

Reigdole wasn’t the only one who looked bitter, Viktor did as well.

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