Act 05: Attempting the Trial Product

A few days after she’d gotten acquainted with Vernoux, Cordelia tried to talk to the head chef about the matter regarding rosemary.

If she could get her hands on rosemary in its fresh state, then she should be able to make a superior version of the dried rosemary being sold at the markets. She wanted to get her hands on them, grow them and increase the amount. Then, she wanted the head chef to make the best cuisine from it; or so she tried to ask.

Without delay, the head chef accepted those words; which came off as overly self-conscious for a small child. He also promised that he would obtain stock for her from abroad.

As a matter of fact, it seemed that the head chef, who had only seen dried rosemary before, had obtained a potted rosemary sapling in the past. He wanted to prepare the materials to make the best dish. He wholeheartedly tried towards that goal. However, perhaps because of magic-related reasons, the rosemary wasn’t able to take root properly and soon withered away. Therefore, he frankly told Cordelia that if there were a possibility, then he would like to cooperate with her.

Hearing those words, Cordelia decided in her heart that if she could procure rosemary stock, then she would perfect the way to make good quality dried herb.

In the first place, the quality of the rosemary that she could obtain was still ‘not bad’, even if it couldn’t be judged as good as what Cordelia saw in her previous life, she wouldn’t go as far as to say that the quality was poor. Drying itself was typically done to prevent mould and would commonly be used, even if the result wasn’t the one she desired.

However, common just wouldn’t do. Magic, which existed in this world, was evidently reduced when drying the herbs. If magic was retained in the herb, then the results would probably be better.

The head chef said that rosemary, with a fragrance strong enough to negate stenches, grew in kingdoms to the west; the ones in the east had a weaker scent and the ones planted in the north had an even weaker smell than the ones in the east. That knowledge was probably obtained due to the enthusiasm of chefs. Cordelia thought that the experience acquired by tradesmen was terrific, and at the same time, she was delighted that her plan was progressing.

“…… Well then, I’m sorry to ask this of you, but could I trouble you to obtain some rosemary from these three places; the eastern and western kingdoms, as well as our own? The rosemary from our kingdom may by no means be inferior to the others. For example, if the manner in which it is dried isn’t good, it might be a splendid specimen for all we know.”

“Are you sure?”

“I wouldn’t know unless I see it, but I believe that comparing both would be best. What do you say?”

“Well, I think a large quantity would be difficult, but I think we should be able to get one or two relatively fast.”

“Then, I’ll trouble you with that. If we consider that it would increase by time, then it shouldn’t be a problem. I’m looking forward to eating more delicious food cooked by you. After all, it’s a shame to not be able to utilise those skills of yours fully.”

While talking to the head chef in such a manner, Cordelia felt like a load had been taken off her shoulders at the promise of obtaining rosemary. It was regrettable that she might only be able to procure a small amount, but it shouldn’t be a problem if she could get her hands on them. It was possible for her to increase her stock since it was rosemary, and, if she didn’t need them immediately, then she could get her hands on more. Including cultivation, mass production could be considered in the span of a few years. Even if it turned out that the ones from the western kingdom were the best for cooking, there might be a possibility that the ones from her own kingdom would be more favourable in terms of scent. If she could get her hands on both varieties of rosemary, then it would be too much for her to want more than that.

(But, there’s no way that there are only three varieties of rosemary. Which means that there are varieties that aren’t mentioned in books, or if there really are only three kinds of variations, then I’ll need to improve them myself. If that’s the case, then it will be hard but also exciting.)


After talking with the head chef, Cordelia returned to her room, but on the way there, she witnessed the analysis magician, Ronnie, going to the main building from another, while holding a stack of books. It was an unusual sight since the analysis magician who worked at the Pameradia House, seldom showed up at the main building. He was holding books, so he’d probably borrowed magic books from the library.

“Thank you for your hard work, Ronnie.”

“Ah, Ojou-sama…… Or is it better to ask, ‘How do you do?’ at times like this?”

“Thank you for your consideration, but I don’t mind, please feel at ease.”

“Well, if you insist.”

Ronnie was, just as the head magician had said, no good with etiquette and, on top of that, he didn’t seem mind. However, Cordelia didn’t care much. It wasn’t like he was a hooligan; he handled the books with care, and his personal appearance was actually rather neat. Several times while Cordelia was talking with Ronnie, he would disclose matters of his past to her. “So I used to talk this way to the Earl, even before it was decided that I’d work here; crazy isn’t it? Now it feels more like the house ‘took’ me in.” That was to say, what Earl Pameradia looked for in a magician was their abilities and nothing else.

Ronnie spoke to Cordelia in a soft tone.

“The request from Ojou-sama looks like it’ll be finished soon.”

“Even though you were saying that it would be difficult, you work rather fast.”

“Ah, I’m not cutting corners. Don’t worry. If by chance something were to happen to Ojou-sama, I’ll be killed by the Earl.”

She couldn’t tell if Ronnie was joking or being serious, but at least Cordelia didn’t have to worry about him in that aspect. At any rate, Elvis hired him despite knowing that he talked like that. There was nothing to worry about in terms of his abilities.

“I’m going to the library now. Will you be joining me, Ojou-sama?”

Ronnie invited Cordelia in the same way as before; in a manner that wasn’t like an employee’s. Cordelia didn’t really have anything she had to do and accepted Ronnie’s invitation. She also had something to ask him.

“Say, Ronnie, I also want to be able to analysis plants by myself, do you think I could do it?”

“You’ll be able to. Probably.”

“…… You said it rather easily. But can I really do it?”

“Of course, it would be impossible now, but if it’s only to analysis if the plant is poisonous or not, then you would be able to do it if you were to acquire knowledge about the world’s poisons, increase your magic attribute knowledge, and then brush up on reading about plants’ magical circuit…… Ojou-sama, please open the door. Both my hands are occupied.”

“Here you go…… What do you mean by, ‘if only’?”

“Like this time, if you want to predict『what kind of effects it would have on the human body after processing』, then it doesn’t end with just that. It would be exhausting without technical knowledge, and even if you have technical knowledge, you’ll only understand if it’s poisonous or not. Even if you understand the active components, you wouldn’t be sure of the effects at the time of use. It is only a prediction. In practice, you have to look at the manufactured product and investigate…… After that, there are also individual differences, so a test subject would be necessary.”

Ronnie said that and headed towards a bookshelf.

Cordelia understood his point. Take for example chamomile; German chamomile, itself, didn’t have any anti-allergic effects, but, during its distillation, a compound called chamazulene is synthesised. When it becomes an essential oil, the anti-allergic effect manifests. In short, a chemical reaction occurs. In that case, a good outcome was produced, but in contrast, there was also a possibility that an adverse outcome could be created as well.

“I don’t really mind teaching you. Analysis magic that is.”


“Yes. Well, my ability as a tutor may be frighteningly low, and I won’t be able to say for sure that Ojou-sama would be able to master it if analysis isn’t your forte.”

“…… Even though you were saying it so easily before, this time you’re rather harsh from the start, aren’t you?”

“I apologise. Besides being honest, I tend to calculate things negatively rather than positively.”

Ronnie spoke nonchalantly as if he didn’t think it was terrible at all.

Cordelia once again thought that the easy-going him had the aura of a『neighbourhood onii-chan』. She was thankful for his rude way of speaking. As an employee, his speech and conduct was by no means something to be complimented, but he was invaluable as an existence that was able to advise Cordelia.

“But, I don’t think there’s a need for you to learn something like analysis magic. There are professionals here as well, so it’s unnecessary for a novice to go out of their way to learn it. After all, there is a thing called distribution of roles, is there not? It’s not always useful, even if you could do it all by yourself.”

“For example?”

“Let’s see. For example, if Ojou-sama were able to do everything and anything by herself, then our jobs would diminish.”

“…… That’s a misunderstanding. Ronnie, your primary duties are different, aren’t they? Isn’t this extra work for you?”

“As expected of Ojou-sama. But since this is more interesting than my original job, if possible I would like to maintain the situation where I’m away from my regular work using the front of, 『because I’m doing Ojou-sama’s request』, you see.”

Ronnie said and laughed.

“Are you returning to your room? Or going to the greenhouse? I’ll send you off.”

“…… Although those are usually words to be appreciated, since you’re the one saying them, I could only hear it as you want to skip work. Is it because of the conversation earlier?”

“Ahaha, it might be.”

Ronnie declared that, without hiding anything. Cordelia also shrugged her shoulders.

“About what we talked about earlier…… Even if it doesn’t apply to this case, I also understand that your opinion is correct.”

“What do you mean?”

“About it not being necessary to be able to do everything alone. It’s a case-by-case basis, but someone who has been conducting research for many years aside, there is a possibility that an inexperienced person, such as myself, will make decisions by themselves without being aware of any mistakes, and proceed onwards just like that…… Was what you meant, wasn’t it?”

“No, I was purely thinking of my own interests.”

“…… Oh my, is that so?”

It seemed that Ronnie was an honest person up to the point that he would correct people.

For Cordelia, living while being true to one’s emotions and words was a lot more difficult than being courteous. That wasn’t only true in her current world, but in her past life as well.

“Ojou-sama? Is there something on my face?”

“No. I’ve became a little envious of you.”

“You won’t get anything even if you flatter me, you know?”

“Nothing is fine. More importantly, you said that the analysis would be finished soon, but…… Do you already know whether it’s poisonous or not?”

“Oh, if it’s about that then it’s non-poisonous. However, that’s only for the portion that a healthy person usually uses. If it’s over that amount, then it could be medicine or poison.”

“Thank you…… I’ll head to the greenhouse now. I’ll be counting on you to continue with the analysis.”

Cordelia said as she placed a single piece of candy onto Ronnie’s hand and left the room ahead of him.

Ronnie gave a rare bow and looked joyful once she said. “It’s honey candy from Beryl.” Beryl’s honey candy was expensive; they were a high-class confectionary.


After Cordelia left Ronnie and reached the greenhouse, she earnestly began planning for the experiments to extract essential oils.

The first thing was the type of plant that the essential oils would be extracted from, but, to begin with, the choice was as good as having already been made.  The only plant that Cordelia could refine essential oils from right now was peppermint.

There were three main reasons for that.

First, more essential oils could be refined from peppermint than any other herb she had on hand.

Second, there was still a lot of wild peppermint growing in the mountains. Therefore, it was possible for her to start over, even if she failed a lot.

The last reason was the issue of apparatus. If she were to use peppermint, then the appropriate extraction method was the steam distillation method. It was possible for the current her to assemble that with simple apparatuses, and the other necessary ingredient, besides herbs, would just be distilled water; which could be prepared immediately.

The steam distillation method that Cordelia was thinking about was a method of getting essential oils by evaporating the essential oils contained in the leaf by sending steam into a distillation kettle, which contained the herbs. The essential oils, which become lighter because of the steam, would rise in the kettle, together with the steam. That then passes through a connecting tube and cooled. Then, the cooled vapour condenses into liquid once again. The liquid obtained at that time would be floral water, and the film that formed on top of that would be essential oil. Incidentally, floral water would also slightly contain the components of the essential oil so it could be used separately as a toner or air freshener.

“Although I called it an apparatus…… I’m just connecting glass containers with tubes.”

Cordelia borrowed some easy to use flasks and containers from the magicians’ wing and quickly started assembling the equipment. First of all, she had to set the heat source, which resembled a mini lamp or, in terms of her previous life; an alcohol lamp, and she put a conical flask on top of that for containing the distilled water. Then she plugged it and connected the tube to send the steam through, and then attached that to an air-tight container, which would become the distillation kettle to put the herbs in. Furthermore, from there she joined another two tubes to the kettle to let the steam escape. The tubes she chose for that were coiled tubes. She made them pass through a somewhat long and thin beaker-like thing, containing cold water, to cool down the stream passing through the tubes. At the bottom of the beaker was a hole, just large enough for the tube to exit, and the tube that passes through that finally reached a separating funnel. If the steam passed through the apparatus using that route, then she should be able to get floral water and essential oils without problems.

Cordelia finished assembling the apparatus and drew a deep breath. However, that was only a simple set-up; if she sought something on the level that was dealt with in her previous life, then it would be a little insufficient. Even if she could somehow adjust the temperature, there was no notion of measuring pressure in this world. However, in reverse, 『magic』which didn’t exist in her previous world, existed in this one. Cordelia believed that even if not all was the same, she could find a way as long as she didn’t lose her desire to create wonderful things.

Incidentally, the method used to make essential oil from nuts, in this world, seemed close to the pressure method. In her previous life, that method was primarily used when extracting from the peels of citrus fruits, such as lemons and oranges, in which the peels were literally pressed through machines, such as rolls, and then put into a centrifugal. Unlike the steam distillation method, heat was not applied, so natural fragrance could be enjoyed. The method was somewhat different, but it was suitable for fruits such as lemon, so she also intended to research it in detail shortly.

It was nice to have a centrifuge. Still, she couldn’t make a centrifuge with simple tools, like the ones she had.

“Well then, I’ll take a break for a bit……”

“Hmm, so this is Ojou-sama’s work?”


“Oh, sorry Ojou-sama. Did I surprise you?”

“…… Ronnie, you, why are you here?”

Cordelia almost screamed when Ronnie suddenly appeared, but she was able to hold it in and ask him that question.

Perhaps she had been so absorbed in her work that she hadn’t noticed him entering at all.

“Well, it seemed like you’d do something, Ojou-sama. I thought it would be interesting, so of course, I came to watch. You thought about starting your experiment since you found out that they were non-poisonous, or something along those lines?”

“I didn’t intend to start the experiment…… Right then, should I try to make a prototype? Ronnie, could you bring me distilled water and ice?”

“Got it.”

The handy thing about her house was that there were a lot of magicians who conducted experiments here, so there was always a lot of distilled water and ice in stock. Cordelia saw Ronnie leave and decided to quickly make the ingredients for the experiment.

First was making the dry herbs. The reason for using dry herbs instead of fresh ones was simple; if there was extra moisture in the leaves, then the extraction wouldn’t go well.

The standard way to making dry herbs was to bundle the herbs in small amounts and hang them in well-ventilated places with no direct sunlight. However, that wouldn’t fulfil Cordelia’s desire to 『use it now』, so she decided to use an unconventional method to dry the herbs.

Which was magic.

She could shorten the time needed to make dry flowers by using the Pameradia’s magic. Of course, it wasn’t like she didn’t do any preparation at all. Cordelia repeatedly practised making dried flowers with magic, with the flowers in the garden, for the day when she could conduct her experiment.

The Pameradia’s magic, the power to interfere with plants, could amplify the powers of the plants themselves, or stimulate their rapid growth. But, of course, there were limits. In particular, making plants grow drained quite a bit of magic power. It wasn’t like it couldn’t be done, but, for example, the caster’s magic would be exhausted if they were to use magic to repeatedly harvest a wheat field endlessly. On the contrary, they might even lose their life.

However, in contrast to growth, the magic power needed for drying plants was comparatively weak. Therefore, Cordelia earnestly practised how to dry plants cleanly. Of course, she was careful not to disturb the harmony of the garden. Also, that magic didn’t just dry. She learnt magic that, while drying, also maximised the characteristics of the plants by channelling magic power to amplify it. She used up many flowers in her experiment, but thanks to that, she was able to produce dry flowers in good condition, without much difficulty.

However, that was the first time Cordelia would be making dried mint. She was nervous, but the dried herbs were finished splendidly. With the combination of magic, she was able to make dry herbs with more vibrancy than when dried using normal conditions. If Cordelia wanted to make more dried flowers than that, then she thought that it would be necessary to find ways to improve it, other than the drying method. For example, searching for leaves during a period when they contain the most oil and harvest them. She had to give up on that this time around, but she wanted to investigate along that premise sometime.

(I always find things to study, no matter what I do.)

Cordelia put the dried mint into the kettle while thinking such things. At that moment, Ronnie finished his errand and returned.

“Welcome back. I’ve finished the preparations on my side too.”

“You’ve finished the preparations……? Eh? You’re steaming this dried grass? What are you planning to make, Ojou-sama?”

“Essential oils. I’m planning on making an excellent balm.”

“You’re making balm? From this dried grass? You’re not making it by crushing nuts? Eh? So I analysed the grass because of that?”

Cordelia smiled wryly at Ronnie, who displayed an honest reaction.

“It’s alright. I should be able to do it, as long as this is the mint I know. Also, it should be able to raise the productivity way higher than that particular type of nut; moreover for a nut with bad efficiency.”

“…… I certainly thought that I was investigating whether it could be eaten or not. I didn’t think that I was analysing whether it could become medicine.”

“I’m sorry. But, you didn’t ask, did you?”

“That’s true, but……”

However, Ronnie still had a face like he couldn’t understand.

“…… Well, it’s fine. It probably won’t explode.”

Ronnie gave a frank remark. Cordelia smiled wryly at him while heating up the apparatus. It was faster to get him to smell the fragrance rather than try to explain it to him.

After a while, the smell of mint wafted around them.

For Cordelia, the scent was a nostalgic one, but it was the first time Ronnie had smelt it. But it wasn’t like he didn’t react. From his reaction, she felt like he didn’t expect that such a strong fragrance would arise from dried grass.

Cordelia seemed like she was going to be a little prideful, but afterwards, something happened that surprised even Cordelia herself a little. The first thing she did was separate the water and essential oils while she was earnestly distilled, which took a long time in itself…… But the amount she’d extracted was more than she’d expected. Although the number of herbs she’d prepared hadn’t been that much, the essential oils that she could confirm, the actual amount, had accumulated to almost twice the amount she’d expected.

(…… Is this some kind of magic effect?)

The temperature should be moderate as well. In that case, I have no other reason to think otherwise. Could my intuition be off, since it’s been a while since I’ve tried this? Or is this a difference between this world and my previous one?

But that was good news, as well as being troublesome. If it were counterfeit, then it would become something else.

(I’m thankful that I could get this amount…… But the effects of the essential oil would be inestimable unless I request Ronnie to investigate it. If I don’t think carefully about adjusting the concentration, then it’s possible that the stimulus may be too strong.)

However, completing something that was different from what she’d predicted was by no means a bad thing. It was interesting for Cordelia to do experiments. Could she make something that attracted people more than nut balm? There was no choice for her but to make an attempt at that task.

“Is this supernatant what Ojou-sama wanted?”

“Yes. The supernatant is important, but the water is also valuable.”

“Eh, well, anyway essential oil is…… Ojou-sama, you are going to mix this with a carrier oil to make the palm, aren’t you?”

“Yes, but after the distillation is over. We have to find the proper concentration first.”

“Indeed, this supernatant is too thick to use…… The antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects can be seen, but if it’s too thick, then it might be harmful to people. Well, to ascertain the level which could be said to be harmless is close to my main occupation so I can help.”

Cordelia was amazed that Ronnie was able to find out a number of the properties by just glancing at it.


“Thank you for your very reliable words.”

“Not at all. I’m used to plants and poisons, but it’s good to have a new experience in trying to make cosmetics.”

The words that he’d said smoothly contained disturbing words that at least shouldn’t be told to a young child. However, as a Parmeradia escort, it was a competent remark. Cordelia could do nothing but smile wryly.

Then she realised.

When Elvis isn’t here, isn’t it possible for Ronnie to be my escort when I go outside?

If that is granted, then it might be possible for me to collect more flowers.

While Cordelia was thinking such things, Ronnie stared at the essential oils.

“This is really amazing, Ojou-sama. But, why don’t you channel magic power in while it’s being distilled?”


Cordelia didn’t understand the meaning behind his words and tilted her head in curiosity.

He continued in a carefree manner.

“Even though Ojou-sama went through the trouble of increasing the dry mint’s vitality and magic at the same time with your magic, a large portion of that was damaged by the heat. It feels as if a portion of the magic fell off when the mint was vaporised. It’s thick enough, even with that, but if that didn’t happen, then I think that the fragrance, magic and effect could remain after processing. Therefore, if you’re going to make an excellent product, then you need to protect it with magic when you’re heating it up.”

Ronnie spoke with a severe look on his face and Cordelia was surprised again.

He had discovered the effects at a glance just a while ago, but he wasn’t just watching during the experiment, he had analysed the movements of magic while looking nonchalant.

Cordelia received Ronnie’s instructions; she once again prepared the mint and tried to channel magic into it as a new challenge, but that didn’t go so well. She decided to channel magic through the glass, into the air-tight container that contained the herbs, but it wouldn’t reach the herbs. It wasn’t directed into the herbs.

Cordelia frowned, and Ronnie spoke as if talking to himself:

“Ojou-sama’s magic…… Or rather, the compatibility of plant-related magic and the glass might be the worse. This might be tough.”

The compatibility of the glass and plant related magic was the worse.

Cordelia never imagined that such a wall would hinder her. However, glass was favourable because impurities don’t get mixed in during the process. It wasn’t like she didn’t have any other choices, but glass was the most suitable out of all the tools she saw in the laboratory in the magicians’ wing. In the first place, even if it was said that the magic peeled off, it was only the increased portion of it; if some of it remained, then she should be able to make something that was at least close to the level as the ones she’d dealt with in her previous life. If that was the case, then it shouldn’t be a bad product.  

However, even though there was a possibility to make something better, it was regrettable that she had to readily give up because ‘it was impossible’. It goes against Cordelia’s principles to compromise, even though she was she was in a pleasant environment. It was still the first day. It was still too early to give up.

Cordelia once again held her hands towards the flask in silence. Then she drew a breath and once again turned her consciousness towards the magic inside of her own body…… She felt the magic that was released from her hands bounce back from the glass again.

Do I have to find another way? The moment Cordelia felt that:

“Ah. That’s right, Ojou-sama. If it’s a shop that specialises in selling experimental tools for magicians, then they might have glass that lets Ojou-sama’s magic pass through.”

Ronnie told that to Cordelia as if he’d just remembered.

“He’s an artisan who makes experimental tools for magic, but he also makes tools that suit the magic of the person using them. Therefore, he might be able to make something that could alleviate the bad compatibility of the glass. He also deals with pots, kettles and flasks; so he might also have air-tight containers.”

“…… Will it be expensive?”

“Well, for example, I would hesitate quite a lot to buy a flask on my salary.”

Cordelia recalled the number of gold coins she had on hand. If it were enough, then she would like to buy it, even if it was somewhat unreasonable.

“If you look at it, could you determine whether I could use it?”

However, it wasn’t worth considering if, by chance, it was something that she couldn’t use. She wanted to treasure money, even if only slightly. She hesitated to rush into any purchase that had uncertainties.

Although, if she were to say that she ‘wanted an experimental tool’, then Elvis would surely buy it for her, but he had already invested a considerable amount on her.

Ronnie also put a hand to his chin at seeing Cordelia’s severe expression and groaned.

“It’s difficult, isn’t it? I also want to go to that store and try it, but my magic and Ojou-sama’s are different, so I can’t test it. It’s not like I can’t come to a conclusion, but it won’t be with certainty.”

“But if the thing I bought were of no use, then I’d be troubled. There is one thing I’d like to confirm, which is, would I be able to touch it if I went to the shop?”

Even though she had a chance, it was out of her reach.

Cordelia was vexed and immediately thought of trying to solve it by going there herself. If her magic was unique, then there was no other way to explain it.

“That is…… Wait, don’t tell me you’re planning to go, Ojou-sama? You’re joking, aren’t you?”

“We wouldn’t know unless we see if my magic can pass through the product or not, isn’t that right?”

“I, I don’t think the Master will allow it.”

“I don’t think it’ll be dangerous if it’s on the main street, do you? Or is the shop not located on the main street?”

“No, I don’t think he’d allow it even if it’s on the main street…… But it’s on the west artisan street. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that the public order is bad, but it’s not a place where a noble would enter out on their own accord since it’s bustling in its own way.”

It was outrageous, and Ronnie shook his head as if rejecting her proposal. Cordelia purposely sighed loudly.

“…… I understand. Well then, Ronnie…”


Cordelia smiled widely and declared to Ronnie, who clearly looked relieved.

“Please choose clothes for a town girl of about my age…… Or an apprentice magician clothes for me to wear, by tomorrow afternoon.”


“I’ll immediately go to collect the tool. I can count on you, can’t I?”

“Nonono, that’s impossible!!”

Ronnie, who had turned a ghastly pale, finally shouted.

However, Cordelia didn’t change her mind, even though she thought he was a bit pitiful. That was why she continued with her unreasonable claim with an expression that was as if it was natural, and as if she was saying something that sounded obvious.

“If a noble went, they would stand out, wouldn’t they? Since that’s the case, I don’t think there’s any other way except for this.”

“No, um, Ojou-sama, even if you have the clothes, what about Master’s permission?”

“Father won’t be coming back from the fief until the day after tomorrow. Did you forget your Master’s schedule?”


“We only have tomorrow.”

Cordelia stressed those words to Ronnie with a severe expression on her face.

Cordelia could do nothing if he were to say, “If I can’t confirm the master’s intentions, then I can’t agree with you,” right then. So she had to persuade him somehow.

“…… I understand. However, please bring along a minimum amount of escorts with you. If I could use magic as I please, then I could protect you as well, but I could end up killing my opponent if I lost control.”

Ronnie raised both his hands in the air, as if he’d given up, and said a slightly disturbing remark. Cordelia softened her expression.

However, the words she uttered next contradicted her sympathy and contained the final blow.

“Thank you, but escorts are impossible. You’ll have to protect me while holding back since Otou-sama might find out…… No, I hope that we won’t get caught up in trouble in the first place.”

She felt apologetic towards Ronnie, who was hanging his head, but she didn’t feel like retracting her words at all.

“…… I’ll be expecting a special reward for this.”

Although his gaze was slightly mixed with resentment, this magician was also someone who worked for the Pameradia House. When life gave you lemons; make lemonade. He was an exceptional person that had such a disposition, after all.

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