Act 08: The Dignity of a Noble

Ronnie surely said that the magic tool shop’s Master would visit the mansion in the afternoon.

Furthermore, at that time he had hinted, “Sorry if he comes smelling like alcohol.”

But what did he mean?

It was the appointed time and the magic tool shop’s Master, who appeared in front of her eyes, had an appearance utterly different from the person she saw the other day.

He was wearing a jet-black robe, his hair was tied up in a ponytail at the back, and he was dressed in something that could be said to be a magicians’ uniform…… In short, he was neatly dressed. Naturally, he didn’t reek of alcohol at all.

“Thank you very much for choosing my shop on this occasion.”

Cordelia reflexively replied to Master, who stated so, with, “It is I who should say so, I am thankful that you accepted such a difficult request,” but it didn’t erase the awkwardness.

It seemed that was also the case for Ronnie, who was there together with them.

“Master, what’s wrong? This doesn’t suit you!”

Master heard Ronnie’s words and caught him by the scruff of his neck, then lowered his head.

“You, what are you saying in front of the daughter of an Earl! Or rather, why did you take the Misses out! If I’d known I wouldn’t have acted like……!”

“It hurts, stop it!”

Master’s outcry was quiet, but it was loud enough for Cordelia to hear.

It seemed that even if he was buzzed from alcohol from noon at the shop, he was still『a man with common sense』. Ronnie was like that, so she didn’t think much of it, but now that she thought about it, she felt sorry if he became a victim of foul play.

“Master, please don’t worry. Ronnie is normally like this after all.”

“But, Cordelia-sama, this guy is……”

“It’s fine. He’s talented. That’s more than enough.”

She said that, but Master looked like he still had something to say.

“What’s with this? Master and Ojou-sama are both being rude. Rather, Master also told me to go to the Earl mansion a while back and said that you wanted to come here too, didn’t you!”

“Did you think I’d believe that you were telling the truth in that situation?! ―――And, please excuse us, Cordelia-sama.”

“It’s fine. More importantly, where is the glass container?”

“Y-yes, here is it……”

Master spoke as he presented the glass container to Cordelia.

The glass must have been affected by magic power because it wasn’t entirely transparent; it had a slightly pale pink tint to it. The reason why Cordelia concluded that the colouring was an effect of magic power was that, when she’d touched the glass, the movements of the magic power inside of her changed and was drawn towards the glass.

“Well then, I’ll confirm it.”

Cordelia spoke and placed the glass container on the already set up apparatus. Then, she put the mint inside of the container. She had already prepared the distillation water and cooling system, so all that was left was to add heat and channel magic power so that she could validate the glass.

“From here on out, I will have Master see whether my magic power reaches the medicinal herbs inside the glass container. However, I ask you not to let a word of what is being done here to anyone.”

“I understand.”

“Then, I’m going to start.”

Cordelia exchanged a glance with Ronnie and then lit a fire in the lamp to start the heat. Before long, vapour began forming slowly and moved to the distillation kettle. There, Cordelia held her hands towards the glass container and felt for the magic that flowed within her. When she did that, the magic power wasn’t just being channelled into the mint, it moved towards the mint as if it was drawn to it. She didn’t feel the magic power being repelled by the glass and the magic was easily absorbed into the glass. It passed through the glass as naturally as water flowed.

“Woah…… As expected of Master! This is a completely new type of tool, isn’t it?”

“It was a magic power that I’ve never seen before, so I didn’t know what path I should make to let it pass through the glass, but this is the result of…… the trial and error.”

Master answered Ronnie’s question and weirdly ended his sentence. [1]He’s was being informal by using ‘da’ then he ended it more formally by using ‘desu’.

Cordelia smiled a little wryly. You don’t have to be that nervous, she thought.

But the glass was really fitting for Cordelia. However, she thought that Master would get even more nervous if she’d said that aloud, so she decided not to say it today and wait for the next opportunity to tell him. Unlike ordinary glass, she could still supply magic power at a stable rate even while thinking such thoughts. With this, I can have simple conversations even while refining.

She thought and asked Master.

“How much would it cost?”

“No, the bill is fine. However, I will charge you starting from your next order.”

“What do you mean by you don’t need the bill?”

“To tell you the truth, in the process of making this glass container, I developed something that seems like it will sell very well. Although it’s a lamp, by channelling magic power in a different way than normal, the hood transforms into something that looks like waves. This was made coincidently and would have been impossible if not for Cordelia-sama’s commission. As thanks for that, I would like you to accept this glass, free of charge.”

Master spoke and handed Cordelia a list that he’d prepared beforehand, “Your next commission will be charged at the prices listed here.” In brief, the fee for the glass differed by size, so the costs were varied. Also, the price of the lamp was written at the very bottom of the list. That was probably the by-product that Master had just spoken about. The stance of 『if you want it, then buy it』in this section was rather amusing to Cordelia.

“I understand, thanks.”

“Not at all, I’m the one who should be thanking you.”

“Just now, I was conducting an experiment to extract the ingredients from medicinal herbs; in the future, I will need small bottles for storage purposes. Can I count on you for that as well?”

“Of-of course! When you have time, we can have a meeting to talk about the details.”

“Fufu, thanks.”

It’s interesting to see how Master is more nervous than the other day.

Cordelia thought that while observing him, and Master was also observing Cordelia’s experiment with interest.

“This experiment, is it evangelism from a foreign kingdom?”

“You’re wrong Master. This is a new experiment of Ojou-sama’s own devising. Amazing, isn’t it? Even though she’s this small.”

In place of Cordelia…… Or more like, before Cordelia could answer, Ronnie, replied proudly, praising Cordelia as if it was his own achievement. At least, Cordelia wanted him to be a little more modest. It was embarrassing.

But it wasn’t like Ronnie was praising her, he’d just blurted it out without thinking.

“…… I’ve heard that high-ranking people liked to follow precedents, but that’s not the case, is it?”

“You mean that nobles are obstinate, don’t you?”

Ronnie said something vulgar in reply to Master, he was behaving like he usually did.

“Shut your mouth, Ronnie.”

However, Cordelia was already accustomed to him acting like that.

She ended it with, “It’s Ronnie, after all.” If one were to say something like that to a noble, then they wouldn’t bear with it at all, but fortunately, Ronnie knew how to get away from such nobles. His etiquette wasn’t proper, but he was really good at running away quickly.

“Ronnie’s words aren’t necessarily wrong. I’m also not all that familiar with noble society yet, but from what I hear, there are a lot of nobles who hate unprecedented things.”

Master looked at Cordelia in surprise since she’d agreed.

Cordelia smiled and continued.

“In the first place, there are very few who would go out of their way to find a different method to do things if everything is going smoothly. However, isn’t that the same for everyone, regardless of whether they are noble or not?”

“….. Cordelia-sama, you sure look at things in quite a calm manner, don’t you?”

“It’s not to the extent where you could call my mannerisms as calm.”

“You’re too humble. As expected of a daughter of the Pameradia House. Cordelia-sama, the timing of bringing new things into the world is a business opportunity. Just like with my lamp this time. I pray that your experiments will yield good results.”

Of course, I’m aiming for that…… was something Cordelia didn’t say.

She received that advice because Cordelia looked young…… She was actually eight. She knew about the matter this time, but she didn’t have any knowledge about how to be a merchant. Therefore, from there on out, she might be taught various things about business.

Cordelia grinned and added in her mind, I’ll rely on you here on out too.

Next, to Cordelia, Ronnie let out a thoughtless, “Ah.”

“Ah, that’s it. That’s how it is, isn’t it?”


“Well, Master is also amazing, isn’t he? I didn’t think of this, but if Ojou-sama succeeds in business, then that means there’s a chance that she’ll earn a fortune in the future, right? I’m really looking forward to seeing what Ojou-sama will do with her profits. It seems interesting.”

“…… It seems interesting?”

Cordelia frowned, not quite grasping what Ronnie was trying to say.

However, Ronnie continued speaking with a smile.

“Because you know, both the greenhouse and this lab…… even dresses and jewels, the master buys all of Ojou-sama’s things for her, doesn’t he? Isn’t it fascinating to see what an Ojou-sama, who has everything she wants, would do with their newly acquired wealth? It’s also amusing to see you put it in a savings box like we do, but you won’t do that kind of thing, now would you Ojou-sama?”

“You have really bad taste, you know.”

“Please say that I’m honest!”

Master chimed in at Ronnie, who was laughing, and Ronnie brushed him off.

His gossip-like remarks were certainly not in good taste.

However, more than that, Cordelia choked on those words.

“What I want with the fortune I get……?”

Those unexpected words continued to turn in Cordelia’s head, even after Master had gone home from delivering her goods.

She’d naturally thought about gaining profit. Raise her market share in one go with the balms that would have lowered the distribution costs. Then, make connections with influential nobles and obtain information. She had established that as the starting goal. Naturally, she also thought about raising her profits. However, the thing that she really wanted was information. She thought that it would be good if she could negotiation with balms as the weapon.

Therefore, she didn’t think much about the profits that would be generated.

It was just like Ronnie had said, all the things she needed were always prepared for her by her father, Elvis. Whenever she wanted jewels, dresses and shoes, Elvis would arrange merchants to come to the mansion. She could even borrow most of her laboratory tools from the magician’s wing. There weren’t many things that needed to be made especially for her, like the glass.

(…… If so, then that’s money I can afford to be flexible with, isn’t it?)

However when she thought that, it was difficult for her to find the answer straight away.

For example, paying for all the things that Elvis had given her up until now…… It wasn’t like she couldn’t use it in such a way. However, it was probably undesirable. It would make it seem that she was trying to take credit for all the experiments she’d started with Elvis’s assistance, and it would also look as if she was returning her presents with money. Above all else, it would be an impossible choice if she considered his position and pride as an Earl.

However, even if she thought of other uses for it, she couldn’t estimate how much profit she would make at that point in time. In the first place, the essential oils themselves were still at the experimental phase, and it would still take a while for them to become balms. It was difficult for Cordelia to make a plan with an unknown budget.

(But, if I can get my hands on a large sum of money, ――― then I would certainly respond to the expectations, and would probably try to use it in ways that are only possible for nobles, maybe.)

Even Cordelia understood that she could only start the experiments because she was born as a noble. Therefore, it would be nice if she could use that money to contribute to something as a noble. Thinking that Cordelia wanted a new goal, a direction she should aim for; even a rough goal would be fine.

But what can I contribute to as a noble?

Cordelia stumbled from the very beginning. In the first place, Cordelia only had knowledge gathered from books, so she was ignorant about the state of affairs in the world. The general knowledge of nobles had been drilled into her, but it was difficult for her to come up with an immediate answer to questions like; who are nobles, to begin with, and how exactly do they differ from commoners?

Of course, it wasn’t like Cordelia wasn’t taught anything about what nobles were at all. For example, her tutor taught her that, 『Nobles are the King’s loyal retainers and they have the respectable position of being a role model for the people』. “Therefore they are respected by the people and possess many privileges,” the tutor had said.

However, there were many aspects that Cordelia couldn’t understand with just that. To make time for her experiments, she had avoided quarrelling with the tutor, so she didn’t pursue the matter too deeply; but, in the first place, what was 『a role model for the people』? Those words lacked specifics. Therefore, she couldn’t imagine the appearance of a noble who was a role model for the people. The words 『King’s loyal retainers』was the same.

Of course, that might just be the noble stereotype. But, if that was so, then Cordelia didn’t understand what a 『noble』was.

(What’s for certain is that that they are people who preserve a status system due to their bloodlines, and they are given special privileges because of their position. But that shouldn’t be all there is to it.)

She didn’t think that the Pameradia House would be sustained with just those words. There were selfish people like Ronnie there, but the Pameradia House’s servants didn’t 『only serve』the house; she could see that they worked to the bone for the house. There must be a reason for that, and there might be a figure of a noble who should be respected there.  

“Hey, Ronnie. The existence known as nobles, what kind of existence do you think they are?”

The timing was just right, Cordelia thought and asked Ronnie.

Ronnie tilted his head in curiosity.

“Ojou-sama, I’m the wrong person to ask that question too!”


“If you want to ask that question, then you should ask great sempai, shouldn’t you?”

Cordelia finally understood what he was trying to say.




Cordelia was facing Elvis.

Earl Pameradia, the great sempai of nobles…… Elvis didn’t have to go to the castle today and was doing fief work in his own home, so Cordelia tried to ask the butler, Hans if she could have some of her father’s time.

She had asked Hans to immediately inform her when her father became available, but because it was her, Elvis had said, “It doesn’t matter when you come,” she could meet with him straight away.

Elvis seemed busy, as usual. She felt terrible for making him spare some time for her while he was busy, but her desire to ascertain facts won over those feelings.

It was just that Cordelia wanted to get an answer not only from Elvis but from Ronnie as well.

The things I can learn from Otou-sama are the way nobles think and how they ought to act.

Ronnie didn’t answer me and said, “I’d rather not, it’s embarrassing!!” but what was embarrassing about it?

In any case, Cordelia was currently in Elvis’s private room, facing him from across the table. She got strangely nervous when he faced her again.

“So, what business did you come for?”

Elvis directed some unfriendly words at Cordelia in their first father-daughter conversation in a long time. However, Cordelia also wasn’t surprised by that aspect of Elvis. She was nervous, but that was how he usually acted, so she understood that he wasn’t displeased or anything.

Cordelia made up her mind and got straight to the point.

“What are nobles?”

“Nobles are people of the ruling class.”

Elvis immediately answered.

His answer was frank and simple. At least, Cordelia felt that they weren’t words the head of a prestigious Earl House would say. What does he mean?

However, Elvis continued without worrying about Cordelia’s confusion.

“Therefore, nobles are responsible for supporting the country and maintaining public order within society. People who have an obligation to pursue ideals under that great cause…… That is a noble.”

Elvis stopped talking for a moment and looked directly at Cordelia.

Cordelia instinctively held her breath and felt tension run down her spine. Elvis’s aura was different than usual.

『Earl Pameradia』was here, that was what she felt.

“For argument’s sake, if there were no people in a fief, then it would just be a prairie. However, wealth is created because people live there. It’s also fine to think that the fief is protected by the people. Therefore, we nobles must protect the lives of our people. Some nobles work for a great cause, some are deceitful, and there are a considerable amount of nobles who will show their vanity. They’re the same as beasts. If we can’t always be proud of ourselves, then the dignity we possess is nothing but rubbish.”

Elvis said indifferently, but his voice certainly resonated the weight of his words. The reason she believed so was because of his tone and the heavy aura that he was burdened with.

“…… What kind of ideals do you have, Otou-sama?”

Cordelia asked, even though she had seen her father for many years, she felt as if this was the first time she’d seen 『her father, the noble』. Her tension increased as she asked that question.

But the aura around Elvis softened, probably because Cordelia had chimed in.

“My ideals are vast. So vast, that I can’t talk about them all in a short period. At present, I’m mainly thinking about agrarian reform in our fief.”

Elvis said and stood up. He picked up a single bundle of paper from the pile of documents on top of his desk and handed it over to Cordelia.

Cordelia dropped her eyes onto the bundle of paper and confirmed that, even though the letters on the documents were scribbles, they were still written beautifully. Elvis’s meticulous writing showcased the fine properties of the plots, the improvement plans and comparison data such as similar crops to those plots. When she flipped the page, the draft design of a waterway came next. An experimental proposal to transfer magic power in the air to the water using a water wheel was also mentioned. Also, the names of many botanists and geographers were also written down.

“At this time, the Pameradia fief has a lot of major roads for trade, and it probably holds one of the top ranks in terms of prosperity in urban areas in this kingdom. The mountains are also abundant with magic power, and the quality of wood is top grade. The grade of the crops is also high. However, on the other hand, the efficiency of crop harvest isn’t good. There are also surpluses, due to the size of the land, and it wouldn’t be surprising if more crops are harvested than what is available.”

“So far…… For example, at the time of the Predecessor-samas, did they not observe the fields that much?”

Since the Pameradia magic had good affinity with plants, isn’t it possible to select plants that are suited to the soil, or perhaps improve fertilisers by mixing it with magic power?

Elvis opened his eyes wide in surprise at the unexpected question and then narrowed them immediately.

“Did the tutor not teach you about the history of the Pameradias?”

“U-umm, just a little……”

“You probably only heard that we are descendants of an equestrian tribe. This is a good opportunity. I’ll talk a little about the history of this House.”

Elvis said and began to talk about the general history of the Pameradia House.

According to him, the Pameradias were initially a former equestrian tribe who settled down in the current fief long before the nation was established. The area was a crossing point for trade in the east and west since those days, but the land itself was extremely barren, and they couldn’t let horses rest there as they’d liked; so the area didn’t flourish. The fief was only a crossing point. However, the family of the equestrian tribe’s chief were people who had initially lived in prairies and had the power to grow plants.

“That family used their magic and improved the land so that they could grow crops in the surrounding areas. It took many generations and the variety of crops that could be grown in that area also increased. Eventually, even people from other places also gathered there, and the chef’s family governed the people as the feudal lord. Afterwards, the mountains and forests where greenery grew thick also became a part of the fief, and it grew to a scale close to the current fief. A few generations later, they also assisted in the founding of this very kingdom.”

“In other words…… even if the situation right now is insufficient from father’s standpoint, the land is sufficient enough if the people recognise the House.”

“Yes. The improvement of the land wasn’t only conducted a long time ago, but each new head of house has also tried to improve the land, but that has also been stagnated for about a century. At the very least, it didn’t seem like the previous head cared much about it.”

That makes sense if I put it in a bad way, then would it be something like the previous head just resting on the laurels of the past influences?

She knew that their ancestors had been an equestrian tribe, but it was the first time she’d ever heard something like that. She never knew that the Pameradia’s magic helped build a city and triggered improvements to the people’s livelihoods.

Cordelia’s head was spinning with thoughts on what the fief, which she’d never seen before, was like and then she heard Elvis say, “I’m sorry.”

“I don’t know about what the previous head was thinking, and I’ve never thought about understanding his thoughts either. Therefore, I don’t feel the need to think about it.”

The last thing Elvis’s said seemed like he was spitting those words out and his words were colder than usual. Even his eyes, which were usually a warm colour, felt as if they’d frozen over.

(…… Speaking of which, when Otou-sama hit me, he probably had the same look on his face.)

The first time she’d rebelled against father, ――― or rather, the day that she’d commence the 『I love Otou-sama! attack』. She faintly felt that he had the same expression on his face at that time. 5 years had already passed since then, but his aura felt the same as that time.

The former head and his wife…… In other words, Cordelia’s paternal grandparents had already passed away, and she knew it. However, she’d never heard about the previous head before.

“Cordelia you should remember this. You need power to achieve your goals. Authority is not something that you recklessly flaunt, but sometimes it’s necessary to show it.”

“For example…… At evening parties and such?”

“There’s that too, but, for example, the greenhouse that I gave you, ――― that was made using the Pameradia’s technology and knowledge. If someone were to see it, they would fully understand the Pameradia’s power, wouldn’t they? That greenhouse possesses technology that not even the Royal Family has, and is something that even the Queen secretly snuck over to see. It is also a testament to the power of the Pameradia House.”

(…… Eh, the Queen?)

Cordelia felt like she heard words that bothered her greatly amid a serious conversation.

“People will look down on you if you get regarded as having no power, and be forced to expend unnecessary effort. Anyway, it might be too early to tell you this, since you are still young.”

Elvis said, his expression had softened quite a bit.

Cordelia was somewhat relieved by his expression, and her tension was also completely gone.

If her father, who by no means was being malicious, made someone flinch with his attitude, then it would be hard to keep going…… She even thought that she would be the same; his expression was just that cold when he mentioned his predecessor.

In the future, I wonder if it’s necessary to not be wavered by heated conversations, such as these, in noble society…… It’s probably necessary. Although she thought that the road ahead of her would be rocky, she temporarily postponed those thoughts.

Of course, she had confidence that she could employ the tactics of someone older than 8, but that wasn’t good enough to win against an Earl who had amassed many life experiences. That was why she was using the honesty of a child.

Cordelia smiled like a little kid and frankly told Elvis.

 “I’m not as much of a child as Otou-sama seems to think!”

“Is that so?”

Elvis didn’t deny her words. He might have just brushed it off, but she would be happy if he did agree with her a little.

In the end, she felt that the answer Elvis gave her was vague. But as a principle, ――― she vaguely understood the course of action that a head of the Pameradia House should aim for.

And then, a problem also emerged.

“But…… I don’t have the confidence to become someone like Otou-sama.”

She understood the general notion.

However, it was a different matter if she asked whether she could be like him at all times. Especially towards the things that made Elvis speak about what nobles were without hesitation; the awareness that Cordelia held was only from things she’d learnt in her lessons and wasn’t something that came from within her.

How far can I carry an ideal that didn’t come from my own thoughts?

However, Elvis narrowed his eyes while Cordelia was worrying.

“How foolish.”

He said curtly and placed his hand on her head. His hands were huge.

“I merely responded as someone older than you. It’s important to remember that such ideals also exist. You should search for an answer that satisfies you. It’s useless to try and imitate me.”

“…… Huh?”

“It might make sense to initiate someone in the beginning, but if you stick to it, then there would be no progress past the starting point.”

She didn’t see any hesitation in Elvis’s tone as he stated that.

“You’re clever. If you don’t get caught up in being overly self-conscious, then as a noble…… No, as a person, you probably won’t lose your way.”

Elvis declared and removed his hand from the top of Cordelia’s head.

“…… I’m relieved to hear you say that, Otou-sama.”

Cordelia didn’t say it to flatter him. She just felt that she could genuinely be proud of herself if she had Elvis’s word on it. Elvis wasn’t putting on airs, he was just stating what was true for him, and Cordelia felt a strong feeling of a 『noble』coming from him.

“Well, having said that…… It’s probably impossible for you to understand without proper experience. If I can get a long break in the near future, then I’ll take you to the fief. You may find the answer you seek by broadening your horizons.”


“Yeah. The books on this bookshelf are about the fief. I don’t mind if you take them with you. The medicinal plants you like so much are also written down in them.”

“Thank you very much!”

Cordelia naturally smiled because she got a thrilling promise from Elvis.

Elvis glanced sideways at her and returned to his desk where the stacks of documents were.

Cordelia approached the bookshelf, mindful not to disturb him and the sound of door knocks resounded throughout the room.

The person who had appeared was Hans.

“Excuse my intrusion, Master. Marquis Flantheim is here.”

“…… I only have a bad feeling about this. Send him away.”

“That is impossible, Master.”

Elvis gave a long sigh at the Marquis, who was apparently like his son and came today too without giving any advance notice.

“We don’t need tea. At any rate, it must be a troublesome matter or something stupid. There’s no need to entertain him. You don’t need to come.”


Hans respectfully saw Elvis off.

Hans smiled gently at Cordelia in the room without its occupant.

“Please let me know if there are books out of your reach.”

“Let’s see…… Then that one over there.”


Then Cordelia asked Hans while receiving the book.

“Say, Hans. I have something to ask you, is that alright?”


“I heard from father that the Queen came to see the greenhouse, but when was that?”

“The Queen came two days after Ojou-sama went on a ride with Isma-sama. She came together with His Highness, the Crown Prince.”

Hans, who had said some extremely auspicious word for Cordelia, looked gentle as always.

(The Crown Prince!!)

So it was like that, huh, she thought, but on the one hand, she was relieved that they didn’t meet.  

At least with the near miss, she didn’t have to worry about having stepped on a landmine without knowing. That’s great.

She hadn’t shortened her lifespan without knowing, but it was still bad for her heart. Her heart was still racing, even though she knew she’d been saved.

But in contrast to Cordelia, Hans continued to speak softly.

“The greenhouse is the embodiment of amazing technology, is it not?”

“As expected of Otou-sama.”

“Yes. Master couldn’t help but make it because Ojou-sama is so cute.”


Cordelia, who was relieved, made questioning sounds at Hans and tilted her head in confusion.

The flow of the conversation changed a little? As she wondered that, Hans continued while grinning.

“One day, Master suddenly finished all the matters that he had to deal with and demanded the construction of the greenhouse that had been planned several years ago. He reasoned that he wanted to grasp the current state of technology. He was acting out of the ordinary, and even I was surprised.”

“Was it that sudden that even you, who has always been by father’s side, were surprised?”

“Oh, I was just talking to myself, and I wouldn’t bother to lie when I’m talking to myself!”

It seemed that Hans wasn’t only an excellent butler, he was also quite a cunning man. “It’s a secret,” Hans kept saying as he put his index finger to his mouth.

“Master also knows that Ojou-sama is working hard from the reports he receives from Ronnie. The renovations of the detached building were probably also the results of his expectations. It’s the Master we’re talking about, so he definitely has other reasons for it as well.”

Cordelia felt as if she was turning red from listening to Hans.

(Ronnie!! There should still be almost nothing to report about; there shouldn’t be!! Otou-sama, you’re going to put pressure on me if you expect too much. It’s easier for me if you just remain as a doting father……)

Those complaints flashed through Cordelia’s mind. And then, she was filled with the desire to not betraying those expectations.

“That’s right. First of all, I want to decorate this room with flowers, so that they’ll heal Otou-sama’s tiredness. Hans, please help me select some vases and flowers.”

“Certainly, Ojou-sama.”

Hans respectfully bowed to Cordelia.

“Otou-sama’s heart seems to be breaking for the people, but it doesn’t seem like he cares for himself much. So, I’ll take care of him in his place.”

Cordelia said and slightly smiled at the chair that was without its occupant.

Translator: Blushy
Editor: SenjiQ


1 He’s was being informal by using ‘da’ then he ended it more formally by using ‘desu’.