Special: Those Words, the Self-Explanatory Remedy

On that day, Vernoux, who usually came to eat sweets at the Pameradia House, was unusually depressed.

“You seem very tired.”

“Yeah, a little.”

His reply was not one an eight-year-old boy would say. He sounded like an adult tired from their work.

(If you’re that tired, then you don’t need to come here.)

If this isn’t an urgent matter, and his purpose is sweets, then it’s necessary for him to rest away his tiredness. However, when she looked at Vernoux, he looked like he was brooding over something, rather than being physically tired.

“Is something troubling you?”

Cordelia asked, and he nodded gravely.

“Gille is……”

“What is wrong with Gille-sama?”

“He’s been obsessed with milk, or rather dairy products, lately.”

“…… It’s healthy, isn’t it?”

“But there’s a limit, isn’t there! When we have tea time after training, it’s all milk. The sweets also consist of yoghurt, blanc-manger and cheese…… Anyway, he doesn’t stray from dairy products.”

At that time, Cordelia whispered in her mind, “It wasn’t something worrying, after all.”

Vernoux sighed deeply, and Cordelia realised something.

“I think that you’ve tried plenty of our sweets Vernoux-sama, but what about Gille-sama?”

“He eats it if it’s served.”

So he’s not eating those things because he wants more.

“Argh, enough. He won’t stop despite hating milk……”

“Oh my, then why all of a sudden?”

“Probably because he wants to get taller. Because a certain someone is so tall.”

“Tall? A certain someone?”

I don’t remember how tall he was, but he didn’t seem that short. She tilted her head in confusion.

“Ah…… Perhaps, are Gille-sama’s parents tall?’

“Parents? Well, his father’s tall, but not as tall as Earl Pameradia.”

I see, maybe he wants to catch up to his father. While I do think boys are charming, there’s something I want to tell them if they want to get taller.

“I’m sorry, but just drinking milk isn’t going to make you taller. A balanced diet, sleep and exercise are also important for growth. However, putting on too much muscle while you’re young isn’t good either.”

Vernoux’s eyes twinkled, and then he grinned.

“Hey, that, can I say tell Gille that you said that, Dilly?”

“Huh? Yes. You may.”

Cordelia nodded while worrying about his scheming.

“But, I don’t think my words have any credibility to them.”

“Dilly’s words are more effective than a doctor’s medical certificate right now for Gille. In fact, your words might be the most effective. I want to be free from milk too.”

“You’re exaggerating.”

“I’m not. I wonder if I should also tell him that he’ll never catch up to you if he continues his unbalanced diet.”


“Nothing. Don’t you have any sweets that don’t use milk?”

Vernoux demanded sweets as he became energetic.

Cordelia shrugged and entertained her friend while thinking that Gill might have an ulterior motive for commencing this milk attack, to escape from Vernoux’s sweets demands.

Translator: Blushy
Editor: SenjiQ

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