Act 13: The Lady, Thinking

It’s hard to overturn an impression someone has of you when you first meet.

When you give a good impression, the gaze pointed towards you would be positive and it would easier to assess their behaviour as well. However, it would be the opposite if you gave off a bad impression. It takes a lot of work to change doubt into something good. And, if you gave off a normalimpression, one that was neither good nor bad, then the chances for that person to become interested in you decreases, and it is also difficult to change that impression.

“That’s why I also want to leave a good impression…… Now then, what should I do?”

If they only thought of her as a 『Cute Lady』, then it was possible for that impression to change for the worse in the future. It would be a disgrace to the Pameradia House’s name.

Cordelia sighed.

Her room was quiet; it was already late at night and she only had one magic tool lamp lit up. She was in the best environment for thinking, but unfortunately, her thoughts were still scattered.

“What should I do at the Flantheim House’s evening party? I don’t have to be anxious about how I behave because Otou-sama and Oba-sama will be there. But, I’m also anxious because they’re there.”

Earl Pameradia’s daughter.

Countess Weltoria’s niece.

She would certainly be recognised with those two titles. Cordelia was also proud to have those titles. She was glad to have her cool father and lovely aunt.

“But, that’s why I can’t deny the possibility of my impression being weak.”

Of course, the focus of the party wasn’t her. Therefore, her purpose wasn’t to stand out, but to leave her impression with those who she interacted with.

(How will the current me be reflected in the eyes of those who I first meet? It’s important for me to know this.)

When she became an adult at 16, a debut party would be hosted with her as the focus.

Of course, she planned to stand out as much as she could at that time. She wanted to make the most of her appeal, so that she could build a market for balms and essential oils.

(But, if they think of me as an interesting girl from now on, then I might be able to pique their interests more than when I turn 16.)

When she thought like that, then she would have to get psyched up for the evening party.

(It’s also important for me to make acquaintances with those who are the same age as me. I must behave like a lady who wants to make connections with others.)

It was true that Cordelia had no choice but to accept the fact that the only friend she had, who was the same age as her, was Vernoux. Of course, she genuinely wanted friends, but if she didn’t make connections then she wouldn’t be able to grasp what the other ladies’ hobbies and preferences were.

Although the people she knew would increase just by being a lady of the Pameradia House, if they thought she was too normal then they might look down on her. She wanted something that could identify her as an individual.

“My best weapon right now is 『aromas』after all.”

Cordelia suddenly sighed and looked up at the ceiling.

Something that wouldn’t cause people to mistake her for someone else.

That would definitely be the variety of aromas she had.

However, she was also unsure about whether she should use it. She could also leave it until she was 16, the age when she’d stand out the most, and spread it all at once. On the other hand, she could present it briefly for now, and let the rumours about it spread before her debut. However, that method made her worry that they would completely forget about it in the four-year gap.

If she introduced a fragrance that was different from the ones she was dealing with now, and they liked it, then she wouldn’t have to worry about that.

“Instead, someone might try to contact me in the next four years.”

In that case, although I do have some worries, I’ll wear a fragrance and attend the evening party for a showdown.

However, another problem arose even if she’d decided to do so. The next problem that was waiting for her was which fragrance she should use. Of course, the balms and perfumes that she’d already made weren’t bad, and the experiments for them were already complete, so she didn’t have to worry.

But, on the other hand, there was a fragrance that Cordelia wanted to use, no matter what.

It was the rose.

Cordelia wanted to leave the impression that roses were 『her scent』. It was her most favourite fragrance. However, if she wanted it, then there would be a big problem. It was difficult for her to obtain enough 『Cordelia』to use for various experiments. There were a lot of seedlings in the garden and she had the plot of land that she’d borrowed near the mansion, and Gille was being very cooperative, but it was still a new rose, so she couldn’t get her hands on as many as she’d like. Gille had also given her many other varieties of roses, but, if possible, she wanted to make a fragrance with 『Cordelia』.

(….. It’s just the right season for flowers to bloom. It’s possible for me to make otto oil once, if I make it with the dried flowers I’ve collected up until now. Even if I pass some to be tested, I should still have enough for the evening party.)

However, there was something she was concerned about.

When it comes to roses, she thought that the solvent extraction[1]absolute method could produce better fragrant essential oils than the steam distillation method[2]otto. But unfortunately, Cordelia had never conducted an experiment using the solvent extraction method before. The only flowers she’d obtained that could be used for that method were roses, and she still hadn’t even got her hands on that many roses, so she didn’t include them in her experiments.

“Of course, the variety of roses are different from the time when I lived in Japan. The solvent extraction method and the steam distillation method; I don’t know which one suits 『Cordelia』better.”

However, there was still the possibility that she could obtain an even better scent. If she could get a better scent using that method, then she wondered if it was alright for her to leave an impression with the fragrance made from the steam distillation method.

Cordelia moaned. I’m making this with Gille’s help. I don’t want to make an incomplete product. But…… I want to use the rose fragrance.

“…… This is the first introduction. If I can improve the fragrance by the time I’m sixteen, then it might go in a better direction.”

Her target for her future research was to continue searching for organic solvents that were best suited for the solvent extraction method. But I want to introduce the best results I can now. She thought that, and stopped hesitating.

Alright, I’ve finished thinking.

I’ll immediately begin making essential oils with the steam distillation method tomorrow.

And Cordelia, who had decided on her own fragrance, was faced with another problem.

That was…… If possible, she wanted her aunt to use some kind of fragrance. As for the options, Cordelia thought that her aunt could use orange perfume. The essentials oils obtained from orange, which was squeezed with a centrifuge, had a refreshing scent. It suited her aunt’s image. She would have to be careful of UV rays when using orange essential oils, but it should be fine since it was in the evening. In the first place, her aunt wasn’t one to irritate her skin by leaving it unprotected. She always protected her skin with a parasol in the daytime. It also had a relaxing effect, so it shouldn’t give the user any bad impressions.

“I hope I get a good reply from Oba-sama.”

Her aunt knew a lot about fashion and she shouldn’t be opposed to trying new things. Therefore, Cordelia thought that she would use the new essential oil as long as she liked the scent. If things went according to plan, then her aunt would surely become a wonderful 『walking advertisement』.

However, that wasn’t something that Cordelia could solve by herself; she would only get the answer by asking Nirupama.

“Should I discuss it with her through a letter tomorrow?”

At least she’d decided on a fragrance, and Cordelia stretched lightly.

She could finally begin on her last problem.

Yes, ――― Vernoux’s birthday present.

“If I have to get him one, then the flashier the better.”

Something that Vernoux and everyone else in the venue would be happy about, ――― that was the extent of her goal.

Cordelia got up and pulled out some jewel-like things from the drawer next to her bed. Then, she laughed.

“Prepare yourself, Vernoux-sama. I’ll surprise you.”

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Editor: SenjiQ


1 absolute
2 otto