Originally, this flower was a vine-type plant that crawled across the ground. It wasn’t uncommon in the Pameradia fief, but it wasn’t a flower that would likely appear in the Royal Capital.

“Can I hear about this trick?”

“This flower was originally a vine-type plant, but it only accepts magic as nourishment. It doesn’t need water or light, and they grow roots and leaves just by sucking up magic. So instead, I gave it my magic.”

“Plant growth is a specialty of the Pameradia’s after all. Why is it floating?”

“Originally, this flower drifts in the air for a few seconds after it’s separated from the vines. But, if it’s forced to grow with a sudden burst of magic, just like I’ve shown you now, then it would float in the air for about a day.”

When she was 10, she found out that there was a strange flower in their fief, and from then on, Cordelia messed with the flower many times in order to practice her magic. Last year, she realised that it floated in the air for a long time, and she decided to practice blooming a lot of seeds at the same time, so that she could show it at the evening party.

I’m glad I made it in time, Cordelia was relieved.

“Of course, Vernoux-sama would probably be unsatisfied with just this, so I’ve also prepared another gift for you.”

“This is already entertaining enough, but I’m thankful for your gifts. By the way, what is it?”

“It’s an assortment of sweets. I’ve chosen sweets that would last for days.”

“I see, you’re very thoughtful. Anyway, are you thirsty, Dilly?”

“Huh? Thirsty?”

Cordelia was surprised by the abrupt topic change. To be honest, she wasn’t thirsty, but then she remembered that Vernoux had tried to leave a while ago.

(…… I wonder if he got bored with greeting people.)

Then, should I help him out?

Cordelia replied briefly, “Yes, I am.” Then she looked up at Nirupama, who winked at her. It seems like Oba-sama doesn’t mind if I leave.

Then, Vernoux left first and beckoned her to follow, “This way.”

“It was a really unexpected present. I’ve never seen anything like that before.”

“Did it make you happy?”

“Yes. Mother too, see look. She’s still trying to touch the flowers. There are people touching the flowers throughout the venue as well. It feels like the atmosphere has gotten lighter.”

“But, you’re happier about the sweets, aren’t you Vernoux-sama?”

“Well, forgive me for that.”

Cordelia shrugged at Vernoux because his tone didn’t sound like he was sorry at all.

“But, I’m sure he certainly regrets not being able to see this.”


“Yeah. Dilly, what do you want to drink? Juice, right? Here, take this. We’re going over there.”

“Eh? Wait a minute.”

Vernoux forced the drink that he’d gotten from the waiter onto Cordelia and kept walking. Then, he went out onto the balcony. Cordelia didn’t understand what was going on and was hesitant to turn back, so she just followed after him.

“Wait, Vernoux-sama. What’s over……?”

“There’s someone waiting here.”


Cordelia doubted his statement and looked where he was looking.

The first thing she understood was that someone was standing there.

That person was looking at Vernoux while leaning against the wall. Moreover, that person had brown hair and he was about the same height as Vernoux.

“See, Gille. I brought her.”

Vernoux said while laughing.

“…… Gille-sama?”

No, I know it’s Gille-sama. Vernoux said his name after all.

“It’s been a while, Dilly.”

“Yes, it’s been a long time.”

Cordelia delayed her reply in front of Gille, who had grown up while still having some of the features he did when he was 8. Just like before, Gille was covered in Vernoux’s magic.

(We’re not in town, so why is he in disguise?)

She was more surprised than in doubt when that crossed her mind.

“You’ve become handsome.

“…… Huh?”

Yes, Gille had become very handsome.

That might have had a lot to do with how calming his atmosphere was, compared to four years ago. However, he really did grow up handsomely. She felt like she would stare at him for a time if she was careless.

“Pfft, sa-saying something like Gille is handsome…… Dilly really says odd things after all.”

“…… Vernoux.”

“Aren’t you glad, Gille? Then, I’ll be going back inside. Don’t be too late, Gille.”

Vernoux said that as he left. Cordelia felt like the word ‘amusing’ was written on his back.



(What should I do……?)

That was the number one thing that came to her mind after Vernoux left. She hadn’t expected to see Gille at all. It wasn’t like she didn’t want to see him, but she didn’t know what to talk about at all.

(Even though I’ve been exchanging letters with him…… It’s a little different when we actually meet.)

What should I do? What to do?

But, she faced down a little just like that and recalled what she wanted to say when she saw the flower at her chest. She had written about it in the letter, but she had yet to give her gratitude in person.


However, Gille also talked at the same time Cordelia had made up her mind. They stopped moving and spoke at the same time.

“Thank you very much for the flowers.”

“No, I’m happy they were of use to you. You also got good results from them, didn’t you? I smell a very nice scent coming from you, Dilly.”

“It’s thanks to Gille-sama. Thank you very much.”

“That…… Mm……”

“Is something wrong?”

“You’ve gotten very beautiful. You were also beautiful when you were 8, but I’m surprised to see you so grown up.”

“Y-you flatter me! But, thank you very much.”

Cordelia lost her words for a second when she got a reply that was similar to the one she’d just given him. He had said it frankly, while looking a little embarrassed, so she couldn’t help but to turn red.

(He’s being sincere, since he looked embarrassed while saying it…… Probably?)

However, he probably thought he had to say it, even though it was embarrassing to say out loud. Therefore, Cordelia thought it would be a little embarrassing to deny his words outright, so she laughed in order to cover it up.

However, Gille didn’t seem convinced by her actions at all.

“O-oh yes. When did you decide to come today, Gille-sama? I didn’t hear anything about it from Vernoux-sama, so I’m really surprised.”

“Huh? Ah, yes…… Sorry, I didn’t mean to surprise you. I’d only just found out I would be coming today, just before the party started.”

“You seem very busy.”

“But, I also have fun. It’s not all troublesome stuff.”

“Then, I’m glad…… But, please don’t overdo it.”

Gille, who was diligent, was saying he was busy, so if he had a tight schedule like Elvis’s then he could mess with his health.

He’s still a child, Cordelia thought and Gille made a serious face.

“I am being careful. But, there are things that I want to do and things that I have to do, so I want to do the best I can.”

“Then, please don’t push your limits. Promise, okay?”

Cordelia said that and held out her right little finger.

When she stuck out her little finger…… She suddenly realised,

Did pinkie promises exist in this world? She had never seen anyone in her house do it. Cordelia glanced at Gille and his eyes were widened in surprise.

(I wonder if he thinks I’m doing something strange……!)

When she thought about how to cover this up, Gille’s little finger wrapped around Cordelia’s.


“Yeah, I promise!”

Apparently, pinkie promises did exist in this world. She squeezed their little fingers together while feeling relieved and then let go off his little finger.

“But, I didn’t think you knew about the crossing of fingers, Dilly.”


“It’s a way to make a vow that children in town use to make promises, isn’t it?”

(…… I didn’t know that. I also didn’t know that it was called ‘the crossing of fingers’.)

“At first, I was surprised to hear that the origin of it was to imitate knights, who made vows, by crossing their swords together. They imagined that their finger is the sword. But, it’s a very good method to make promises, isn’t it?”

“Yes. I think so too.”

“I promised Dilly, so I won’t overdo it.”


“So, I want you to promise that you won’t overdo it too, Dilly.”

“Yes, of course not.”

Then, they faced each other and laughed. They’d both realised that the tension they felt at the beginning was gone. In the first place, they’d been exchanging letters for the last four years. The person in front of her slowly overlapped with the one she’d been exchanging letters with, so there was no reason for her to remain anxious.

Cordelia put the glass that she was holding in her right hand to her mouth. She was thirsty now. The juice was quite sweet, but it moistened her throat.

“Oh my, the music……?”

“Oh, it seems like the dancing has begun.”

The slow tune of the music flowed from within the hall. That was the first time Cordelia had listened to live music played by a large number of people. She became curious and stepped towards the hall.

However, she didn’t move more than one step, because Gille had grabbed her right wrist.

“What’s wrong? Gille-sama.”

“No, well……”

Cordelia couldn’t imagine that Gille would do something like that without a reason. Cordelia tilted her head curiously as she looked at Gille. He seemed a little lost for words, but he let go off her wrist and once again held out his hand.

“Dilly, I have a request.”

“What’s the matter?”

“Would you dance a song with me here?”

Cordelia was surprised at those words.


Gille asked once again, “You can’t?” as her eyes flickered.

“No, it’s not like I can’t…… But, I’ve never danced with anyone besides my teacher, you know?”

“Then, I’ll be your first dance partner…… If you don’t mind it being me?”

“Of course, I don’t…… But, I might step on your feet, you know?”

Even though, Cordelia didn’t intend to do something as bad as step on his feet, but she’d never imagine that her first dance would be on a balcony. Whether it be a hall or a balcony, she should be able to dance, but she was a little anxious.

Gille bowed respectfully at Cordelia.

“It’s my pleasure, Ojou-sama.”

Cordelia couldn’t help but laugh at his theatrical appearance.

“I’ll be following your lead, Shinshi-sama. [1]Gentlemen, opposite of Ojou-sama

She put the glass in her left hand onto the railing and took his hand.

Gille must have been accustomed to dancing, because he made her feel like she wouldn’t step on his feet at all, and it was refreshing to see him have a happy expression on his face, which was completely different from the one her teacher wore when they taught her.

“I never dreamt that I would dance under the stars.”

“Me too. I did hear from Vernoux that you might be coming, but I didn’t know for sure at that time.”

“Oh my, really?”

“Yeah. I found out that you would be coming when I got here. Therefore, I never would have imagined that we would be dancing together.”

He gave the juice on the railing to Cordelia as he said that.

She looked up at the stars and drank the juice.

“Dilly, do you like stars?”

“Eh? Yes.”

She was asked that as she stared absent-mindedly at the sky, and Cordelia was surprised. However, Gille’s words continued before she’d even had time to think about it.

“Then, let’s go to Star Falling Hill one day; I’ll show you around.”

“Star Falling Hill?”

“Yeah. Not many people know about it, but you can see a lot of shooting stars there. It’s very beautiful. The white flowers there are also beautiful.”

“A white flower?”

“Yeah. I’m sure you’ll like it. I really want to talk to you about it now, but I have to go back soon. I’ll send you a letter again. Thanks for today.”

“Eh, huh……? What?”

She’d thought that he’d go home after returning to the hall, but he put his hands on the balcony and jumped off. It was the second floor.

She was surprised and immediately leaned on the railing to look down.

He was already gone.

(I’m so surprised that he left so abruptly.)

Cordelia was dumbfounded at how he’d bolted out of there.

She also wanted to talk to him a little more, since they finally got to meet. It had been four years since they’d last met, after all.

(…… But, I didn’t expect to see him today, so I’ll probably be able to meet him suddenly again.)

And, he had invited me out, even though he’d only mentioned it in passing. So, he’ll probably contact me sometime soon. She thought that, and slowly headed back into the hall. Elvis and Nirupama were probably worried about her, since she’d been gone for a while.

Cordelia returned to the hall and the first person she saw was Nirupama. She was dancing in the middle of the hall. And when she glided her gaze over a little, she saw Elvis talking to the Marquis.

(What should I do?)

I can’t go to where Oba-sama was dancing, and it was difficult for me to go to where Otou-sama is because he’s talking. Then, I should find a friend who’s the same age as me. Cordelia thought that and suddenly looked around.

(It’s difficult to call out to a child I don’t know…… I wonder where Vernoux-sama is.)

She thought that as she looked for the blonde hair child, but she saw someone unexpected and froze.

(Why is he here……)

She saw a single boy.

He was the same height as Vernoux. His hair colour was black, and his eyes were golden. And, he had the Royal family crest on his chest.

(Why…… Seriously, why is the prince here?)

The prince was certainly not there when she left the hall. Her mind froze, and she broke out in cold sweat. Cordelia instinctively stepped back.

No, it wasn’t strange if she thought about who Vernoux’s friends were. But, she never thought that the prince would visit the Flantheim House.

(Yeah…… It’s not impossible for the prince not to leave the Royal Castle.)

She had been completely unprepared. She had thought that it would be a little later until she met the prince.

(Calm down, me. I’ve seen him, but he hasn’t seen me yet.)

It’s not like he’s talked to me or anything. He’s the prince. It might be considered rude to talk to a lady that you don’t know.

Then, I’ll go back to the balcony and quietly wait for time to pass.

Cordelia thought that, and decided to behave in a way that wouldn’t get her noticed by the prince. I’m not even that close to him. It’s not strange for him not to notice me.

But Cordelia’s thoughts were instantly shattered.

“Dilly, over here!!”

It was impossible for her to say that she didn’t hear Vernoux call for her when his voice had been so loud. Of course, she could pretend that she hadn’t heard him, but it was Vernoux, so he would probably call out to her in a louder voice.

(I wanted to escape……)

Cordelia, whose retreat was cut off, slowly approached Vernoux. If she looked at the people around him carefully, she could see a few knights that weren’t there when she’d arrived.

(It’s really hard to be a prince, isn’t it?)

Cordelia pull her heavy feet forward one step at a time as she pitied the prince. Then, she noticed that those golden eyes were on her and stopped at once.



Vernoux urged and she bowed respectfully at the black-haired Prince.

“It is very nice to meet you, Your Highness. I am Elvis Pameradia’s daughter, Cordelia Enna Pameradia.”

I only said the minimum of what I need to and yet, have I ever been this nervous?

However, I have to be as ordinary as possible in front of this prince. Don’t leave a good nor a bad impression.

She had been given the opportunity to introduce herself, so she couldn’t leave unless she got a response.

(Hurry, hurry up and reply……)

In fact, not much time had passed, but she felt that a lot of time had passed since she’d introduced herself. She could even hear her heartbeat. It was much faster than normal.

“Please raise your head.”


“I’m not the prince of this kingdom today, but a friend of Vernoux’s. You don’t have to be so respectful.”

Cordelia slowly lifted her face when the prince said that.

Then, her eyes met with the prince who had droopy and gentle eyes.

(The reply I wanted wasn’t something gentle like that.)

And it was impossible to tell the prince, who had just said that, “Nice to meet you.” Of course, she couldn’t say that for another reason as well.

However, there was something that she was glad to know now that she’d met him face-to-face.

(I won’t get jealous even if the prince and heroine love each other. The prince was certainly good-looking, but that’s all of what I think.)

If so, then she wanted to send a big bouquet to the heroine and prince in gratitude.

No, of course she knew. No matter how aware of him she was, she wouldn’t say, “Kyahh, Prince-sama is so cool!”

That was fine. Even supposing that the Cordelia in the game had selfishly showered this prince with affection, it still had nothing to do with her *current* self. If she could stay away from the prince as she’d been doing, then she could live a peaceful life.

(If I’m not jealous, then I can become friends with him…… I wouldn’t think something like that. I wouldn’t be able to keep calm because it’s too ominous.)

Then, what should I do?

Her first priority was to escape from the uncomfortable feeling. She didn’t know what the prince was thinking, but he smiled at her, so she smiled back. But then in that next moment, she thought, what are you doing, me……!! And did her best to restrain herself. She made excuses to herself that it was an act of God.

But her troubles were easily resolved.

“It has been a long time, Your Highness.”

“Mm? Ah, yeah.”

A cute voice was heard from beside Cordelia. Then, the cute lady, who suited that cute voice, began to praise the prince immediately, “Your clothes are very lovely today.”

(Is this a blessing from heaven?)

Cordelia quickly bowed at the same time she’d thought that, and left the battlefront. She felt the load in her heart lift.

Now, what should I do? Cordelia thought, but she was immediately surrounded by little ladies, and the tallest lady in the group called out to Cordelia.

“Cordelia-sama, it’s nice to meet you. Would you like to talk over there?”

“Yes. Thank you very much.”

Cordelia replied even though she was surprised, and the little ladies cheered. She understood that she was welcomed. She also seemed to have been able to blend in well with them.

Cordelia tried to turn back once as she had been invited by the ladies. She wasn’t trying to look at the prince. She just wanted to say goodbye to Vernoux, who had called out to her, with her gaze. However, she got a bad feeling as she was doing that and only managed to turn her body halfway before looking straight ahead again.

(…… Let’s not. It’s Vernoux-sama, after all. He won’t mind.)

Rather, it would be troublesome for the current Cordelia if she turned back and people thought that she was interested in the prince. So now, she changed her mind and decided to enjoy her time with the cute ladies, since her goal was to make friends of the same generation.

Translator: Blushy
Editor: SenjiQ


1 Gentlemen, opposite of Ojou-sama