Ten days had passed since then.

Ronnie was teaching Carla magic and writing on the second floor of the laboratory. At first, Cordelia thought that she wouldn’t mind it if they conducted their lessons on the first floor, but they had been too noisy, so she decided to move them upstairs.

Even so, the second floor was just a single room and it had no doors; the only thing separating it from the first floor were stairs. She was a little worried because Ronnie’s and Carla’s loud voices could be heard every now and then. She was a little puzzled, so she quietly climbed the stairs and peeked at what they were doing.

Their study corner was a small table set, which had been placed near the window side. Ronnie sat facing Carla.

“Like I said, magic isn’t something that you just silently pray for. If you don’t follow the magic that flows through your body, then you wouldn’t be able to produce magic.”

“Magic power flows through the body……? What are you saying? I have no idea what you’re on about!”

“Ah! …… Look, magic flows through your body like your blood does, right?”

“I don’t know what you mean. Yesterday, you said, 『water flowing in the river』. That was easier to understand.”

“No, you didn’t understand that at all, did you? I wish you could at least use magic tools. You can’t even use them at all.”

“Well, what can I do? I hate magic. Ah, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to slack off, you know?”

“I know, you don’t have to tell me again.”

It seemed like they were in the middle of magic practice.

(Carla still can’t use magic tools, can she?)

Cordelia was under the impression that Carla would be able to use magic tools if she’d left her to Ronnie for a few days and was surprised that she still hadn’t become able to use them.

This was probably not a lie. Magic tools varied in operation time and range depending on the user’s magic power, and people who couldn’t even use them for a second were rare. So, there was no need to purposely lie about it.

Cordelia met Ronnie’s eyes for a second, smiled and then went back downstairs. She didn’t want to disturb them.

Carla wasn’t irresponsible. She was completely ignorant in matters relating to magic, but she was able to write after 10 days of studying. Of course, she still made mistakes, but she was able to write simple letters. Cordelia thought that this was great, even if she was able to read in the first place.

(She seemed like she hated learning at first, but she does her work seriously.)

She also seemed like she hated magic, but she wasn’t skipping her lessons.

(She’s probably a really diligent child.)

She thought that as she listened to the arguments that were going on above her. I should discuss this with Ronnie soon, she thought as she rested her chin on her hands.

When Carla finished her lessons, she returned to the servants’ rooms like the other servants did. Carla didn’t have a room yet, so she stayed in a female magician’s room as a freeloader. However, it wasn’t like they couldn’t prepare a room for her; they hadn’t given her a room because she was still under observation. Another reason was that they could support her in anything she needed, since she was probably not used to her new lifestyle. Carla seemed puzzled at first, but 10 days had passed since then, and she seemed to be used to it by now.

Then as Carla walked away from the laboratory, Cordelia called out to Ronnie who was lying on the desk.

“Good work today, Ronnie.”

“You don’t have to say that to me. Why do I have to take care of a child?”

“Oh my, I’m a child too, you know? You’ve been with me since I was 8, have you not?”

Cordelia said that as she prepared a lavender and rose tea blend for Ronnie before giving it to him. She also put a small cookie on the saucer for him.

“Ojou-sama, you’re not like a child at all, are you? Ah, I’m not saying you’re old or anything.”

“…… I’ll pretend I didn’t hear the second half.”

“I’m saying you’re misunderstanding me…… Well, whatever. But, what do you think Ojou-sama? About Carla that is.”

He took the cup in his hand and stared at the swaying liquid while asking Cordelia.

“I heard that Carla is basically like a good girl, even from the ladies in the magician’s wing. But, they said she always seem restless, and she seems to be afraid of the dark; that she has a big injury on her left arm.”

“Injury on her left arm?”


He looked up at Cordelia who was still standing and put his hand to his chin. Did he remember something? She thought and answered.

“Honestly, I think Carla is sort of…… working at the mansion because she has a motive. But she hasn’t done anything since she got here…… If she doesn’t do anything at all, then I think she’s a little too easy going.”

“It’s not because she doesn’t want to, it’s because she can’t. Even I wouldn’t move while security is this tight if I was a spy.”

“Then, it’ll be a different story if she had space to move, right?”

“Yes, that’s right…… Are you saying you want to try it?”

“Because I don’t want to think of Carla as a bad kid. I also want to know the answer.  And anyway Ronnie, you don’t want to suspect Carla either, do you?”


“Oh my. Because you’re making such a nasty face while asking questions. I also don’t want to suspect her, you know?”

Cordelia said that and tilted her head.

Ronnie widened his eyes and blinked many times. Ronnie’s expression broke a little at Cordelia’s unexpected reaction.

“…… Just a little correction. What I hate is not that Ojou-sama is suspicious of her, I hate it more that I have to teach her while I’m suspicious of her.”

“I’m the one taking care of her the most in the mansion after all,” He said, so Cordelia shrugged. It’s really like Ronnie to answer like that.

But, Ronnie immediately withdrew his soft look.

“Hey, Ojou-sama. I was reminded of something when I heard about the injury on her left arm……”

“What is it?”

“It’s possible that Carla, ―――.”

Ronnie looked usually stiff before speaking in a low voice. Cordelia was surprised and at the same time she thought, we can’t take it easy either. Ronnie continued.

“I’m going to the library. I don’t know if I’ll find any hints though…… Ojou-sama, please return to your room.”

“I’m coming with you.”

“If I take all night then please go to sleep Ojou-sama. Promise me this. I’m afraid of what would happen after.”

Ronnie had a kind of prediction that Cordelia wouldn’t return to her room even if he’d refused. Ronnie stood up with a big sigh and drank his herb tea in one gulp. Then he quickly went to the library. Cordelia also trotted behind him.

They were behaving poorly, but luckily none of the other servants saw them.




Two days after she spent time in the library searching for books with Ronnie.

Cordelia, accompanied by Ronnie and Carla, went to Wiene, a forest near the Royal Capital.

Cordelia was straddling her favourite horse while wearing her riding outfit, that could sometimes be seen in Ertiga. That started when she first started horse-riding; Isma had recommended, “Why don’t you try wearing a commoner’s outfit, since you’re riding a horse anyways?” The commoner’s outfit that was given to her by Isma was carefully embroidered with a geometric pattern and Cordelia liked it a lot. She wore a comfortable high-neck top and jacket, and her bottoms looked like something someone from an equestrian tribe would wear and was a rather short pleated skirt. The clothes made it easier for her to ride the horse.

Cordelia understood that she didn’t have the chance to wear the outfit unless she was riding and immediately reported that she wanted to wear it. It was easier to loosen up when walking through the mountains in that outfit, than in a dress, and it was easy to choose shoes to go with it.

“The weather feels so nice today. The wind is warm too.”

Cordelia said that and Ronnie replied, slightly pale, “…… I hope it’s nice when we return to the mansion as well. I’m worried that the master might make a blizzard or something.”

“What? By chance, did Ojou-sama come to the forest without telling the master?”

Carla, who was riding on Ronnie’s horse, looked at Cordelia and asked that. Cordelia put an index finger to her mouth and replied only with her actions. Carla looked a little shocked.

“Anyway, Carla, Wiene Forest is such a calm place, isn’t it?”

“Yes. It’s a little scary because it’s too calm.”

Carla said that as she stared at the forest, and Cordelia narrowed her eyes.

The Wiene Forest, which was said to be inhabited by a lot of water spirits, had a river running through the middle of it. The water spirits protected those who were resting and were a symbol of healing, and amulet motifs were made in their image at the Royal Capital.

On the other hand, not many people visited this place which was called a holy land. This was because of the monsters. Monsters appeared more in forests where spirits lived compared to other forests. Therefore, it wasn’t possible to travel in there safely, even if you had guards.

Cordelia had been coming in and out of the forest since she was 10. She had encountered monsters many times during her visits, but nothing worrying happened because Ronnie or Isma were always with her. It wasn’t like strong monsters appeared just because more monsters appeared in that forest. Therefore, it was possible for her to practice fighting and Cordelia had succeeded in cultivating her combat abilities against monsters, even if it was just a little. She didn’t have sword skills, nor could she use magic to annihilate monsters like her brother could, but she’d made great progress in using plant magic to immobilise her opponents. That became her forte.

(…… Well, I don’t plan on being a Battle Maiden.)

Still, self-defence was important. So, she was really glad to have acquired it.

Incidentally, she had kept going there a secret from Elvis, but she did tell him that she was going out, so he probably thought that she was visiting the forest that she usually went to.

A pleasant wind blew through and Cordelia spoke to Carla while holding down her hair.

“Magic is more abundant in this forest than in the city. So it might be easier for you to find your magic, Carla.”

However, Carla didn’t reply. Or rather, it seemed that Cordelia’s words didn’t reach her.

Carla just stared at the water in surprise.

“Is this the first time you’ve seen a transparent stone?”

“Y-yes. Are they all crystals?”

Carla asked that as she jumped off Ronnie’s horse and approached the waterfront. Then, she touched the stones over and over to check it out. Cordelia saw her do that and also got off her horse.

“They’re all just stones. The rocks in this forest get more transparent the closer they are to water. It’s caused by the magic of this forest. For instance, if you bring a transparent stone to the Royal Capital, then it’ll just return to being a mere stone. So this is something you can only see if you come to the forest.”

“Is this also magic?”

“Yes. You can’t see this scene if you don’t have magic.”

“…… So magic can be this pretty.”

Carla scooped the water with her hands and checked that it was spilling from her fingers.

“I don’t have a very good impression of magic.”


“Because there are only bad witches in fairy-tales. There are also witches who are patriots, in the stories, but a wicked witch will always appear to oppose them.”

Carla spoke and looked sour. Cordelia smiled wryly because she couldn’t deny that, but she could question Carla’s claim.

“Then, why did you want to work at the Pameradia House where they use magic?”

“…… Because they have money, and I didn’t think that I would have to learn magic at all. Ronnie’s good at teaching me letters, but he’s not a good magic teacher.”

Cordelia wondered if it was alright to agree with Carla, since she’d said it with no hesitation. However, she continued to smile wryly; if she said any more than that then the target herself would be troubled.

“Carla, can’t you please choose your words carefully and read the mood around you?”

“Why should I? I’m not acting much different from you, Ronnie.”

“That’s why I’m getting scolded by the onee-sama’s in the magician’s wing. They said I’m being a bad role model.”

Ronnie entered the conversation while pressing the tip of his nose and Carla replied with no mercy. Of course, she had no intentions of copying Ronnie, but her attitude could be mistaken for his. Carla scooped the water again with both hands and threw it into the sky.

“But, I think I understand it a little. Ojou-sama and the people at the House aren’t bad magicians at all.”

“Did you think that at first?”

“I was suspicious because you’d accepted me so easily…… Rather, I would have preferred it if Ojou-sama was a little more like a bad witch.”

“Oh my, why’s that?”

“If so, then, well, I thought I was going to be bullied by the witch. I’m learning how to write and perform magic; at this rate I’m just a money thief.”

Cordelia laughed quietly at those words. Carla shrugged.

“Dear ladies, are you done with your conversation? We have to fulfil our purpose here.”

“Oh, Ronnie. I’m sorry. Carla, look at that.”

Cordelia spoke and she pointed at the white flower floating on top of the water. The flower looked transparent because of the light from the sun and the light from the surface of the water. No, a part of the flower was actually as transparent as glass. It was strongly influenced by the magic there, just like the rocks were.

“Ojou-sama, what is that flower called?”

“It’s a water lily. It is said that this flower reflects people’s innocence. It’s also has strong vitality.”

“Water lily……”

“The things in this forest are a little different from normal…… It’s very beautiful, isn’t it?”

Cordelia continued since it seemed like Carla had never seen or heard of it before.

“That flower, you know, changes colour depending on the magic it receives.”

Cordelia said that and she lightly flung her magic at the flower. Then, the flower changed to a light pink colour.


“Do you also want to try it?”

“But, I don’t know how.”

“Your teacher is here. Ronnie?”

“Yes, okay. Then, should we start our extracurricular class? Well, it’s impossible for Carla to do advanced magic like shooting magic, so let’s start with your hands.”

Ronnie reached out for the water lily that was close to him and reeled it in. Then, he removed the flower at the stem, and gave it to Carla.

“…… Do you somewhat know that it’s being surrounded by a light essence?”

Carla didn’t immediately start shaking her head up and down or to the side at Ronnie’s words. Instead, she seemed to be thinking. She was acting different from before.

“Well, I think it should be fine if you can just change the colour of the edge of the flower today.”

Ronnie proposed something that seemed possible, and his words almost meant that he would be watching over her for a long time.


However, Carla wasn’t able to change the colour of the flowers even though when became noon. Of course, it wasn’t like she hadn’t gained anything from that at all; her senses were gradually becoming sharper.”

“Hey, it’s time for lunch.”

“Hey Ronnie, shut up! I feel like I’m getting something!”

“Eh, again? You also said that before……”

Carla had been practicing without eating lunch and Ronnie was keeping her company. Cordelia watched them talk while eating a sandwich.

“Can you even do it Ronnie?”

“Hey, are you doubting your teacher? See, look at this water lily.”

“What?! I can’t believe Ronnie can do it……!”

Carla probably thought of Ronnie as something like a rival rather than a tutor. She glared at Ronnie as if him changing the water lily into a light blue colour had lit her spirit.

Cordelia called out to Carla and Ronnie from the tree shade.

“Carla, it’s good to focus, but you should take a little break. You won’t be able to keep concentrating if you go on like this.”

“Huh? Just a little……”

“Alright. See, it’s Ojou-sama’s command. Let’s go, Carla.”

Cordelia smiled wryly because they were complete opposites. Ronnie was happy that he could fill his empty stomach and Carla looked as if she was fuming. It was interesting to watch them.

“Hey, Carla. You can feel magic here too. This tree really gives me a lot of magic. Did you know that?”


Carla put her hands on the big tree and sat down with her back on it.

“The tree’s warm.”

“It is. You should eat your sandwich quickly while feeling it. Ronnie might eat everything up, you know?”

Carla quickly turned her head towards Ronnie at Cordelia’s words, then she looked at Ronnie and the basket beside her. She grabbed a ham and egg sandwich from the basket.

“Say, why don’t we take a nap after lunch?”

“Excuse me?”

“Sleeping is the best way to get rid of fatigue. I’ll also take a little nap.”

Cordelia rolled on the grass as soon as she said that. It was an audacious move, unbefitting of a lady. Ronnie was surprised by her actions, but she just closed her eyes and quietly felt the magic of the forest. Then, she slowly opened her eyelids again.

“Ronnie, Carla, you both should rest after you finish eating. We have a lot of time before the sun sets.”

“…… Well, I’ll rest after eating three more.”

Ronnie also leaned against the tree, but he had no intentions of lying down. Cordelia stared at him and closed her eyes once again.

The wind felt comfortable and she had finished talking.

That’s why it’s such a waste, she thought and concentrated her magic into her hand that was touching the earth and strongly prayed.


At that instance, the plants around her glowed brightly. The grass grew rapidly and grasped the knife on top of Cordelia and captured Carla who was swinging that knife down at her.

Ronnie had a short dagger at Carla’s neck.

“Did you really think I was going to sleep?”

“…… Ack!”

“Monsters appear in this forest, you know? I won’t do something as careless as sleeping here.”

Cordelia spoke briefly and slowly moved her body.

“You…… Are you really trying to kill me?”


Cordelia wasn’t surprised. She had predicted that this would happen, but she didn’t want it to happen.

“So, you’re in a Dark Guild, after all. I wonder if you’re one of the people who took wheat from Caina Village.”

“That’s right. When did you notice?”

“I didn’t trust you from the beginning. Your usual footsteps are too quiet, and the way you move is too light. You’re probably not doing it on purpose, but when you’re relaxed, you don’t make any sounds at all when you move. Were you sent to me because they thought a child would be best?”


“But, I think you honestly didn’t want to do this.”

“…… Why do you think so?”

“You wavered for a long time when you were on top of me. But I wondered if you weren’t not able to do it because of your arm?”

Cordelia said, before grabbing Carla’s left arm. Carla showed that she hated it, but she couldn’t move at all because her body had been seized by the plant.

“Ronnie, what do you think?”

“…… It’s certainly a strong curse. It would normally be hard for her to train her magic with this, but it would also be hard for her to remain conscious.”


Carla didn’t answer; she just chewed her lips as if she was vexed. Then, Ronnie muttered while staring at Carla’s arm.

“…… I wonder if we can dispel it.”

Carla’s arm shook at Ronnie’s words.

“What are you saying, Ronnie? It’s not, ‘I wonder if we can’; we will, right? It was your idea to come here so we could.”

“Well, yes. I didn’t think it would be fiddled with that much by an unskilful magician, so it’s amazing that she could sustain her health. I don’t know what would happen if I add an unexpected amount of power into this……”

“We’re doing it, aren’t we?”

“Well, yes but……”

It wasn’t like the curse couldn’t be dispelled.

Ronnie looked for the kind of curse that had been cast on Carla in the library and investigated if it could be dispelled. Ronnie knew how much power he had as a magician and concluded that he would be able to dispel the curse…… Or at least, according to the books.

He looked at Carla straight in the face.

“I can’t say that the success rate is 100%, but if you don’t want to, then I won’t dispel it.”

“…… How sure are you?”

Carla quietly asked in return without breaking eye contact with Ronnie. But, he broke the mood as if he was catching them off guard.

“Mhm…… I can’t think of a situation where I would fail, but the percentage is…… well……”

“Hey, you’re staking my life on this aren’t you?! What’s with that timid tone!”

“No, well…… So, what will you do? I’ll do my best, but I’ll leave the decision to you.”

“Try it. I don’t know what will happen to me if I don’t return with Ojou-sama’s head anyways.”

Cordelia and Ronnie looked at each other and nodded.

Cordelia scooped out some water with the grass still entwined around Carla. She walked back slowly without spilling the water and put it on Carla’s left arm.

“I wonder if this will help a little.”

“Thank you very much, Ojou-sama. Then, I’ll start.”

He spoke as he gripped Carla’s arm. Then, he took a deep breath and rapidly released his magic. It was as if the wind was dancing, but nothing really moved.

Ronnie was clenching his teeth and Carla seemed puzzled as she stared at her arm.

Cordelia watched them from nearby and then she plucked a herb that was growing there.

“…… This sage has plenty of magic.”

Another name for sage was 『Relief Herb』. It had a very strong antioxidant effect. Therefore, in her previous life, it was said that 『People don’t die in a house that has sage』. And, it was also appropriate to call the sage of this world ‘relief’ because it was covered in a pure and powerful magic.

“Ojou-sama, seems like this would be helpful.”

“Yes. The sage here is really a lot better than what we have at the mansion.”

Cordelia returned to where Ronnie and Carla were, and rubbed the sage on Carla’s arm. And, she also concentrated her magic power on it. Her magic was most appropriate for amplifying the power of plants.

“Ah, ah. I really can’t fail, now can I? If I fail, then Ojou-sama and I would be caught up in Carla’s curse.”

“Ronnie, stop your pointless chatter and finish this quickly. Do it before our magic is exhausted.”

Ronnie wasn’t mucking around, he was concentrating very hard. The reason why his voice was shaking was not because he was scared, but because he wanted to avoid getting caught up in the curse.

“Argh!” said Carla, painfully for a second. Then, she quickly bit down and swallowed her words.

Sweat was running down Ronnie’s forehead as he traced the magic formula with his fingers. He was probably making progress in dispelling the formula. They were both breathing heavily. Then, Cordelia’s breathing also quickened, and her fingertips started aching.

I can’t think of unnecessary things, she thought as a bad image began to surface in her mind. The 『Cordelia』in the game had died because her magic had run wild, and the reason for that was a curse.

(No, don’t think about it.)

Cordelia ordered herself.

She could die like 『Cordelia』if this failed.

I can’t get caught up in the curse.

And I definitely can’t get swallowed up by Carla’s curse.

The next moment, Carla’s scream sounded throughout the whole area and at the same time, the curse disappeared from her left arm.

It felt like a lot of time had passed since they first started dispelling the curse, but not much time had passed at all. Ronnie rolled onto the grass and breathed while moving his shoulders as if he’d been dashing. Cordelia was also doing the same thing. She put her hands onto the ground and breathed heavily.

“It’s over, right?”

“It’s over…… I’m so tired…… Carla, you’re tired too, aren’t you?”

“Ye…… Ye-yes……”

Carla was the only one who didn’t seem to understand what had happened. Cordelia stood up slowly, walked to the river and took a water lily.

“Carla. You should be able to change the colour of the water lily now.”

“O-ojou-sama. Mm……”

“Ah, but the water lily is a bonus. I have something else to give you.”

Cordelia said that as she cut off her hair with her own magic. Then, she put her hair and the water lily in Carla’s hands.

“Ojou-sama, th-this is……”

“Hey, Carla. There’s something called equivalent exchange in this world. That’s why I want you to cooperate with me a little as a reward for dispelling your curse. And…… Oh yes, would you tell me your real name in exchange for teaching you how to change the colour of the water lily?”

“…… Ojou-sama. That’s not equivalent exchange, it’s almost like a vicious contract. Asking her to agree to something after the fact.”

Ronnie’s shocked tone didn’t reach Carla, but he continued to mutter.

“Well, my actual job begins now.”




【Carla’s P.O.V】

In a mountain pass a little distance away from the Royal Capital.

After midnight, I walked in the dim guild’s hideout with Ojou-sama’s hair.

The woman who cursed me, ――― the witch who employed me was there. The witch had her back turned to the entrance as she leaned on a chair.

I walked to the middle of the room without saying anything and put a bunch of Ojou-sama’s hair onto the table in the centre. The magic was lingering in her hair and it was enough for someone who could sense magic to notice it.

“…… It seems like you got the job done. I can feel a rare wave of magic from this hair. It took you such a long time that I thought your emotions finally got in the way.”

The witch spoke, without looking at me. I didn’t answer.

“But you have no choice but to be here. Kids are important, you know that? There are places that are easier for kids to go into and I want you to remain a good chess piece for me.”


“What? You’re not even happy even though I’m complimenting you.”

She laughed heartily and finally turned around…… Then, it seemed like she’d noticed that there were two people in hoods behind me. She frowned as she was covered in a murderous aura.

But, I heard an exaggerated sigh coming from behind me towards the witch’s attitude.

“I was wondering what kind of idiot would take pleasure in using a kid like this, but…… You’re not like I imagined you would be. Moreover, even if our presences have been hidden, you didn’t even notice that people had invaded this place. So, am I superior to you?”

The witch raised her eyebrows at those words.

“Carla, I never told you that it was okay to bring people here. Those people, I’ll curse them both…… Ack?!”

A dagger was brought to her throat before she could finish talking. The figure that had suddenly jumped at her…… Ronnie’s hood had fallen behind him.

“I even crushed two places before I came here as a warm-up, but…… You’re really nasty. Well, the damage didn’t even show up on your face.”

Ronnie’s face, which was no longer covered by the hood, was cooler than I’ve ever seen it, and his eyes were sharper too.

Then, his superior called out to him, “Look, Ronnie. You’re scaring the little Ojou-san.” However, his superior was in full battle mode, and he had no intentions of letting the witch escape.

“Please let me off for today, Deputy. I’m angry right now! They used such a young kid like this, and they even turned their malice towards Ojou-sama, and they even harmed the Pameradia House. You can’t rationalise with someone like this.”

“That’s true, but if I let you do what you want, then she’ll die.”

“…… That’s why I’m doing my best not to use my magic. I’m only using martial arts, aren’t I? I don’t have the confidence to hold back if I use magic.”

The witch, who still had the dagger at her throat, clicked her tongue at the exchange that was going on between the two. However, she suddenly looked provocative.

“You can use magic, but you won’t? How foolish. You’re letting your guard down too much.”

“Who’s the foolish one? You could barely cast a forbidden curse, and you didn’t even notice it when it got dispelled. You’re an incompetent fool who can only use curses…… You’re exactly like the witches from the fairy-tales.”

Ronnie shook his head in disappointment. The witch probably saw this as her chance, because she tried to activate a curse with a wicked smile on her face. But, Ronnie tripped her in the next moment and she stumbled down. Ronnie smoothly executed his next move as she fell.

“Even new magicians know that it’s pointless to use magic in close range, you know? You have no talent. Did you think you could cast such a strong curse without a sacrifice?”

Ronnie muttered as he tied the witch’s hands with magical chains.

“I’m thankful that your home-base has the least amount of people, but you’re bigger idiots than I’d expected. Even though there aren’t only good people in the world, this is outrageous.”

“…… You’ve been talking like you’ve defeated all our hideouts for a while now, you know?”

“We did. Ojou-sama ordered us to. My seniors should be heading to your distant hideout now. Well, it doesn’t seem like you have a way to communicate faster than my onee-samas.”

“…… Do you think I’d believe something like that? They’ll immediately come to save……”

Ronnie laughed scornfully as he looked down at the witch who was still saying such things.

“Who do you think we are? We’re the magicians of the Pameradia House you know,” He said.




At the same time, Cordelia was writing up a report.

“I’ll honestly tell Otou-sama the real information…… I wonder if I should only write 『We destroyed a part of the Dark Guild thanks to a tip from a girl who came asking for help』. My work is done if I just pick at the appropriate places. But, I’ll stay quiet about the fact that I went to Wiene Forest.”

Carla told Cordelia and Ronnie everything she knew when they got back to the mansion. Carla answered the questions one after another when Cordelia showed her a list of the rewards. Of course, she reminded them that she didn’t know everything, but she did have a lot of information from the inside.  The witch probably thought that Carla was under her direct control, so she was able to learn a lot of information.

“Let’s send the rewards to Ertiga. They could become funds for the school plans.”

Cordelia wasn’t allowed to enter enemy grounds in the search-and-destroy operation. She had told Ronnie that she wanted to go as well, but Ronnie begged her not to, while looking at her as if the world was ending. He even gave her a reason as an afterthought, “We’re bringing your hair with us, so it would be weird if your magical presence was there as well!” So that was why she was finishing the report properly while they were working.

“Even if they used a banned curse, they weren’t a large-scale Dark Guild. Perhaps it will end…… But, they’ll probably restraint themselves to a certain degree now.”

She didn’t know how much would be conveyed to them if this was done by a child. However, at least it would be good if they realised once again that mercy won’t be shown to them if they lay a hand on the Pameradia House.

Cordelia didn’t know if they were after Elvis, or if they were just looking for information, but she at least knew that the magicians would often drive them away. However, they wouldn’t be restrained too greatly if they were only fighting them off.

“I think it’s quite daring of them if they were aiming for Otou-sama.”

In the first place, if they had some power to begin with, then they should know that it wasn’t profitable to attack the Pameradia House. But considering this attack…… it probably wasn’t a hindrance for them if a section started to hate the Pameradia House. I have to be thankful to the magicians who cleaned all this up in one night.

Cordelia recalled what Ronnie had told her in the laboratory.

『It’s possible that Carla is being employed by a curse.』

He was able to dispel a curse that he’d only seen once, even though it wasn’t made known to the public…… Ronnie really knew no bounds.

“I’m so glad that Ronnie is so excellent.”

Cordelia muttered that, as she put down the pen and looked out the window.

“Carla…… No, I wonder if I should get Lara involved in the improvement of stationary.”

I’ll have Lara make tea tomorrow morning. I’m sure that it won’t turn out well, she thought and couldn’t help but laugh.

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