Act 20: The Small Starry Sky

Cordelia couldn’t help but ask, since she was stunned by her friend, who had suddenly appeared out of nowhere…… But, she became speechless once again when she saw what he looked like.

She knew it was Gille from his voice, but she didn’t know why he was dressed like that.

“A fox mask……?”

She had never seen a mask like that in this world before. However, she recognised the white fox mask with red borders around its eyes. She felt it was a bit different from the ones she had in her memories, but it was close to a Japanese fox mask. It’s probably not something that was made in this kingdom. But why is Gille-sama wearing such a thing? It was really odd for him to wear a fox mask while they were surrounded by western things.

Cordelia stared at Gille, but she couldn’t see what kind of face he was making beneath the mask. She predicted that he was probably laughing, because his shoulders were shaking a little. Is this the time for you to be laughing? No, it definitely is not.

“…… You’re trespassing, Gille-sama.”

Yes, the fact that he suddenly appeared, the fox mask, and how he got onto the 2nd floor…… those problems remained, even if she decided not to think about anything else.

He slowly removed his mask when she had said that in shock.

“I didn’t enter without permission. I came here on an errand to deliver something to Earl Hale. I just haven’t gone home yet.”

He looked very calm after he’d removed his mask.

However, Hazel’s voice once again replayed in her head when she saw his expression.

『Does Cordelia-sama and…… your friend, have the same feelings?』

『Isn’t it lovely to imagine love between…… childhood friends?』

Cordelia tried desperately not to choke and passed it off as a cough.


“I’m sorry, I want to ask this as a reference…… But how long ago did you finish your business?”

“It’s a bit of a secret.”

Cordelia concluded that it was the same as trespassing, judging from the way Gille was avoiding the question. Even if he did get permission to enter the mansion, they probably assumed that he had already left.

What is he doing, this boy?

Cordelia looked at him as if he was being shady, and he quickly added.

“I heard from Vernoux that you were staying at this mansion. I plan to go home as soon as I’m done.”

“I see…… Did you think I would understand, and say something like that? I don’t even know how you found me in this room.”

The mansion was massive. He wouldn’t have been able to find her easily, even if he knew that she was staying there.

But, Gille quickly answered that question.

“It’s not hard. Your magic is really similar to the forest, so it’s easy to follow.”

“Excuse me?”

“If it’s someone I’ve met before…… That’s right, I can find them straight away as long as they aren’t hiding their presence. If they are, then I could only sense that something feels out of place.”

Gille said it nonchalantly, but Cordelia was surprised.

“…… That’s a very advanced skill.”

Even Cordelia knew that it wasn’t magic that a child could use. The magicians at the Pameradia House used it as a part of their job, but it was something that only an expert did. Is Gille-sama an expert in magic?

Cordelia stared at Gille, and he averted his gaze.

“I had to hone my skills so that I could sneak out of home. I’m sensitive to the presence of others because I can’t sneak out if others see me.”

“I see…… So, you’re also good at hiding your presence.”

She didn’t know whether he was a magician or not, but she was dumbfounded that he honed his skill for such a ridiculous reason; but she understood that this motive was really appropriate for his age. Humans were beings who went after what they wanted…… Although it was a little too grand for her to agree with it, the first time she had met him was in town. Although, she felt that it wouldn’t be surprising for Gille to do unconventional things, since he was Vernoux’s friend.

After she concluded that, the only question she had left was about the mask in his hand.

“You’re holding a very peculiar mask today.”

Gille looked at the mask and moved it so that it lightly covered his face.

“My family recently hired a very sharp person. Unlike before, he could find me, even if I hide my presence, so I wear it when I sneak out, as insurance. He still doesn’t know I have this mask after all.”

“…… I think you stand out more if you wear something like that.”

“I actually don’t. Well, that’s only if I hide my presence. It looks basically transparent to him, as long as I don’t tell him to pay attention to me, since he doesn’t recognise it. That’s what Vernoux told me the first time I wore this mask, and hid my presence, when I went to meet him.”

Gille laughed mischievously. It had been a lie that he didn’t know how to move around incognito, when she first met him. Even if it had been four years since then, he had gotten better at sneaking out.

“…… So, where did you get that mask from?”

“The market.”


“The Founding Festival is approaching, and a lot of caravans come to the Royal Capital. They have a lot of rare things. I bought this.”

Cordelia was surprised by those words.

The caravans that came to the Royal Capital. Of course, that wasn’t the first time she had heard of it. Caravans weren’t the only thing that came when the Founding Festival was on; troupes, storytellers, street performers and artisans also came. The land near the castle became a very popular tourist location, at that time.

As a result, Elvis and Isma became busier than usual. There was an increase in defence and allocation work. Cordelia acted more docile than normal, because she didn’t want to get in the way of her busy father and brothers, thus she had never been to the Founding Festival before.

She was interested in the festival and the caravans. However, she persuaded herself that she saw something similar whenever she went to inspect the fief, even if she couldn’t go out in the Royal Capital. Ertiga is a large commercial area, so the goods that appear there don’t differ much from those that appear in the Royal Capital, she convinced herself.

But what was the reality? Gille was holding something that she had never seen before. The people who visit the Royal Capital are different from those who visit our fief.

But even if she knew that, Elvis and Isma’s work wouldn’t decrease more than usual, so she had no choice but to give up on it.

(I wonder if the world I can see when I grow up will be vaster.)

She wanted to grow up faster when she thought that. But, at the same time, she also felt something which contradicted that, which was 『I still want to be immersed in my research as a child』.

Gille, who ventured openly around the Royal Capital, seemed sly to her, now that her feelings were whirling around.

“I heard that you were busy, but you seem unexpectedly free.”

It was wrong for her to take it out on Gille, but she couldn’t help but curse him. Gille smiled wryly at her and coughed before changing the topic.

“The reason why I’m here is…… That I heard that it was hard for you to go out at night, so I brought…… this with me. I really wanted to show it to you.”

He said as he held up a small flower pot from his feet; it had a tree in it, which was a cubit long. The tree had small white flowers blooming on it. Cordelia recognised the flower.


“Ah, so you know this flower after all.”

“I do, but I couldn’t find it at all. The books didn’t write about where it grew. Gille-sama, where did you get this from?”

“From Star Falling Hill. It’s quiet there, and the scenery is amazing, so I wanted to show it to you, Dilly.”

I see, so the stars weren’t the only thing Gille-sama wanted to show me; he wanted me to see this flower too. I don’t think I can go but inviting me to see the stars is enticing enough. And now that I see this flower, I really want to go there.

I want to go. Stars and flowers. I want to see them both. And if possible, I want to bring a large amount of stock back with me. She received the flowerpot and gazed at it while thinking strongly.

Of course, one could enjoy the scent that came from essential oils made from jasmine, but it could also be turned into a compress for skincare, muscle pain and rheumatic pain. But, there was a drawback. Jasmine had a low oil extraction rate, like roses. Therefore, it was impossible to extract essential oils from one bundle.

However, she couldn’t hide the fact that she was happy that Gille had delivered her this flowerpot.

What should I do? Where should I start? No, I don’t need to think about it. I should first increase my stock. It’s impossible for me to get essential oils without the appropriate amount. But, my greenhouse is already full. It would be fine with just one tree, but where should I go if I want to increase it?

Gille looked at Cordelia in satisfaction and laughed.

“Actually, that wasn’t all I came for today…… I also brought this. It’s difficult for it to grow in this kingdom, because of winter, but I thought that you could grow it in your greenhouse.”

“Aloe Vera?”

“…… You really know a lot about plants.”

Cordelia widened her eyes in surprise, and Gille laughed a little weirdly.

However, she didn’t care about that at all, because Aloe Vera was much more important to her. Aloe Vera couldn’t just be used to cure burns, it could also be changed into a lotion if you scraped the gel and put it on low heat. Of course, the lotion was also compatible with Jasmine.

“Did you also find this at the caravan? It doesn’t grow in winter, so it’s not a plant from this kingdom, right? So, caravans also sell wonderful things like this?”

“No, I got this from someone I know. There’s a researcher who knows about the effects of this grass, and she went through a lot to import it privately…… I don’t know if it was because of the balance between the temperature or magic, but most of them withered. She had obtained a lot of them, but this is her last pot. She felt bad because they had all withered, so she gave it away in hopes that someone could grow it.”

“…… Is she perhaps someone you know?”

“Yeah. Is it surprising?”


Cordelia nodded frankly at Gille, who looked like a mischievous child.

“I met her by chance, but she’s really kind and interesting. I started calling her sensei, so she coaches me sometimes.”

“What is her name?”

“I don’t know her real name, but she’s called the 『Green Witch』. She lives in the Royal Capital.”


“I can tell, even if you don’t make that face. You want to meet her too, right Dilly?”

Cordelia’s shoulders jumped a little. He had hit the mark. It was even fine to say that he had hit it dead centre.

She was a little indecisive, because she thought it was imprudent, but it seemed like she could meet the researcher, who was interested in Aloe Vera, soon. Besides, this sensei might know more about the herbs that Cordelia was interested in.

Gille looked at Cordelia, who was conflicted, and smiled.

“You don’t have to worry about it. Sensei said that she wanted to meet the girl who seemed interested in Aloe Vera. I will guide you to her if it’s convenient for you. If it’s in the afternoon…… Oh yeah, it’s possible for you to leave your house if you say that you have something to do with Vernoux, right?”

“That should be alright…… But, you’re busy, aren’t you Gille-sama? Vernoux-sama told me you were.”

“It’s fine. There are days when I can’t sneak out, but if I do my work properly then it shouldn’t be a problem. Besides, it gets stuffy if I just stay in my house, and my head also goes mushy. Well, I’ll still have to sneak out though.”

He said it jokingly, while laughing a little, and Cordelia got worried again. She wanted to meet this sensei, if Gille said it was fine. It was also easier for Cordelia to go out after the Founding Festival.

But, that was only if she wasn’t alone.

“…… Gille-sama, would it be possible for Ronnie to come along?”


“Yes. He’s a magician at our house. He also helps me with my research. He’s also my guard.”

The person who she could loosen up with, while outside, was definitely Ronnie.

He was flexible, and she was sure that he would have fun if he met the researcher.

But would Gille-sama, who was hiding his true self, be fine with a stranger accompanying us? He even goes out of his way to get Vernoux-sama to change his appearance. He might be opposed to showing his appearance to others, even if it isn’t his real one.

Gille frowned for a second at Cordelia’s question, and then he instantly relaxed.

“I don’t mind. It should be fine if it’s someone you chose.”

“It’s fine for you to say no, you know?”

“No, it’s fine. I’m not bothered by it.”


“You don’t have to worry about it.”

So why did you frown before? She thought, but Gille had insisted.

“…… Are you really okay with it?”

“Of course.”

Cordelia asked once more, just to be sure, and Gille immediately replied. If so, then she probably didn’t have to hold back.

“Then, please let me meet her after the Founding Festival.”

“Okay. Now onto the last thing I wanted to do. You might be disappointed, but this flower wasn’t the last thing I wanted to show you. I wanted to show you my handiwork.”

He said that as he showed her a black box, which looked like it could fit in his palm.

“This is?”

It looked just like a normal box. If she had to describe it more, then it looked like a solid box. It was probably made from metal.

But she couldn’t tell what it was used for.

Cordelia glanced at the box and then at Gille.



“Sorry, Dilly. My terrible lack of a plan has been exposed.


Plan? What does that have to do with the box?

Cordelia questioned that in her mind, and Gille spoke awkwardly.

“This, it doesn’t activate, unless we’re inside a room…… Mm……”

Cordelia understood his vague words.

I see. This must be some kind of machine, since he said it needed to be activated. And it seems like this could only be used inside, but of course he would hesitate, since a small gentleman and a small lady are going to go into a room, at a time when the sun has already set.

(He’s being careless, even though he’s aware of it…… It makes him seem kind of cute.)

Cordelia stepped back and revealed the way to the room.

“I don’t mind if you come in. Of course, I don’t think it would be fine for Earl Hale to know about this.”

Of course, it probably wouldn’t turn into something troublesome, since Gille seemed hesitant to enter.

(But Gille-sama did say that he interacted with Earl Hale.)

Who on earth is he? She always thought that she didn’t mind, but the doubt in her mind deepened every time she received more information about him.

“I’ll think about it more next time.”

Gille entered the room without knowing that Cordelia was doubting him. However, he was probably still showing restraint. He sat down by the window. Even though it was still inside of the room, he was sitting at the very corner.

Then he placed the black box onto the floor and fiddled with the inside. A gentle light spilled out from within the box.

“Is this a lamp?”

“It’s not a lamp…… I’m going to close the curtains for a bit. Is it okay if you dim the room a little?”

“Yes. It’s fine.”

As long as the lamp was lit, then it would be fine for her to dim the room. Gille closed the curtains when he heard Cordelia’s reply.

She dimed the light in the room, and the light that shone through the box got even brighter. The light swayed and flickered, just like a candle.

I wonder what’s going to happen. She looked at Gille. He looked somewhat stiff. He was probably nervous, like he’d mentioned earlier, in a small voice.

Then, he closed his eyes and stood the box up; he put his hands on top of one another and muttered.

“Drop of light, soar.”

The light sprayed out of the box, like water droplets, as if invited by Gille’s words.

Cordelia widened her eyes. It was so beautiful that she didn’t realise that it had captivated her. She kneeled down and approached the box, as if it was inviting her to come closer. In the meantime, a bright, gentle light continued to flood from the box.

She didn’t know for how long it would continue.

But, the light settled down at the end, like sparklers, and disappeared.

However, the room didn’t become dark. No, the inside of the room was indeed dark. However, there was enough light for her to see the box, even though the curtains were closed. It would make sense if moonlight had entered through the window, but that was impossible with the curtains closed.

This is odd, she thought, as she raised her face and her eyes met Gille’s, whose features were illuminated by pale light. Then, she noticed a lot of sparkling lights behind him.

It wasn’t just behind him; lights were floating around everywhere in the room.

“…… Are those stars?”

“Yeah. I was wondering if I could bring it with me, so I made this. This is this season’s midnight sky.”

Gille spoke in a slightly embarrassing way, and then he quickly added in a whisper, “That box stores the positional relationships of the stars.” The stars really made her feel a sense of perspective, and they looked as if they were shining in a place she couldn’t reach.

“Gille-sama, you said this was your handiwork, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, because I wanted Dilly to see it.”

“This isn’t just handiwork, isn’t it the creation of a magic tool?”

“It’s not that amazing. I used ancient magic as reference, but it’s still just only a kid’s toy compared to the really handy magic tools.”

“Of course, it’s amazing. I’ve never heard of such a gadget, nor would I have been able to come up with it.”

New magic tools were rarely produced, because it was difficult to control the creation process. If anything, it was even difficult to reproduce ready-made products. Therefore, it wasn’t an easy task to create new magic tools. Gille might have meant that it wasn’t a household product, thus it was a toy, but he was wrong. Such a thing didn’t change how difficult it was to make.

Gille chuckled. He seemed somewhat embarrassed.

“The stars have been watching this world for a long time. So, when I look up at the stars, I feel like I have to live in a way that wouldn’t make them feel ashamed.”

“So, is that why you like stars?”

“Yeah. And besides……”

He stopped mid-sentence, and Cordelia tilted her head in curiosity.

“What is it?”

But Gille shook his head side to side.

“…… Nothing. I’ll stop for now.”

“Is it a secret?”

“It is. At least for now.”

“…… Okay. But, please tell me about the stars instead. I finally have the chance to see this beautiful night sky, after all.”

She wasn’t thinking of forcing him to answer…… Or rather, she felt like he wouldn’t answer even if she tried to get the answer out of him. Gille was gentle, but he was also someone who learnt a high-level skill, just for going incognito. He probably wasn’t someone who would change his mind easily once he had decided on something. Besides, he had said, “Now,” so he would probably tell her about it when he felt like it. Therefore, she wanted to hear about the shining stars.

Gille’s eyes sparkled, and then he narrowed his eyes and pointed at a light.

“Well…… Let’s start with the red star floating in the West and the blue star floating in the East. You see, it’s this star and that star. They look like they’re a pair, don’t they? They’re called the twin stars. It is said that the Goddesses of Beauty live on these stars, but they always argue over who’s older.”

“What’s with that?”

“They probably get along really well. If they didn’t, then they wouldn’t quarrel like that.”

“That may be true.”

“I’ll tell you about the Stellar Sea Eagle next. It’s the star next to the red star. The Stellar Sea Eagle has his eyes on the Sand Fish in front of him. He declared that he would court the Red Star, if he catches the Sand Fish.”

Gille spoke, as his hands glided in the air. Then, the stars were connected by lines of light and the constellations were coloured in a way that was easy to understand.

“Isn’t the Sand Fish bigger than the Stellar Sea Eagle? It looks like it’s very hard to catch.”

“You’re right. But, his beak is very sharp. So, I’m sure he would be able to catch it.”

Gille suddenly swung his finger around like a baton, and the lines connecting the stars disappeared.

He surveyed the stars as if he was pondering, and then he said, “Next is that,” before connecting the stars again.

“The Sea God Star, to the south, is home to the only god that has ever set foot to soil. It is said that he longed for the sea so much that he called all the stars together to make one. And what they made was a colourful heavenly road…… The River of the Stars. A lot of the gods and goddesses were happy about that, but the Stellar Sea Eagle said that it was hard to catch the Sand Fish and resented the Sea God a lot for it.”

“Oh my…… It’s also difficult to maintain balance in the heavens.”

“It is. The idea of everyone accepting something, just because a lot of people like it, definitely doesn’t exist in this world. But that’s why I think that…… The Sea God is trying to see if they could compromise with each other. I don’t think it’s useless to look for the possibility, even if they can’t solve the problem completely, because the Sea God seems very wise…… Well, it resulted in them quarrelling with each other though.”

Gille said that while looking up at the stars and smiling wryly.

She could tell that the tension he had felt when he had first entered the room was gone. He was enthusiastically looking up at the stars.

Cordelia muttered.

“You really love stars a lot.”

Gille returned her statement with a smile.

He looked back at the small sky and lightly fluttered his hand.

“The last star I want to tell you about is my favourite. The star located slightly north of the centre is called 『The Eye of the Lion』; it’s in the middle of the Heavenly King, the Lion King constellation. And it guides people at night. The Lion King is…… Like this I guess. And there’s a similar line of stars near it. It’s smaller than the Lion King…… the Young Lion constellation; which is considered to be the Lion King’s son. I’m sure you know this Dilly, but it has the same name as the young knights of this kingdom.”

Gille, who had been standing up until now, spoke as he lowered to his knees, and looked up at the sky, to show his respect.

“The Young Lion admired his father, the King. He respected his esteemed father and believed that he would someday become the same type of King as his father is, if he kept on doing the right thing. However, he was narrow-minded. Well, that wasn’t all. He was a child who was only chasing after the false image he had of his father. Thus, he had the possibility of becoming a foolish king. The one who stopped the Young Lion was the star in front of him.”

“In front of him…… That small star?”

“Yes. It’s small, but it’s shining brightly, isn’t it? That star is called the 『Guiding Oracle』. The Oracle said this to the Young Lion, 『If you want to be like the Lion King, then you must have the power to attract people like he does. But you still don’t have that appeal.』

“She really…… Made that clear to him, didn’t she?”

“She’s cool, right? I really love this story; because I thought that I had to brace myself and I couldn’t lose.”

Gille sat down as if he was relaxing, and then reached up to the sky. Of course, his hand didn’t reach the light; it was only illuminated by the starlight.



“Please don’t aim too high.”

It hadn’t been that long since they’d started talking. Even so, she felt as if Gille was acting more mature than his real age. She remembered that day, before she started exchanging letters with him, four years ago; he had rushed out to protect a girl. He was polite, and he had a strong sense of justice, but her impression of him was just that of a simple-minded boy.

But, he was quiet today, and gave off a strong impression. At the same time, she felt that he wanted to grow up, and that he was in a rush to do so.

“What’s wrong?”

Gille tilted his head curiously, probably because he hadn’t expected her to say that. Cordelia hesitated a little and then frankly said.

“Because it’s lonely, isn’t it? Once we become adults, we probably wouldn’t get as many opportunities to exchange letters, or to meet like this. So, please don’t rush. There will come a time when we have no choice but to grow up.”

She spoke in a jokingly way, but most of it was true. Of course, Cordelia was confused by some things, and there were times when she wanted to become an adult; so, it might have been unfair of her to say that to him.

But, unlike Cordelia, it didn’t seem like Gille had any lingering regrets at being a child.

(Somehow, it feels like I’m being left behind.)

And she felt lonely for some reason.

And, then there was something else. She thought that the way Gille acted four years ago was cool, even though she would never say that aloud, because it was embarrassing. Of course, he might not change how he behaved, even if he became an adult. However, the reason why he went to help the girl without hesitation, at that time, was probably because he was an innocent child who wasn’t swayed by reason. She felt that the reason why she was lonely was because his principles might change if he suddenly became an adult. Of course, Cordelia understood that those were just her own selfish thoughts.

She felt an uncomfortable silence cover the room. Would things go back to normal if I tell him I’m joking? Gille muttered the moment she thought that.

“Would you really….. feel lonely?”


“No, if that’s the case…… Then……”

Is it simply the light’s influence that he is turning slightly red? It didn’t sound as if Gille was asking Cordelia a question, it sounded as if it had just come out. Then he covered his mouth with his hand, and she heard something that sounded like a mutter; but she couldn’t make out what he was saying at all.

“I’m sorry, could you say that again?”

“No, it’s nothing. Oh right, I have to go home soon…… Can we meet again? I’ll send you a letter.”

“Huh? Yes. Thank you very much.”

She also stood up slowly after Gille happily stood up. The window was already right behind him. They weren’t far enough for her to see him out. Cordelia suddenly remembered when Gille took a step out onto the balcony.

“Gille-sama, please wait.”

“What is it?”

She confirmed that he had stopped, and then rushed to the table by the window. She picked up the lion embroidery that she had threaded in the afternoon.

“Please take this with you. It wasn’t embroidered very well, but it’s a lion. It’s a little flashy…… But it’s my thanks for today.”

Cordelia placed the handkerchief that she had finished embroidering earlier that day into Gille’s hand, which he had stuck out on reflex. She was drawn to the other yarns more than gold at that time, but now she was glad that she had embroidered it with a thread that was the same colour as the stars. She was a little thankful towards Hazel, who had suggested the design.

There was one thing that she was worried about, even if she didn’t worry about the colour or design.

Which was her own skill.

It wasn’t like she was bad, but she couldn’t say that she was good either. She saw with her own eyes that Hazel was better at embroidering than her. But even so, she thought that her handiwork would make Gille a little bit happy, if he liked lions. Of course, she was a little embarrassed. Her handiwork couldn’t be compared to the small starry sky that Gille had given her.

Gille froze with the handkerchief in hand.

(I wonder if I should have embroidered something a bit nicer on it and gave it to him later, after all……)

Cordelia had trouble looking up because he hadn’t moved his hand. She could raise her face if he could just at least say something…… But the silence continued.

(Could he be…… shocked?)

It’s not that bad, or so she wanted to think. Cordelia gradually became uneasy in the silence.

(….. This can’t go on.)

Cordelia made up her mind and raised her face. If this silence is going to continue, then I don’t even mind if he says it’s bad…… She was fuelled by that thought.

Gille, who was reflected in her eyes, remained frozen on the spot, with his eyes wide open as he stared at the handkerchief in his hand. He looked just like a stone statue.

“…… Gille-sama?”

She understood that he wasn’t disgusted, and that he was simply frozen on the spot. His shoulders started shaking after Cordelia asked her question, and he was no longer petrified. At the same time, he spread the handkerchief in his hand, and stared at it as if he was devouring it.

“…… Errm?”

“Th-thanks……! I was extremely, surprised. I’m really, happy.”

He covered his mouth with both his hands, as soon as he said that, and turned away from her. She knew that he was extremely happy. So happy, that even she was getting embarrassed.

“…… I, I’ll give you a new one once I get a little better at embroidering.”

She concluded that she had made the right choice in giving it to him, since he was that happy about it, but at the same time, she also thought that it hadn’t been made that well.

However, Gille looked at her as if she had just said something outrageous.

“No, I won’t give this back to you.”

“Why not?”

“It’s mine.”

Cordelia was dumbfounded for a second at how boldly and clearly Gille had stated that. He put his hand behind his back to declare that he wasn’t giving it back to her, and the handkerchief disappeared from her field of vision.

“…… Then I’ll give up on the idea of giving you something else.”

Him liking it that much meant that he was fine with that handkerchief. Cordelia didn’t understand it very well, but she didn’t need to snatch it from him if he said that it was fine with him. It was impossible for her to get it back from him in the first place.

But, Gille choked when Cordelia said that, “Oof.” His eyes wandered all over the place, and his attitude was different from before; he looked as if he couldn’t make up his mind. Cordelia wouldn’t help but burst into laughter.



“Thanks for today. I hope to see you soon.”

He spoke as he turned his back towards her and this time, he jumped off the balcony and disappeared.

His figure overlapped with the one she saw at the evening party and, at the same time, she felt that she had grown used to seeing it. Does him improving in a short time mean that he’d only recently started sneaking out from high places? Of course, I don’t have the skills to confirm this.

The aura around her hadn’t changed much, even though Gille had left, because he had little presence to start with. But, she certainly felt a sense of stillness around her when she could no longer see him or hear his voice. She could clearly hear the sounds of the curtains.

She gasped when she heard that sound.

“Dammit. What’s the matter with me……! I forgot to ask Gille-sama why he’s interested in medicinal herbs, and what he was being taught.”

I’ll ask him next time we meet.

Cordelia said that as she slowly closed the window.

The stars were still shining brightly in the room.

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