Act 24: Boutique in the Noble District

The servants of the Pameradia House also returned to the mansion when the Founding Festival ended.

According to Emina, the Royal Capital was still bustling with more people than usual, but it was much calmer than when the festival was on. Most of the street vendors and tourists were already on their way home.

“So it’ll be easier to go out with Christina-sama now, right?”

“It’s a bit unfortunate.”

“I thought that there would still be some stores left… But, I’m happy to lose the temptations, since we’ll be visiting a lot of stores.”

Cordelia shrugged, and Emina laughed.

Then, there was a knock at the door, and when Cordelia replied, Lara came in.

“Ojou-sama, Christina-sama is here to see you.”

“Okay. I’ll be there right away. Emina.”

“Understood, Ojou-sama.”

“Christina-sama is at the entrance. I wanted to show her to the parlour, but she smiled like a princess and told me that the entrance was fine.”

Lara smiled wryly because she had been entranced by a beautiful person. Cordelia went to the entrance with Emina.

Christina softened her facial expressions when she saw Cordelia.

“It’s been a while, Christina-sama.”

“How do you do, Cordelia-sama? Thank you for today. You too Emina-san.”

The familiar voice, which entered Cordelia’s ears, was moderate and natural. Cordelia smiled and replied, “I’m looking forward to it.”



Cordelia lightly asked Christina about how she was, while the carriage was moving from the mansion to their destination. However, she could only ask things like, “How is Earl Alcott?” and “Aren’t you tired from the Founding Festival?” That wasn’t because it was hard to make conversation with Christina, it was because they had arrived at their destination while they were talking. They hadn’t met in a long time and even asking about how the person was caused a lot of time to pass.

(It’s a shame. But, there’s still time left in the day and I can talk to her when I get off the carriage.)

Cordelia thought as she got off the carriage.

This was the first time that Cordelia had stepped into the district that nobles frequented. After all, she had gotten out of the carriage in front of their mansions when she went to the Flantheim and Hale mansions. And the only place she’d walked around when she was little was the artisan street, and her other outings only consisted of horse-riding to the forest.

She had walked around Ertiga in a dress before, but the atmosphere in the Royal Capital that she had never seen before made her gulp.

(This is a town, right……?)

Yes, she had unintentionally confirmed that in her mind. She couldn’t help but think that the scene in front of her was like a scene from a musical.

Everyone walking on the white stone pavement was dressed in gorgeous outfits. In the background, there were many large buildings supported by stone pillars, and there was even a huge theatre, and a lot of carriages were running on the roads.

(It’s like I’ve been sucked into a fairy-tale.)

She was used to large spaces because her mansion, and the mansions of her friends, were massive, but buildings lined up next to each other had a different appeal to them. Cordelia reflectively grasped the parasol that was in her hand.

“I heard that they put extra effort into building this area because they also host victory parades here.”

“I saw one the other day. It was really intense.”

Christina continued after Emina’s explanation. Then, she casually asked Cordelia.

“Is this your first time here?”

“Yes, so this surprises me.”

“That’s the same for me. The parade was certainly held here, but I couldn’t see much because there were so many people.”

Christina said, as she smiled and slowly looked around.

“I heard from my friends that this area is most gorgeous when the theatre opens at night. They’re currently performing romance plays which are popular with women.”

“Oh, a romance?”

“Yes. I heard from my friends that the performers always captivate their audiences, so I hope that we can go watch them someday.”

“Thank you very much. Then, I’ll have to grow up soon.”

Cordelia replied happily to Christina’s kind request, but she was also frustrated.

(When it comes to romance, I-…… get really, really irritated.)

Can I really watch the stage until the end? She was being pulled into the conversation so she might not have time to think about such things. But, can I really watch the performance when I can feel my cheeks going red just by hearing the words ‘romance’? Cordelia desperate tried to calm herself while being led by Emina.

“Do you often go to the theatre in your fief?”

“Yes. It’s not an imposing building like this, but Flora does have a theatre.”

“That’s nice.”

Then, the conversation stopped. Unfortunately, Cordelia had never seen a theatre before, so she couldn’t ask any more questions about it, and searched for a new topic.

It wasn’t an awkward silence, but she wanted to talk about something since she wanted to deepen their relationship.

(If possible, I would like to hear Christina-sama talk more.)

Then, the conversations would be catered to things that Christina liked.

“I was stunned when I first heard that you wanted to visit eight tailors. You must really like clothes.”

“So you were surprised?”

Christina looked a little embarrassed as she put her hands to her mouth, but she happily replied, “I like them.” However, her voice immediately dropped, and her voice faded, “But……”


“Nothing, I’m sorry.”

“Is something wrong?”

Cordelia tilted her head in curiosity and Christina shook her head.

“I forgot what I was going to say. If I remember, then I’ll tell you.”

Cordelia was confused at those words.

(I wonder what the heck is wrong.)

She didn’t have proof, but she felt strange. This wasn’t like Christina. But she was hesitant to ask since Christina had already put an end to that conversation. Even if it was something, it was useless to forcibly ask her about it if she didn’t want to talk about it. Besides, they weren’t close enough for Cordelia to force it out of her.

“…… Christina-sama, if it’s alright with you, could you give me some advice when I don’t know what dress to choose?”

Cordelia said after pondering for a while.

Christina seemed surprised by her request and then smiled.

“I would be happy to. But, your dress is very nice today, so I don’t know if you would need my advice.”

“Emina helped me pick this dress. She has good taste in clothing.”

“Is that so? …… She didn’t pick this dress just because she has good taste in clothing, but I think it’s because she knows you very well. It really suits you.”

“Thank you.”

Cordelia knew that Emina was the one who was being complimented, but she became happy as if she was the one who had just been praised.

However, the person in question, Emina, stopped the conversation there.

“I’m sorry for interrupting you, but this is the store that Christina-sama wanted to visit.”

Emina, who looked emotionless, spoke really fast, but it seemed to Cordelia as if her cheeks were pinking a little. She stared at the building that Emina had pointed out to them while thinking, I’ll be happy if she’s a bit embarrassed.

“It’s a lovely store.”

The building had small flowers planted in the storefront, and the name was carefully engraved with elegant letters, but it didn’t have an overwhelming presence like what she had felt when she had descended the carriage. Even if the building was in a corner, she felt a sort of grandeur from it that couldn’t be compared to other places.

When she stepped into the store, the first thing that entered her eyes was the white theme of the store. There was a white counter and tables. On top of the tables were designs; they had sample dresses on display, and different things were elegantly arranged around the store. There was a glass wall at the back of the counter, and she saw a workshop filled with colourful fabrics.

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.”

A woman appeared from the workshop when she was looking around. She seemed to be in her late twenties. She looked at Christina and spoke.

“Are you looking for a dress?”

The woman probably saw them like a lady with her younger sister and maid. Christina chuckled.

“Yes. I haven’t decided on which one yet, but I would like to see the fabric samples.”


Upon Christina’s answer, the woman pulled out three thick books from under the counter. Then, she took them and walked to the table with the designs on them.

“Please take your time.”

The woman put the book down and tidied the designs. Then, she waited a short distance away.

Christina spread one of the books in front of her as if she was used to it. There were a lot of fabrics pasted in the book, and the names of the fabrics, the production areas, and characteristics were written at the bottom. It seemed like they were arranged according to type and characteristics, but there was a limit to how much Cordelia could see while standing next to Christina, who was looking at the pages earnestly. She couldn’t see very well, but she didn’t want to disturb Christina. So, she took the fabrics swatch book that Christina hadn’t opened.

The book that Cordelia had picked up had the words, 『 (Reference) Interior』written on it. When she looked inside, she saw that there were more checkered and geometric patterns in there than in the book that Christina was looking at. The materials that the fabrics were made from were different, such as, cotton, wool and hemp. The fabrics in that book might not be suitable for dresses. She also saw 『Ertiga』written next to some of the cotton and was happy that it had a proper evaluation.

Cordelia stared at the book for a while, but another book caught her attention, and she reached for it. The only words on the front cover were 『Plain』, so it was probably for dresses. It was similar to the book that Christina was looking at.

(The hue is slightly different depending on what region the fabric came from. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference if you don’t compare them, but if someone was fussy, then they’d fuss over everything.)

It’s probably the same as flowers and vary depending on what environment it came from. The dying techniques and ingredients were perhaps different depending on the region.

(Christina-sama also knows a lot about these things too.)

Cordelia glanced at Christina. She looked serious as she examined the fabric and felt it with her fingers. She was also checking the texture.

Then, she moved her fingers away from the fabric and called out to the woman.

“I want to see these two.”


“Cordelia-sama, do you have any you want to look at?”

“No. If possible, I would like to look at the fabric you selected with you.”

She regretted it a little since Christina had spoken to her, but she wasn’t going to buy a dress. She had a lot of dresses at home and was still growing. So, it was probably better if she studied how Christina picked her fabric since she had been that serious when looking at them. Cordelia was extremely interested in seeing what she should look out for when choosing fabrics.

The woman went into the workshop, then a middle-aged tailor came out from the back. The tailor held a smooth, lustrous fabric in his hand.

“This is the flora silk that you requested to see. It’s rare, so this is the only stock we have left this season……”

“Thanks. I’ll look at it for a bit.”

Flora silk.

Cordelia was surprised when she heard those words. What is there to hide? This was the best silk in the kingdom that the Alcott House was proud of. It was called the『Jewel Fabric』because the colours slightly changed depending on the angle. It was only produced in Earl Alcott’s fief, Flora, and was the rarest silk there. It came from an extremely rare silkworm, and couldn’t be made without a skilled fabric engineer, so it was produced in a limited quantity. As a matter of fact, this is the first time I’ve seen it up close. Cordelia nearly forgot what she was thinking, because of how beautiful it was, and sighed. But at the same time, she also had some doubts.

(But why did she come to the Royal Capital to see it?)

She can get it from her fief, since she’s the daughter of Earl Alcott, and the local craftsmen would know more about flora silk. Besides, if she wanted to buy a dress fashioned after the fashion here, then I think it’s better for her to ask about other fabrics……

(Is she researching the market? But, she doesn’t look like she is.)

Cordelia had a question, but she couldn’t ask it. Christina was looking at the silk without telling them that she was, in fact, the 『daughter of Earl Alcott』. This couldn’t be said in front of the tailor. But, Cordelia realised that Christina was moving her mouth a bit without letting her voice out.

“…… That’s a relief, it’s real.”

Real? What the heck does that mean? Even if she thought this, Christina smiled while talking to the tailor about dresses he’d tailored in the past, so Cordelia didn’t know what Christina had meant.

However, she was sure that Christina was looking for 『something』during this outing.


Christina eagerly looked at fabrics and talked with the tailor, but she didn’t purchase a dress.

“I want to think about the colour a little more.”

Christina said, but the tailor didn’t look offended.

“The best thing for the dress and customer is to choose a fabric that would suit them.”

The tailor stated and told Christina that he couldn’t reserve the flora silk for her, but he would do his best to get more stock for the next year. And, he also stated that he would get the silk delivered around this time if she wanted to choose a colour.

“I hope that you will find a dress that satisfies you. I would be thrilled if you can find a dress at our store.”

Cordelia felt that the tailor, who had seen them off, really liked Christina. And she could understand his feelings.

(Of course, he would be happy since she was really passionate.)

Clothing and fragrances. They were different, but Christina probably felt the same about clothes as Cordelia felt about fragrances.




And while they were heading towards the next store, Cordelia worried about whether she should ask Christina about what 『real』meant, since they were walking. The second store was close to the first and didn’t require a carriage to get to.

(Christina-sama probably isn’t talking about it because there are people around us.)

We’re not walking close to other people, but people do walk past us so our conversation may be overheard. Therefore, it still wasn’t the right time to talk about this.

Cordelia concluded, and Christina asked Cordelia a question.

“What did you think about the fabric from before?”

“Are you asking about the flora silk?”


“It’s my first time seeing it, and it’s gorgeous. This might sound like a common thing to say, but I can’t find any other words to express it.”

It might be a simple thing to say, but Cordelia found it hard to find the right words to express the beauty of flora silk. She even though that she might ruin the silk’s charm if she picked the wrong words.

Christina grinned when she heard those words.

“We have been researching silkworms in Flora since long ago. Other fiefs are also producing silk, but I believe that flora silk is the best silk in this kingdom and in the world.”

“I’ve also learnt that flora silk is a precious item to other kingdoms as well. In the past, a king from another kingdom was so obsessed with flora silk, that it became a bargaining chip to conclude an important treaty.”

“That’s why we’re so proud of it. We’re extremely thankful for the wisdom of our predecessors, since it’s hard to grow grains in our fief, and it isn’t in an important location.”

Hearing that, Cordelia remembered the reason behind Cyrus’ and Christina’s engagement.

(So, Flora has a low food security rate.)

The value of silk was lower compared to the time when it had the power to bind a treaty, but it was still useful to Flora as its main industry. Ertiga, which is a large trading hub in Pameradia fief, could benefit from selling it; and Flora could also benefit from the abundant lands in the Pameradia fief. They could even cooperate to improve agricultural production. This engagement was worthwhile for both families.

(But I wonder how Christina-sama feels about her engagement.)

Cyrus-oniisama seemed a little concerned about Christina-sama, but how does she feel? I would be happy if her answer could dispel his fears, ――― she thought and realised that she was straying away from Christina’s question.

(We’re talking about silk right now. I can’t ask her about this.)

It was too hard for her to cut the current conversation off and ask her future sister-in-law 『How do you feel about your fiancé? 』And besides, talking about love was her weak point.

There wasn’t much difference with the buildings themselves, but the inside of the shop was crammed with dresses. The dresses were colourful, but if you looked closely, you could see that the only thing different about them was the colour. Some of the dresses had tags on them, and apparently, they were displayed in the store so that customers could buy it straight away.

(It’s a bit messy.)

The interior layout of the store wasn’t much different from the previous store, and, apart from dresses, there were tables, chairs and a counter. The wall behind the counter had a large gouged window, and the workshop was visible from the front. But, the difference was that a fit man was sitting at the counter and the workshop wasn’t very tidy.

“Oh! Ojou-samas, welcome!”

The man at the counter, who seemed to be reading a book, looked up and greeted Cordelia and Christina.

“Hello. I want to look at fabrics, do you have any samples?”

“Of course! Now, now, come, come. Sit down.”

Cordelia and Christina were quickly instructed to sit down, and when they did, the man came trotting back with some fabric samples. We’re not in a rush, so it’s probably better if you don’t carelessly run in here…… She thought as they both took a sample book each to look at.

(The person in the previous store looked like a tailor. I wonder if this person is just a salesperson.)

She couldn’t really tell, even though that person looked more like a trader than a tailor. His voice gave off the tone of a merchant. It wasn’t a good nor bad thing, but he gave off the vibes of someone on the street.

However, this store must be in demand and have a customer-base if she thought about the cost to open there. Not all nobles demanded high-end products. However, she thought that they would at least want ready-made dresses to be treated carefully.

Cordelia mimicked Christina, who had opened the fabric sample book next to her.

(The previous store didn’t have any prices written down….. But this store has Special PriceandBargainwritten.)

She was a little surprised at how they’d emphasised that. It was certainly easier to match one’s budget to something if they knew the price. Young marriageable women probably dressed up a lot when they accepted invitations from others, but the difference in their assets and those of a noble was large.

She thought that the fabric sample book was designed in a way that was easy to understand. For example, they wrote which pages one could find the same colour fabric and what the price difference was, but they didn’t record which region the fabrics came from.

When she thought that they were brave for doing that, the door which connected the store to the workshop opened. From the back, a fit woman showed up with a tray of cups.

“How about taking a little break?”

The woman said in a friendly tone and gave them tea without waiting for a reply. Cordelia was surprised that the woman had served tea in a room full of dresses but thought that she had probably done that because she thought they wouldn’t spill it. Of course, that was requested of them, but they shouldn’t have served tea because something could happen. She wasn’t planning on interfering with the store’s policies, but she didn’t know how to react as a person who questioned the policy.

(But it doesn’t seem like they mean any harm by doing this. Instead, they’re acting very friendly.)

Cordelia thought and glanced at Christina. It’s one of the stores that she wanted to visit, but what does she think of the store now? Christina stopped moving, and her eyes were focused on a fabric sample.

『Flora Silk (Negotiable)』

Cordelia questioned the words before Christina’s eyes.

(They have flora silk? In this store?)

Flora silk shouldn’t exist in stores that sold cheap items. Of course, there was a chance that this store didn’t specialise in selling reasonably priced fabrics.

(But, do people who can afford the flora silk come to this store?)

There were parts in this store that worried Cordelia in the short amount of time she’d been in here, and nobles probably wouldn’t buy flora silk from this particular store. The dresses in there mostly looked the same, and she worried whether they could tailor a difficult material like flora silk.

“You have excellent eyes! Are you interested in flora silk, Ojou-sama?”

The male clerk accosted her and Cordelia raised her face. The smiling man looked somewhat proud. In contrast, she didn’t know how to reply. She was interested in why they had this fabric in the store.

The man looked happy when Cordelia nodded, but at the same time, he also seemed troubled.

“I know you’re fascinated by it because the fabric’s beautiful, but kids your age don’t get dresses made with this material. But, if your Onee-san wants it, then I can give her some advice.”

The man shifted his gaze to Christina.


“You often go out, don’t you? It’s expensive, but its radiance is top-rate, so you’ll shine at evening parties!”

“That’s right! Beautiful women should dress up beautifully!”

The woman followed suit when the man pitched the product, and the two pressured Christina. Getting the fabric pitched by a grown woman was quite troublesome.

“Then, I wonder if you could show me the fabric?”

The two smiled and went to the back when they heard Christina’s answer.

“Christina-sama…… Are you sure?”

“Yes, I was a little surprised, but they’re cheerful people. In any case, I was planning on seeing it anyway.”

It’s not what you say, but how you say it probably refers to this, Cordelia thought. She felt that they were trying really hard to sell the silk, and if Christina wanted to look at the fabric from the start, then it was probably fine.

But, Christina seemed anxious as she waited for the flora silk to be brought out.

Not long after, the two came out from the workshop with four different coloured fabrics. The man put the fabric in front of Christina, opened it with both hands and said in a rich voice.

“What do you think of this fabric and gloss? The colour’s vibrant. Don’t you think it looks different from other silks?”

“All these are samples, so we can’t tailor your dress straight away. It’s not easy to stock since it’s precious, so there are delays in delivery. But I can guarantee to sell it to you at this price if you buy it before next year.”

The woman pitched after the man and handed Christina a quote. The cost depended on the pattern, but it wasn’t an astonishing sum.

“Our store doesn’t get carried away with business, like the other stores. It’s a bargain, isn’t it? Of course, you can pay after we’ve gotten the fabric!”

Cordelia was reminded of the commercials she saw in her previous life, while watching the two pitch the material, and didn’t feel like saying anything. The clerks who insisted that this was a bargain to the lady of the silk’s production area…… It was a bizarre sight.

(They aren’t getting carried away because flora silk is expensive……)

At least there was a reason for why it was expensive. It was important silk that continued a tradition. The man and woman didn’t know about Christina’s lineage so they could say what they wanted. But Cordelia felt a little anxious about how it all sounded to Christina since it sounded as if they were forsaking a gem that was the pride of the area it came from.

When Cordelia glanced at her, Christina had already become expressionless. But, that was also only for a second.

“I have to ask my father. Would it be alright if I don’t give you an answer right now? I want to keep this quote though……”

Cordelia hadn’t expected Christina’s answer and blinked. They didn’t talk much after that and slipped out when another customer entered the store.




Christina didn’t say anything for a while as they walked towards the third store. She looked stiff even though she’d received the quote.

Cordelia finally opened her mouth when the store was out of sight.

“Christina-sama, the store before was a little…… weird.”

Christina widened her eyes a little, but then her expression quickly softened.

“So you noticed after all.”

“After all?”

“I asked Cyrus-sama about you, and he said that you were brilliant.”

Cordelia had been bothered by what Cyrus could have told Christina about her since he had reminded her not to be a tomboy. Even if he had said something bad about her, Christina would change it into something nice.

“He’s exaggerating.”

Cordelia brushed it off so that she wouldn’t say anything unnecessary. Christina continued to smile.

But, then her expression immediately changed.

“Cordelia, I have a favour to ask of you. I would like to talk to you after we’re finished today. Are you free?”

Christina looked a little anxious, but it didn’t seem like she was going to take back her words.

“I wanted to talk to you today, so we can talk for as long as you want.”

They would probably talk about what Cordelia wanted to know during that time.

So, she wouldn’t ask any unnecessary questions and enjoy shopping with Christina. However, she decided that she would keep an eye on the things she was worried about if the topic was related to the outing.




Unfortunately, they weren’t able to visit all the eight stores that Christina had wanted to see.

One of the reasons was that it took a lot of time to get to the third store, since it was far from the second store, and Christina’s feet started hurting when they began walking to the fourth store.

Thus, they ended their tour at the fourth store. Afterwards, Christina purchased sweets from the tea house that Emina had recommended, and Cordelia was invited to the Alcott mansion in the Royal Capital.

“I’m sorry, even though I was the one who asked you out.”

“It’s fine, but is this really alright?”

“Yes. I’m a little tired because I danced too much at the ball. I usually only dance one or two songs at the fief. I have to train a little more.”

Christina, who laughed, didn’t look like she overdid it. The ball was the finale of the Founding Festival. Cordelia could imagine that it must have been gorgeous.

“Now then, shall we eat? They look really delicious.”

“Let’s eat.”

The chocolate mousse from the famous confectionery store was composed of three different flavours and was very rich. The faint alcohol smell coming from it was superb.

“Oh yes…… Do you like dancing Christina-sama?”

Cordelia asked with curiosity since Christina only danced one or two songs while she was at her fief. Balls shouldn’t be that short, and if she attended other events, then it probably wouldn’t end at just one or two songs.

Thereupon, Christina turned a little red.

“I’ve been bad at dancing since young, but I don’t hate dancing itself. But…… it’s a bit embarrassing. We have to stay very close to our partners during such times, don’t we?”

Cordelia was influenced by Christina’s words and her cheeks also started to heat up.

She knew that dancing required partners to be close to each other. Therefore, she never thought anything about it when she had lessons with her tutor or when she danced with Gille before…… But she felt somewhat embarrassed when Christina put it like that.

(It wasn’t like I hadn’t felt shy, I’m sure I acted normal until the end. I’m sure Gille-sama thought nothing of it. So Christina-sama is actually a little shy……!)

If someone said that I wasn’t shameful enough, then I wouldn’t be able to attend balls, she desperately urged. Of course, she thought that Christina’s remarks were charming. And she could completely agree with Christina if she was basing it on standards in her previous life.

(But still, I don’t have a problem with it in this world. Gille-sama might feel troubled if I get embarrassed about it now, and he wouldn’t know why I was embarrassed. Then, I will be the only one who acts strangely……!)

But, I feel like I’ll get in over my head if I keep thinking about it. Stop, don’t think. I practised really hard to dance gracefully to become a beautiful lady, even though I wasn’t good at it. I have to avoid not being able to dance because I’m confusing some old memories. ――― Christina continued to act embarrassed while Cordelia was trying to shake off her feelings.

“When I first started learning how to dance, the lessons were torture. Finally, the tutor gave up on me because I was sulking. But, Cyrus-sama helped me in place of the tutor.”

“Onii-sama did?”

Cordelia widened her eyes at the sudden confession. Christina nodded and continued.

“I guess the tutor knew that I would listen to Cyrus-sama.”

“But I can’t imagine you sulking.”

Also, she couldn’t picture a young Cyrus accompanying Christina. They did have a painting together, but, even if she remembered that, she couldn’t imagine what they would talk about.

“Fufu, I’m glad that you would say that, but I’m sorry to say that I was horrible at talking when I was younger. But Cyrus-sama wasn’t appalled by that, and would always take his time to listen to me. I always looked forward to seeing him.”

“I see.”

“Oh, my bad. I want to correct something. I didn’t mean to say it in the past tense, I still look forward to seeing him now.”

She spoke nostalgically and happily, and Cordelia smiled.

(Onii-sama, seems like you didn’t have to worry.)

Cordelia recalled how Cyrus had acted when he worried about Christina and secretly sighed. Looks like I don’t have to worry about them, I’m sure they’ll be a lovely couple. ――― Cordelia thought for a brief second and then Christina said something Cordelia didn’t even think she would say.

“That’s why I feel bad. I always think that there is someone else who is more appropriate for Cyrus-sama. If so, then I’m unworthy of him.”

Cordelia froze.


For an instant, she thought that she had misheard something, but she realised that she hadn’t when she saw Christina casting her eyes down.

“…… It’s well-known that Cyrus-sama is a wonderful person. So of course, I hear stories about him being a young deputy commander, about how he’s a skilled knight and about how he calmly assesses things.”

Christina slowly forced those words out of her and firmly gripped her knees.

“It’s all thanks to my ancestors that I was chosen as his partner. I’m very proud of that. But, I have nothing to be proud of. I’ve learnt all that I need to so that I wouldn’t be an embarrassment to him as his wife. But, I have nothing apart from that.”

Christina declared, and Cordelia was confused.

Cheer, console, deny her thoughts.

Such options disappeared immediately. Cordelia couldn’t say a word. She didn’t know Christina well enough. Christina wouldn’t believe her if she said that wasn’t true. Her words can’t reach Christina.

(I wonder…… if Onii-sama’s words would convince her.)

Cyrus-sama probably wouldn’t say something like that to Christina-sama. On the other hand, he probably doesn’t think like that at all; therefore he didn’t feel the need to voice his opinion on this. Cordelia thought and was at a loss for words, but Christina wasn’t looking for a reply at all.

Christina continued in a quiet and timid, yet resolved voice.

“So ――― I want to at least accomplish something. I don’t know how far my power will take me…… But I want to protect our pride. I want to find out why fake flora silks are circulating around the Royal Capital.”

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