Extra 02: The Earl’s Concern

[Ronnie’s Perspective]


I never want to see my teacher at the Royal Magic Academy, whenever he summoned me when I was in school.

But now, I can confidently say that it was just annoying and wasn’t that much of a big deal. Because I now know that it’s terrible for my heart whenever Master calls for me. The Head Magician scolded me, “Did you do something again?!” but it wasn’t like I did anything wrong. Ojou-sama is the guilty one… But I didn’t say that.


Master had called me to his study. The study really suits Master, since he’s really strict. I waited nervously for Master to speak.

“… How’s her situation lately?”

He was definitely referring to Ojou-sama. He usually calls her by her name, so why isn’t he doing it now? But well, I’ll take this as him hiding his embarrassment.

Ojou-sama is currently under house arrest.

Even if she’s under house arrest, she doesn’t typically go out anyway. So, being on house arrest for a month only meant that the times when she could go on rides would decrease by two or three times, and that was all. It’s unfortunate, but it doesn’t seem like she’s suffocating in the mansion. Ojou-sama is busy even though she’s on house arrest.

“There have been no specific changes, but she’s been secluding herself in the library lately. She might have already told you about this Master, but she has been thinking about insurance systems and the school. She’s also doing a lot of things, so she’s been busy.”


Yup, he’s acting like he knows all this already. Just like that.

Master was the one who ordered her house arrest, so he should be able to guess how she would spend her days. Ojou-sama won’t do something if she’s told she can’t. If she’s not told that she can’t do something, then she’ll probably make excuses to do it.

Huh? Then what’s he asking me?

“… She’s not bored, right?”



Master, you’re sighing out your worries.

He doesn’t show it in his expression, or gestures, but he clearly looks relieved. I think Ojou-sama is really spoiled, but well, of course, I can’t say that. Master, you don’t have to worry! Ojou-sama knows that you ordered her under house arrest because you’re worried about her~!

… Well, I can’t say that either. I don’t know what kind of cold eyes he would look at me with if I said it.

Anyway, if Master’s concern is gone, I wonder if I can leave now. Will he let me go already? But contrary to my expectations, Master didn’t say those words.

“… It’s not good for her to seclude herself too much either, is it?”


Ojou-sama still goes to the greenhouse and laboratory, even if she secludes herself in the library, so it’s not like she’s spending her days without any sun. Her health is fine, Master―――. How easy would it be if I could say those words? To convince Master, I would probably have to present the reasons with data, but unfortunately, I haven’t put them together.

But even though Master didn’t say anything strange, I couldn’t help but think… that being a parent is hard because they worry about their children. But I’ll pretend that I hadn’t briefly heard my parents’ voices, “Do you understand?”

That aside, there’s a limit to how long I can stand here quietly. The pressure coming from Master is also extreme, and I want to leave soon. Even so, I don’t have anything to suggest. This is so awkward.


“Yes! I’m not thinking about anything!”

“… What’re you saying?”

I’m sorry, I didn’t say anything.

He was shocked that I’d replied rashly. But is this a blessing in disguise? He took it as me acting like myself. Master let a sigh slip out, but he didn’t say anything candid.

“Ronnie, I want you to do a job.”

“A job?”

By chance, is he going to tell me to chase after Ghost? I concluded that it would be better if I don’t do anything, since he ordered me to guard Ojou-sama more vigilantly, and I thought that the knights would be handling the investigation.

But Master’s order was completely different from work.

“Teach her defensive combat.”

“Teach Ojou-sama?”

Defensive combat and self-defence were both defence techniques, but defensive combat is actually magic combat that you learn in the Magic Academy or military school. I also learnt it when I was in school, but well, you wouldn’t actually use it unless you were in the military. ――― As it were, it was a technique that was foreign to ladies. Ojou-sama is already learning self-defence as a safeguard for if she encounters monsters in the forest.

I asked him again just to confirm, and Master thought for a while before putting his hands on his chin and nodding.

“But, don’t let her get hurt.”

I know that very well. If she gets hurt, then my heart might stop beating. But it’s also a problematic command. If she doesn’t get used to it slowly, then she’ll get hurt a lot during training.

“I think it’s impossible to teach her the methods used at the Magic Academy, so I’ll accept it if I only have to teach her what she can use.”


Training… So, to sum it up, it’s probably challenging to teach her something that requires physical strength. She’ll probably say that she’ll train, but I’ll be troubled if she trains in secret and then gets hurt. She is indeed the Pameradia House’s lady, and she could probably fight like Cyrus-sama and Isma-sama if she trained seriously, but she’s not going to become a knight, and Master wouldn’t let her learn those things. He’s probably thinking about techniques that could buy her time if she finds herself in a situation without any guards.

At any rate, I have to go back to my room and find where I put my school textbooks. I’ll also look for a tool for treatment if she does get hurt. I don’t intend for her to get hurt, but there are no guarantees that she won’t be.


“Yes, I know!”

“Know what?’

“I won’t let Ojou-sama get hurt!”

“Of course you won’t. Listen to me.”

He was shocked again, and I tilted my head, what the heck is it now?

“Teach that girl too.”

“That girl?”

“The girl by Cordelia’s side.”

“Lara? Is that alright…?”

Lara is being taught basic magic. She has that much magic power after all, so it’s a waste for her not to use it. She’s also learning the skills of a servant, but the higher her magic power, the better her work conditions will become… Well even if I say that, she doesn’t have to worry about it as long as she stays by Ojou-sama’s side.

“By the way, how much should I teach her? “

“Teach her whatever she can learn.”

Which means I should teach her everything if she can learn it… Right? But combat magic can’t be learnt if she doesn’t understand offence, it’s a full-scale method unlike learning basic magic. I don’t think anything would happen if I were to teach it to her, but I don’t think Master has any reason to trust her. Even I can’t come up with a reason why Master had consented it.

However, in contrast to me, Master didn’t move a single eyebrow.

“She’s not blind.”

“If it’s like that… then okay.”

Lara, good for you. For whatever reason, Master has also approved of you… Right? That’s what he means, right?

But when I looked at Master, he seemed to have noticed my doubt.

“If she’s going to invite danger to herself, then she reaps what she sows.”

No, Master. Your tone and expression don’t match. It sounds extremely fake. While saying it’s Ojou-sama’s responsibility, your face is telling me that’s not going to happen!

Well, if I have to teach Lara everything, then I’ll try to warn her that she might get seriously injured. I hope she’ll listen to me, but I’m a little worried because she’s a very bold child.

But it was astonishing to hear Lara’s name. If he had told me to teach Emina, then I would have understood and replied with, “Oh, okay.” Emina didn’t have as much magic as Lara, but she could use it to some extent, and Master knows her better than Lara.

But when I thought that, I realised something.

“Oh, if Lara learns this, then she could go with Ojou-sama when she gets married. Then you can be relieved.”

If Ojou-sama had to take someone with her when she gets married, then it would probably be Lara. She probably wouldn’t be alone, but Emina probably won’t go with her. But Emina would probably go if Ojou-sama told her to.

But I had definitely put my foot in my mouth.

It looked like a blizzard was dancing behind Master. It wasn’t winter, and we’re in the study… But a snowy landscape was definitely showing up behind him. And it was blowing my way…


“Yes? I’ll go get ready! Excuse me!”

I couldn’t help but run away.

Yup. I knew it, Ojou-sama is really pampered!

But I don’t think she will remain in this house forever. If she does stay here forever, then Master will worry. But I feel like he won’t recommend a partner to her. But that doesn’t mean he’ll leave it to her, I meant that he will beat up any superficial man that she brings home.

“Parental love is so complicated.”

I have a feeling she’ll bring home a brave man, but I can’t imagine who that would be.

“Well, it’ll be hard for that man to take Ojou-sama if he can’t get Master’s approval.”

Ojou-sama doesn’t seem like she’s good with love. She also thinks eccentrically, so the person who falls in love with her will definitely have a hard time. Well, there is the possibility that she would fall for them. It seems like it’ll be troublesome because she seems like a late bloomer.

“… There’s nothing I can do about even if I think about it now.”

If I think about such things now, then I have the feeling that someone would retort You’re the one who should get married! My life is fun right now, and I’ll get married if I’m fated to. So, I’ll just ignore that for now.

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