Act 42: Real Intentions

The day that would be convenient for Elvis and Fulvia to meet was four days after she’d discussed it with Elvis.

She was surprised that it was earlier than what she had scheduled, but it was good news, since she wanted them to meet.

(Maybe Otou-sama changed his schedule for this.)

I hadn’t heard that he would have the day off. I have to live up to his expectations if he did change his schedule. I’ll talk about the mobile library plan like I planned to, but most importantly, I hope that they can both talk about their recent situations.

I chose the greenhouse as the meeting place. 

Cordelia prepared the tablecloth with Emina. She usually left that to Emina, but she had wanted to do it.

(I wonder if this is alright.)

Lastly, Cordelia arranged flowers on the table and set it up.

Ronnie came into the greenhouse as if he had been waiting for the right moment.

“Ojou-sama, Sensei is here.”

“I’m coming. Emina, can you prepare the tea? I’ll do the rest when Sensei gets here, I don’t mind if you move back.”

“Yes, Ojou-sama.”

Cordelia and Ronnie headed to the entrance. 

She told Ronnie about Fulvia in the same way that she had told Vernoux.

She arrived at the entrance and curtsied to Fulvia, who had been waiting there.

“I’m sorry for making you wait, Sensei.”

“It’s okay. Thank you for inviting me.”

“I know this is sudden, but would you like to go to the greenhouse?”

Fulvia had spoken in a tone which was different from her usual because she was in the Pameradia mansion. I also know that Obaa-sama can’t just call me Dilly-chanhere. Its also impossible to talk calmly here, somewhere thats easily noticeable.

(… The public gaze isn’t the only problem.)

Things progressed that far because she was motivated to get the two to meet, but anxiety flickered through her when she saw how tense Fulvia was.

I haven’t missed anything because I was in such a rush, right?

(It’s okay. It’s fine. Nothing will progress if I get anxious here.)

She told Ronnie to call Elvis and guided Fulvia to the greenhouse as she told herself that.

Fulvia muttered.

“… There are a lot of bright flowers here.”

“There’s no one here, so please don’t worry. I get nervous when Sensei talks like that.”

Cordelia smiled a little while looking at Fulvia. Actually, she had been anxious since before Fulvia arrived, but she had no choice but to misrepresent that right now, and Fulvia was acting formal and restless towards her. 


“At least until Otou-sama gets here… What do you think?”

Fulvia looked a little puzzled.

“Is calling you 『Dilly-chan』better?”

“Yes. Because I can calm down.”

Fulvia didn’t change her expression but accepted, “Ok.”

“Thank you very much. And… this is the greenhouse. I’m also growing the aloe vera I got here.”

“It’s wonderful and amazing.”

“You might already know this, but this is Otou-sama’s design. It’s also been improved little by little since it was constructed and the inside is made with glass so I can adjust the temperature and humidity levels.”

“Please,” Cordelia showed Fulvia inside the glasshouse and stood behind her so that she could look around. 

They were the only two people inside of the glasshouse, and Fulvia slowly began walking inside. 

“You’re growing a lot of herbs.”

“The herbs I’m growing here are those I collected from the mountains, but I’ve also rented some fields to grow herbs outside. However, I research here to investigate the relationship between medicinal herbs and magics in development, and adjust the soil in the fields.”

“The flowers here are as vibrant as the ones that grow in the wild.”

Cordelia quietly stared at Fulvia who had kneeled down and stretched her hands out at the flowers.

The entrance of the greenhouse finally opened before long.

“Ojou-sama, Master is here.”

Standing behind Ronnie, Elvis had a poker-face as usual. Ronnie said, “Then, please excuse me,” before leaving.

When the three of them were left, the first one to speak was Elvis.

“… I apologise that my daughter has selfishly called you here.”

“It’s fine, don’t mention it.”

The aura was very stiff.

And heavy.

No one said anything else.

She had expected it, but the two hadn’t had a moving reunion when they met…

However, Cordelia felt relief rather than discouragement. Fulvia was looking down, and Elvis’s gaze didn’t leave his guest like always. However, it would really end as a meeting between an Earl and his guest if he acted too much like an Earl. 

(Then this would be pointless.)

Cordelia thought and smiled. She wanted them to face each other if she wanted to change the situation. Then, she would have to make the first move.

“Please come this way. I will prepare tea.”

Cordelia guided them to the table and prepared the tea utensils in a practised manner. She placed sweets and tea in front of both of them and distributed the documents that she made.

“This is the main reason why I have called you here today. I currently want to do welfare work with supporters starting from Vernoux-sama, the son of Marquis Flantheim. It is a project to deliver books to children in mountain villages far from the royal capital… It does have a temporary name. We are calling it the mobile library project.”

“Mobile library, you say?”

“Yes. It is currently difficult for villages away from the royal capital to get books. So, we wrote down a plan to get a carriage to deliver books to those villages. However, we believe that they would shun fees, since they wouldn’t be familiar with books, so we are currently adjusting the plan towards not collecting a usage fee.”

I considered making a service for purchasing books if they want a special book, but that isn’t the theme of the plan. 

Elvis didn’t mention that either. 

“What are you going to do about the capital?”

“Basically, we’re thinking of setting it up with a corporate status and getting donations from supporters every year. The supporter list and donation estimates are included in the third page.”

“That’s a large number of people.”

“That’s because Vernoux-sama reached out to them, and His High Sylvester also showed an interest in this.”

Cordelia added, and Elvis nodded lightly.

Fulvia opened her eyes wide, “The royal family…?”

“We’re going to buy books with the donations or have the supporters to donate books. We’ll also establish an office at the royal capital to use as a base. In addition to storing books, we also want to sell specialities from the villages at the base. We also want to use it as a source of information which can be used by both the villages and the royal capital. What do you think of this plan?”

Elvis dropped his eyes onto the documents and opened his mouth after a while.

“As far as I can see, it’s not impossible to achieve. However, this is under the condition that you plan a little more and do preliminary meetings.”

“… I think so too. Because the villages aren’t losing anything.”

Fulvia continued after Elvis had spoken. 

Cordelia was relieved that they hadn’t said anything negative about the plan.

“We can’t rent an office in the royal capital because we’re children. Otou-sama, would you help me with this?”

“I can do that much.”

“Thank you very much. Then, I would like to discuss the next matter, with you two. We are thinking about stocking picture books, fairy tales and history books. We’re thinking of obtaining some books for adults to read too, but I want to know what books would make this plan more successful.”

Elvis frown deepened when Cordelia said that.



“You should ask Marquis Flantheim if you’re looking for picture books or fairy tales. He prefers them quite a lot.”

(Otou-sama, isn’t that passing the task onto someone else…?)

Even if he had made an appropriate recommendation, from what I’ve heard from Vernoux-sama, Marquis Flantheim would just boo at that. Cordelia smiled wryly inside.

(… No, Marquis Flantheim might be pleased with this.)

I thought he would protest for a moment, but the Marquis might smile and say, “That Elvis is relying on me!?”

(Otou-sama, I’m sorry. I can only imagine that the Marquis would be pleased no matter how this ends…)

However, that wasn’t the only thing that Elvis pointed out.

“Other than fairy tales, it would be a good idea to add maps from all over the place. It’s also an opportunity for them to learn that the world they know is narrow.”

“Maps… you say?”

Come to think of it, I remember that there was a time when I wanted a globe. I certainly remember that I wanted to know more about the unknown world.

“Sensei, what do you think?”

“If you’re going to add maps, then it might be nice to get travel journals as well. And… this isn’t about books, but there are a lot of children who like living things such as animals, birds, insects and reptiles. It might be a little expensive, but there might be a demand for illustrated encyclopaedias.”

“Illustrated encyclopaedias?”


Maps and illustrated encyclopaedias are a bit more expensive than standard books. But, there might be a high demand for them even if they don’t exist in the villages. When I think like that, I would like to come to a compromise. 

“Sensei, do you think Oulu Village would accept these efforts?”

“They probably would… Recently, the director asked me if she should accept support.”

The director already discussed the matter that she had told Cordelia about with Fulvia. It will probably be okay; it does make me feel relieved. 

“Do you know anything else that children might be interested in?”

“Let’s see…”

Fulvia wanted to say something, but she immediately stopped.

Elvis also questioned that, like Cordelia, and moved his eyebrows a little.

“… Do you know something?”

“It’s not like I don’t… but it might not be suitable for a place like this.”

“Is it about books?”

“Yes… but is it really alright for me to say it?”

More questions arose for Cordelia when she saw that Fulvia was strangely hesitant. 

I wonder what she wants to say. In front of Cordelia, who was waiting silently, Fulvia prepared herself and looked at Elvis and Cordelia.

“A lot of children, especially boys, like faeces… or the so-called poop.”

Fulvia sounded very serious.

Thus, Cordelia’s reaction was delayed for a second, but she choked the moment she understood the meaning of Fulvia’s words. 

Elvis also had a massive choking fit. 

That was the first time Cordelia had seen Elvis give such a big reaction.

This is… don’t tell me… even Otou-sama had a period like that?

Even Otou-sama did!?

Without making eye contact with Cordelia, who was staring at him long and hard, Elvis coughed and caught his breath. 

(This, Otou-sama also remembers this…?)

I can’t picture that at all, but it’s not strange… if it happened before he entered the Pameradia House. But I really can’t imagine it, but all the more so when I remember that Obaa-sama had called him a rascal.

But, Fulvia wasn’t caught up with Elvis and Cordelia’s state. 

“To know how the body works, it might not be elegant, but they might be interested in books about faeces. Faeces aren’t waste, but a product.”

Fulvia was serious until the very end, and Cordelia found it very strange. 

Cordelia finally burst out laughing.

“Wh-what’s wrong?”

“Well, it’s just… I’ve never seen Otou-sama agitated before! I couldn’t help but think that it’s something only you could do, Obaa-sama.”

“Dill… Ojou-sama.”

Fulvia had nearly called Cordelia how she usually did probably because she had panicked.

However, Cordelia kept telling her that she preferred it if Fulvia called her that.

“Obaa-sama, please call me Dilly like always. And Otou-sama, if things stay like this, then you’re just resisting for no reason?”


It wasn’t only Fulvia’s attitude that had vexed her, but Elvis’s as well. She took the opportunity to throw those words at Elvis.

Even Elvis should know why he got that agitated.

Cordelia didn’t rush him to answer, but she didn’t say anything else either.

Elvis opened his mouth before long.

 “I’ve always wanted to apologise to you.”

His voice was in no way loud. 

However, it was a voice that couldn’t be missed.

“When I decided to become a noble, I had decided that I would use my position and protect the people. I decided to use whatever I could to achieve that, and I have been doing it. But… the hardships you’d suffered wouldn’t go away, no matter how much I do. My mother had to suffer because I was born. I’m so very sorry.”

He sounded as if he was disinterested.

However, to Cordelia, it had sounded as if he had done that deliberately. 

Fulvia, on the other hand, quickly shook her head.

“You’re wrong, Elvis. You did nothing wrong. You were only involved in adult affairs… You were probably forced to do a lot of things. I’m really sorry.”

Cordelia interrupted as silence flowed between them.

“Otou-sama and Obaa-sama. You’ll never reach an agreement with that. You don’t want to give in to each other, probably because you are alike.”

It would be meaningless for them to apologise to each other if they continue to say that they’re both in the wrong. 

I also don’t plan on joining in on this conversation. 

“Please look at each other. I think it would be difficult for you to believe me, no matter what I say, but it’s obvious, isn’t it? Aren’t you both saying that you want to spend more time together? And that’s not all, is it?”


Elvis and Fulvia didn’t answer Cordelia. They were only looking at each other.

“We’ll talk about the mobile library at a later day.”

Cordelia said as she relaxed.

“Won’t you eat the sweets at your fingertips? I baked them.”

It took me ages to choose something that would taste nostalgic, so I want them to savour it, ――― Cordelia thought, as she took the initiative to eat the butter-cake.

Yup, delicious.

The act of reaching out to eat it before Elvis couldn’t be commended. But both of them wouldn’t move if she hadn’t done that.

“… You have an adorable daughter.”

“She’s also a little tomboyish in some places. Who the heck does she resemble?”

The two, who had frozen, looked at Cordelia and spoke.

I’m concerned about which parts of me he had meant when he’d said a little tomboyish. But I feel like Ill be digging my own grave if I ask that question. ――― She thought, and Fulvia helped her.

“Oh my, I’m sure she’s like you. You were such a rascal.”


… Elvis didn’t say anything, probably because he either wouldn’t object or couldn’t.

Fulvia stared at Elvis, who was silent and eventually looked down.

“Thank you very much.”


“I thought that it was enough to listen to your efforts and stories about how the people at your fief adore you. But I’m pleased now that we’re able to talk again.”

Elvis stared at Fulvia, who had humbled herself again, after she’d spoken in an informal tone. 

“I also never thought I would have the opportunity to talk directly with mother… I’m glad we could talk.”

Elvis spoke after a long silence, and his words sounded harmless and inoffensive. 

But, this is probably the most honest thing he could say. Otou-sama isn’t someone who chooses his words to suit who he’s talking to. He hadn’t objected to this meeting because he had wanted to meet her. 

After that, they ate the butter-cake and talked about their current situations… unfortunately, the latter didn’t happen.

Elvis had said, “It’s a nostalgic taste,” when he had tried the lemon butter-cake, but the topic soon returned to the mobile library plan. We can derail it since you two finally have the chance to talk… Cordelia thought, but the tension that Elvis and Fulvia had felt had disappeared, so she decided that it had worked somehow. This mother and child are probably hard workers through and through.




However, a short while after, a messenger from the castle visited the Pameradia mansion, and Elvis was summoned to the castle. 

Cordelia hadn’t imagined that the wrinkles between his eyebrows were deeper than when he talked with Marquis Flantheim.

Still, Elvis left the greenhouse without a sign of regret.

However, he’d said before leaving, “We’ll talk again later.”

After Elvis left, Cordelia told Fulvia the gist of the plan and saw her off. Of course, there are things I can talk to her about, but I want to give them another chance to speak.

(And since they’ve already met, it’ll be easier to invite her over as a medicinal herb teacher…)

Of course, it’s necessary to maintain a sense of distance, so that others don’t get suspicious, and I know I have to take our positions into account. Still, I’m happier than when I just imagined that the gap between my two favourite people have been filled. 

(And the rest…)

Cordelia thought of something else. 

She called out to Emina, who was cleaning up since there were no guests left, in the greenhouse while gazing at a nearby flower.

“Say, Emina. I have something to ask you.”

“Yes, Ojou-sama?”

“Won’t you deliver this flower to Okaa-sama?”

Emina frowned when she heard Cordelia’s question.

Cordelia hadn’t mentioned her mother at all in these past few years. The relationship between the two hadn’t changed at all, since long ago, so Emina never expected that Cordelia would say that. 

Even so, Cordelia smiled. 

“Okaa-sama likes white flowers, doesn’t she? I received this flower bulb from Nirupama as a gift from her fief. I’m sure that Okaa-sama misses it.”

I know that Okaa-sama askes the maids to put white flowers in her room.

However, Emina’s expression didn’t clear up with Cordelia’s explanation. 

“Stop looking like that. I won’t force her to meet me. I just don’t want her to hate me more than she already does. She might accept the flowers since they’ve done nothing wrong.”

Moreover… she slightly thought. 

The main reason why I had given up on talking to her was that this isn’t linked to my uneasy future.

But… also because I don’t want to be hated.

I also avoided her because I didn’t want to hear negative words from Okaa-sama, whom I’ve never had a direct conversation with. 

But, I don’t think I’m not hated just because I avoid her. 

Take a chance… or instead, there’s nothing to lose since it’s already broken. 

“Of course, if coming into contact with me will bring Okaa-sama stress, then I won’t send it. I don’t want to pester her. So, please?”

“… Understood.”

From Emina’s expression, I understand that it probably wouldn’t fare well. Okaa-sama and I don’t have a good relationship, not because of a problem that existed between us. 

Even so, I won’t be depressed about it. 

Even if our relationship doesn’t improve, if Okaa-sama likes the flowers, then I will continue to send them. 

I don’t think that all my wishes will come true.

But if I don’t make an effort, then none of them will.

If I give up, then even a slightly misplaced button won’t return.

“It suits me better to take a chance.”

If it’s no good, then I’ll think about it later.

She thought, as she touched the white petals with her fingertips.

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Editor: SenjiQ