Act 44: Future Knight’s Prelude

As preparations progressed for the exhibition, Cordelia visited Earl Hale’s mansion, where her friend Hazel resided. Because Hazel had sent her a letter inviting her over, “The flowers in the garden are blooming beautifully, so I would like you to enjoy them too.” Like the Pameradia House, the Hale House also welcomed the season of beautiful flowers.

Various flowers were also drawn on the card that was attached to the invitation, and Cordelia visited the Hale mansion with high expectations. 

The garden, which she saw, was filled with a wider variety of flowers than she’d imagined, and it was gorgeous. Spring is a really calm and beautiful season, she thought as she asked someone to convey a message to Hazel, at the entrance, and then she heard a large quarrel as if it was trying to spoil her mood.

“Dahlia! Wait! You haven’t finished your studies, have you?!”

“I’m going to be a knight! I can’t be late for sword practice!”

Cordelia looked up at the surprising interaction and saw Hazel and another girl appear on the second floor. Hazel grabbed the girl’s arm, but the other girl was stronger, so she shook off Hazel’s hand in no time. Cordelia widened her eyes.

(I wonder if that’s Hazel-sama’s sister.)

The Hale House has Hazel as their eldest child and four other children. 

Cordelia had only spoken to the small heir, their eldest son, but Hazel often boasted that they are all cute. I wonder if one of them is the person she’s quarrelling with right now, she wondered, and the girl jumped from the railing. 


Cordelia’s voice instinctively leaked out, and Hazel shouted at almost the same time, “Stewart!” In response to Hazel’s voice, the servant, who was receiving Cordelia, quickly moved and caught the falling girl.

“That’s dangerous, Dahlia Ojou-sama.”

“Stewart! Stop getting in my way all the time!”

But even if the girl named Dahlia shouted, the servant named Stewart didn’t move. Meanwhile, Hazel walked down the stairs in a grand manner. Her back seemed to be clad in a dark aura. 

“Fufufu, you can’t escape even if you try. At least, you won’t be allowed to leave the house today unless you finish today’s schedule!”

“But I’ll be late for practice! Didn’t Okaa-sama say it was fine as long as I come back!”

“Okaa-sama is too soft! The things you are doing now, I’d already finished when I was 10!”

Cordelia was flabbergasted as she watched the violent exchange, but soon, Stewart deliberately cleared his throat.

“Ojou-sama, there’s a guest.”

The two girls hadn’t noticed that there was a guest until he had said that.

“How do you do, Hazel-sama? And little sister-sama.”

“Oh my, Cordelia-sama! Pardon me, welcome. Ah, this is my stupid sister, Dahlia Will Hale. She’s 12.”

Unlike Hazel, who had a smile on her face like nothing significant had happened, Dahlia had an extremely uncomfortable expression. 

“Nice to meet you, Dahlia-sama.”

“… Nice to meet you.”

Dahlia answered while averting her gaze, and it was clear that she hadn’t wanted anyone to see the previous scene. Hazel, on the other hand, felt as if she’d received unexpected reinforcements and was overjoyed, she didn’t have a bit of shyness or any reserve. 

“Now, come back, Dahlia. This all started because you won’t study properly.”

However, Dahlia snapped at Hazel. 

“Because today is my sword practice day which is more important than lectures! I’m going to be a knight!”

Dahlia declared, folded her arms and turned away.

Cordelia was surprised. This was her first time meeting a girl who wanted to become a female knight.

“Hmm… Do you want to become a knight, Dahlia-sama?”

“Yes. What’s wrong with that?”

Dahlia, who was in a bad mood, wasn’t friendly to Cordelia even though this was their first meeting, and Cordelia smiled wryly. However, her attitude made Hazel raise her voice as if her hair was standing up.

“Dahlia, that was rude! This is Cordelia-sama, the daughter of the famous knight family, the Pameradia’s, whom you admire!”

“… Eh, the Pameradia’s?!”

Dahlia instantly brightened up when she heard that. She approached Cordelia and took her hands.

“Cordelia-sama, please speak to Onee-sama. She’s trying to obstruct me from practising the sword!”


“I admire the Queen and the knights who guard her. Therefore, I also want to become a knight and enter the Imperial Guards someday, so I have to improve my sword skills. Even so, Onee-sama keeps nagging me about studying…”

“You’ll be the one who’s troubled, since you can’t become a knight if you’re dumb!”

“It’ll work out somehow if I’m skilful with the sword!”

Seeing them fight, Cordelia was able to understand what was happening. Dahlia was a young lady who didn’t like studying very much and wanted to become a knight.

(And… Dahlia-sama also seems reckless.)

It was a bold remark since one wouldn’t imagine that from her image if she didn’t open her mouth. 

(… No, I can tell that she’s energetic since she jumped down from the second floor.)

For the time being, I should meditate between the fighting sisters. 

“Dahlia-sama, my brothers are excellent at martial arts, but they also have a variety of knowledge. I’ve been taught a lot of things from them, and I think having a lot of knowledge would be useful for your work.”


Dahlia was full of energy as if she had gained an ally, but her expression rapidly changed. 

“See. Studying is also important.”

“Of course, I think it’s better to be able to study rather than not, but…”

Even with this she’s still not convinced. What should I do? Cordelia thought a little.

From her reaction, I understand that she also thinks that studying is necessary. However, does she believe things will work out somehow with the way things are now, or is she more fascinated with sword practice…?

She couldn’t come up with an answer even if she thought about it, so she gave Dahlia a proposal.

“Dahlia-sama. If you don’t mind, would you like to come to my house?”


“We might have things that will be interesting to you.”

“Is that alright?”

“Yes. Hazel-sama always invites me over.”

Dahlia’s eyes sparkled when she heard what Cordelia had said. I don’t know the cause yet, but if I can get her motivated to study, then these two sisters might not have a reason to argue anymore, and Dahlia-sama is this happy about it, so she might be able to get something just by seeing our possessions.

“I would like to go there straight away!”

“Today is a bit… Dahlia-sama, you also have practice, don’t you?”


Dahlia was taken aback and dropped her gaze to the floor in disappointment. She wanted to go to the Pameradia mansion straight away.

“Cordelia-sama, we can’t bother you. This child is simple, she heads straight into things that she’s interested in, so I’m sure she’ll bother you.”

(She’s just like Hazel-sama.)

Cordelia smiled wryly inside at Hazel, who had spoken when Dahlia went quiet.

She held it down, smiled at Hazel and turned to Dahlia.

“Hmm. If you give me a few days, then I can discuss this with my Onii-samas, and prepare items that you can enjoy. However, since this invitation shouldn’t interfere with your studies, please study so that your parents and Hazel-sama will let you go cheerfully.”

“Ye… s.”

It was a slightly stiff reply, but Dahlia still replied without hesitation. She seemed pleased, and her expression said, “Make Hazel promise!”

“Dahlia, if you understand Cordelia-sama’s words, then you can go today. But keep that in mind when you get back, alright?”

Hazel put her hands together and smiled superbly, and Dahlia replied reluctantly. Then, Dahlia curtsied to Cordelia and left. 

“I’m sorry about that. This way, Cordelia-sama. I’ve troubled you.”

“It’s okay. It was a new experience since I’ve never met a girl who wanted to be a knight before.”

“Dahlia has good reflexes, but she isn’t good at studying, so she quickly dozes off.”

Hah, Hazel sighed and put a hand to her forehead.

“You’re worried about her, aren’t you?”

“She’s my cute little sister, and I hope her dream will come true. But as things are, she would definitely fail the written exam before she can show her skills. Even if I tell her that academic ability is necessary to stay by the Queen’s side, father and mother don’t say anything, so she won’t believe me.”

(Hazel-sama is right, but maybe all she says to Dahlia-sama is study, study, study.)

I remember their fight, and it seemed like Dahlia-sama feels that Hazel-sama’s words are a disturbance. If someone else said something, then she might understand… Cordelia thought as she continued to listen to Hazel.

“Neither father nor mother is against her becoming a knight. However, they’re also not supporting her. As I thought, they’re worried about her.”

“About her swinging a sword?”

“Yes. And it’s a rare occupation. I think they would honestly feel relieved if she failed the exam because she hadn’t studied enough. But they also want her to study a little more.”

“… In that case, was my invitation unwelcomed?”

Hazel looked slightly mixed, and Cordelia put a hand to her mouth and thought. Even if they don’t oppose, it might not be good to differ from their education policy. 

But Hazel slowly shook her head.

“Even if you hadn’t invited her, she won’t change her mind about being a knight. And it’s pitiful if she doesn’t get motivation once in a while. Of course I’m worried, but she’ll regret it if she doesn’t do what she wants, right?”

“You’re a wonderful older sister.”

“Stop it.”

Cordelia laughed a little at Hazel, who had turned a little red.

Hazel said again, “Please stop!” before sighing.

“… I think she’ll be motivated if she sees something different than what she’s used to. As her older sister, I’m happy that you’ll show her a world different from the one she knows.”

“Then, I’ll have to make sure she has fun.”

“I’m sorry for troubling you. She’s a really good girl… but she just can’t study. I think it’s disappointing and unbearable.”

Hah… Hazel sighed once again. She’s really considerate towards her younger sister. Hopefully, she can convey a little of those feelings… Cordelia thought, and, next to her, Hazel complained, “She really doesn’t think of anything else except for what’s in front of her…!” It seems like it would be difficult. Cordelia smiled wryly.

After that, they chatted, had tea, enjoyed the garden and Cordelia headed home.

On the way home, Cordelia thought of ways to entertain Dahlia, but unfortunately, she couldn’t think of anything by the time she arrived home.

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Editor: SenjiQ