After lunch, Dahlia, who had entered the library, looked around and was a little surprised. 

“I’m interested in books about knights… but there’s a huge number of books.”

“Books about knights? In that case, the books around here might be hard to find.”

In response to Dahlia’s wishes, Isma picked up a slightly thick book from a slightly higher position on the shelf.

“There’s a lot of sentences in this book, but there aren’t that many difficult words, and it’s written formally, so it’s easy to understand.”

Dahlia happily began reading the bulky book she had been given. 

But the more pages she turned, the slower she got. Then, she started dozing off.

(… I knew it.)

Cordelia, who had been reading another book, slowly approached Dahlia and lightly touched her shoulder.



“I, I’m sorry.”

Cordelia reflexively apologised to Dahlia’s surprised reaction

But Dahlia was also surprised because Cordelia had apologised… or rather, she couldn’t grasp the situation, but she seemed to have noticed that she had fallen asleep and her cheeks turned a little pink. 

“By any chance, did you not get much sleep last night?”

“No, I slept normally. I’ve been very sleepy since noon…”

Dahlia said and sighed a little.

“I can’t believe I dozed off even though it’s such an interesting book… I’ve done something wasteful.”

“We still have time, and I can lend you the book, so don’t worry about it. By the way, do you always feel sleepy at this time?”

“Yes, I usually study languages and classics at this time, but I doze off. However, I don’t think it’s a problem if I can speak the language, and classics are never used.”

(I see. It’s not like she doesn’t like studying, but it might be because she gets sleepy, so she doesn’t want to study and doesn’t make any progress.)

On top of that, if only her sister, who is close to her in age, pays attention to her skipping her lessons, then I can understand why she wants to rebel. 

(I’m sure Dahlia-sama is an honest child. If I had to say it, then her attitude would be because no one pays attention to her except for Hazel-sama.)

However, I might be able to broaden her horizons a little. Especially with Isma-oniisama here. Cordelia glanced at Isma, who smiled wryly. He nodded at Cordelia, approached Dahlia and stared at her in the eyes. 

“Classics is not a bad thing for knights to learn, because it is sometimes quoted in conversation, and the minimum requirements also appear in the exam.”

Cordelia lightly told her that studying was necessary the other day, but the weight of those words might be different coming from an active knight. And if Dahlia has any questions, then Isma can respond to them right away. 

“But I’ve heard that the knight’s appointment exam is determined by overall points. Even if someone isn’t good at classics, they can compensate for it in another part of the exam, can’t they?”

“It’s possible if your only goal is to pass the exam. However, you won’t get the position you want, even if you become a knight, like that. It’s always a competition.”

Dahlia was speechless. She hadn’t thought of this.

“Earl Hale is fluent in foreign languages as well, isn’t he? It doesn’t hurt to study languages and literature if you’re aiming to become the Queen’s guard. She’ll be relieved if she can leave the interpreting to you.”

“… Yes.”

“I also have many things that I’m not good at, but rather than finding reasons not to improve, I find reasons to improve.”

Isma added and folded his arms.

“But, sleepy, huh. Why are you sleepy?”

“That’s probably… drowsiness caused by overeating.”

Cordelia said to Isma, who was thinking.

“I can’t say that’s the only cause, but it may be improved depending on how you eat.”


Dahlia replied briefly because she was surprised, and Cordelia nodded.

Dahlia ate as much as she wanted and even ate twice as much bread as Cordelia had. She looked thrilled, but it was possible that she didn’t feel full because she didn’t chew her food enough.

(I think she’s just simply overeating, but she also ate a lot of bread. If you eat too many carbohydrates, your blood glucose levels will go down, and you’ll be drowsy from the insulin your body releases.)

And she’ll get drowsier if she has to study something that she’s not interested in. However, Cordelia decided to omit that from her explanation. Dahlia might be interested in getting rid of her drowsiness, but she wasn’t interested in why she was drowsy. Cordelia didn’t even know if blood glucose levels existed in this world, so she didn’t want to speak carelessly.

Cordelia coughed a little to cover this up.

“You should eat your vegetables first. And why don’t you eat less bread and eat moderately? And you should chew well. I think dairy products and fruits are better for dessert.”

If she chews well, then it should satisfy her hunger, and it would take time, so she should be able to stop herself from overeating. Dahlia twitched when she heard Cordelia’s words. She’s probably opposed to restricting her diet. Cordelia’s heart hurt a little because Dahlia looked like she was having so much fun when she was eating.

Next to Cordelia, Isma was thinking of a different idea.

“If you want to wake yourself up temporary, then you can wash your face… but that’s a little difficult during class time. Moving your body is also good, but this is also difficult during class.”

That’s also effective, but she probably won’t be able to do it. However, I can think of a way to stimulate her body. 

“Please wait a little. I’ll be right back.”

After saying that, Cordelia headed straight to the laboratory. 


Cordelia, who had entered the lab, took a bucket out from the cupboard and put water in it. She dropped a drop of tea tree and peppermint essential oil into the bucket. Tea tree, which had strong sterilisation and antibacterial powers, was used by the indigenous people of Australia, the Aboriginal people, as ointment. During World War II, the French also used it to treat soldiers. Cordelia dipped the towel she had prepared into the water while smelling the fresh and sharp scent and squeezed it lightly. The cold compress was completed. 

Then, she took carrier oil, absolute ethanol, and rosemary essential oil out from the cupboard. Rosemary is said to clear drowsiness and improve memory and concentration. Added to the sharp scent of the peppermint she had used earlier; it becomes perfumed oil with a stimulating smell. 

Cordelia, who had prepared those two items, returned to the library. 

“I’m sorry to keep you waiting, Dahlia-sama.”

“Welcome back, Cordelia-sama. This is?”

Cordelia smiled at Dahlia, who was staring curiously at the towel and small bottle in Cordelia’s hands. 

“Please wipe your face a little with this.”

“I, I feel like air is passing through my nose.”


Dahlia wasn’t widening her eyes in discomfort but in surprise. 

“Is this a scent that Cordelia-sama made? But, it’s completely different from the candle that Hazel-oneesama always brags about… Is it a different fruit?”

“This is actually the scent of leaves. Please apply it to your hands and cheeks.”

Dahlia tilted her head at the words ‘scent of leaves’ and held the towel to her cheek. The towel had been cooled in cold water, and the coldness made her drowsiness fly away a little. 

“Next, this small bottle. It might help you improve your concentration if you don’t hate the smell. Please spread this on your wrist and smell it.”

“This certainly smells like something that would wake me up.”

“But the main goal is that you want to do your best. You will indeed get sleepy when you’re full, but it’s important that you realise that you have to do it.”

Isma, who was watching the two, softly cut in. The fragrance is certainly just an aid. Without motivation from the person in question, she will continue to feel drowsy.

“Also, you will collapse if you don’t eat after you become a knight, so be careful.”


“Yeah. We move a ridiculous amount, so you’ll collapse if you don’t eat. At first, eating will feel like a job, and you’ll eat so much that it’ll become painful. But you’ll get used to this, and you won’t feel drowsy because training is horrifying.”

“Those meals are more quantity over quality,” Isma continued, but his words no longer reached Dahlia.

“Then, I only have to hold back for a little while, right?!”

“Well, and… you can change your class times if you’re really drowsy. You may find your studies interesting if you start to understand them.”

Cordelia didn’t know if those words reached her, but Dahlia looked happy and full of motivation.

She just prayed that Dahlia’s quarrels with Hazel would become a memory of their youth one day.




After that, Dahlia, who had become completely excited, didn’t get drowsy again before she went home, and she held several books and the essential oil that Cordelia had given her to take home.

“Onii-sama, thank you very much for today.”

After they saw Dahlia off, Cordelia thanked Isma again, and he shook his head lightly.

“No, I experienced something rare. I didn’t have the chance to think about what happened before I became a knight, and I remembered some things. You can’t forget your original intentions.”

“I’ll remember that.”

“But the Hale House isn’t a military family, so I’m sure the Earl is worried. If Dahlia-jou does get appointed as a knight, then maybe I should help ease his worries.”

Isma, who whispered as if he was talking to himself, looked like a senior worried about his junior or like a teacher worried about his student. 

“But I’m glad that you don’t say you want to be a knight, Cordelia.”

“Oh my, are you worried?”

Cordelia tilted her head at his sudden words.

Although Beatrice-sama had become a knight, so I can’t tell him not to worry at all, but, strangely, he’s worried enough to say it. Cordelia thought, and Isma smiled impishly. 

“Ah, but it’s not like Cordelia will be doing this and that, it’s father’s attitude that will change. Even if you tell him that you want to train, he’ll train you eternally and won’t stop until you give up on being a knight.”

Cordelia smiled wryly.

(But, if you think about it, even Otou-sama was injured on duty and had to retire. If I say that I want to be in a place like that, then he would be worried even if our family is a family of knights.)

Although we’re close with the knights, because both my Onii-samas are knights, it’s definitely a dangerous place. Will Dahlia-sama be alright even if she’s appointed? 

Cordelia thought, and a big hand placed itself on her head.

“You’ll regret it if you get told that you can’t from the start, right? I’m sure Dahlia-jou is the same.”

“… Yes.”

“And that child is similar to you. I don’t think she’ll give up easily, and I don’t think she’ll come to a conclusion about becoming a knight or not just because of today. And, if you wanted to become a knight, don’t you think that you would go through with it and won’t give up no matter how much father opposes? That’s why I think it’ll be eternal training.”

She couldn’t help but be convinced by the words she heard as her head was lightly patted. Dahlia-sama indeed seems like she’ll continue to take the exam until she passes, even if she fails. And if she’s confident in her martial arts, then like Isma-oniisama had said, she could get appointed even if the results of her written exam are terrible. However, I can’t say for sure if her wish will come true or not.

(Um, that’s true, but…)

Cordelia thought, and couldn’t lift her face.

It wasn’t like she wasn’t convinced by Isma’s words, but she was really embarrassed because she hadn’t experienced someone patting her head for this long. 

“Oh yes, Cordelia. Can you give me what you gave to Dahlia-jou?” 

“Onii-sama, are you having trouble with drowsiness as well?”

“No, that’s not it. I have some things I have to memorise, so I wanted to use it for a change of pace.”

“Then, I’ll prepare some so you can take it to the dormitory tomorrow.”

“Thanks. I guess I’ll go back to my room.”

He finally took his hand away from her head and returned to his room. Cordelia watched his back as he walked and thought.

(Him having to memorise a few things… Does that have to do with what he and Cyrus-oniisama were talking about?)

She couldn’t ask for details, but she wanted to give him what he wanted even if something was up, or even if nothing was happening. 

(And, I’ll prepare so that if they want something else, I can give it to them.)

If this is related to their work, then it might be difficult for me to help them because of confidentially. Still, I want to make an effort so that I can help them straight away if I’m ordered to someday. 

(To do that, I need to build enough trust between us so that they would give me an order.)

Of course, this is related to my abilities as well, but if they don’t trust me, then they won’t entrust me with anything. Cordelia thought as she returned to her room.

Translator: Blushy
Editor: SenjiQ