Act 47: Entering the Big Bookcase

A short distance away from the prince’s room, Cordelia called out to Clyde who was walking in front of her.

“Clyde-sama, you said you would take me to the doctor’s office, but it’s fine after all. It doesn’t hurt that much anymore.”

Clyde, who stopped and turned around, scowled.

“It’ll be troublesome if you say it hurts later.”

“I won’t. Also, if it does hurt later, then I can see a doctor at home. They won’t investigate much if I say it was an unfortunate accident.”

Cordelia was shocked at Clyde’s unapproachable attitude. She had used his idea to leave Sylvester, but she thought that his preconceptions were quite biased. He still faithfully took her to the doctor’s office, even though he was treating her like that, but she felt that he was treating her too much like a bad person. 

However, no matter what he thought, she really didn’t need the doctor’s office. Rather, for Cordelia, there was a possibility that going to the doctor’s office would cause a situation she was trying to avoid.

“For example… if I get treated at the doctor’s office, then Marquis Flantheim might be informed of my injury. I’d feel awful if the Marquis were to worry about me.”

Clive moved his eyebrows at those words.

For Cordelia, however, she was more worried about Elvis hearing about it than worrying Marquis Flantheim, and Clive also seemed to have realised something. 

“… But, I can’t go straight back to His Highness.”

“If that’s the case, then why don’t you show me the way to the Big Bookcase?”

Indeed, if he were to return straight away then it would seem unnatural. 

In that case, Cordelia said a wish that was just right for killing time. She only knew how to get from the east gate to where she was now. 

However, Clive hesitated again.

(One more push.)

Clive still didn’t seem convinced, but if he showed hesitation, then she still had plenty of chances to convince him. 

“Clive-sama, you said you would take me to the doctor’s office, but you didn’t say that you would take me to see the doctor.”


“So, it would be fine if we just pass the doctor’s office.”

“You say things like Vernoux-dono.”


Cordelia forced herself to smile but didn’t know how to reply to Clive’s remark, since it was clear that he was angry at Vernoux. His words stated that he didn’t get along well with Vernoux. She could neither confirm nor deny that because she didn’t want to pick a fight with him. She knew that she had freedom, and she hoped that she wasn’t as free as Vernoux.

However, if he says that he doesn’t get along well with Vernoux, then Cordelia was the same.

“… Well, fine.”

“Thank you very much.”

“Ah, let me tell you one thing. His Highness rarely visits the Big Bookcase. Even if he does, he does it early in the morning or late at night.”

It sounded like a warning, “He’s not someone you can meet.” However, Cordelia smiled from the bottom of her heart at the unexpectedly useful piece of information. She could spend time at ease in the Big Bookcase.

“Then, I’ll be able to concentrate on the books too.”

However, Cordelia, who had spoken that out of relief, panicked a little because she might have misspoken. It was a remark which sounded as if the Prince was a disturbance, depending on who heard it. Then, that would be a bit rude.


Luckily, Clive looked suspicious but didn’t say anything. He began to walk again. 

(I wonder if he took it as a joke…)

Cordelia stroked her chest as she stared at his back and followed after him. 

He looked annoyed from beginning to end, but he passed the doctor’s office, headed to the main gate and guided Cordelia to the Big Bookcase.

They didn’t talk about anything in particular along the way, but he seemed to have a methodical personality since he took the trouble to show her the way from the main gate. He wasn’t courteous, but she was grateful that he had shown her the way so she wouldn’t be troubled later. 

However, she felt that his back was saying, “Don’t talk to me,” so she couldn’t convey those words to him. She felt uncomfortable with just opening her mouth, so she decided to tell him everything at the end. 

(More importantly, he took the trouble to show me around. I have to find landmarks.)

The Big Bookcase was located in a deeper place than Cordelia had thought. 

All the buildings inside the castle looked the same, and she was uneasy wondering whether she would find something that would help her remember her location. There weren’t many landmarks, but she frantically looked around for distinctive things such as trees or decorations. It would look bad if she got lost the next time she visited the castle. She was sure that Ronnie would be with her the next time she visited, and she didn’t want to show him anything pathetic. 

(And, if I get lost, then… it might foreshadow a terrible event.)

I’ve seen the sticky situation The Lost Girl Encounters the Princein novels many times in my previous world. It’s enough that such a thing happens in novels. It definitely can’t be reproduced. So, I should eliminate any possibility of me getting lost. 

While thinking that to herself, she could understand the story itself. 

If someone helps you when you’re troubled, then they would surely look dazzling. 

(I played the game where Cordeliahad appeared in my previous life because I was interested in seeing a scene like that)

However, I didn’t play a lot of love games in my previous life. 

Because in the middle of the game, I was like a protector who was watching over the Heroine’s happiness, and suddenly thought What would I do if that was me? , then an indescribable and embarrassing feeling swelled up within me. Im not an innocent person like this Heroine, so what am I thinking?!I dont know how many times I rebuked myself having said that, I played it to my hearts content. But I sometimes felt anguished by it, so it was hard to purchase a new game. I had similar symptoms from novels and comics, but the impact of games with voices were exceptional. 

(But that’s right. If I do get lost, and someone other than His Highness treats me kindly, then I might want to talk to him more.)

When she thought that, her cheeks and mouth moved unnaturally.

(No, stop it. What am I thinking? I can’t have rumours floating around saying that the daughter of the Pameradia House has no sense of direction!)

“Pameradia-jou, what are you thinking about?”

“I’m sorry. I was looking for a landmark along the way.”

Cordelia replied, innocuously at the suspicious Clive. He’d been walking earnestly with his back faced towards me for some time. When did he turn around? Was I that distracted that I didn’t even notice him turn around? Cordelia reflected.

Clive moved his eyebrow at Cordelia’s reply.

“This is certainly a hard place to find for someone who has only been here once.”


“You don’t need to put up a useless show if you don’t know where to go. Just quickly ask someone for directions.”

“… You’re right.”

Clive said, a little snippily, turned around, and began to walk again.

(Indeed, I have no choice but to ask others before I get lost.)

It would feel shameful for a moment, but I might cause trouble for others if I continue to loiter. It’s not strange for an outsider to ask for directions in the first place, and it’s not humiliating to ask before I get lost… While Cordelia determined that, an independent building that looked like a chapel entered her view. 

Cordelia concluded that the building was the Big Bookcase since Clive was headed straight towards it. 


There were two guards stationed at the entrance of the Big Bookcase, but as soon as Clive said a few words, they gave way. Cordelia followed after Clive and approached the door. 

“If you hold the permit you’ve just received over this pattern, the door will open.”

“Thank you very much.”

Apparently, the permit is a magic tool after all.

When Cordelia held the permit up to the pattern as she was instructed to, the heavy door slowly opened.

(This is the first time I’ve seen an automatic door in this world.)

The royal castle has some unusual techniques, she admired while walking inside. 

There weren’t any books as soon as she entered the door, but rather a long corridor. I’ll be able to see new books once I walk through this corridor ――― her expectations rose while thinking about Elvis. 

(Otou-sama made me a greenhouse which this royal castle doesn’t have, even though they have this excellent door mechanism.)

She respected Elvis once more while thinking, I have to be more motivated since I received something like that, and the sound of the door closing came from behind her, so she turned around.


Clive wasn’t in the building yet. 

Does this mean I can’t go on, if Clive-sama isn’t here?

Cordelia was a little confused, but the door opened again after a short while, and Clive entered. In his hand was a permit with a different colour than the one Cordelia had. He had to get it re-authenticated. 

I have to be careful when I come here with Ronnie, if each person has to be authenticated, Cordelia thought as she asked Clive.

“Eames-sama, your permit is a different colour from mine, isn’t it?”

He probably hadn’t submitted anything at the competition show. Still, does he have a permit for business reasons because he serves His Highness? 

Cordelia asked lightly, but Clive frowned deeply.

“This is a temporary passage pass. It’s not for browsing books like the one you hold.”

“Can you not read books, even though you have permission to enter?”

“I’ve never been told that it’s prohibited, but I don’t have the qualifications to read them.”

Clive clearly declared and continued with a firm tone.

“There aren’t any confidential documents here, but it’s a place for the royal family to browse their private collection. Please understand this.”

“Of course, I know.”

When Cordelia replied, Clive began to guide her again.

Cordelia’s tension increased as they walked down the corridor, step by step.


Soon after, Cordelia reached a room filled with books.

It was filled with bookshelves crammed with books and was a place befitting of the name 『Big Bookcase』. The bookshelves were much higher than a person, and she could see ladders and stepladders for getting books all over the place. 

Cordelia was speechless at the scene, which far exceeded her expectations.

“The upper floors and the basement are the same, but there are restrictions for taking some books out. Ask a librarian for more information. If you want to look for books alone, then there’s a guide map over there.”



“I’m sorry. I was overwhelmed.”

Cordelia, who was absolutely surprised, couldn’t say anything else. She had really received a precious privilege. Her feelings of gratitude towards Vernoux, who had recommended the competition show, and Ronnie, who had completed the product, became stronger. 

“Eames-sama, thank you very much for guiding me here. I’ll take a little tour before going home.”

But, Clive frowned.

“Is it inconvenient for me to be here?”

“No, not really. But, you’re busy, aren’t you?”

She had asked for guidance, but she felt bad if she asked him to accompany her for longer. His guidance role should be over. But, Clive looked displeased. 

“That doesn’t have anything to do with you.”

“Then, I have nothing else to say. I’ll have a look around.”

She gradually grew used to Clive’s way of speaking, and thought, can’t he talk differently even if it’s to someone he’d just met for the first time.

(If he does have a methodical personality, then it wouldn’t be strange for him to try and get to know the person he’s talking to. Instead, he’s trying to get rid of the danger to His Highness, I’m afraid he’s going to be annoying with his wrong impression.)

It’s not like I want to leave a unique impact on him, but he would think there’s meaning behind my words no matter what I say. Cordelia dropped her shoulders. It doesn’t feel very good. I want to avoid ending up in a predicament because he has some misunderstandings about my relationship with the Prince. 

(But, on the contrary, it’s convenient for him to observe me… right?)

I don’t know what I did to make him have a bad impression of me, but I should better his impression of me by a little bit by acting in a way that won’t make him think I’m planning something like I had in front of His Highness Sylvester. I don’t care how long he watches me to clear my concerns. I don’t have anything to feel guilty about, and Clive shouldn’t have caused harm to the in-game Cordelia.

With that in mind, she looked around and approached the guide that Clive had been talking about before. 

(The books on plants are on the first basement floor?)

She checked her destination on the map, memorised it, and rushed a little towards the stairs. Clive followed after Cordelia while maintaining a short distance. 

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