It was a thoughtful gift, even though Cordelia didn’t want it. It was rude to accept it without replying. However, Isma shook his head a little at Cordelia’s words.

“I don’t think you need to do that. Even though it’s a get-well present, it’s not really good if the story leaks that His Highness sent a gift to a lady he isn’t close to. And, I only meet His Highness alone by chance. That’s why he said secretly.”

Isma laughed. 

Of course, Cordelia was grateful if she didn’t need to thank him…

“But, wouldn’t that be rude?”

I don’t want to get involved with him, but I want to be polite as a person. 

If I don’t thank him, then it would seem like it’s natural for me to receive it, and it’s like I’m walking on the same path as Cordeliawho fell to ruin. 

Isma put his hand on his chin at Cordelia’s words.

“But that’s right. If you really want to thank him, then it’s better if you ask the Flantheim’s son. He probably meets with His Highness a lot, and you don’t have to worry about him broadcasting it.”


If possible, I don’t want to rely on Vernoux-sama for this. 

I’m still asking him to send letters to Gille-sama for me, and I want to avoid giving him more materials to tease me about. Also, this is related to His Highness Sylvester. 

(But this is also his fault… He’ll certainly avoid public gaze.)

In the first place, it wouldn’t be strange if Vernoux-sama knew that he had sent me a get-well present. The only thing I have to worry about with him is that Clive-sama, who thinks of me as a Wicked Woman aiming for the Princeand puts his guard up around me, would find out… But he can probably avoid that too…

“… Yes.”

I’d like to use other means if possible, but unfortunately, Onii-sama’s proposal is more realistic.

However, even though she had decided to send a letter, she felt depressed thinking about what to write. 

(It’s just to express my thanks. It won’t be a problem if I just write it formally. Or so I think, but…)

I’m used to writing letters, thanks to my correspondence with Gille-sama, and it’s also thanks to the effort I’ve put into it since I was little. I’m confident that my writing wouldn’t be embarrassing no matter who I write to, but I can’t think of what to write straight away. 

(Anyway, I definitely have to let him know that I’m not injured.)

If I don’t let him know, then he might send another get-well present. But if I ask Vernoux-sama to deliver the letter, then he can testify my claim even if Sylvester-sama is worried about the condition of my injury. 

Cordelia believed and decided to entrust the letter to Vernoux. She dropped her eyes on the sweets in her hand. 

It must be delicious since they’re sweets that this country’s prince ate and chose. 

However, I feel depressed when I think of it as a gift from Sylvester-sama even though the sweets have done nothing wrong. 

“Onii-sama, would you like to eat them with me?”

Cordelia looked up, and Isma laughed. 

“I don’t mind. Will you recommend us tea to drink?”


Cordelia was glad that Isma was a good brother. 

Isma always told her a lot of stories, so she should be able to get distracted even if she’s eating sweets. If Isma had refused, then she could have asked Ronnie or Lara, but then she would have to hide the source of the sweets. If she slipped up by chance, then she would end up talking about when she tumbled, and she wanted to avoid that. 

(I’m glad that Onii-sama was the one who received these. If Vernoux-sama had brought these sweets here, then I wouldn’t even have time to think…)

Cordelia suddenly remembered Clive, who didn’t have a good relationship with Vernoux. 

“Onii-sama, I met Marquis Eames’s son today. Has he always been… so spirited?”

“Oh, did you meet him because he serves His Highness? What did he say?”

Isma’s reply to Cordelia’s question, which she had asked gently, sounded as if he already had an idea of what had happened.

However, Clive had only acted cold towards her and hadn’t said any offending words that had directly insulted her. Apart from him worrying about her taste in men. 

“No, Vernoux-sama and Eames-sama… seem like friends who completely understand each other.”

She wasn’t sure how direct she should be, and her words went muddy. Isma smiled wryly. 

“Oh… He’s a serious child.”

“Is that normal? And… oh yes. I want to ask you, have you ever heard the rumours about Marquis Eames and father being on bad terms?”

“I’ve heard a little.”

She covered up the fact that she had just heard about this and answered. Isma nodded a little. 

“It’s pretty famous, but it’s not so much about the Eames House and our house as it is about the relationships between the heads, so you don’t have to worry about it much. In fact, I can keep my distance away from the Marquis and his son, but I’m not firmly avoiding them, and it’s not that I was told anything. They’re just strangers.”

“The son, as well?”

Contrary to Onii-sama’s words, the way he treats them is obviously not the attitude one used towards someone whom they met for the first time, but is the way he receives them different from me? However, Cordelia wasn’t particularly concerned, even though she had thought that, and Isma continued. 

“Yeah. However, even though the relationship between the Marquis and father is bad, it’s not about which one is in the wrong. Cordelia, you know that father got injured when he protected His Majesty, don’t you? Many people said it was a merit at that time, but Marquis Eames got angry and said that the problem was that he had exposed His Majesty to danger.”

“… I see.”

“Having said that, I heard that they weren’t on good terms since before that. As you know, father is a man of few words. And… Oh yes, you should remember that he isn’t on good terms with the head of the Clydereine House either.”

“Clydereine House?”

The voice that came out of Cordelia sounded like a question, but she was agitated inside. It was surprising to hear the Heroine’s home, the Clydereine House, come out of Isma’s mouth.

Cordelia had predicted that the Pameradia House and the Clydereine House weren’t on good terms. Despite having the same privilege as Earl Houses, who contributed to the founding of the kingdom, they didn’t interact with each other. And, the Heroine in-game had met the Prince at the market, and she was from an Earl House that had a terrible relationship with 『Cordelia’s』family.

“But that’s a little different from the situation with Marquis Eames. Father tried too hard and outperformed Earl Clydereine’s limelight, and he goes to the extremes because he considers father a rival; he has a lot of emotions.”

Isma, who looked troubled, had chosen his words wisely. However, his explanation was a little different from what Cordelia knew from the game. She certainly remembered that it was the Pameradia side who snarled at the Clyderines. 

“Well, they won’t do you any harm directly, and the Marquis also talks to me. He’s a bit aggressive… but, oh yes.”

“What’s wrong?”

Cordelia tilted her head at the sudden change in Isma’s tone. Isma frowned and made a complicated expression that was hard to put into words.

“I’ll tell you before I forget. Cordelia, a lot of people visit the castle. Most of them are serious people. I’m sure you’ll get to know more people.”


“However, there are exceptions. If someone strange talks to you, then don’t hesitate to talk to brother or me. You can… talk to father, but it’s better if you talk to brother or me rather than him.”


What the heck is he talking about?

Cordelia tilted her head and thought about the meaning behind his words. 

My acquaintances will certainly increase. Not only in the Big Bookcase, but the people I pass on the way there might talk to me for some reason. And, since the other people work in the castle, I don’t think I would meet many suspicious people, but what the heck is this about if I should consult with my Onii-samas and not Otou-sama? With that in mind, Cordelia checked Isma’s expression again and noticed it. 

(Pe-perhaps… is he warning me about not being tricked by the opposite sex?!)

No, but it should be… I’m still only 14 years old, Cordelia thought, but when she thought about it, Cyrus got engaged at a younger age than her, so age might not be a factor. 

She didn’t know if they would speak to her, but she wasn’t a mild lady in the first place. She was aware that she had a way with words.

(I’m sure Onii-sama knows my personality, and, if something does happen, then I can just say Otou-sama’s name and smile. I think that has a strong effect too.)

Cordelia thought and realised something more important. 

Oh, I’ll meet various people, unlike now.

“Onii-sama, that’s… Does that mean that I would have a wonderful encounter?”

Maybe, I’ll meet my future spouse?

Cordelia, who arrived at that thought, pressed her hand against her mouth. I hadn’t even imagined that that opportunity would happen even in the distant future, don’t tell me that…

“… Well, Ronnie will be there, so it’s fine.”

She felt like soaring in the sky but was brought back to reality by Isma’s whisper that was so quiet she nearly missed it.

(No, no. What on earth am I visiting the Big Bookcase for?)

But, when I think that he’s worried about those things, I feel like I’m going to join the ranks of adults soon in this world. 

“Well, let’s have tea while we talk more. Cordelia, can I ask you to get some?”

“Of course.”

“And, can you not change your dress until father gets home?”

“No, father came to pick me up today, so he’s already seen it. If you’re asking me to make tea, then I’ll change my clothes before coming back here.”

“Father came to pick you up…”

Isma smiled and whispered. 




After dinner, Cordelia wrote a letter to Sylvester in her room. 

The stationary that she was using wasn’t the one she usually used, but a plain one with the Pameradia House crest watermarked on it. She felt like she wasn’t used to either of these actions, but it couldn’t be helped.

(Later, I’ll get Otou-sama… No, Isma-oniisama to look over it.)

I think it’s okay for an individual, but the recipient was a member of the royal family. I can’t have anything rude in the letter, even if just by chance. I want to ask Otou-sama to look over it, but I’m hiding the cause of my injury in the first place, so I should ask Isma-oniisama. 

(It’s shocking to receive a present from His Highness, but I can’t tell Otou-sama.)

It would be really troublesome if he misunderstands and thinks I’m thrilled to write this letter. I feel a bit uncomfortable keeping this from him, but I can’t talk to him about this. 

“But, His Highness also said to do it 『secretly』, so I should obey him.”

Cordelia made excuses to herself and headed to Isma’s room with the letter she’d written. 

“Hmm. I don’t think there are any problems with the letter. But, it’s like a business letter, it doesn’t sound like something a child wrote.”

Cordelia smiled at Isma’s words. It seems like my thank you letter was completed in an ideal way. 

Cordelia, who had returned to her room again, wrote a letter to Vernoux. She asked him to send the enclosed letter to Sylvester. Vernoux-sama probably still feels guilty, so he won’t make fun of me. She sealed the letter with this wish.  

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