Cordelia gulped. 

This was a surprising development for Cordelia since she had just wanted to secretly investigate the situation first, but Shelley ended up quarrelling with Mick. 

“She started talking about nonsense when we said that we were going to go buy some more sweets. She started yelling when we ignored her.”

Mick said and sighed. Then, he bit on the candy in his hand again. 

“It’s so bright out, so it won’t rain.”

Mick doesn’t know that Shelley is the 『Dreamer Girl』. Cordelia didn’t even know if he knew that someone like that exists. 


“Oh… Sorry. The weather was it?”

Reflecting on why Mick was strangely upset, Cordelia looked up at the sky to calm herself down.

“It might rain. There are thin clouds in the sky, and it’s covering the sun. And, a black bird is flying low over there, right? The insects they eat are flying low because their wings are heavy.”

She didn’t care much, but if she paid attention, she could feel that the surrounding air was a little moist. 

“A bird…? So, how do you know it’s going to rain?”

“Well, I can explain it to you, but if you want to buy sweets, then why don’t you go ahead. I’m heading towards Sensei’s house, so I’ll explain it to you there if I have time.”

“What the hell, you’re pompous. Well, if you say so, then I’ll listen, but you have to explain it to me properly later. She said that she saw it rain in her dreams, like I can understand something like that.”

“You know, Mick. That’s not something you say to someone when you ask them for something, is it?”

“Heehee. Well, bye. Let’s go! I’ll see you later Dilly!”

Cordelia waved at Mick and his friends who were running off and took a deep breath. 

However, the words she heard right after that froze her blood. 

“Those kids didn’t listen to what I said…”

Cordelia glanced at the girl who said that with a hint of annoyance. 

Shelley was biting her lips as if she couldn’t accept it. 

“Thank you for telling them about the rain.”

Cordelia smiled at Shelley while trying to remove the stiffness from her voice.

It was scary for her to talk to Shelley, but she had to if she wanted to investigate her, and she didn’t want to leave a bad impression on Shelley.

But Shelley looked unhappy when she turned towards Cordelia. 

“Why are you thanking me? There’s no reason for you to thank me. They only believed that it would rain because you said so.”

“But, if you hadn’t said anything, then I wouldn’t have been able to tell them.”

She didn’t think her words got rid of Shelley’s frustrations, but she felt that Shelley had frowned less, and her hostility towards Cordelia had lessened. 

(Well, of course. It’s our first meeting. If Cordeliahadnt done unnecessary things, then they wouldn’t have had conflict in the game, and Cordeliahad been the one who was hostile towards Shelley.)

『Cordelia』had lost her life because she 『lost control of her magic due to her jealousy towards the Prince and Shelley』, so Cordelia didn’t think it would happen to her, since she had been avoiding the Prince. 

(If I sort this out, and stay away from Shelley, then I’ll be able to live in peace again.)

It’s probably difficult to not be involved with her, since she’s from a noted Earl House like I am. 

But we don’t have to get along. ――― Otou-sama isn’t on good terms with Earl Clydereine, so I only have to associate with her and not get in her way. 

(Even if there are differences in the game, it should be safe if I don’t get in their way at all.)

She was able to calm down a little when she thought that, but her heart was still beating fast. 

Next to Cordelia, Shelley pouted and said, “Well, I don’t care if they get wet or not anymore. They didn’t believe in my dreams at all.”

Cordelia felt relieved by her words, even though Shelley was sulking a little.

(She’s really strong-willed, but I wonder if she’s kind-hearted deep down…)

There’s a problem with the way she speaks, but her personality and what she says differs from the heroine in the game, but she had said that because she didn’t want Mick and the other two to get wet. That being the case, I’d like to believe that as long as I’m being careful, as I have been, there won’t be any problems. 

“Shelley-san, you should go inside before it rains. And, please don’t go outside through the hedges anymore. Tell someone when you leave, and leave through the gate.”

“But, I heard the kids’ voices…”

Clarice spoke, and Shelley turned away and whispered. However, she seemed to have admitted that it was her fault for not going out through the gate, even though her actions were childish. 

“You were worried about them, weren’t you?”

Shelley’s eyes sparkled when Cordelia said this.

“Because my power is supposed to make everyone happy! And, if I help everyone, then I can be of service to His Highness one day! If I can be of service to him, then he’ll return the favour!”

The words that had been uttered by someone who she was finally beginning to feel relieved about made her freeze. 

(What is this uncomfortable feeling…?)

I wouldn’t be surprised if they had met somewhere, but I doubt she would have realised they’d met. And why does she already have feelings for the Prince?

(Did the Prince reveal his identity when they met? No, I don’t think he would have.)

If the Prince was someone who would say careless things, then I don’t believe Vernoux-sama would be his friend. Vernoux-sama is probably too lazy to approach the Prince.

(Besides, the Prince returning the favour…? This is different from the game.)

In the game, Shelley used her power for people who she knew, she wasn’t the type of person to tell strangers about her power, like she did with Mick. And, most importantly, she never thought of using her own abilities as a weapon. 

“But kids like that still don’t know about my powers. I have to try harder so that the Prince will find out about my powers.”

“Shelley, if you don’t go back soon, then everyone would be worried that you snuck off somewhere again.”


Shelley cheered up while they were talking, and briefly replied to Clarice, before walking back into the church. 

However, while she was walking, she turned back to look at Cordelia.

“Say, you know who I am?”

She asked that as a question, but her voice was full of confidence.

Shelley laughed with satisfaction when she saw Cordelia nod before going back into the church.

“I’m surprised that Cordelia-sama is also friends with the children in town.”

Cordelia turned back in shock when Clarice spoke to her. 

She hadn’t noticed that she had been staring at the closed church doors until Clarice spoke to her. 

“The children from before are from a neighbouring village. I interact with them through welfare projects.”

“I see. It’s wonderful to see that you’re so loved.”

Clarice smiled in understanding, but after a while, she looked down and whispered.

“Cordelia-sama, you know about the『Dreamer Girl』too, don’t you?”

“Yes. I didn’t think she was that energetic…”

It wasn’t weird for Cordelia to hear rumours that spread around the royal capital, but she didn’t want people to think that she came to the church to see Shelley’s dream fortunes. Cordelia had come here to see the girl herself, and not to have her fortunes told. She was worried about this, but Clarice didn’t seem to notice. 

“I haven’t talked to Shelley much, but she seems to get involved with others and direct them in a better direction. She also tells them what’s good for them. However, people around her are worried that she might be using her rare power carelessly. Right now, she’s only fortune-telling about the weather, but they’re worried that someone will use her for their own self-interests.”

“Are her fortunes correct?”

Clarice nodded silently at Cordelia’s question. There was concern on her face. 

“She’s trying to spread her fame by increasing her abilities and using it, and is trying to be of use to a lot of people so that she can support His Highness one day. But even if her wish comes true… if she continues to be overconfident, then it’ll become poison one day.”


“But this is just my personal opinion. Some believe that she’s the second coming of the Saint and that she will become a guide to this kingdom’s prosperity.”

“It’s a difficult problem, isn’t it?”

“Yes. I still can’t tell what her true powers are, and she’s still growing. So, I might be worrying for no reason.”

Clarice relaxed a little after saying that and smiled. 

“But her powers are really rare right now, so suspicious people will have their eyes on her. So, the priests are keeping an eye on her so that she doesn’t sneak off on her own. Luckily, we knights are stationed close by, so we can help them with this.”

Clarice was worried about Shelley as a knight, and Cordelia agreed. If Clarice-sama is right, then Shelley is using her powers for the sake of others. So, I can understand their worries and fears. 

(But the knights were more worried about her powers than the person herself.)

I hope she can spend her days peacefully until Earl Clydereine welcomes her home.

I hope, but there are too many things to worry about. It would be difficult for someone to kidnap her because the knights are around, and they’re also paying attention to her powers. Even more so, since the priests think something could happen to her. 

(What the heck does Ghost know?)

It would be difficult to get help from the inside since the priests are on the lookout. Or did Ghost expect me to overlook the possibility of somethingand is enjoying the situation? 

“But, lately, things have been looking good.”


Cordelia looked up and glanced in the direction that Clarice was looking in. Then, a carriage gradually approached. 

The carriage stopped in front of the church, and a slightly slim man with a cane appeared. 

When the man saw Clarice, he said, “Oh,” and smiled gently.

“Why, hello, Keighley-dono. Thank you for your hard work today as well.”

“You’re always so dignified and reliable.”

The man who greeted Clarice ――― Earl Zakharov, smiled gently.

(Earl Zakharov…? Mm, was his name Boris?)

Cordelia only knew the name well enough to point out their fief on a map. But she hadn’t learnt much about them since their land didn’t stand out, and the Earl, himself, wasn’t active in politics. Furthermore, this was the first time she had met the Earl since they weren’t involved with her Pameradia House.

I’ve met someone unexpected, she thought as she looked for the right timing to introduce herself. Suddenly, Earl Zakharov looked at her. 

“This red-eyed Ojou-san… are you Earl Pameradia’s daughter?”

“It’s nice to meet you, Earl Zakharov. My name is Cordelia Enna Pameradia.”

“Oh, how rude of me. I’m Boris Zakharov. I’m not as famous as your father, but I’m an Earl.”

He might have been joking, but it was hard for Cordelia to respond to that. She couldn’t confirm this, but then denying it was a lie. She didn’t know how to answer and smiled. Earl Zakharov didn’t wait for her to reply and continued speaking.

“I’ve heard rumours that you launched a charity with Marquis Flantheim’s son. I also support various places, but I would like to exchange ideas with you if we get the chance.”

“Th-thank you very much.”

Surprised by his unexpected words, Cordelia thanked him. Earl Zakharov smiled wider, and turned back to Clarice.

“Is that child here today?”

“She is. She’s full of energy today as well, and tried to sneak out a while ago.”

“I see. I’m looking forward to seeing her.”

He said, before slowly disappearing into the church. He walked lightly despite carrying a cane. Clarice saw him off and whispered with a gentle expression on her face.

“Earl Zakharov sees the image of his late wife in Shelley.”

“His wife’s image…?”

“Yes. He’s looking for clues to see if she’s related to him, and the church is also watching them warmly. The church trusts the Earl a lot because he has contributed a lot to them, but even if that wasn’t the case, he could probably adopt her if she agrees.”

Earl Zakharov certainly looks like a gentle man at first glance. And, he knew about the mobile library even though he doesn’t have children my age, so he’s familiar with charity work. 

(But I’m sure they’re not related. Of course, this world doesn’t have to be exactly like the game…)

Still, it’s bothering me since there’s a lot of things in this world happened exactly like it had in the game. 

(Wait. There was something that made Earl Clydereine conclude that she was his daughter. What was it…?)

If Shelley had something with a family crest on it, then people would know straight away.

But, if she had something like that, then the people at the church would have found it.

(I’ll look up Earl Zakharov when I get home.)

As long as the knights are around, there’ll be a commotion if someone tries to enter uninvited. If so, then the situation isn’t as bad as I imagined for now. 

“But, rain, she said…? Cordelia-sama, you’re visiting Pharmacist-sama after this, aren’t you?”

“Yes, that’s the plan.”

“Then, you should finish your business before it rains. Why don’t I show you around the church another day? I’m free the whole day tomorrow, would that be alright with you?”

“Thank you very much, then can I ask you to show me around tomorrow?”

“Of course.”

Cordelia appreciated Clarice’s offer. 

(In any case, I have to come here again.)

I’m lucky that I have a reason to visit. First, I have to research what I need by tomorrow. I can’t say what’s right and wrong at this stage. 

Cordelia thought as she parted ways with Clarice, and left the church.   

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