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(The predictions of the Saint can be wrong, and others noticed this.)

There was someone who realised that her predictions were wrong, and put an end to it. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have had to retire. 

That was an important fact for Cordelia. For example, it wouldn’t be a problem if a lot of people believed Cordelia, even if Shelley told an unlikely story like before. I want to believe that there are accomplished people who can also interact with the Saint and that it’s possible for me to get through to her. 

(I thought it would work out if I avoided the Prince and Shelley, but, at this rate, Shelley will probably try to involve herself with me.)

I don’t want to have a bad reputation with those who believe in her power. 

I can easily prove something like I don’t meet up with the Prince, but I can’t predict what she would say. 

“If she says something that is hard to prove, then trust is the only thing I can rely on. I need to gain people’s trust if I want them to help me.”

I know that she can’t show definite evidence, but things can get worse. 

It’s highly likely that the dreams of the Saint and the dreams of Shelley are of the same nature, even if there’s a difference in how strong their powers are. 

(When Shelley was at the church, she respected and adored His Highness, but she wanted to be of use to him. But, by becoming the daughter of an Earl, it indicated that she had the possibility of becoming queen, even as a joke. If it’s her, who believes her dreams are absolutely righteous…)

Earl Clydereine had already said that she could be queen. 

Even if I regret this, I had no other choice at that time. Shelley also could have been welcomed into the Clydereine House eventually, even if I hadn’t interfered. She thought that as she read the diary. 

『The Saint has left. With this, the nation will remember her as a beautiful memory. The kingdom couldn’t make her actions public because of her distinguished service. I also won’t write any private opinions on official documents.』

Her specific actions weren’t written down, but it was a lonely end for someone of distinguished service in the founding of the kingdom. Even though Cordelia had only seen glimpses of the unavoidable conflict, she could feel the Evangelist’s regret from their writing. 

(Come to think of it, the heroine in the game didn’t use her power for herself, even at the end of the game.)

The heroine in the game had more power than the current Shelley and always used her dreams for someone else, just like the former Saint had. As a result, the heroine may have been influenced by her power, but, from the beginning, the heroine had never had dreams that decided her future. 

This is just a hypothesis, but perhaps the power of dreams is inaccurate when one ‘dreams of oneself’. If so, then it would explain why Shelley’s dreams were off.

“I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to behave in such a devoted way,” Cordelia said. Then, she stood up so that she could return the dictionary and diary. 

A lot of time had probably passed since I was reading something I wasn’t used to. My eyes are a little tired. It happened when she returned the book and thought, should I stand on my tiptoes?

“What can’t you behave like?”

“Eh?! Ah, oh my, Clive-sama. Are you looking for His Highness and Vernoux-sama today as well?”

Cordelia hadn’t heard any footsteps at all because she wasn’t concentrating. She panicked when Clive appeared and quickly forced a smile on her face. 

Clive spoke to her, and he had a complicated expression on his face like always.

“His Highness has a sword lesson right now with your father.”

“Huh? Father is teaching His Highness?”

She had let out a funny voice because it was the first time she had heard of that, and Clive looked at her suspiciously. She hadn’t heard about that from anyone. 

(I don’t know how that happened, but it’s not like Otou-sama volunteered to be His Highness’s instructor so that he can get close to him, right?)

Otou-sama is just one of the many tutors that His Highness has, so I don’t think I need to be told, but I’m a bit worried about why Vernoux-sama didn’t mention it. Should I ask him about it next time?

“Well, whatever. But you’re in a very different corner today. What book is that?”

“It’s a book related to the legend of the Saint.”

“Oh, a lot of women like that kind of setting. Do you also long to be like her?”

“I don’t need that power. It doesn’t suit my personality.”

I don’t have the confidence to say that I will use that power for others, like the Saint had. I don’t want that power nor its predictions, but I might give in to temptation if I have an alluring power. If so, then it’s better not to have a power like that. 

“Surprisingly, you’ve already gotten acquainted with Earl Clydereine’s daughter.”

“You know about that? However, she probably doesn’t even remember my name, even though we know each other.”

“It seems like she’s quite obsessed with His Highness.”

“You know a lot.”

Cordelia was a little surprised because she didn’t think that Clive would know that much. 

“I saw the encounter between you and Earl Clydereine and his daughter. I wasn’t in a place where I could easily hear your voices, but I could hear half of your conversation. She was a vivacious girl.”

Which means Shelley’s voice was loud enough that other people who were near us heard her. I thought there was no one around us, but voices echo here more than I thought it would. 

Cordelia shrugged. If Clive-sama knows about this, then that saves me time. 

“According to her, I intrude upon His Highness whenever I’m free.”

“You don’t.”

His scowl said, ‘Are you telling me something I know on purpose?’

Is there something else he wants to know? Cordelia thought and immediately came up with something.

“Are you worried that Earl Clydereine’s daughter would hinder His Highness’s future?”


He confirmed her words with silence. 

“Well, I understand that she looks harmful. Anyway, what did you think when she said that?”

“What did I think?”

It was an unexpected question. Cordelia thought that he would ask her about Shelley’s personality instead of what she thought.

“Mm. She probably misunderstood, since I’ve only met with His Highness twice.”

“I know that. That’s not what I’m asking you about. Weren’t you irritated?”

“I can’t say I wasn’t, but I’ll be troubled if it happens again.”

I can’t express the various feelings I have towards Shelley, and it’s hard to express the emotions that are clogging up my chest. 

“… It’s fine if you don’t feel down.”

“Oh my, were you worried about me?”

Cordelia asked, since she was surprised by his words, but Clive stopped moving and coughed. 

“It’s not like I’m worried about you or anything. However, if you’re subjected to slander without reason, then I just wondered if it was alright to overlook it as a person…”

The words that he had muttered gradually became difficult to hear, but she knew that he was complaining. Even so, the only thing she could say was…

“Thank you very much.”

“There’s no reason to thank me.”

“Then, I’ll just say thanks once. It might be a joke, but Earl Clydereine said that Otou-sama might be annoyed if his daughter were to become queen. He might wish for them to be together.”

Clive’s frowned deepened upon Cordelia’s words.

“… Are you going to support that?”

“I don’t know if he’s serious or not. And, I understand that Earl Clydereine thinks that Shelley-san’s behaviour is not appropriate enough yet, so he probably won’t ask His Highness to meet with his daughter straight away.”

I don’t know how reliable it is, but the Shelley in the game studied to be a lady to a certain degree. And, judging from how Earl Clydereine was acting today, he wouldn’t let her out in public without educating her first.

“Well, she would at least need to learn the basics about how to behave and how to speak discreetly.”

Clive said harsh words like always, then he gave a long and irritated sigh. 

“If I was with you today, then I could have said something, but I don’t have the chance to cut into quarrels between ladies. To begin with, if Vernoux-dono or I meditate, it might become inconvenient for you. You should dispel accusations like that yourself. Also, some think that Earl Zakharov’s matter was part of your scheme.”

“Thank you for your concern.”

For some reason or another, I can understand that having Clive-sama and Vernoux-sama’s support would cause inconveniences for me. If Sylvester-sama’s aides support me, then others would misunderstand it as the Princes intentioneven if it is by their own will, and I fear that His Highness would find it annoying. 

And I also exposed Zakharov. 

Most supported me when Zakharov was arrested, but some claimed that I had deceived him, so he is the victim. If I’m included in those who want to get close to the Prince, in this situation, then it would look like I’m a nasty lady who tries to ensnare men with my social status, and the Prince, Vernoux-sama and Clive-sama are just giving in. 

I know only a few think this, but still, those people probably don’t need ‘proof’. Even I know that. 

“Clive-sama, can I ask you a question?”

“What is it?”

“I appreciate your advice, but you don’t like me very much, do you? So, why are you worried about me?”

Judging by how he acted towards me when we first met, I would rather believe that he thinks I want to ensnare the Prince.

However, Clive distorted his face at Cordelia’s question.

“I’m not showing you kindness. However, I don’t know how I feel about that lady’s false accusation.”


“And, I will need information if she really wants to get close to His Highness. So… it’s a process of elimination, since it seems like I can communicate with you better.”

“Oh my… Thank you, for that?”

His tone was as thorny as ever, but he trusted Cordelia a little. 

“Then, I have a proposal if we’re going to be sharing information.”

“Proposal? What kind of compensation do you want?”

Cordelia smiled and asked Clive who scowled for a second. 

“Won’t you call me, Cordelia? It’s friendlier that way if we’re going to be sharing information.”

“… I can’t believe I’m hearing the same thing His Highness said from your mouth.”

“Did you say something?”

“No. I didn’t say anything, Cordelia-jou.”

She felt like he had complained, but widened her eyes since he had surprisingly accepted this request readily. She said it herself, but she thought he would be a little reluctant to call her by her name, since he had shown her hostility earlier. 

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing.”

But that’s a delightful miscalculation, Cordelia laughed a little.