Extra 01: Father and Daughter on a Day Off

Translator: Blushy
Editor: SenjiQ

Recently, Cordelia and the servants noticed that the mood in the mansion was much heavier at breakfast and, of course, that was because of Elvis’s mood.

(This probably started after I decided to go to Oba-sama’s fief…)

She had heard from Isma that Elvis had been restless during the Zakharov incident, but he didn’t show that side of him to her. She didn’t know if she could describe his behaviour as anxious right now, but it was overwhelming since the mood was so heavy. 

(I gave him sweets, like Isma-oniisama had advised me to, after the Zakharov incident, but I don’t think his mood would improve even if I give him sweets now.)

Isma-oniisama also proposed that I let Otou-sama spoil me, but I can’t think of how to let him spoil me right now. And, I also want Otou-sama to feel happy from spoiling me, so I can’t come up with a way to do this. 

(Hmm, it’s hard to ask him to go on a ride with me under this heavy aura. What else can I ask for…?)

Cordelia was troubled, then she suddenly remembered when she had headed to the castle with Elvis. 

(Oh yeah… Otou-sama seemed to know a lot about the restaurants in town.)

She certainly remembered that he had said something like that when she went to the castle with him to get the permit. 

(Alright, I’ve decided.)

He said I couldn’t go there on my own, but he never said that he wouldn’t take me.

I want to eat tasty food, and the lively aura might divert his attention. Most importantly, this request is just selfish enough so he can spoil me. Cordelia concluded and made up her mind.

“Otou-sama, I have a request.”

“… What is it?”

“Won’t you go on a date with me on your day off?”

She said it jokingly, but that one word made Elvis choke. 


Their date, or rather, their outing would be decided on another day, and Elvis returned to his room as soon as he finished his meal. Afterwards, Hans called out to Cordelia with a smile. 

“Ojou-sama, you’re already at the age where you utter those words.”

Of course, I’m sure I conveyed that the word ‘date’ was a joke to Otou-sama. After that, it seemed like he went back to his usual dignified behaviour, but I feel like he spoke less than usual. 

However, 16-year-olds in this world were considered adults, so I’m nearly there at 14. 

He might have been surprised, since I’ve never discussed love with him before, but I never expected him to have such an extreme reaction like that. He might have choked worse than he had when Obaa-sama talked about how he was like as a child, if I had worded things wrong. 

(But I feel like Otou-sama has more emotion than he used to.)

It’s hard to say that his facial expressions have become richer, but it’s easier to read his mood now. That’s why the servants interact with him more now. 

While thinking that, Cordelia expressed her wish of wanting to go to a restaurant in town when Elvis called her to his study after dinner. Elvis thought for a while, but he agreed.




A few days later. 

Cordelia walked alongside Elvis for the first time in town. 

Elvis looked rougher than usual, but the sharp glint in his eyes remained the same.

However, he didn’t feel out of place.

“… A restaurant, right?”


“It’s probably different from what you’re imagining. Do you mind?”

“It’s alright. I’m looking forward to it.”

“The restaurant is really lively. Be prepared.”

She could feel that from there, already.

“Otou-sama, when do you come…?”

“… But that’s a word that doesn’t fit this place.”

“Excuse me?”

I was just asking him when he comes here, but what had I said wrong?

“That word is a bit too formal for a place like this.”

In short, he was saying, ‘The word ‘Otou-sama’ doesn’t suit this place’. 

In the past, Vernoux had warned Cordelia not to add the suffix ‘sama’ to people’s names in town. It had been hard for her at that time, but changing the way she called Elvis was harder than dropping suffixes. 

But, it’s the same if I call him ‘father’. Another way to call him would be…



No one said anything, and it became silent between them. Cordelia could only hear the lively voices of other people, and even their footsteps had disappeared. 

“… Either way feels uncomfortable…”

That was the only thing he had said after they walked for a long while. 

However, calling him ‘papa’ isn’t considered unnatural, since we’re in town. I can’t think of any other way to call him.

(Maybe Otou-sama isn’t used to hearing me call him ‘papa’…?)

She glanced at the side of his face and saw an expression she had never seen before.

(… Is he enduring something?)

I don’t know what impression I’m getting from him. 

But Cordelia decided that it wasn’t unpleasant to call him that, since he hadn’t rejected it straight away. 


When they got to the entrance of the restaurant, she heard people chattering inside. 

It was a mix of cheerful and energetic voices and sometimes quarrels. A man, who seemed to be the owner, would shout when things got out of hand, but that didn’t quieten the noise. This was probably a regular scene at this restaurant. 

“Feel free to sit on the empty seats around here~!”

As Cordelia looked around the restaurant, they were greeted roughly by a waiter. The waiter is talking to Otou-sama, but it feels strange for an Earl to be spoken to in this way, even if the waiter doesn’t know that Otou-sama is an Earl.

Of course, Otou-sama came here because he doesn’t care about that. As Cordelia thought that, Elvis took a seat in the corner, and he had already picked up the menu to decide on what he would order. 

Cordelia quickly sat in front of him and looked at the menu that Elvis had offered her. The menu, which had food stains on it, included several kinds of grilled fish, beef, pork, chicken and lamb dishes, as well as salad and egg dishes. She turned the menu over and saw a lot of alcohol listed at the back.


She really wanted to drink a cup with Elvis, but he would probably stop her since it was still too early to drink. However, there was a lot of alcohol listed, so she was curious about which ones tasted nice.

“… What’s wrong?”

“Otou-sama. Won’t you drink alcohol with me when I become an adult? I want to drink something you recommend.”


Elvis froze for a while, then coughed. 

“… You should decide what to order now.”

“Then, I should quickly make my decision.”

What kind of alcohol would he recommend?

I’m looking forward to seeing if he would recommend something he likes or something I would like. Otou-sama seems a little troubled, but he’ll probably allow for this much selfishness, she convinced herself. That’s right, it’s okay. 

But if I don’t order like he says, then I won’t be able to get him to make this promise. 

However, Cordelia was troubled because all the items on the menu weren’t served at the mansion. She became even more troubled since she didn’t know when she would have the chance to come here again. 

However, it’s also troublesome to make Otou-sama wait for too long… The moment she thought that a dish being served to a customer suddenly appeared at the corner of her vision.

“Sorry for the wait~!”

The iron plate that was placed on the customer’s table was piping hot with steam, and the sounds it made stimulated her appetite.


It was a hamburger, no matter how she looked at it. 

However, their home didn’t serve hamburgers on iron plates. 

It looks like it’s going to jump out… No, other than the sauce that’s already flying out, it’s served with sunny-side-up on top. 

“Otou-sama! I want to eat that!”

Cordelia demanded, and all her hesitation flew out the window. The sight of Elvis ordering food here was valuable, but she was so excited to eat the hamburger that she didn’t care.

She had eaten hamburgers many times at home. 

However, hamburgers served with sunny-side-ups were a gem that she hadn’t seen yet. 

After waiting for a while, the hamburger that arrived looked sparkling to her. That was when she noticed that Elvis had ordered the same dish as she had. 

She said her prayers, then cut the meat with her knife, and carried it to her mouth with a fork. 

The sauce and meat were both hot and brought out the flavours in her mouth. 

Then, she cut the sunny-side-up with her knife and admired as the thick yolk poured out onto the meat, and carried it to her mouth. The taste deeply impressed her and didn’t betray her expectations.

“… Is it good?”

“Yes, of course!”

“You’ll get burnt if you eat it too fast.”


She hadn’t meant to wolf it, but she must have been moved by her emotions. 

She hadn’t eaten too fast, but she was happy from the aura in the restaurant and forgot her manners. She was so embarrassed. 

“… You seem to like it a lot.”

“Yes, the place where the sunny-side-up was is delicious.”

Of course, the food at the mansion is delicious, and I love it, but it feels nostalgic to eat at this place, since it reminds me of my previous memories, and it feels warm to eat at a smaller table than the one at the mansion, so I’m happy. 

“I see… Anyway, are your preparations going well?”

Elvis suddenly changed the topic while she was trembling with emotion as she ate, and she hesitated for a second. He was definitely talking about her preparations for Weltoria. 


The plans should be able to proceed without delays. 

She conveyed that he didn’t need to worry, and Elvis nodded.

“I see.”

“Thank you for seeing me off. I’ll surprise you by becoming an amazing lady by the time I return.”

She said relaxingly while eating her favourite food, and Elvis replied with an unexpected answer.

“… I’m already plenty surprised.”

“Can I take that in a good way?”

“Have you ever let me down?”

Elvis’s tone was the same as ever and wasn’t very honest. However, his words were powerful enough to make her forget about her favourite food. 

“I’m honoured to hear you say that. And, if you really think that way, then I’ll try to exceed your expectations.”

Cordelia looked at Elvis and said when she let go of her fork and knife. 

“… If that’s what you want, then I’ll give priority to your intentions.”

“Thank you very much.”

“You don’t have to hold back when you want to discuss something with me. You can tell me ahead of time if there’s something that involves risk. I’ll do everything to help your path.”

Elvis said, then resumed with his meal. His hands which were moving the knife seemed lighter than before.

“I’m very grateful for your concern.”

I’ll probably still worry him in the future. 

However, he’ll probably become less anxious if I accomplish more and more things. 

“Then, I’ll like to ask you for a favour.”

“What is it?”

“I want to ask you to drink with me, but when I return from Oba-sama’s place, can you come out with me like this again?”

“… Alright.”

It took a while for him to reply, but those words made Cordelia smile wider.