Act 55: The Fragrant Lady and Blossoms at the Coming of Age Banquet

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It was finally the day of Cordelia’s coming of age evening party. 

Cordelia was waiting for her turn with Isma. She was told that she would appear in front of the guests when the signal appears after Elvis’s speech. 

After I enter, I will bow to everyone, dance with Isma-oniisama and then greet the guests with Otou-sama. By doing this, I can choose which aromas to give the guests ――― she went over this in her mind and Isma laughed next to her. 

“I thought you would be calm, but you’re not smiling.”

“… Really?”

“It’s okay. You’re beautiful, so you only have to act dignified. The new aroma also suits you well. What scent is that?”

“It’s the scent of roses. I changed the way I extracted essential oils.”

“Did you use the same flower?”

“Yes. It’s the red rose in the greenhouse.”

“Oh, the extraction method changes the aroma a lot.”

Isma said and looked as if he was in deep thought, so Cordelia tilted her head.

“Onii-sama? What’s wrong?”

“You used the rose you’ve been planting in the greenhouse for that scent, right?”

“Yes. My friend’s mother does selective breeding on roses, and he gave me one.”

“I see…”

“Is something wrong with that rose?”

“No, I’ve seen a similar flower at the royal castle. But, it’s probably a different breed.”

Cordelia’s rose, which emphasized on fragrance, didn’t have any special characteristics on its petals. There are many other red roses, and Isma might have made a mistake. 

“You take good care of that rose, don’t you Cordelia?”

“Yes, it’s my favourite flower.”

The fragrance was different from the one in my previous life but due to the difference in rose varieties and extraction methods, it’s definitely my favourite. 

(The first leading stage in my life… The environment and my condition should be at the best.)

Cordelia thought as she raised her face and stared straight at the door. 

The butler, Hans, looked inside the hall and looked for an opportunity for Cordelia to enter. 

“Now, it’s time. Cordelia, your hand.”

“Yes, Onii-sama.”

“Your smile is back to how it normally is. I’ll say it once again, congratulations on becoming an adult.”

“Thank you very much.”

“The only disappointing thing about today is that I’m your partner. It would have been alright if you had a nice fiancé. Well, I don’t have one either, so you’ll have to put up with me today.”

Isma joked and Cordelia desperately tried not to laugh. 

Then, the hall door was opened, and the sight was more dazzling than she had imagined it to be. 

The hall was glistening from the chandelier and lamps, and the gazes of the guests which all turned to her at once made her feel this way. 

Strangely enough, she wasn’t as nervous as when she was waiting. 

She didn’t have that much time, but she was able to observe her surroundings calmly. She had hammered the names and faces of those who were coming tonight, so she could see the people in front of her and from the corner of her eyes. There shouldn’t be anyone who didn’t attend. 

She could also hear the people’s voices clearer than she had thought. Among them, there were people talking about the fragrance she was wearing, and a smile naturally appeared on her face. 

Then, as she proceeded into the hall, she could see Nirupama, Marquis Flantheim and his wife, and Vernoux and she also noticed an unexpected person. 

(That’s… Onee-sama?)

She gazed over there unintentionally because she saw Malvina Owens, Cyrus’s twin who only her brothers have met before and she was married to the Duke’s second son. Rumour has it, her husband will soon take over the Earl fief from his mother’s side which is situated in an important position. 

It wasn’t strange for Malvina to be here since she was Cordelia’s blood related sister, but Cordelia rarely had any memories of her, and she never showed up at home after she got married. However, Malvina’s expression was calm, and she seemed genuinely happy that her sister had reached adulthood. It’s so strange since we barely have a relationship, she thought as she proceeded to the middle of the hall. 

Then, after confirming that Elvis, who had met her eye, had nodded, Cordelia took her hand off Isma, turned and bowed gracefully. 

“Thank you very much for coming this evening. My name is Cordelia Enna Pameradia and I will be joining you tonight. I am pleased to make your acquaintance.”

She smiled.

A warm applause broke out from the surroundings, and the orchestra began playing a delicate tone. 

“Can I have your hand, Lady?”

“You may, Onii-sama.”

She took Isma’s hand again when he had jokingly said that and took a step in time with the music. 

(I wonder when it was that I was able to dance in triple time which I had desperately tried to practice since I wasn’t good at it)

I think it’s also thanks to Isma-oniisama leading, but my efforts paid off.

“You look like you’re having fun.”

“Yes, a lot of fun.”

Thus, she could have small talk with Isma. 

“I’ve always thought that you weren’t afraid of anything, but you really are a big-shot.”

“Oh my, I do have something I’m scared of.”

“Ghost stories? Are you still afraid of them?”

“H-how do you know about that?”

I’m sure I’ve never told him this before so how did he find out? 

However, she concluded that Ronnie was the only person who could have let slip that she feared ghost stories. And, Isma seemed to have realised that. 

“You seem to have a good relationship with Ronnie, more than anyone else.”

“I think so too. But Ronnie didn’t have to tell you.”

“Sorry, my bad. I shouldn’t have said it now. But I’ll leave it at that.”

When the song ended, Cordelia bowed gracefully and raised her face again.

“Everyone, please enjoy the night.”

Then, after assuring that the aura in the room had softened, Cordelia walked over to Elvis with Isma. Even if Elvis was the organiser of this evening party, he was as expressionless as usually.

“You’re back?”

“Yes, Otou-sama.”

“Good job Isma. Cordelia, it’s time for your real task.”


Yes, it’s time to greet people once the announcements are over. 

I have to observe who the people are, and I want to remember what I can talk to them about when we meet next, but there are a lot of people here. 

If I don’t keep it together then I might slip up, she hyped herself up and a bright voice sounded.

“Elvis-sama and Cordelia. I brought some people with me.”

It was Nirupama, behind her was a man and woman who appeared to be as old as Elvis. 

“It’s been a while, Earl Pameradia and Isma-dono.”

“Oh, Duke and Duchess Owens. Thank you for coming.”

“Don’t mention it. Rather, had you not invited me, then my wife would have been furious.”

The Duke smiled wryly in response to Elvis and turned his eyes to his wife. Cordelia also followed his gaze and Duchess Owens smiled. 

“Nice to meet you, Cordelia-san. You’re much prettier than the rumours say you are. I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart.”

“I’m a bit late, but I want to congratulate you as well. Congratulations.”

“Thank you very much.”

When Cordelia thanked them, the Duke and Duchess smiled. 

However, the Duchess glanced at Nirupama straight after that. 

“I told Nirupama every time I attended her tea party that I wanted to meet you, Cordelia-san. But, she always tells me that the aromas are still in the testing stage and wouldn’t pass along my message.”

“Oh my, we can’t let the Duchess become a tester, now can we?”

“But, aren’t you using it, Nirupama? And isn’t Sara also using it even though she’s not related to Cordelia-san?”

Nirupama and Cordelia laughed at the Duchess who had said that childishly even though she was acting graceful.

“Say, Cordelia-san. You’re planning on opening a store in the noble street, right? When is it going to open?”

“All I can say is that it depends on the preparations, but I have prepared gifts for everyone to take home. I hope you will try it if you don’t mind.”

“Oh my, really?! I’m looking forward to it.”

The Duchess, who had heard Cordelia’s reply, took her hand. Cordelia widened her eyes for a moment, then smiled. 

However, at the same time, she heard some noise near her even though it sounded a little suppressed. That was when she realised just how much people were anticipating her products. 

Then, I have to hand them goods that are beyond their expectations, Cordelia concentrated magic into her eyes and looked straight at the Duchess to see which scent would suit her. 

(I’m sure the Duchess would like geranium essential oils.)

In that case, I’ll make a gift set with geranium face treatment oil, lavender scented balm, and grapefruit scented aromatic bathing bombs. 

Cordelia concluded and beckoned at Emina who was waiting. She took out an ornament ball with a green strap from the basket that Emina was holding. It was a bracelet with beads on it. 

“If I give you your gift now then you’ll have to carry it around. I’ll make time to give it to you when you leave, so please hold onto this until then.”

“Thanks, Cordelia-san. I’d like to talk to you a bit more, but if I monopolise you too much then others won’t get the chance to talk to you. I’ll invite you to a tea party next time. Please come. Your sister will be there too, so you don’t have to worry.”

“Thank you very much.”

She didn’t know how to answer when Malvina was brought up, but she was thankful for the Duchess’s invitation.

(Maybe Oba-sama and Sara-sama made it easier for me to be invited to tea parties?)

However, she couldn’t ask in this place in front of the Duchess, she felt like her aunt would avoid the question and say that it was a secret.

“Ah, but before we leave, your sister needs to congratulate you.”

Malvina appeared from behind the Duchess after she said that. 

Malvina, who resembled Isma more than Cyrus, laughed quietly.

“Congrats, Cordelia.”

“Thank you very much, Onee-sama.”

“I’m going to stay here tonight. Would you like to have some tea with me before I leave tomorrow?”

“Okay, I’m looking forward to it.”

While accepting the unexpected offer, Cordelia was very surprised. 

After speaking, Malvina left with the Duke and Duchess. 

Then, Marquis Flantheim, his wife and Vernoux replaced them straight away. 

“You’ve become really beautiful, Cordelia-san. Elvis must be extremely proud.”

“Congrats, Cordelia-sama.”

“Marquis Flantheim and Sara-sama. Thank you very much.”

Vernoux only slightly raised his hand in greeting, but that was because he was in front of his parents. After Marquis Flantheim and his wife lightly greeted Elvis and told her that they wanted her to come to the mansion again. Then, Sara received the ornament ball from Cordelia, and they left. As they were leaving, Vernoux pointed at his own head. He was pointing at where Cordelia’s hair ornament was.

『You’re using it.』

She felt like he had said, so she smiled and nodded.