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She was stunned by the power behind the pull, but she widened her eyes when she saw who had pulled her. 

“You, you’re a beautiful person, aren’t you! What’s your name?”

Shelley, who she hadn’t seen in two years, was standing there. 

Why is Shelley here? Maybe she’s here because she’s Earl Clydereine’s daughter, or even if she doesn’t have an invitation, someone she knew could have brought her here.

But, more importantly ―――.

(She asked for my name…?)

Don’t tell me it’s because she doesn’t recognise me. She seems really stupid to have forgotten the name of someone who she had verbally attacked two years ago.

However, acting like she didn’t know Cordelia even though she was making it clear that she didn’t like her was clearly contradictory. 

(What is she up to? Those words sound familiar ―――.)

She thought, then suddenly noticed.

(Is this perhaps the first meeting between theHeroineandCordeliain the game?!)

In the game, the Heroine was nervous since it hadn’t been long since her debut, she saw a beautiful lady… or rather 『Cordelia』and went to her to ask for advice, but had failed, so 『Cordelia』became enraged. 

Cordelia wasn’t just angry at the Heroine’s rude behaviour, but she was also angry that the Heroine had interrupted while she was talking to Sylvester and waiting for a chance to ask him to dance, but because of her anger, Sylvester invited the 『Heroine』to dance to protect her from 『Cordelia』and poured oil into the fire. 

(In the game, Earl Clydereine only told her to Have fun, and it made no mentions of whose evening party it was… No way, it happened at this one!?)

To add to that, the in-game 『Cordelia』wanted to dance with the Prince, but that didn’t mean she had danced with him.

And above all, the 『Heroine’s』 ――― Shelley’s eyes didn’t show a hint of nervousness or anxiety. 

The only thing Cordelia felt from them was hostility towards her. 

(Is she perhaps trying to recreate the scene without changing a single word…?)

I still don’t know what her Dreamer Poweris. But shes trying to make me angry ――― no, she’s trying to reveal my true personalitysince shes saying those words at a time like this. 

In any case, I don’t want it to develop into a quarrel. My goal right now is to leave this place. However, I might appear humble if I say my name just like she wants. 

(It can’t be helped…)

Cordelia reasoned and smiled at Shelley. 

“It’s been a while, Shelley-sama. Have you forgotten who I am?”

“… Huh?”

“It’s been two years, but I’m Cordelia. We’ve talked before. Cordelia Enna Pameradia. I’ve grown up now, so please treat me well.”

I don’t want her to treat me well, but I’m not going to go along with the scenario in her head. 

When Shelley heard Cordelia’s words, she widened her eyes and said in a small voice, “No way…” She had said it so quietly that the other people around them couldn’t hear her, but Cordelia heard it clearly. 

Cordelia turned to Sylvester and Vernoux and curtsied. 

“Then, please excuse me. Your Highness and Vernoux-sama.”

Cordelia left after she said that. 

The timing was great. It wasn’t unnatural for her to leave, and Shelley’s interruption made it easier for her to leave. However, she couldn’t feel relieved. If anything, she felt down. 

(All the actors are here.)

However, I don’t plan on following the script. She must have dreamed of the in-game Cordeliajudging by how she acted. 

(Shelley thinks that Cordeliawill harm His Highness because of her dreamer power. If her dreams are in line with the game scenario, then theres a chance that she will continue to do the same thing.)

If so, then I should be able to evade her since my personality is different from Cordelias. I cant predict the weather or find lost things like Shelley, but I know the scenario, so our conditions are even. 

(Instead of getting in my way, it would be better for her to leave me alone and improve herself to increase her chances of being acknowledged by His Highness.)

When I had talked to Vernoux-sama before, he had mentioned how people thought of her and about her rumours, but he didn’t say that there was a problem with her etiquette. So, Earl Clydereine must have done his best to get her to stand on the same start line as the in-game Heroine. If thats the case, then its wiser for her to observe the situation than deliberately act stupid in front of Sylvester-sama. 

At least, I didn’t want to dance with him, and I was going to back down without her interruption. 

(I might not need a strategy if it’s like this. However, I can’t let my guard down since I don’t know what she’s planning on doing.)

Even if it’s avoidable, if she’s approaching me, then I feel like another bothersome incident will happen. Even if this is different from the game, I realised that Shelley and I are incompatible once again. 

It was a coincidence that I had met her tonight at the evening party, but I was able to confirm a few things. As a result, I can only accept it. 

I’ll treat it as a harvest, Cordelia thought.



Vernoux came outside when Cordelia was getting a carriage arranged. 

“Are you alright? It looked like she pulled you pretty hard.”

“Thank you for your concern. Fortunately, I’m fine since she doesn’t seem that powerful.”

“I see. Are you going home now?”


It was a shame that she couldn’t talk to Viscountess Gunnell, but it would be better if she sent a letter to her later. If Shelley were to cling to Cordelia by Sylvester’s side, then it would be bad in many ways. 

Vernoux, who didn’t seem like he was going to return to the hall, was going to accompany Cordelia until her carriage arrived. 

“Is it alright for you not to be with His Highness?”

“It’s fine since Clive is there. Besides, I’m a little tired from the crowd, so I’d like a break.”

Cordelia didn’t say anything in particular since Vernoux had said that. 

Shelley probably won’t approach Cordelia again since she had been dumbfounded, but it would be a hassle if other guests ask her about the situation. She was thankful for this, but she had to say something to him since he was here. 

“I gave you back what I owed for the glass.”

Vernoux widened his eyes a little at Cordelia’s words and shrugged.

“Isn’t it crafty of you to settle it with just that much?”

“How so? I felt even more attention on me than when I danced with Onii-sama. Is it good for His Highness to stand out when he’s incognito?”

“It’s fine. His Highness doesn’t have a fiancée. Even if he doesn’t say it outright, he would need to talk to a lot of ladies to find someone. So that’s part of the reason why he’s doing this.”

“What does that have to do with dancing with me? This isn’t the first time he’d gone incognito at an evening party, right? Why hasn’t he asked another lady to dance with him until now?”

“… Well, the first lady who he dances with might have a big misunderstanding, so he has to be careful. Normally, people don’t have to worry if they’re not adults, but it’s His Highness.”

Vernoux answered Cordelia, who had criticised him, while averting his gaze.

Seeing that, Cordelia raised her eyebrow. 

“So, I guess it was convenient that I was there since I wouldn’t misunderstand. It’s the same as receiving a request from you.”

What a sacrifice, Cordelia sighed. 

“Don’t get me involved.”

“I won’t stop if you want to appeal yourself to him. Do you want me to support you?”

“Please don’t joke. It’s too much for me to bear.”

“Who’s joking?”

“You are.”

Even if she wasn’t avoiding the Prince, she would be surprised if Sylvester had suddenly talked to her in a situation like that. 

However, when she heard that Sylvester was looking for his Queen, she felt that this kingdom was stable enough to not need a political marriage. 

It was possible for Sylvester to choose his own partner in the game, but actually, domestic affairs and diplomacy also had to do with who he chose. She heard that there was a lot of turbulence in Dulaus to the north, so if Sylvester were to choose his own Queen, then she should be happy as a citizen of this kingdom. 

“If it’s because of such circumstances, then I feel like I’ll be asked a lot of questions from other ladies in the future.”

“That sounds fun.”

“How does it sound fun?”

Even if Sylvester had chosen Cordelia as his first dance partner to avoid misunderstands, the other people would perceive her as such. If this isn’t denied, then it would be troublesome later. It was something that he had to handle since it could get in the way of him searching for his wife.

“Well, don’t look displeased. His Highness is also worried. If you’re harmed because of him, then he would erase rumours about you following him by inviting you to dance himself. It’s only a small part, but there are people in the political world who like to turn stupid rumours into scandals.”

“… If this is about Shelley-sama, then it isn’t His Highness’s fault. No one could have imagined that she would act eccentrically.”

“Absolutely. But you’re one to talk. I’m glad you’re not feeling down about it.”


“An unlucky thing happened even though you finally went to an evening party.”

He had said this lightly, but this showed that he was concerned about her like Sylvester was. Cordelia was aware that he had come out here because he was worried about her. 

That was why she was taking it slowly. 

“Do I look like such a lady?”


“Argh, please say yes even if it’s a lie.”

“You don’t seem like such a lady because you talk back like that.”

Cordelia also shrugged.

“Fortunately, I didn’t feel any danger to my life today… I feel that I shouldn’t get involved with her and increase the number of people who would believe me instead of her.”

“Danger to your life, you say…? That sounds very dangerous.”

Vernoux used a light tone because he had taken it as a joke, but it wasn’t a joke to Cordelia. 

(I didn’t feel that she could do something like that today… But, Cordeliawas also the same at the start.)

Cordeliadidnt doubt that the Heroine would withdraw, and she didnt pick her means because she believed in her own justice until she lost her life. Im sure Shelley is the same. 

(I hope that things continue as they are as long as I don’t get provoked by her…)

The game Heroinebounced back from her failure and learnt proper etiquette after her problem with Cordelia. However, there were several times when the Heroine was unlucky and had screwed up in front of Cordeliacausing her to get angry, but it wasnt that much. On the other hand, Cordeliagrew impatient since the Heroinewas getting close to Sylvester and meddled with her even though she didnt need to. 

However, I don’t think that Shelley would understand even after a few incidents. If so, then I need to stay away from Shelley as much as I can… and I have to be extra careful when Sylvester-sama is around. 

She thought, then realised that she had ignored something.

“Say, Vernoux-sama, can I ask you something?”

“What is it?”

“You said politics… so does that mean that Otou-sama will hear about this…?”

“Well, he’ll probably has. But the Earl isn’t someone who would be troubled even if he faced the other way, so he probably sorted it out himself.”

“Is that so? I’m sorry for troubling him.”

She hadn’t heard anything about this from Elvis. 

Of course, Cordelia couldn’t do anything since she had been in Weltoria fief until recently, but it was still painful. 

“No, I think it’s rather convenient for him? The people who are trying to find fault with you are desperately searching for flaws even if you’re not here. The Earl is properly psyched up if someone says bad things about his daughter.”

“… Is that a good thing?”

Cordelia was worried about Elvis because he could harm his health if he got too psyched up, but she decided that he wouldn’t go that far. 

And she was thankful to Elvis for protecting her without her noticing.