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In the venue, Clifton was still blushing, and Hazel was teasing him. Hazel was a little confused since Cordelia had returned alone, but Cordelia smiled back at her. 

“I’m sorry to keep you waiting, now, Clifton-sama. Quickly go to the courtyard. At this rate, you’ll be misunderstood.”

“Huh?! What, Cordelia-san…?”

“I would like to tell you that half-hearted words can deepen misunderstandings. Kaylie-sama misunderstood and took it the wrong way when you called her 『Jet Black』. Please let her know with your words first rather than give her a present.”

Clifton panicked when he heard Cordelia, but he understood her without her having to explain. He quickly left. 

“Thank you, Cordelia-sama.”

“He couldn’t have imagined that he became his own obstacle to love.”

“Oh my, did that happen? I could imagine what was going on from his reaction a while ago and I only saw it once.”

“Maybe there are times when you don’t notice things because you’re too close.”

“But, in the end, Cordelia-sama was also involved in fulfilling their love, so why don’t you take it as it went well?”

“… Well, I’m envious of them.”

However, speaking of misunderstandings, Hazel-sama also misunderstood me before…

It might be difficult to prevent it, but Cordelia decided to listen to those around her as much as possible. I’m being careful, but I have to be extra careful about my love that will come eventually… She thought, but was that something she should ask people?

(… Love is difficult after all.)

It doesn’t always make one’s heart pound and it isn’t always calm. 

Can I understand those feelings clearly? She thought and felt that it was difficult. 

“Say, Cordelia-sama. Can I visit the shop again so that I can hear more about this from Kaylie-sama?”

“Yes, of course. I look forward to seeing you there.”

Cordelia was more concerned about the two who weren’t able to communicate very well with each other rather than her uncertain future. 




The day after the evening party at the Harshi House.

Cordelia showed up at the shop in the afternoon and could tell how yesterday went when their eyes met. Kaylie usually hid her eyes with her bangs, but they were visible today. It was difficult to talk to Kaylie since she was working, but they finally had time to talk after they finished cleaning the shop.

“Cordelia-sama, hmm… Thank you very much.”

“You’re welcome. It looks like you two were able to clear your misunderstandings, I’m glad.”

Kaylie didn’t need to say anymore and smiled. 

“Kaylie-sama, did you like yesterday’s fragrance?”

“Ah, yes! I’m going to give it back to you…”

“I don’t mind since I was planning on giving it to you from the start. Actually, this essential oil has the same blend as that fragrance. If you don’t mind, please take it. It’s a thank you present for working so hard.”

“Eh, but…”


Cordelia pushed it towards Kaylie and Kaylie smiled.

“Thank you very much.”

“Please don’t mind. Don’t worry about taking a day off when you go on a date.”

“Eh… h-hmm…”

Cordelia smiled at Kaylie who had turned red. 

“More importantly, you must be tired from yesterday. I’ll take you home.”

“Hmm, umm… I’m fine today. I’ll be meeting my mother.”

“You will? In that case, you have to hurry.”

Kaylie probably was in a rush. She rushed out of the room after putting her tools away. 


After a while when Cordelia thought about going home too, she noticed a small pouch had been left on the desk. 

“Oh my, I wonder if she forgot this.”

She usually only brings this with her, I wonder if she was in that much of a rush? It might not be a problem for her to find it here tomorrow, but she might panic if she thinks she’s dropped it. 

“She hasn’t gone far yet, has she?”

I might be able to catch up to her if I chase after her now. Cordelia thought, and asked the female employees, who were cleaning, which way Kaylie went, then headed off in that direction. However, she couldn’t find Kaylie even though the street was wide. She thought she would at least see her figure and concluded that she must have gone in the opposite direction. 

As she walked and looked around, a familiar voice entered her ears from a side path. 

“Say, was what I said wrong?”

It was Shelley’s voice.

Shelley was a noble, so it wasn’t odd for her to be here, and her voice wasn’t loud and conspicuous, but her irritating and oppressive voice didn’t suit this place. 

Cordelia secretly peeked into the path, and she saw Shelley and Kaylie. 

Shelley was glaring at Kaylie, and Kaylie was looking down a little. Cordelia had heard about their relationship from Hazel, but this was the first time she had seen the two together. And from what she could see from how Kaylie was acting; it was clear that they didn’t have a good relationship. 

“You told me that you didn’t know what evening parties she was attending. But I heard from someone that you were at the same evening party as her. What is the meaning of this?”


“You told me that you would tell me about her once you got to know her, but you keep insisting that you know nothing about her. You actually know a lot of things about her, don’t you?”

She didn’t look like a Heroine at all since she got more irritating with every word she said. 

(More importantly, does this mean that Shelley coerced Kaylie from the beginning…?)

With Shelley’s personality, she probably hounded Kaylie-sama a lot. But, Kaylie-sama still insisted that she didn’t know anything.

Then, Kaylie looked up. Shelley was a little surprised by this. 

“I don’t feel like your words are correct.”

Shelley became speechless for a moment because of Kaylie’s protest, but she immediately retorted in a strong tone.

“Why did you say that!? That woman will hurt His Highness and cause trouble for everyone, you know?! Don’t say it like you’re talking from a parent’s perspective, that woman…!!”

The enraged Shelley was like the in-game 『Cordelia』.

(Hatred would be the closest feeling that Shelley has towards me.)

However, the words Shelley had said towards Kaylie were outbursts of anger towards Cordelia, and there was no need to drag Kaylie into something troublesome. Kaylie wasn’t good at talking, so it was best for Shelley to keep quiet and let her pass. Shelley didn’t need to force herself to confront Kaylie, so Cordelia wished she had chosen not to bother Kaylie. 

However, Kaylie continued to speak. 

“I’ve always admired Cordelia-sama. That’s why I know she can do things that don’t benefit her.”

“I didn’t ask for your opinion. You know that you’re receiving support from the Clydereine House, don’t you?”

“Does that mean that we should immediately return the loan that we had received from Earl Clydereine…?”

“What else would that mean?”

Shelley didn’t realise that this was the same behaviour as Cordelia which she had just mentioned before. 

Kaylie quietly stared at Shelley, then nodded. 



“It’s not something I can decide alone. But… I will talk to my parents and ask them if the citizens will forgive us for lending money out until we were tricked. About returning the money, we had to pay the servants’ wages, but you are one-sidedly changing the original contract even though this has nothing to do with it, so I hope you can wait for the money.”

“Does that mean you don’t trust me after all?”

Cordelia started walking when she heard Shelley’s sharp tone. 

“Please leave it at that, Shelley-sama.”


“Kaylie-sama, I’m here to deliver something you forgot.”

Kaylie was puzzled at Cordelia who smiled, unfazed by Shelley’s gaze.

Cordelia pushed the pouch onto Kaylie and looked straight at Shelley. 

“If you need something from me, then come straight at me. Having cards is also important for negotiations. You look like you’re only threatening her, and I don’t like it.”

“I… I’m not wrong! In the first place… Isn’t it because you’re hiding your true self!? You’re the only person who didn’t turn out like how you were in my dreams…!”

Shelley glared at Cordelia with her face bright red, and Cordelia lightly brushed her off. Cordelia also looked grim since her attitude didn’t match the girl who was rumoured to be the 『Saint』.

“I don’t know what you’re thinking, but it’s wrong for you to blame Kaylie-sama for things such as me attending evening parties.”

“What did you say…?!”

“Shelley-sama. You said before that His Highness is your benefactor and you want to return his favour. It’s your freedom to see me as your enemy, but if you want to be useful to His Highness, then why don’t you do something for him instead of trying to trick and deceive me?”

“That’s why I’m doing this! But, in my dreams, you’re always chasing after His Highness while wearing a red dress! You know what I’m talking about, don’t you…!?”

“I’ve never worn a red dress before in my life.”

Shelley frowned deeper when she heard what Cordelia had said. 

“… Remember this, I’m going to expose your true self in front of everyone right now!”

Shelley turned her hell and went back onto the main street.

(I guess it’s pointless since we’re not in front of people right now.)

But it was all the same to Cordelia. 

I don’t think Shelley would agree with my advice, and I’d rather she walk away rather than asking the same questions over and over. It wasn’t a clean break, but the result is good if I think about Kaylie-sama’s situation. 

Cordelia looked at Kaylie and saw that her expression was stiff. 

“I, I was scared…”

Cordelia smiled gently at Kaylie who only seemed scared now. 

“Thank you very much. You’ve been protecting me all this time.”

“No, I… I only acted like I didn’t know anything.”

Kaylie turned red and looked down.

“I don’t think Earl Clydereine would tear up the contract because of his daughter’s words… If something does happen, then I’ll be happy to help you. I’m the reason you’re in this situation in the first place.”

“No, hmm…. It’s not your fault.”

“Even if it isn’t, I can’t leave my friends alone if they’re in trouble.”

If the loan was an amount that could be provided by the Clydereine House, then it was possible for the Pameradia House to do the same. Her family assets weren’t something she could freely move, and there may be some conditions involved, but Elvis was likely to consider it if he knew that the citizens were troubled. 

Kaylie laughed shyly at Cordelia’s words. 

“Actually… It seems that the Hack House has also talked about helping with reconstruction.”

“Oh my, Clifton-sama did?”

“Yes… Hmm, actually… it’s embarrassing, but Clifton-sama… how do I say this… he’s waiting for my reply. The outer moat is perfect, hmm… he’s also thinking about helping with reconstruction, and his family knows about it…”

“What a schemer… is what I would like to say, but it’s his grievous mistake for making you misunderstand things.”

No, he tried his best, but his efforts were fruitless. Cordelia prayed that they would receive good fortune for the bad things they had experienced until now, and Kaylie started panicking. 

“I-it’s not like that…! Hmm, my family said it was because I’m too dull…”

“Oh my, that’s a nice relationship.”

Cordelia thought that her prayer was unnecessary. 




After that, Cordelia sent Kaylie to where her mother was and then went home herself. 

Cordelia thought alone while in the carriage. 

What happened to Kaylie-sama is a good thing. 

But I underestimated Shelley too much, she reflected. 

(I have to be careful, but I thought it would be fine as long as I don’t engage her.)

Shelley believes in her dreams and thought she could use that to approach me. But if she’s using her position to take advantage of other people’s weaknesses, then I can’t just wait for time to pass.

“This means that I can’t just avoid her all the time.”

If I delay this problem any longer, then it may affect others.

“『Me in a red dress』, she said? If that’s the case, why don’t I wear it to play her game?”