Act 68: To Pile Up Happiness

Translator: Blushy
Editor: delishnoodles

On that day when the cloudless, piercing blue sky spread over the royal capital, Cordelia was dressed in a pure white dress. 

She recalled the twists and turns that led to the selection of this dress. 

At first, she had thought that it wouldn’t take much time to choose a dress. She knew what she had wanted to wear, but Nirupama and Malvina intervened a lot since it was a once a lifetime opportunity. They had heated discussions with the designer, dressed her in gowns with similar designs, and she felt like a dress-up doll day after day for nearly a month. 

It was Sylvester who stopped the deadlock. 

『I’m sure Cordelia would look good in this design.』

The design was close to what Cordelia had wanted. The dress that Cordelia had chosen first had been rejected by Nirupama and Malvina:『It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, so why don’t you try to wear something new?』, and she agreed with them after thinking a little. Both of them respected each other’s wishes and ignored the wishes of the person who was going to wear the dress.  

While Cordelia understood that her sister and aunt were spending hours on this because of her, she wanted to get on with other preparations as well, so she thanked Sylvester deeply.

However, Sylvester smiled a little.

『I said it more for me than you, Dilly. It’s not fair that Countess Weltoria and my sister-in-law are taking up all your time, right?』

The finished princess-line wedding dress had a long lace veil, which she hadn’t heard about when she took the measurements, and she was surprised that it was more gorgeous than she had expected it to be.

“Ojou-sama, are you alright?”

“Yes. I would love to have some tea, but as you can imagine, it’s not a good time to drink tea.”

Her makeup had been put on beautifully, and she didn’t want to get lipstick on her cup. She also didn’t want to fill her stomach with water while she was wearing this dress. She liked the design of the dress, but it was suffocating since it was pretty tight. 

Emina laughed at Cordelia. 

“I think this is the last time I’ll be calling you『Ojou-sama』. It feels a bit lonely.”

“I’m going to sneak over the greenhouse to visit, so I’ll be happy if you call me that during those times.”


A clear knock sounded at the door while they were talking and the servant who was standing near the door opened it. 

Sylvester appeared.

“I see you’re finished.”

“I heard the groom is supposed to wait at the temple.”

“Sorry. But I have something to tell you.”

Hearing those words, Emina exchanged looks with the servants in the room, then bowed.

“Your Highness, we would like to excuse ourselves for a while.”

“Sorry about this.”

“But, it’s nearly time for the ceremony. We won’t have time to fix Cordelia-sama’s makeup, so please understand.”


Cordelia didn’t know what Sylvester had agreed with for a moment but speaking of reasons why her makeup would get messed up ―――.

“You got it. I was going to rehearse a little, but I guess I’ll have to wait until the ceremony to kiss you.”

“Your Highness! You have something to tell me, don’t you? Besides, aren’t you the one with the graze on your cheek? We need to get it treated…”

“Ah, it’s a medal.”


“I finally got a hit on Elvis earlier.”

Cordelia blinked at his words.

“You seemed surprised. It’s true that I don’t know if I’ll win next time, but Elvis said, 『What’s the point of being happy about winning against an old man』?”

“You had a match with him even though it’s almost time for the ceremony… I’m sorry my father has caused you so much trouble.”

Elvis didn’t ask Cordelia about the progress between Sylvester and her, probably because Sylvester had said 『If I can persuade Cordelia』. In the first place, their relationship developed naturally, and she wasn’t seduced. Cordelia only worried about various things, but Elvis would always seem worried about everything. He made Sylvester go home early whenever he came to the mansion and also made Cordelia come home early whenever she went to the castle. Nevertheless, she thought that Elvis had given his approval to Sylvester’s proposal six months ago, and although he had been less responsive a few days after, he had regained his usual composure when they went on inspections together, but ―――.

“No, I’m the one who asked him to have a match with me. I thought Elvis would be worried if I didn’t beat 『Otou-san』once, and it also didn’t sit with me.”

The scar on Sylvester’s face wasn’t noticeable, and he seemed satisfied. Cordelia looked at him and shrugged her shoulders without saying anything more. 

“Even though Elvis had certainly said 『I don’t plan on marrying her off to anyone for at least three years』, I felt cheated. I can’t believe he didn’t let me marry you for four years.”

“He hadn’t said that he would marry me off in three years, so I feel bad somehow… Anyway, it’s almost time.”

However, Sylvester groaned and showed no signs of leaving.

“I don’t want to leave.”

“What are you saying?”

The other day he had said, 『I can’t wait for our ceremony』, but it was hard for her to react when he said the previous statement with a serious expression on his face.

“Once the ceremony starts, I’ll be busy, so I won’t be able to talk to you until night-time.”

“… We’ll always be together from now on, so please bear with it.”

She wondered what he was saying and put her hand on her forehead, but Sylvester wouldn’t obey her. 

“Then, I’ll put up with it if you call my name.”

“That’s a very cheap request.”

“You say that but you usually call me 『Your Highness』at the castle and in the Pameradia mansion. You call me 『Gille-sama』when we go out, maybe because we were in public… I wish you would call me by my name once in a while.”

Cordelia coughed once at his childish tone, and then slowly opened her mouth.

“Then please show me that you are a dependable Prince, Sylvester-sama.”


“What’s wrong?”

Cordelia thought he was dissatisfied with something else, but he laughed gently. 

“No. I just thought that I forgot to mention at the beginning that the dress looks great on you. It’s a waste for you to become my wife.”

“Oh my. Then, what kind of man would be a good match for me?”

“That’s… I hope that I’m the only man who is a good match for you.”

Cordelia replied with a smile at those words. 

“Well then, I will do my best every day so that I won’t be embarrassed to be by your side, Sylvester-sama.”

He replied by holding out his hand to her instead of speaking. 

Cordelia put her hand on top of his. 

When she had recovered her memories, she thought that this was a horrible reincarnation. 

But she had been blessed and had met many wonderful people in this world. She was allowed to do what she wanted to do and achieve her wishes with a lot of help. 

Of course, she had bitter experiences as well, but she was able to make a lot of people smile, and she herself smiled a lot. 

“I’m really glad that I was born.”

Cordelia vowed that she would pile up happiness and share it with those around her just like she had in the past.